A Geological Survey of the Yorkshire Coast: Describing the Strata and Fossils Occurring Between the Humber and the Tees, from the German Ocean to the Plain of York

כריכה קדמית
Printed at the office of R. Kirby, 1828 - 367 עמודים

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עמוד 315 - Stonegate the stream bends to the right, and runs in a deep rocky fissure on one side of the alluvial valley ; the middle part of which is left dry, though greatly below the level of the banks of the stream, as if artificial means had been used to turn the rivulet out of its natural course. A third instance, fully more remarkable, occurs in the Esk, near where this stream joins it. The river, before arriving at Arncliff, leaves the valley, and seems to make a sweep through part of a hill. In a similar...
עמוד 304 - ... portions of the strata that lay above it; the workmen, however, who removed it, and some gentlemen who saw it, assured me, that it was composed of gravel and sand. In the interior of the cave there was not a single rolled pebble, nor one bone, or fragment of bone, that bears the slightest mark of having been rolled by the action of water.
עמוד 148 - Spherick forme of sundry Mickles fram'd, That well they Globes of stone, or bullets might be nam'd For any Ordnance fit : which broke with Hammers blowts, Doe headlesse Snakes of Stone, within their Rounds enclose.
עמוד 2 - Christians, who maintain that their religion is founded on the best reasons, and who are commanded "to give to every man a reason of the hope that is in them.
עמוד 2 - For the Lord is a great God, and a great King above all gods. In his hands are the deep places of the earth, and the strength of the hills is his also.
עמוד 139 - Young, in the work already quoted, says: — "In the cavities of nodules containing petrifactions, we sometimes meet with petroleum, or mineral oil. When first exposed, it is generally quite fluid and of a dark green colour ; but it soon becomes viscid and black, and at last hardens into a kind of pitch, which generally melts with heat, and when ignited burns with a crackling noise, and emits a strong bituminous smell.
עמוד 318 - ... the strata. Wherever bays have been formed on the coast, as at Filey, Robin Hood's Bay, Sandsend, and Runswick, we can trace their formation to breaks, subsidences, or interruptions, of the strata. Even our promontories and cliffs must have been formed by similar means. Vast masses of the strata must have sunk down, and become part of the bed of the ocean, while the rocks from which they were detached have remained as sea-cliffs. How can we account for our submarine cliffs and promontories, but...
עמוד 32 - Est vicus aliquot a mari orientali rmlliariis distans, juxta quem famosae illae aquae, quas vulgo * 0HpSE vocant, numerosa scaturigine e terra prosiliunt, non quidem jugiter, sed annis interpositis, et, facto torrente non modico, per loca humiliora in mare labuntur ; quae quidem cum siccantur, signum bonum est, nam earum fluxus futurae famis incommodum non fallaciter portendere dicitur.
עמוד 314 - ... hollowed out its own channel in the hills through which it passes ; that bays and islets on the shore have been excavated by rivers, and by the action of the sea ; and that the alluvial beds, even in the highest situations, have been deposited by rivers, that once flowed there. The phenomena which our district exhibits, can by no means be reconciled with such notions. The agency of rivers has indeed had a considerable effect in modifying their channels, but the channels have derived their origin...
עמוד 315 - Ruswarp ; from their general form and arrangement ; and from decisive indications of breaks, elevating the strata on the south side, and sinking those on the north. The numerous dales that open into the vale of the Esk from the south, have originated in an equal number of fractures in the strata, aided by denudations of these strata ; and, in some instances, as at Fryop and at Danby, there has been a compound fracture, the dale, which is single at its upper end, branching into two before it reaches...

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