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THE CHRISTIAN'S LAST FAREWELL. especially the lower and labouring classes, are distinADIEU ! vain world; no tear of fond regret

guished in these days, beyond all former experience, Around our parting scene shall cast a gloom ;

would, if rightly directed, tend to good, both as it

respects the community at large, and the individuals On brighter propects far my hopes are set

of which it consists. But the agents of insubordinaI feel no terrors at the cold, dark tomb.

tion and of infidelity are diligently at work, in poisonNot all the golden stores should bid me stay,

ing the popular mind, in shaking its confidence, even

as to the very first principles of morality and religion, Held by Golconda, or remotest Ind :

and its attachment to our established institutions, Ye, who to Mammon bend, ye best can say

both in church and state ; and in emboldening that What are the comforts which in wealth ye find ? class of society in which the physical strength of a

nation lies, to cast off all fear of God and man, and to And pleasures, what have they the heart to cheer ?

set at defiance, as far as may be, all laws, human and Lurks there no poisonous dreg within their cup ? divine. Socialisin is pandering to the lowest and Are they not found vain, empty, insincere?

most licentious propensities of human nature; while, It shall not cost a sigh to give them up.

by its impieties and blasphemies, it is endeavouring

to destroy that sense of moral responsibility which Yes! world of nothingness--of shade-farewell!

serves as a wholesome check upon inan's sensual apAdieu, ye scenes of sorrow, sin, and woe!

petites and passions. Chartism is addressing itself There is a blessed land, where angels dwell,

to that spirit of insubjection to constituted anthority And to its glories willingly I go.

--that impatience of control and restraint-that dis

satisfaction with what is regarded as an inferior lot, Oh! stay me not, but rather speed my flight,

and that envy of the higher conditions of life, which Burst every bond which binds me still to earth; so natural to fallen man.

Popery also is My soul desires-yea, longs to soar to light

spreading its snares ; it is skilfully adapting its deAnticipates a new and heavenly birth.

vices to the popular bias; it is striking in with the

current of prevailing opinions, availing itself of every Then stay me not : I hear the voice of love,

means of furthering its designs, and with ceaseless The summons of my Saviour from on high ; insinuation, working, and winding, and winning its Angels wait to receive me from above,

way into the very heart of our Protestant constitution, I must depart ;-Adieu ! vain world !--I die.

and cloaking and concealing under fair professions of

liberality, its inseparable intolerance, and its innate THE WORLDLING'S LAST FAREWELL. despotisın, till it can throw off the mask with safety

and success. Dear world! and must we part?—it cannot be

Rationalism, meanwhile, in its various My eyes must close on all thy varied charms!

forms and phases, is degrading divine revelation, and

deifying human reason ; teaching, like the tempter of This pain--this sickness-how they harass me;

old, that by eating of the fruit of the tree of knowSave me, or death will seize me in his arms.

ledge, meu will be as gods--setting up its intellectual Have I not serv'd thee early, long, and late ? idol, and persuading poor blind creatures of a day to A faithful votary at thy altar been ?

expect froin their own mental powers and moral re

sources what nothing but the grace of God can effect. Why dost thou leave me now the prey of fate?

The agents of the wicked one are thus assailing the Why hast thou changed—alas ! so changed the rising generation with every kind of solicitation to scene?

evil, by which man may be drawn away and enticed, Where was the honour that I did not seek ?

whether it be the filthiness of the flesh or the filthi

ness of the spirit. And it is a truth of which we canWhere was the pleasure which I did not share ?

not be too mindful, that the process by which the Did not the gayest circles, week by week,

human character is formed, and at length fixed, is Find me a willing, sure attendant there?

continually progressing either for good I've lov'd thee much; but I will love thee more,

according to the influences under which each individual

is placed. You cannot stop the education of the If thou wilt raise me from this bed of pain

youthful mind. It will take its form and pressure My wasted frame renew—my strength restore,- from the circumstances by which it is surrounded,

Grant this, and who shall dare to call thee vain ? and the communication which it is continually receive But why art thou so slow to lend thy aid ?

ing. The young are learning every day what is proHaste, for I feel my exit drawing nigh;

fitable or what is prejudicial. Their habits of thought

and action are gradually acquiring strength and estaHaste, for the thoughts of death make me afraid

blishing their power and prevalency. And you might An awful gloom surrounds futurity !

or for evil,

as well attempt to arrest the wheels of tiine, and stop What, then, must I denounce thee vain to save ?

the course of nature, as to prevent the plastic infinence Fool, to have ever sought thy sympathy!

of the acquisitions and associations which the expand

ing and active mind of a rational being is continually But 'tis too late ;-before me opes the grave :- making in the daily intercourse of life. Thou hast deceived me, world !---deceived, I die. * From an introductory Lecture delivered to the members

and friends of the Sheffield Church of England Instruction Society. By the Rev. T. Best, M. A.Shettield, Ridge and

Jackson-London, Giroombridge, 1840, pp. 16. This is a valuable Miscellaneous.

address; and its wide circulation among all classes cannot fail to DANGERS OF THE YOUNG.–The mental and moral

do good. The society before which it was delivered, was insti

tuted to promote the glory of God, in accordance with that forin training of youth is, at all times, a question of the of sound doctrine taught in the established church, by the relia very highest interest and importance; but if ever

gious and intellectual instruction and edification of its mem. there can be a period when the future course and con

bers. It is to bedesired, that such institutions were formed duct of the rising generation ought to become a matter of vleeper and more anxious thought than at any London : Published by JAMES BURXS, 17 Portman Stret, other, it is the present, that stage of our history Portman Square: W. EDWARDS, 12 Ave Maria Lane, st. through which we are now passing. The spirit of in

Paul's; and to be procured, by order, of all Booksellers in Town quiry, the intellectual excitement, the increased and

and Country. increasing intelligence by which all classes, and more JOSEPHI ROGERSON, 24 NORFOLK STREET, STRAND, LONDOS.

- in all our towns.


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A PERSUASIVE TO THE DUTY OF SAYING Indeed, so convinced were the Jews of GRACE AT MEALS.

the obligation and benefit of saying grace, No, II.

that they made it their constant practice.

This we learn from ancient and general BY THE REV HENRY ARTHUR HERBERT,

tradition. The information which their Curate of Eldersfield, Worcestershire.

writers give how their stricter sort observed HAVING considered, in a former essay, the it, is particularly full and satisfactory. obligation of saying grace at meals, I shall Their celebrated historian, Josephus, in a now recommend the practice of this duty by detailed account of the rites and customs of stating a few of its manifold advantages; the Essenes, who were confessedly the most for what branch of religion could have pious professors of the Jewish religion, been more wisely ordered, or can be better records their behaviour on this point. "The calculated to keep up a constant awe of our priest begs a blessing before they presume to Maker and Preserver in our minds, which receive any nourishment, and it is looked are naturally too apt, but will scarcely find upon as a great sin to take or taste before. it possible, to forget him, when habituated Then follows thanksgiving before meat, and through the medium of the voice to “call when the meal is over, the priest prays again, upon

and to “ render thanks unto his and the company with him bless and praise name” at every fresh supply of our necessi- God as their preserver and the giver of their ties? What custom can more effectually life and nourishment.” Philo, another Jewish tend to humble us with a just sense of writer, in his description of a still stricter our dependent and precarious condition? sect, gives this accurate relation of them. to dispose us to use God's bounties mo- “On certain special occasions, before they derately, to enjoy them thankfully, to be took their meals, they placed themselves in a content with our portion if it be little, to proper decent order, when lifting up their impart of our abundance if it be much, to hands and eyes to heaven, they prayed to compassionate those who want the same com- God that he would be pleased to be propitiforts, and to recollect that the wealthiest pos- ous to them in the use of his good creatures." sessors in the land are merely stewards whom We read in the apocryphal history of Bel and the universal proprietor has strictly charged the Dragon, of a certain prophet, Habbacuc, to give freely of what they have freely re- bringing, by divine direction, an unexpected ceived? What lastly, is a more likely way supply of food to Daniel while confined in to continue, to enlarge, and to multiply our the lions' den ; but the latter, without paying blessings, than to offer so public, so devout, regard, or even speaking to the bearer of this so humble a testimony to our great Bene- seasonable refreshment, is described as immefactor's goodness? “Let the people praise diately bending his devout acknowledgments thee O God, yea, let all the people praise to the heavenly purveyor. “And Habbacuc thee; then shall the earth bring forth her in- cried, saying, O Daniel, Daniel, take the crease, and God, even our own God, shall dinner which God hath sent thee. And give us his blessing."

Daniel said, thou hast remembered me, o VOL. VIII.-NO. CCXXI.

(London: Joseph Rogerson, 24, Norfolk-street, Strand.]


God, neither hast thou forsaken them that I just have noticed; for thus speaks the Jesuit seek thee and love thee.” This story (what- Trigantius in his narrative of the expedition ever doubts may be thrown out against its which the missionaries of that persuasion truth) must at all hands be admitted to be made amongst them: “Before the guests highly pertinent to the present purpose, inas- sit down at table, the host, after various ceremuch as it represents the sentiments and monies, pours wine from a charger on the practice of the more pious Jews of the age ground, as a thankful oblation to the Lord of wherein the history was written, and it was heaven." doubtless in order to increase their admira- Behold here, a conclusive argument to tion of that eminent prophet's character that stir us up to this godly practice. Three the author of it made the duty in question a out of the four quarters of the globe contripart and parcel of his conduct; but for full bute their attestation in its favour; in parts, satisfaction let us appeal to the indisputable moreover, unenlightened by revelation or testimony of the inspired volume. Until the most hostile to its progress;

and more sacrifice was blessed with the prayers of Sa- instances to the same purpose could easily be muel the people would not eat thereof. Much adduced. more, then, does an ordinary meal, possessing As to the objections sometimes urged no intrinsic holiness whatever, require a like against this observance. Do you alledge form of consecration to sanctify it to its lawful that the outward form is immaterial provided use. And if St. Paul and his fellow-voyagers you pray and praise in the inner man? Were would not omit giving thanks over a hasty this plea based on reason, then might you, on meal, taken amidst the confusion of a storm equal grounds, decline conforming to the and the peril of a shipwreck, inexcusable different postures prescribed in our exercises shall we be if in safety and “wholly at ease of devotion. Kneeling and standing for and quiet,” we seize the gift without once instance, possess in themselves no religious thinking of the giver. Shame on us to be virtue, but they are helpful to devotion, and out-done by the simple heathen who, on this they tend to show forth our “light before point, may teach a lesson to many a Christian! men,” to let the world around us perDo we inquire into the usages of the Greeks ceive that our very bodies are actuated by who persecuted the apostles? These, when the feelings that animate our souls. “Out ever they met together to refresh themselves, of the abundance of the heart the mouth were accustomed to sing a piece of music in speaketh; a good man, out of the good imitation of the Hebrew psalms. Amphic- treasure of the heart bringeth forth good tyon king of Athens, one of the most renowned things,” and gives utterance to the pious cities in that country, required, in a famous thoughts conceived within his bosom. It is regulation made with respect to wine, that therefore greatly to be feared, that those whose both at sacrifices and at home, the name of consciences condemn them on this head, are the greatest of their gods (Jupiter the Sus- strangers to proper sentiments towards him tainer) should be reverently pronounced. in whom “ we live and move and have our Were the Romans, under whose bigotted being," and raise the alledged objection superstition innumerable martyrs suffered, merely to cloke their sin. I have refrained less observant of the custom? Let a single from making a sweeping charge of this detestimony suffice by way of an answer. scription, because many, I am convinced, act We approach the table and then invoke contrary to their better judgment. Peradthe gods.” Neither did the Egyptians, the venture, shame at being seen with uplifted task-masters of God's ancient people, disobey hands acknowledging the bounties of your this dictate of natural religion. It was the God restrains you. O, shake off that, by constant practice of their philosophers to pour reflecting how little you deserve, how little out libations and make short ejaculations be- you can requite these bounties; and under fore they sat down to meals. The inhabi- this conviction strive by every expression of tants of Naucratis, likewise, a city situated on love and gratitude to cause others to know the mouth of the river Nile, used, on special and share in your own religious feelings. occasions after they had placed themselves Remember “there is a shame that bringeth in the posture of eating at table, to rise again sin and punishment.” “Whosoever shall be and kneel; when the priest, or precentor ashamed of me and of my words, of him of the solemnity, began to chaunt a grace also shall the Son of Man be ashamed when according to a stated form amongst them, he cometh in the glory of his Father with his and when that was over they joined in the holy angels," and saying grace is as real a meal in a no less reverential manner than if it confession of this divine Person as the most had been a sacrifice. Even the Chinese, a solemn devotional performance. Or shocked people of proverbially peculiar habits, exactly and disgusted at the irreverent behaviour of ugree in this respect with the nations whom I by far too many, I admit, who notwithstand

“ And what is human life at best


ing that they do say grace, care not how they

THE LAST OF THE FAMILY. say it, do you wish to show your abhorrence

By the AUTHOR OF THE “SMUGGLER,” &c. of such formality by never saying grace at all? O “judge righteous judgment” in this

-A mother's, a lover's, the cold earth's breast." matter; learn to distinguish between the use

“ Bring flowers, pale flowers, o'er the bier to shed and the abuse of this blessed custom; be- A crown for the brow of the early dead !

For this through its leaves hath the white rose burst; tween a few words hastily and carelessly For this in the woods was the violet murst.”. hurried over, and a solemn and deliberate address to the Most High. The former pro- The sun rose brightly on the woods of M-- on a ceed from the mouth of such unthinking sleepy porter opened the gates leading to the splendid

sweet morning in the early part of June, when the persons, to whom, if you would convincingly mansion to admita carriage in which two eminent surprove how totally you differ from them, the geons from the metropolis were hastening to alleviate, most effectual course is to repeat properly if possible, the sufferings of the only daughter and only what they so lamentably pervert. Let head's child of the family. The deer bounded lightly across of families, once a day at least, when assembled the rays of the rising sun, and reflected in the

the pathway, and the turrets of the castle tinged with together at the social board, pour forth in their calm waters of the peaceful lake, added much to the own name and in that of their dependents, grandeur of the scene. All around bore testimony the tribute of prayer and praise. Let not

to the wealth as well as antiquity of the family, and

accustomed as they were to constant contacts with your address to God be so long as to dege, human suffering, even in its most aggravated form, nerate into tediousness, or so short and these surgeons could not but feel that their embassy speedily despatched as to give ground for the was one of peculiar interest, for the patient was the suspicion that you wish it over as soon as

last of a long line of ancestors, and was the follow

ing week to have been married to a young man of high possible. What the form of it should be it descent, and of unimpeachable character, whom she would be presumptuous in me to prescribe, had known from infancy. They were received at the only take care it be so plain that

every one

door of the mansion by the medical man of the family, at table may understand; so expressive of whose anxious looks betrayed at once that he rehumility and self-abasement that every one they passed through the hall, hung on all sides with

garded the case as one of imminent danger--and as may feel it. Above all, never fail to recom- portraits of noble and gallant knights, they were mend your supplications and thanksgivings nearly overpowered by the sobs and wailings of the in the all-prevailing name of Jesus Christ the aftlicted parents, who accompanied them. Enour Mediator and Advocate. Through him the wounds, both came to the decision that cure

tering the patient's room, and carefully examining only both temporal and spiritual blessings was hopeless, that any attempt at an operation could are communicated to man, so that they who only inflict suffering, and that in a very short time never mention him at grace bring no glory to for their longer stay could be of no avail

. The sun God, nor benefit to themselves by what they went down brilliantly in the west, its parting rays say. On the other hand, by observing this fell on the pallid corpse of the much loved Editha, among the other directions just prescribed, the and the knell from the church tower that stood in the practice in question can hardly failof'spreading park proclaimed, as evening closed, that the domain among your families a truly religious spirit, pass into other hands in a few years. and calling down the divine blessing on all The case was indeed peculiarly melancholy and their occupations. Every day will you love excited the deepest sympathy in the neighbourhood. it more and more; and, even in old age, when Editha, on the previous day, had been riding in the almost too feeble to rise up or make yourselves very quiet, took fright, and threw her on the stump

park with her betrothed, the horse, though generally heard by those at table, you will still cleave of an old oak tree; she was carried home senseless, to it, and peradventure in the words of a but soon came to herself ; the wounds were not so late * pious prelate, reject the warmest soli- painful as might have been expected, and no danger citations of your friends to officiate in your cause for alarm, desired that further aid might be

was apprehended until the family surgeon, perceiving stead. His chaplain wished him to spare instantly had recourse to. It was her wish to know himself that exertion and content himself precisely what the opinion was as to her state, and the with a bow of gratitude and reverence. But danger was announced to her by the venerable rector weak as he was he said, “I know some do the most affectionate regard. She heard the medical

of the parish, for whom she had always entertained content themselves with a bow, and when decision with composure. “ Poor, poor, darling they say grace do it as if they were ashamed Frederick," was her sole remark, “ God bless and of what they say, but I will say grace as

comfort him, he'll never forget his Editha." Her

frame of mind was tranquil-she retained her facullong as I am able to utter it.”

ties to the last, and bore decisive proofs that vital religion had been deeply rooted in the heart, and that even amidst much worldly allurements to lead the thoughts from God, the faithful admonitions of her beloved pastor, and his earnest prayers on her behalf, had not been in vain. He had baptized her in infancy, and first placed in her hand the symbols of a Saviour's broken body and shed blood. She was one of the most hopeful of his little flock, and often he had anticipated the blessings she would confer on

all around her. Grace was in the heart, and with recovery, but in vain. His spirit though resigned to advancing years its blessed fruits were more and the divine will was broken. The light of his eyes more apparent. But it pleased him who doeth all was removed ; all around him on earth wore a somthings well, to destroy the hopes entertained of her bre hue, hut he could look beyond it, to the land future usefulness, and while the good old man wept of everlasting light and unchanging love. He her early removal, he felt assured that she was qnietly sank into the sleep of death-his withered eternally safe in the keeping of the heavenly shep- hands extended as if to grasp some image before him. herd, and would be found at last one of that blessed The last word but one which he uttered was Edithacompany on whom it is the Father's good pleasure the last Jesus. By his bed stood the minister or to bestow his kingdom. How different had been his priest of - an apostate church, anxious, if possifeelings had she been an alien from her God!- ble, to lure him into that church's embrace ; but in what spectacle more distressing than that of a young vain. He died in the faith. His remains were not female accomplished in every thing, but utterly dez- without difficulty suffered to be interred in contitute of the saving power of religion! Around the secrated ground, for he was deemed of course a heredying bed of Editha stood her agonized parents, and tic. Still in a remote corner a grave may be traced, with her band grasped in his knelt the dearest earthly in which, awaiting the morning of the resurrection, object of her affections. The rector was in the act of are mouldering the ashes of the much-loved Fre. praying that her soul, washed in the blood of Jesus, derick. might stand pure before the throne-one sentence only she uttered—“ Safety ! safety !"-and the ransomed spirit bade an eternal adieu to the objects of THOUGHTS ON HISTORICAL PASSAGES OF earth. Her betrothed swooned, and in this state was carried from the chamber. The funeral preparations

THE OLD AND NEW TESTAMENT. were costly; a vast concourse of all grades attended to

No. XIV. testify their respect to the memory of the deceased. The old church was crowded by persons anxious to

THE ARK A TYPE OF THE BELIEVER's SecurITY IN witness the melancholy ceremony. The muffled peal

Jesus. struck heavily on the ear; far different sounds were By The Rev. CHARLES ARNOLD, M.A. that morning expected to have been heard from the belfry, for on the same hour at which it was arranged

Rector of Tinwell, Rutland. that the nuptials should be celebrated, the coffin was Our Lord has taught us that there is a depth of lowered to the chancel vault, on the spot where the meaning in the sacred scriptures, which cannot young couple would have stood mutually to plight be fathomed by the natural man. Reasoning with their troth. The old rector faltered as he read the the Pharisees on the resurrection, he asked them service ; he had himself experienced the departure “have ye not read that which was spoken unto you -we dare not say loss-of those to whom he was by God, saying, I am the God of Abraham, and the bound by the most endearing ties, and he had God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob ?" To an ordihoped at that very moment to be uniting her in nary reader his application of the passage would matrimony. The castle was for many years closed. not have appeared. The plain and simple context The afflicted parents left it almost immediately and would have led him to suppose that God, in reveal. could never be induced to reside there. At the fa- ing himself to the Israelites, had represented himself ther's decease the estate passed to the hands of a very as the God whom their fathers had worshipped, distant relative, totally unacquainted with his pre- and by whom they had been protected and blessed. decessor. The castle once more became the scene This is all that he would have understood from it. of festivity, but the old persons of the village drop a But, by stating that“ God is not the God of the dead, tear at the recollection of the early removal of their but of the living,” our Lord shewed, that, in using young mistress, and stand to look at the splendid this form of speech, God intimated that the patriarchs tablets in the chancel, which records the sad event. were living; and in fact bore testimony to the truth

“ She was an angel, Sir," said an aged woman, of the resurrection. Thus taught to look deeply “ beloved by all, rich and poor. I think I see her into scripture, we attain a degree of knowledge now calling at the cottages; a kind word she had which would otherwise have been withheld, and see for every one-there was no pride there. I passed what otherwise would have been concealed. We her with Mr. Frederick, as they were riding in rest no longer on the surface, but dive into hidden the park—the very day she was thrown off. It is a long mysteries; and, in many passages, which, to a carelong time ago ; I was then but a girl. She spoke to less reader, appear unimportant, we see God in me, and told me to come to the castle in the morning, Christ reconciling the world unto himself, and not for my clothes for her wedding, for all the village imputing unto men their sins. And when to the children were to attend her to church. Alas ! 1 scriptures of the Old Testament we bring the knownever saw her again--we all went to the funeral, lege acquired from the study of the New-when we but the white robes were changed. Did you see the read with minds enlightened and renewed by the black marble pillar in the park, Sir ? There the old Spirit of God-we see in the occurrences of former oak stump stood. It is said that the squire and his days, in the dispensations of Providence, in God's lady sometimes visited the spot in the early morning, government of the world, in his acts of judgment and from it went to the church, but old Joseph the and of inercy, a shadowing out of the salvation to park-keeper, would never answer any question on the be wrought by Christ, and of the final ordering of subject. They came from a long way off, and never his spiritual kingdom. And we fully agree with the called on any one. They are now lying quietly beside apostle, “that the scriptures of the Old Testament her in the chancel. The new folks at the castle are very are able to make us wise unto salvation by faith kind to us poor, but they are not just the same. Do which is in Christ Jesus.” you see that little picture, Sir ? It was Miss Editha's Thus, in the saving of Noah and his family in the drawing."

ark, we sce something of the salvation of the world Naturally of a weak constitution, the shock was by Jesus Christ; and, if not ready to acknowledge too much for the bereaved Frederick ; his health that extraordinary deliverance as a type of eternal gradually declined. Contrary to the advice, and salvation, we are, at least, reminded of many points in opposition to the requests of his friends, he in which there is a close resemblance. When men had attended the funeral, and returned from con- began to multiply in the earth, sin multiplied too. signing the ashes to the grave in a frame of mind and so rapidly and widely did its influence spread, amounting to agony. In a southern clime he sought that all mankind were not only contaminated, but

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