The Music of the Spheres: Music, Science, and the Natural Order of the Universe

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Springer Science & Business Media, 1995 - 264 עמודים
For centuries, scientists and philosophers believed that the universe was a stately, ordered mechanism, both mathematical and musical. The perceived distances between objects in the sky mirrored (and were mirrored by) the spaces between notes forming chords and scales. The smooth operation of the cosmos created a divine harmony that composers sought to capture and express. Jamie James allows readers to see how this scientific philosophy emerged, how it was shattered by changing views of the universe and the rise of Romanticism, and to what extent it survives today - if at all. From Pythagoras to Newton, Bach to Beethoven, and on to the twentieth century of Einstein, Schoenberg, Stravinsky, Cage and Glass. A spellbinding examination of the interwoven fates of science and music throughout history.

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There are quite a few books about the overlap of art and science. This book tackles the overlap between science and music. In general, there is much in common among all creative endeavors. As ... קרא סקירה מלאה

THE MUSIC OF THE SPHERES: Music, Science, and the Natural Order of the Universe

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Music in relation to science is a theme that James has explored in popular articles (Discover, etc.). Here, he contends that, until the 19th century, music embodied the classic ideals of an ordered ... קרא סקירה מלאה


The Great Theme
Pythagoras the Master
Plato and the World Soul
The Key to the Universe
The Renaissance Musici
The Music of the Spheres and the Birth of the Opera
The Hermetic Tradition
Kepler Pythagorizes
Newton and The Magic Flute
The Romantic Anomaly
Schoenberg and the Revival of the Great Theme
Into the Future
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Jamie James is the New York music critic for the London Times.

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