תמונות בעמוד



CHAPTER I. heaviness through manifold 1 He blesseth God for his manifold temptations : spiritual graces : 10 shewing that the salvation in Christ is no news, but

7 That the trial of your faith, horteth them accordingly to a godly than of gold that perisheth, a thing prophesied of old: 13 ani ex- being much more precious now born anew by the word of God. though it be tried with fire, , apostle of might be found unto praise

the and honour and glory at the strangers scattered through- appearing of Jesus Christ : out Pontus, Galatia, Cappa- 8 Whom having not seen, docia, Asia, and Bithynia, ye love ; in whom, though

2 Elect according to the fore- now ye see him not, yet beknowledge of God the Fa- lieving, ye rejoice with joy ther, through sanctification unspeakable and

full of of the Spirit, unto obedience glory : and sprinkling of the blood 9 Receiving the end of your of Jesus Christ : Grace unto faith, even the salvation of you, and peace, be multi- your souls. plied.

10 Of which salvation the 3 Blessed be the God and Fa- prophets have inquired and ther of our Lord Jesus Christ, searched diligently, who which according to his prophesied of the grace that abundant mercy hath begot- should come unto you: ten us again unto a lively 11 Searching what, or what hope by the resurrection of manner of time the Spirit of Jesus Christ from the dead, Christ which was in them did

4 To an inheritance incor- signify, when it testified beruptible, and undefiled, and forehand the sufferings of that fadeth not away, reserv- Christ, and the glory that ed in heaven for you,

should follow. 5 Who are kept by the pow. 12 Unto whom it was reer of God through faith unto vealed, that not unto themsalvation ready to be reveal selves, but unto us they did ed in the last time.

minister the things, which 6 Wherein ye greatly re- are now reported unto you joice, though now for å sea- by them that have preached son, if need be, ye are in the gospel unto you with the


Holy Ghost sent down from from the dead, and gave him heaven; which things the glory; that your faith and angels desire to look into. hope might be in God.

13 Wherefore gird up the 22 Seeing ye have purified loins of your mind, be sober, your souls in obeying the and hope to the end for the truth through the Spirit unto grace that is to be brought unfeigned love of the brethunto you at the revelation of ren, see that ye love one anJesus Christ ;

other with a pure heart fer14 As obedient children, not vently: fashioning yourselves 23 Being born again, not of cording to the former lusts corruptible seed, but of inin your ignorance :

corruptible, by the word of 15 But as he which hath God, which liveth and abidcalled yoù is holy, so be ye eth for ever. holy in all manner of con

24 For all flesh is as grass, versation;

and all the glory of man as 16 Because it is written, Be the flower of grass. The ye holy; for I am holy. grass withereth, and

the 17 And if ye call on the Fa- flower thereof falleth away: ther, who without respect of 25 But the word of the Lord persons judgeth according to endureth for ever. And this every man's work, pass the is the word which by the time of your sojourning here gospel is preached unto you. in fear :

CHAPTER II. 18 Forasmuch as ye know

1 He dehorteth them from the breach that ye were not redeemed of charity : 4 shewing that Christ is with corruptible things, as

the foundation whereupon they are

built, 11 He beseecheth them also to silver and gold, from your abstain from fleshly lusts, 13 lo be vain conversation received by obedient to magistrates, 18 and teach

eth servants how to obey their mas. tradition from your fathers; ters, 20 patiently suffering for well 19 But with the precious

doing,,cifter the example of Christ. blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without

aside all spot:

all guile, and hypocrisies, 20 Who verily was foreor- and envies, and all evil dained before the foundation speakings, of the world, but was mani 2 As newborn babes, desire fest in these last times for the sincere milk of the word, you,

that ye may grow thereby: 21 Who by him do believe 3 If so be ye have tasted in God, that raised him up that the Lord is gracious.


4 To whom coming, as unto seech you as strangers and a living stone, disallowed in- pilgrims, abstain from fleshly deed of men, but chosen of lusts, which war against the God, and precious,

soul; 5 Ye also, as lively stones, 12 Having your conversaare built up a spiritual house, tion honest among the Gena holy priesthood, to offer up tiles : that, whereas they spiritual sacrifices, accept- speak against you as evil able to God by Jesus Christ. doers, they may by your good

6 Wherefore also it is con- works, which they shall betained in the Scripture, Be hold, glorify God in the day hold, I lay in Sion a chief of visitation. corner stone, elect, precious: 13 Submit yourselves to and he that believeth on him every ordinance of man for shall not be confounded. the Lord's sake : whether it

7 Unto you therefore which be to the king, as supreme; believe he is precious : but 14 Or unto governors, as unto them which be disobe- unto them that are sent by dient, the stone which the him for the punishment of builders disallowed, the same evil doers, and for the praise is made the head of the cor- of them that do well. ner,

15 For so is the will of God, 8 And a stone of stumbling, that with well doing ye may and a rock of offence, eren put to silence the ignorance to them which stumble at of foolish men : the word, being disobedient: 16 As free, and not using whereunto also they were your liberty for a cloak of appointed.

maliciousness, but

as the 9 But ye are a chosen gen- servants of God. eration, a royal priesthood,

17 Honour all men. Love a holy nation, a peculiar peo- the brotherhood. Fear God. ple; that ye should shew Honour the king. forth the praises of him who 18 Servants, be subject to hath called you out of dark- your masters with all fear ;

into his marvellous not only to the good and light:

gentle, but also to the fro10 Which in time past were ward. not eople, but are now 19 For this is thankworthy, the people of God: which if a man for conscience tohad not obtained mercy, but ward God endure grief, sufnow have obtained mercy, fering wrongfully. 11 Dearly beloved, I be- 20 For what giory is it, if,


when ye be buffeted for your 2 While they behold your faults, ye shall take it pa- chaste conversation coupled J tiently ? but if, when ye do with fear. well, and suffer for it, ye 3 Whose adorning, let it not take it patiently, this is ac- be that outward adorning of ceptable with God.

plaiting the hair, and of 21 For even hereunto were wearing of gold, or of putye called : because Christ ting on of apparel ; also suffered for us, leaving 4 But let it be the hidden us an example, that ye should man of the heart, in that follow his steps :

which is not corruptible, 22 Who did no sin, neither | even the ornament of a meek was guile found ' in his and quiet spirit, which is in mouth:

the sight of God of great 23 Who, when he was revil-price. ed, reviled not again; when 5 For after this manner in he suffered, he threatened the old time the holy women not; but committed himself to also, who trusted in God, him that judgeth righteously: adorned themselves, being in

24 Who his own self bare subjection unto their own our sins in his own body on husbands : the tree, that we, being dead 6 Even as Sarah obeyed to sins, should live unto Abraham, calling him lord: righteousness : by whose whose daughters ye are, as stripes ye were healed.

long as ye do well, and are 25 For ye were as sheep go- not afraid with any amazeing astray; but are now re- ment. turned unto the Shepherd and in Likewise, ye husbands, Bishop of your souls. dwell with them according to CHAPTER III.

knowledge, giving honour 1 Ħe teacheth the duty, of wives and weaker vessel, and as being

unto the wife, as unto the al men to unity and love, 14 and 10 heirs together of the grace of also the benefits of Christ toward life; that your prayers be not

hindered. L

IKEWISE, ye wives, be 8 Finally, be ye all of one

in subjection to your mind, having compassion own husbands; that, if any one of another ; love as obey not the word, they also brethren, be pitiful, be courtmay without the word be eous : won by the conversation of

9. Not rendering evil for the wives ;

evil, or railing for railing :

the old world.

but contrariwise blessing ;] 18 For Christ also hath knowing that ye are there once suffered for sins, the unto called, that ye should just for the unjust, that he inherit a blessing.

might bring us to God, be10 For he that will love life, ing put to death in the flesh, and see good days, let him but quickened by the Spirit : refrain his tongue from evil, 19 By which also he went and his lips that they speak and preached unto the spirno guile:

its in prison; 11 Let him eschew evil, and 20 Which sometime were do good ; let him seek peace, disobedient, when once the and ensue it.

longsuffering of God waited 12 For the eyes of the Lord in the days of Noah, while are over the righteous, and his the ark was a preparing, ears are open unto their pray- wherein few, that is, eight ers : but the face of the Lord souls were saved by water. is against them that do evil. 21 The like figure where

13 And who is he that will unto even b:lptism doth also harm you, if ye be followers now save us, (not the putof that which is good ? ting away of the filth of the

14 But and if ye suffer for flesh, but the answer of a righteousness' sake, happy good conscience toward are ye : and be not afraid of God,) by the resurrection of their terror, neither be trou- Jesus Christ : bled;

22 Who is gone into heaven, 15 But sanctify the Lord and is on the right hand of God in your hearts : and be God; angels and authorities ready always to give an an- and powers being made subswer to every man that ask-ject unto him. eth you a reason of the hope

CHAPTER IV. that is in you, with meek- 1 He exhorteth them to cease from sin ness and fear :

by the example of Christ, and the

consideration of the general end 16 Having a good con

that now approacheth: 12 and comscience; that, whereas they forteth them against persecution.

then doers, they may be ashamed that falsely accuse your good us in the flesh, arm yourconversation in Christ. selves likewise with the same

17 For it is better, if the mind : for he that hath sufwill of God be so, that ye fered in the flesh hath ceassuffer for well doing, than ed from sin; for evil doing.

2 That he no longer should

Speak evil of you, as of evil Fhrist hath suffered for


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