The Explorers of Australia and Their Life-work

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Whitcombe and Tombs, 1908 - 303 עמודים

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עמוד 116 - Then a good many black fellows came behind in the scrub, and threw plenty of spears, and hit Mr. Kennedy in the back first. Mr. Kennedy said to me, ' O, Jackey Jackey ; shoot 'em, shoot 'em.
עמוד 194 - We have been unable to leave the creek. Both camels are dead, and our provisions are done. Mr. Burke and King are down the lower part of the creek. I am about to return to them, when we shall probably come up this way. We are trying to live the best way we can, like the blacks, but find it hard work. Our clothes are going to pieces fast Send provisions and clothes as soon as possible. WJ Wills. The depot party having left, contrary to instructions, has put us in this fix. I have deposited some of...
עמוד 118 - ... that night I left him near dark ; I would go through the scrub, and the blacks threw spears at me, a good many, and I went back again into the scrub ; then I went down the creek which runs into Escape River, and I walked along the water in the creek very easy, with my head only above water, to avoid the blacks, and get out of their way ; in this way I went half a mile ; then I got out of the creek, and got clear of them, and walked on all night nearly, and slept in the bush without a fire...
עמוד 116 - Then Mr. Kennedy looked this way very bad (Jacky rolling his eyes). I said to him, ' Don't look far away,' as I thought he would be frightened. I asked him often, ' Are you well now ? ' and he said, ' I don't care for the spear- wound in my leg, Jacky ; but for the other two spear- wounds in my side and back,' and said,
עמוד 115 - Kennedy, and said to him, there is plenty of black fellows now; this was in the middle of the night; Mr. Kennedy told me to get my gun ready ; the blacks did not know where we slept, as we did not make a fire ; we both sat up all night ; after this, daylight came, and I fetched the horses and saddled them ; then we went on a good way up the river, and then we sat down a little while, and we saw three...
עמוד 30 - There is a uniformity in the barren desolateness of this country which wearies one more than I am able to express. One tree, one soil, one water, and one description of bird, fish, or animal prevails alike for ten miles and for one hundred. A variety of wretchedness is at all times preferable to one unvarying cause of pain or distress.
עמוד 147 - At the dead hour of night, in the wildest and most inhospitable wastes of Australia, with the fierce wind raging in unison with the scene of violence before me, I was left, with a single native, whose fidelity I could not rely upon...
עמוד 192 - I intend to go SE from Camp 60, to get into our old track near Bulloo. Two of my companions and myself are quite well; the third — Patten — has been unable to walk for the last eighteen days, as his leg has been severely hurt when thrown by one of the horses. No person has been up here from the " Darling." We have six camels and twelve horses in good working condition. WILLIAM BRAHE.
עמוד 22 - The nearest distance from the point at which Mr. Oxley left off, to any part of the western coast, is very little short of two thousand miles. If this river, therefore, be already of the size of the Hawkesbury at Windsor, which is not less than two hundred and fifty yards in breadth, and of sufficient depth to float a seventy-four...

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