A history of modern Ethiopia, 1855-1991

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James Currey, 2001 - 300 עמודים
Bahru Zewde has updated the first edition, adding a new chapter and taking the history through to 1991. 'The new chapter enhances the value of the book as the best historical introduction to modern Ethiopia. The account of the Revolution, contained in 41 pages, is nuanced and worthy of attention in its own right... In short, the updating of an already indispensable book.' - Donald Crummey in JOURNAL OF MODERN AFRICAN STUDIES North America: Ohio U Press; Ethiopia: Addis Ababa U Press

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This book is more of a political and economic history of Ethiopia as opposed to a general history but does describe the major events in fairly good detail for an introductory book. קרא סקירה מלאה


The background
The external challenge
A new approach to unification
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Bahru Zewde is professor of history at the University of Addis Ababa, specialising in modern Ethiopian history and intellectual history.

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