The World Displayed; Or, A Curious Collection of Voyages and Travels, Selected from the Writers of All Nations: In which the Conjectures and Interpolations of Several Vain Editors and Translators are Expunged, Every Relation is Made Concise and Plain, and the Divisions of Countries and Kingdoms are Clearly and Distinctly Noted. Illustrated and Embellished with Variety of Maps and Prints by the Best Hands..

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עמוד 105 - The relations then took home the body, and enclosing it in the wooden figure of a man, placed it in the catacombs. Another method of embalming, was injecting turpentine of cedar with a pipe into the body without cutting it; they then salted it for seventy days, and afterwards drew out the pipe, which brought along with it the intestines.
עמוד 161 - If anyone would know how great I am and where I lie, let him surpass one of my works.
עמוד 68 - S decency, and the most profound silence, the slaves or servants standing at the bottom of the room, with their hands joined before them, watching with the utmost attention every motion of their master, who commands them by signs.
עמוד 93 - There is no waj to ruin it, but by beginning at the top; for it refts upon a bale too firm to be attacked in that part, and whoever would undertake it would find as much difficulty as there was to raife it. The moft northern of thefe great pyramids is the only one that is open ; and as we meet with that firft, I fhall begin my defcription with it. It is neceflary to be very near it, in order to form a juft idea of the extent of its enormous balk.
עמוד 105 - ... with the form and appearance of the whole body, were fo well preferved, that they might be known by their features : whence many of the Egyptians kept the bodies of their a-nceftors in...
עמוד 178 - We at length palled over the ifland of Phila:, which is high and very fmall, it not being above a quarter of a mile long, and half a quarter broad. The city feems to have been on the eaft fide, and it appears that there were no other buildings on the ifland, but what had a relation to the temples -. for...
עמוד 101 - ... remaining, though a great deal is fallen down. On the north fide, about one third of the way up, is an entrance three feet five inches wide, and four feet two inches deep. The Hones within are of the height and breadth of the entrance, and about five feet long.
עמוד 63 - Oppufite the point of the peninfula that forms the port, is a cavern, which is commonly termed a temple. The only entrance is a little opening, through which you pafs lighted by flambeaux, ftooping tor 20 paces, when you enter a tolerably large Iquare hall.
עמוד 176 - I went about a mile to the fouth-eaft, to the quarries of gra. nite ; for the country to the eaft, the bed of the river, and the iflands, are all red granite. The quarries are not worked in deep : but the ftone is hewn out of the fides of the low hills. I obferved fome columns and an obelifk marked out in the quarries, and fhaped on two fides : they feemed to have worked in round the ftones with a narrow tool, and when the ftones were almoft feparated, they probably forced them out with large wedges....