Hallucinations, Or, The Rational History of Apparitions, Visions, Dreams, Ecstasy, Magnetism, and Somnambulism, מהדורות 1-5

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Lindsay and Blakiston, 1853 - 553 עמודים

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עמוד 328 - I endeavoured to recall the ideas, they were feeble and indistinct; one collection of terms, however, presented itself: and with the most intense belief and prophetic manner, I exclaimed to Dr. Kinglake, " Nothing exists but thoughts! — -the universe is composed of impressions, ideas, pleasures and pains...
עמוד 54 - Memoir on the appearance of Spectres or Phantoms occasioned by Disease, with Psychological Remarks, read by Nicolai to the Royal Society of Berlin on the 28th of February, 1799; as quoted by Hibbert, pt. i., ch. i. *
עמוד 484 - I was alive, but immediately afterwards assumed a hideous expression of countenance, and screamed out that I was dead and come to haunt her. This was exactly what Dr. had anticipated, and for some minutes I thought all was lost. " Finding that persuasion and argument only irritated and confirmed her in her belief, I desisted, and tried to draw off her attention to other subjects. It was some time since she had either seen me or the children.
עמוד 335 - Dr. Cottereau watched the symptoms with the greatest minuteness. Mr. B. appeared the whole time to have the most agreeable sensations proceeding from the epigastrium. All the phenomena presented were those of ecstasy ; his features bespoke the greatest happiness ; he could not find language to express his feelings ; he would not wish to leave his present condition; he is so happy! "How much I thank those who gave me that delicious drink !" — " Tell me what you feel,
עמוד 200 - What need to waste time in penning those letters ? they will never reach their destination. Come with me, and let us take a turn on the Battery ; perhaps the wind may be chopping round ; we may be nearer our departure than we imagine.
עמוד 276 - In order to conquer her fear, she went into the room in which she was accustomed to see him in his armchair. On entering, she was much surprised at seeing him in his place, and in his accustomed attitude. She immediately approached to inquire how he had' come in, and in addressing him, attempted to place her hand on his shoulder, but she encountered only space. Very much alarmed, she drew back, and, turning her head as she left the room, still saw him in the same attitude. " More than half an hour...
עמוד 241 - But what, then, are you really telling us of, Monsieur Cazotte? You are preaching to us the end of the world.' 'I know nothing on this subject; but what I do know is, that you, Madame la Duchesse, will be conducted to the scaffold, you and many other ladies with you, in the cart of the executioner, and with your hands tied behind your backs/ 'Ah ( I hope that, in that case, I shall at least have a carriage hung in black.' 'No, madame; higher ladies than yourself will go, like you, in the common car,...
עמוד 340 - The vision this time was more complicated and extraordinary. Millions of butterflies, whose wings rustled like fans, flew about in the midst of a confused kind of light. Gigantic flowers with crystal calyces, enormous hollyhocks, gold and silver lilies arose, and burst into flowers around me with a crackling sound like that of bouquets of fireworks.
עמוד 340 - I still occasionally saw my companions; but they appeared disfigured; half men, half plants ; now, with the pensive air of the ibis, standing on one leg ; and again, as ostriches, flapping their wings, and wearing so strange an appearance that I shook with laughter in my corner; and, as if to join in the buffoonery of the scene, I commenced tossing up my cushions, catching them as they descended, and twisting them round with all the dexterity of an Indian juggler. One of the gentlemen addressed a...
עמוד 239 - You, Monsieur de Condorcet, you will yield up your last breath on the floor of a dungeon ; — you will die from poison, which you will have taken, in order to escape from execution, — from poison which the happiness of that time will oblige you to carry about your person.

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