The works of the English poets. With prefaces, biographical and critical, by S. Johnson, כרך 34

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עמוד 19 - Asia and Europe did roam, Ulysses by name, who ne'er cried to go home, But rather desir'd to see cities and men, Than return to his farms, and converse with old Pen. Hang Homer and Virgil! their meaning to seek...
עמוד 228 - I fo held by thee. Murmur thy plaints, and gently wound" my ears? Sigh on my lip, and let me drink thy tears ; Join to my cheek thy cold and dewy face, And let pale grief to glowing love give place.
עמוד 32 - William's care, Begat another tedious war. Matthew, who knew the whole intrigue, Ne'er much approv'd that mystic league; In the vile Utrecht treaty too, Poor man! he found enough to do.
עמוד 25 - tis a barn. A barn ! why you rave: 'tis a house for a squire, A justice of peace, or a knight of our shire. A house should be built, or with brick, or with stone. Why 'tis plaster and lath; and I think that's all one; And such as it is, it has stood with great fame, Been called a hall, and has given its name To Down, down, hey deny down.
עמוד 21 - And the hostler that sung about eight years ago ? And where is your sister, so mild and so dear, Whose voice to her maids like a trumpet was clear ?'
עמוד 172 - Such idle themes no more can move, Nor any thing but what's of high import : And what's of high import, but love £ Vervain and gums, and the green turf prepare ; With wine of two years old your cups be fill'd : After our facrifice and prayer, The goddefs may incline her heart to yield.
עמוד 195 - The defign of this Satire is to expofe and reprehend all manner of intemperance and debauchery ; but more particularly that exorbitant luxury ufed by the Romans in their feafting. The Poet draws the...
עמוד 197 - Lurking in fhambles ; where with borrow'd coin They buy choice meats, and in cheap plenty dine ; Such, whofe fole blifs is eating ; who can give But that one brutal reafon why they live. And yet what's more ridiculous ; of thefe The pooreft wretch is...
עמוד 5 - She ne'er shall hear my second vow: The loves, that round their mother flew, Did in her face her sorrows view; Their drooping wings they...
עמוד 236 - Has high extoll'd thee, in his deathlefs Lays; Ev'n Dryden has immortaliz'd thy Name ; Let that alone fuffice thee, think That, Fame. Unfit I follow, where he led the Way, And court Applaufe, by what I feem to pay.

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