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the preaching might be fully | 20 Erastus abode at Corinth: known, and that all the Gen- but Trophimus have I left at tiles might hear: and I was Miletum sick. delivered out of the mouth of 21 Do thy diligence to the lion.

come before winter. Eubu18 And the Lord shall deliv. lus greeteth thee, and Puer me from every evil work, dens, and Linus, and Claudia, and will preserve me unto his and all the brethren. heavenly kingdom: to whom 22 The Lord Jesus Christ be be glory for ever and ever. with thy spirit. Grace be Amen.

with you. Amen. 19 Salute Prisca and Aquila,

1 The second epistle unto Timotheus,

ordained the first bishop of the church and the household of Onesiph of the Ephesians, was written from

Rome, when Paul was brought beorus.

fore Nero the second time.





4 To Titus, mine own son 1 For what end Titus was left in after the

faith: Crete. 6 How they that are to be chosen ministers ought to be quali- Grace, mercy, and peace, from fied. 11 The mouths of evil tecichers God the Father and the Lord to be stopped : 12 and what manner of men they be.

Jesus Christ our Saviour. PAUL, a servant of God, 5 For this cause left I thee

and an apostle of Jesus in Crete, that thou shouldest Christ, according to the faith set in order the things that of God's elect, and the ac- are wanting, and ordain elknowledging of the truth ders in every city, as I had which is after godliness; appointed thee: 2 In hope of eternal life, 6°If any be blameless, the which God, that cannot lie, husband of one wife, having promised before the world faithful children not accused began;

of riot or unruly. 3 But hath in due times ✓ For a bishop must be manifested his word through blameless, as the steward of preaching, which is commit- God; not selfwilled, not soon ted unto me according to the angry, not given to wine, no commandment of God our striker, not given to filthy




as he hath been taught, BUT ileak become sound

8 But a lover of hospitality, CHAPTER II. a lover of good men, sober, 1 Directions given unto Titus both for just, holy, temperate;

his doctrine and life. 9 of the duty

of servants, and in general of au 9 Holding fast the faithful Christians.

speak that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and doctrine: to convince the gainsayers. 2 That the aged men be so

10 For there are many un-ber, grave, temperate, sound ruly and vain talkers and in faith, in charity, in padeceivers, specially they of tience. the circumcision:

3 The aged women likewise, 11 Whose mouths must be that they be in behaviour as stopped, who subvert whole becometh holiness, not false houses, teaching things which accusers, not given to much they ought not, for filthy lu- wine, teachers of good things; cre's sake.

4 That they may teach the 12 One of themselves, even a young women to be sober, prophet of their own, said, to love their husbands, to The Cretians are always love their children, liars, evil beasts, slow bel 5 To be discreet, chaste, lies.

keepers at home, good, obe13 This witness is true. dient to their own husbands, Wherefore rebuke them that the word of God be not sharply, that they may be blasphemed. sound in the faith;

6 Young men likewise ex14 Not giving heed to Jew- hort to be soberminded. ish fables, and command 7 In all things shewing thyments of men, that turn from self a pattern of good works: the truth.

in doctrine shewing uncor15 Unto the pure all things ruptness, gravity, sincerity, are pure: but unto them that 8 Sound speech, that canare defiled and unbelieving is not be condemned; that he nothing pure; but even their that is of the contrary part mind and conscience is de- may be ashamed, having no filed.

evil thing to say of you. 16 They profess that they 9 Exhort servants to be obeknow God; but in works dient unto their own masters, they deny him, being abom- and to please them well in all inable, and disobedient, and things; not answering again; unto every good work repro 10 Not purloining, but shewbate.

ing all good fidelity; that


they may adorn the doctrine bedient, deceived, serving of God our Saviour in all divers lusts and pleasures, things.

living in malice and envy, 11 For the grace of God hateful, and hating ong anthat bringeth salvation hath other. appeared to all men,

4. But after that the kind12 Teaching us that, deny- ness and love of God our Saing ungodliness and worldly viour toward man appeared, lusts, we should live soberly, 5 Not by works of rightrighteously, and godly, in eousness which we have this present world;

done, but according to his 13 Looking for that bless- mercy he saved us, by the ed hope, and the glorious washing of regeneration, and appearing of the great God renewing of the Holy Ghost; and our Saviour Jesus Christ; 6 Which he shed on

14 Who gave himself for abundantly through Jesus us, that he might redeem us Christ our Saviour; from all iniquity, and purify 7 That being justified by unto himself a peculiar peo- his grace, we should be made ple, zealous of good works. heirs according to the hope

15 These things speak, and of eternal life. exhort, and rebuke with all 8 This is a faithful saying, authority. Let no man de- and these things I will that spise thee.

thou affirm constantly, that CHAPTER III.

they which have believed in 1 Titus is yet further directed by God might be careful to mainPaul, both concerning the things he tain good works. These He is willed also to reject obstinate things are good and profitaheretics : 12 which done, he appoint- ble unto men. eth him both time and place, wherein 9 But avoid foolish queshe should come unto him, and so concludeth.

tions, and genealogies, and UT them in mind to be contentions, and strivings

subject to principalities about the law ; for they are and powers, to obey magis- unprofitable and vain. trates, to be ready to every 10 A man that is a heretic, good work,

after the first and second ad2 To speak evil of no man, monition, reject; to be no brawlers, but gentle, 11 Knowing that he that is shewing all meekness unto such is subverted, and sinall men.

neth, being condemned of 3 For we ourselves also himself. were sometime foolish, diso- 12 When I shall send Arte


mas unto thee, or Tychicus, maintain good works for nec-
be diligent to come unto me essary uses, that they be not
to Nicopolis: for I have de- unfruitful.
termiined there to winter. 15 All that are with me sa-

13 Bring Zenas the lawyer lute thee. Greet them that
and Apollos on their jour-love us in the faith. Grace
ney diligently, that nothing be with you all. Amen.
be wanting unto them.

IT It was written to Titus, ordained the 14 And let ours also learn to

first bishop of the church of the Cre-
tians, from Nicopolis of Macedonia.




4 He rejoiceth to hear of the faith of every good thing which is

and love of Philemon, 9 whom he in you in Christ Jesus.
desireth to forgive his servant One-
simus, and lovingly to receive him 7 For we have great joy and

consolation in thy love, beAUL, a prisoner of Jesus cause the bowels of the saints

Christ, and Timothy our are refreshed by thee, brother. brother, unto Philemon our 8 Wherefore, though I dearly beloved, and fellow might be much bold in Christ labourer,

to enjoin thee that which is 2 And to our beloved Ap-convenient, phia, and Archippus our fel 9 Yet for love's sake I rather low soldier, and to the church beseech thee, being such a one in thy house:

as Paul the aged, and now 3 Grace to you, and peace, also a prisoner of Jesus from God our Father and the Christ. Lord Jesus Christ.

10 I beseech thee for my son 4 I thank my God, making Onesimus, whom I have bemention of thee always in my gotten in my bonds: prayers,

11 Which in time past was 5 Hearing of thy love and to thee unprofitable, but now faith, which thou hast toward profitable to thee and to me: the Lord Jesus, and toward 12 Whom I have sent again: all saints;

thou therefore receive him, 6 That the communication that is, mine own bowels: of thy faith may become ef 13 Whom I would have refectual by the acknowledging tained with me, that in thy

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for ever;

stead he might have minis- / repay it: albeit I do not say tered unto me in the bonds to thee how thou owest unto of the gospel :

me even thine own self be14 But without thy mind sides. would I do nothing; that 20 Yea, brother, let me have thy benefit should not be as joy of thee in the Lord : reit were of necessity, but will- fresh my bowels in the Lord. ingly.

21 Having confidence in thy 15 For perhaps he therefore obedience I wrote unto thee, departed for å season, that knowing that thou wilt also thou shouldest receive him do more than I say.

22 But withal prepare me 16 Not now as a servant, also a lodging : for I trust but above a servant, a broth- that through your prayers I er beloved, specially to me, shall be given unto you. but how much more unto 23 There salute thee Epathee, both in the flesh, and in phras, my fellow prisoner in the Lord ?

Christ Jesus; 17 If thou count me there 24 Marcus, Aristarchus, Defore a partner, receive him mas, Lucas, my fellow laas myself.

bourers. 18 If he hath wronged thee, 25 The grace of our Lord or oweth thee aught, put that Jesus Christ be with your on mine account;

spirit. Amen. 19 I Paul have written it

Written from Rome to Philemon, by with mine own hand, I will

Onesimus a servant.



CHAPTER I. spoken unto us by his Son, 1 Christ in these last times coming to whom he hath appointed heir

us from the Father: 4 is preferred of all things, by whom also above the angels, both in person and office.

he made the worlds ; LOD, who at sundry times 3 Who being the brightness spake in time past unto the image of his person, and upfathers by the prophets, holding all things by the word 2 Hath in these last days of his power, when he had

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