The History of New Hampshire: From Its Discovery, in 1614, to the Passage of the Toleration Act, in 1819

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I.S. Boyd, 1842 - 456 עמודים

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עמוד 219 - They planted by your care ! No, your oppressions planted them in America. They fled from your tyranny to a then uncultivated and inhospitable country, where they exposed themselves to almost all the hardships to which human nature is liable; and among others, to the...
עמוד 219 - LIBERTY to recoil within them: men promoted to the highest seats of justice, some who, to my knowledge, were glad, by going to a foreign country, to escape being brought to the bar of a Court of Justice in their own.
עמוד 219 - They nourished by your indulgence ! They grew by your neglect of them. As soon as you began to care about them, that care was exercised in sending persons to rule...
עמוד 220 - They protected by your arms ! They have nobly taken up arms in your defence ; have exerted...
עמוד 220 - God knows I do not at this time speak from motives of party heat ; what I deliver are the genuine sentiments of my heart.
עמוד 424 - Provided, notwithstanding, That the several towns, parishes, bodies corporate, or religious societies, shall at all times have the exclusive right of electing their own public teachers, and of contracting with them for their support and maintenance. And no person of any one particular religious sect or denomination shall ever be compelled to pay towards the support of the teacher or teachers of another persuasion, sect or denomination.
עמוד 250 - Whereas it now appears an undoubted fact, that notwithstanding all the dutiful petitions and decent remonstrances from the American colonies, and the utmost exertions of their best friends in England on their behalf, the British ministry, arbitrary and vindictive, are yet determined to reduce by fire and sword our bleeding country, to their absolute obedience...
עמוד 215 - Then and there was the first scene of the first act of opposition to the arbitrary claims of Great Britain. Then and there the child Independence was born.
עמוד 4 - Not with the roll of the stirring drums, And the trumpet that sings of fame: Not as the flying come, In silence and in fear: They shook the depths of the desert's gloom With their hymns of lofty cheer.
עמוד 444 - We believe that there is one God, whose nature is Love revealed in one Lord Jesus Christ, by one Holy Spirit of Grace, who will finally restore the whole family of mankind to holiness and happiness.

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