Mamir3: Lightbox

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Joseph Nowarski, 12 ביולי 2019 - 155 עמודים

This is a science fiction book. No wars, no fights, no killing, no violence. There are no bad creatures in this book. Just new ideas in various areas. Mamir in Hebrew means a converter. In Volume 1 (Mamir 1) Oren and Mark constructed the Converter (Mamir) allowing communication with satellite 501 placed above the earth by Raat 20,000 years ago. The satellite took pictures and videos of every corner on the earth all the time. All the pictures and videos are for sale now at a huge price. In Volume 2 (Mamir 2) Oren and Mark received a message from Stars Rays, the oldest and the greatest civilization in the universe. As a result of this communication, 501 belongs now to Stars Rays and has still very warm relations with Raat and with Oren.

In the current Volume, Mamir 3, Mark and Oren think of the device to store all the information and knowledge of the current universe for the new universe that will be born after the next Big Bang, the lightbox. They hope that those who know the past as stored in the lightbox from the previous universe, know the future.

Mamir 1 and 2 are in Hebrew. The current Volume, Mamir 3, is in English.

The book is for all ages. 


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