Framing Formalism: Riegl's Work

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Taylor & Francis, 2001 - 317 עמודים
Alois Riegl (1858-1905) was one of the founding fathers of modern formalist criticism. As a member of the Vienna School of Art Historians, he shared their range of interests in the decorative arts, art in transition, conservation and monuments. This collection of critical essays examines various facets of Riegls work and opens with a new translation of Hans Sedlmayrs famous, and notorious,Die Quintessenze der Lehren Riegls. Included is Julius von Schlossers assessment of Riegls contribution to the Vienna School of Art Historians as well as essays by a team of international scholars. This book offers a re-engagement with the ideas of one of the most important and neglected art historians of the 20th century.

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Introduction to the Series
Riegls Thought
Reading Riegls KunstIndustrie 49 Richard Woodfield
Riegls 107 Joaquín Lorda
Volkskunst Hausfleiss 135 Stefan Muthesius
Riegl The Maori 151 Joseph Masheck
The Reception and First Criticism 183 Ivo Hlobil
Riegl and the Family Portrait 195 Frauke Laarman
Rembrandt Riegl and the Will
Riegl and the Rediscovery
Benjamin Reading Alois Riegl

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