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Barnes's Notes on the Gospels, tho

Acts of the Apostles, and the
American Germans, some account of, Epistle to the Romans, reviewed

, and highly commended, 66 et seq.
Angels, Jewish conceptions of the the Author convicted of heresy
origin and nature of, 219.

by the Synod of Philadelphia, ib.
Angel of Jehovah, meaning of this his principles and spirit as a com-

title as used in Scripture, article mentator, 67 some defects no-
on, 207 et seq. — affirmed to be a ticed, 71.
distinct being from Jehovah him- Bartlett, Dr. E., his Laws of Sobriety
self, 208 — objections to the theory noticed, 72, 80.
of Hengstenberg, who makes this Beaumont, M. de, one of the French
angel the second person in the Commissioners whose Report on
Trinity, 211 – examination of pas- the American Penitentiary System
sages of Scripture adduced in sup- is reviewed, 376.
port of this theory, 212 — Jewish Bokum’s Stranger's Gift, noticed, 47.
conceptions of the nature of angels, Bridgewater Treatise. See Roget.
219 — light which the Septuagint Burchard, Jedediah, the Vermont Re-
throws on this subject, 224 — the vivalist, some account of his char-
Apocrypha, 225 — Josephus, 226 - acter and proceedings, 393.
Philo, 228

the Jewish Cabalists,
234 – the Jews did not believe this

angel to be one with God, 239 -
not identical with the Messiah,329 Cabalists, on the Angel of Jehovah,

Hengstenberg's authorities to or the Metatron, 234, 335.
the contrary from the Old Testa- Carpenter, Dr., his Harmony of the
ment, examined, 330 — and from

Gospels, noticed, 270.
the New, 332 — Jewish tradition, Chalmers, Dr., notice of, 268.
335 Unitarianism of the Jews, Channing, Dr., notice of Glasgow
336 - Jews never believed in the edition of his Works, 269.
identity of the Angel of Jehovah Chenevière's Serinon at the Jubilee
and the Messiah, 338 – conclusion, in Geneva, noticed, 106.

Christianity Vindicated, by Bishop
Apostles' Creed, Bishop Hopkins's Hopkins, a notice of, 343.
misstatements respecting, 344 Clergy, their office as educators of
opinions of scholars in regard to its the People. See Education of the
authenticity, 345 — history of the

Creed, 347 – creeds of earlier date, Codman, Dr., his Narrative of a Visit
349 — history of the different class- to England, briefly noticed, 205.
es of, 352.

Comprehensive Commentary. See


Cox's Life of Melancthon, reviewed.

See Melancthon.
Backslider, The, reviewed and com- Creeds, origin of, 343 - on the au-
mended, 198 et seq.

thenticity of the Apostles' Creed,
Bancroft, Dr., his Half-Century Dis- 344 — Creeds of earlier date than

course, reviewed, 240 — retrospect the Apostles' Creed, 349 — that of
of ecclesiastical transactions during Irenæus, ib. — three Creeds of Ter-
his ministry, 243 — annals of his tullian, 350. See Apostles' Creed
parish, 245 — his own merits and Creed of Athanasius, 373.
sacrifices, 247.
VOL. XX. - 30 S. VOL. II. NO. III.


- use



refuted, 211 — his arguments to

prove the Angel of Jehovah iden-
Duties, importance of small and tical with the Messiah, exposed,
common, 294, 299.


Hopkins, Bishop, his Publications re-

viewed, 342 et seq:- betrays great

ignorance respecting the Apostles'
Eastman's Account of the Proceed- Creed, 344 — his opinion of the

ings of Jedediah Burchard, with Fatheis as interpreters exposed,
specimens of his Sermons, Address- 355 - resembles the Fathers in his
es, and Exhortations, 393.

defence of the Trinity, 359 — de-
Education of the People, article on, nounces Temperance Societies, 367

153 - Government unfit to deter- - strictures on his Discourses on
mine its character, 155 — educa- the Evidences, 374.
tion of adults, more important than Hug's Introduction to the N. T., 404.
that of children, 156 — the Clergy
should be the educators of the peo-

ple, 158 — and should give more of
their attention to the improvement Impartial Exposition of Christian Ev.
of society, 159 — they should be- idences and doctrines. See Mc-
ware of becoming disorganizers, 162 Culloh.

- the Clergy have been misled by Infusory animalcules, some account
mysticism, 164 — and thus have of, 147.
impaired their influence, 167

which they must recover by ally-
ing themselves to the dominant Jenks, Dr., his Comprehensive Com-
spirit of the age, social progress,

mentary reviewed, 54 et seq. — its
168 no philosophy of education mechanical execution, 53
as yet, 202.

made of Henry's Commentary,

of Scott, Doddridge, and others,

59 — policy of concealment in re-

gard io views not orthodox, 61
Farewell to Time, noticed, 170. moral tone objectionable, 64 — Bap-
Fathers, the early, their authority as

tist edition of it, 66.
interpreters of Scripture, 355 – Josephus, on the Angel of Jehovah,
their views of the Trinity, 357,

363, 368 Professor Stuart's con-

cessions, 369.
Fox's Sketch of the Reformation, 403. Last Supper, The, noticed, 169,

Living Temple. See True Plan of.

Lothrop, Rev. S. K., his Address
Geneva, the Jubilee there, being the

before the Massachusetts Temper-
third centennial celebration of the ance Society, 72, 83.
commencement of the Reforma. Lücke, Dr., his Recollections of
tion, 106 — the great men who pro-

Schleiermacher, a translation of, 7.
moted the Reformation in that
city, 108.

German settlers in this country, some

account of, 47 — degraded moral Martineau, Harriet, her Miscellanies,
and intellectual condition of those

reviewed, 251 — great diversity of
in Pennsylvania, 48 — condition of subjects, 254 — her Remarks on the
those in the vicinity of Boston, 50.

Female Characters of Sir Walter
Goodwin's Lectures on the Atheistical Scott, 256 — her honesty and bold-
Controversy, 136.

ness, 260 — her views of religion,


Matter, Professor, his work, De l’In-
Hengstenberg's theory respecting the fluence des Mæurs, &c., reviewed,

Angel of Jehovah, examined and 153.

McCulloh's Impartial Exposition of Primitive Creed, Examined and Ex-
the Evidences and Doctrines of the

plained, by Bishop Hopkins, re-
Christian Religion, reviewed, 307 -- viewed, 342 — Creeds of earlier
treatise originated in parental soli date than the Apostles' Creed, 349.
citude, 308 — attempts to repudiate See Apostles' Creed.
natural religion, 310 – finds no sup- Prisons, the Philadelphia and Auburn
port in nature for the moral attri plans of, compared, 381.
butes of God, or for moral distinc-
tions, 312— credibility of the sacred

writers, 316 — rejects original sin,
and the Trinity, 320 — his charges Rationalists, some notices of, 3, 32.

against Unitarians refuted, 321. Religious Consolation, notice of, 272.
Melancthon, Philip, Cox's Life of, Roget, Dr., his Bridgwater Treatise,

reviewed, 273 et seq. — his birth on Animal and Vegetable Physiolo-
and education, 275 — his remarka gy considered with reference to
ble proficiency, 276 — becomes ac Natural Theology, 137 — on Final
quainted with Luther, 277 -- sides Causes, 140 — particular evidences
with the reformers, 279 — their of design, 142 — on the Infusoria,
leader during Luther's confinement, 147.
281 — assists Luther in translating
the Scriptures, 282 — writes the

celebrated Confession of Augs-
burg," 284 — accused of time-sery- Sacred Memoirs, noticed, 136.
ing, 286 — approves of the burning Sacred Offering, The, noticed, 135.
of Servetus, 288. his death and Schleiermacher as a Theologian, ar-
character, 389.

ticle on, 1 et seq. -- his position in
Miscellanies by Harriet Martineau, regard to the Rationalists and Su-

reviewed and commended, 251. pernaturalists, 2 — brief sketch of
Morning and Evening Sacrifice, The, the principal incidents in his life, 6
noticed, 169.

- Dr. Lücke's Recollections of him,

translated, 7 — marks an important

transition in German Theology, 8

- his early training among the
Natural Theology, Bridgewater Treat Moravians, 9 - the elements of his

See Roget. - favored by a mind and character, 11,- his“ Dis-
study of Natural History, 137 courses on Religion, addressed to
the argument from design and final the Educated among its Despisers,”
causes, 139 — rejected by Dr. Mc 16 accused of Pantheism, 18-
Culloh, 310.

his “ Critical Letters on the First

Epistle to Timothy,” 19 — his

“Critical Essay on the Writings of
Passow's Greek Lexicon, 404.

Luke,” 22 — his merits as a Scrip-
Penitentiary System of the United tural interpreter, 23 - his “ Expo-

States, article on, 376 Philadel. sition of a course of Theological
phia and Auburn plans compared, Study,” 26 --- his great work,“ The
and the latter preferred and de Doctrines of Christian Faith, ac-
fended, 381.

cording to the Principles of the
Philo on the Angel of Jehovah, 228. Evangelical Church,” 29- his mer-
Primitive Church, compared with the its as a lecturer, 33 — as a preach-
Protestant Episcopal Church at the

his personal character, 40
present Day, by Bishop Hopkins, - manner of his death, 44.
review of, 343 — merits of the ear- Servetus, notice of, 288.
ly Fathers as interpreters of Scrip- Stranger's Gift, The, noticed, 47.
ture, 355 — their views of the Streeter, Rev. Mr., his Mirror of Cal.
Trinity, 357, 363 — causes of the vinistic Fanaticism, noticed, 393.
misapprehension of them on this Stuart, Professor, on the early history
subject, 364 — Bishops in, the same of the Trinity, 369.
with Presbyters, 367.

ise on.

er, 35-


mode of accomplishing the great

object of life, 291 -- the Ideal, 292
Temperance Convention, Proceed- the Actual, 293 — doctrine of
ings of, reviewed, 73, 89, 92.

small duties, 294 — rules and max-
Temperance Reform, State of, article ims of a good life, 296 -- just es-

on, 72 et seq. — notice of its com- timate of the duties of common
mencement, 73, -- objections to it life, 299 -- worldly-mindedness and
as a combination to effect good ob- heavenly-mindedness, 304.
jects by public agitation, stated and
overruled, 74 -- enormity of the

evil to be corrected, 77 -- objec-
tions to the plan of extending the Unitarianism, embraced by Blanco
pledge so as to include fermented White, 126 — its mode of wor-
liquors, 79 — destroys the simplici- ship commended, 128 --- state of, in
ty of the pledge, 81 — use of fer- France, 265 - defended against Dr.
mented liquors less injurious than McCulloh's aspersions, 312 – Uni-
that of distilled, 83 — laws to be tarianism of the Jews, 336 -- and of
obeyed in the gratification of the the early Fathers, 368.
appetites, 85 — bad taste and bad
temper in the defence of Temper-

ance, 91 -

intolerance on the sub-
ject, 92 -- the argument of expedi- Wine. Extent of wine-drinking in
ency, considered, 93 — extent of

this country, 96 -- wine at the
wine-drinking in this country, 96 communion injurious interference

wine at the communion, 102 with, in the Temperance Reform,
state of Temperance Reform in 102.
England, 207 -- Bishop Hopkins White, Rev. Joseph Blanco, his Life

and Writings, article on, 111 et
Tocqueville, M. de, one of the French seq. -- his birth and education, 112--

Commissioners, whose Report on qualifies himself for the priesthood,
the American Penitentiary System

115 -- takes the vows of the sa-
is reviewed, 376.

cred office, 117 -- becomes an un-
Trinity not more defensible than believer, 118-- escapes to England,

Transubstantiation, 134 -- rejected 120 -- recovers his faith in Chris-
by Dr. McCulloh as unscriptural, tianity and takes orders in the
320 — how held and defended by Church of England, 121 -- embar-
the Fathers, 357, 364, 368 — Bish- rassed on the subject of the Trinity,
op Hopkins's defence of, 359 — 122 -- publishes his 6 Evidence
Professor Stuart on the early histo- against Catholicism," 125 -- be-
ry of, 369 -- concessions of other comes a Unitarian, 126 -- the Au-
Trinitarians, 369 -- early councils thor of " Second Travels of an

Irish Gentleman in Search of a
True Plan of

a Living Temple, Religion,” 129 -- his view of the
Works of the Author of, reviewed, State of the Primitive Church, 130
169 -- this work compared with publishes his “Observations on
Howe's Living Temple, 171 -- its Heresy and Orthodoxy," 133 —
theological character, 175 -- its lit- transubstantiation as defensible as
erary defects, 181 – view it gives the Trinity, 13t— proposes to pub-
of the kingdom of God upon earth, lish at some future day “ A Sketch
184 --- peculiar aspects of life, 189 of my Mind in England," 135.

perfection of man, 193 -- best

on, 307.

on, 372.

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