The Complete Art of Poetry: In Six Parts, I. Of the Nature, Use, Excellence, Rise and Progress of Poetry, &c. ; II. Of the Use and Necessity of Rules in Poetry ; III. Of the Manner, Rules, and Art of Composing Epigrams, Pastorals, Odes, &c. ; IV. Of Tragedy and Comedy ; how to Draw the Plot, and Form the Characters of Both ; V. The Rules of the Epic Or Narrative Poem, of the Poetic Diction Or Language, and of English Numbers ; VI. A Collection of the Most Beautiful Descriptions, Similes, Allusions, &c. from Spenser, and Our Best English Poets, as Well Ancient as Modern, with Above Ten Thousand Verses, Not to be Found in Any Performance of this Kind ; Shakespeariana, Or the Most Beautiful Topicks, Descriptions, and Similes that Occur Throughout All Shakespear's Plays, כרך 1

כריכה קדמית
Charles Rivington, 1718 - 468 עמודים

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