תמונות בעמוד

Aut pressa puris mella condit amphoris,
Aut tondet infirmas oves:
Vel cum deco, um mitibus pomis caput
Autumnus arvis extulit :
Ut gaudet insitiva decerpens pyra,
Certantem et uvam purpura,
Quá mumeretur te, Priape, et te, pater
Sylvane, tutor finium !
Libet sacere modó suð antiqua ilice;
Modò in tenaci gramine.
Labuntur altis interim ripis aqua .
Querumtur in Sylvis aves,
Fontesque lymphis obstrepunt manantibus,
Somnos Quod invitet leves.
At cum tonentis ammus hibernus jovis
Imbres nivesque comparat;
Aut trudit acres hinc, et himc multé came
Apros in obstantes plagas:
Aut amite levi rara tendit retia ;
Turdis edacióus dolos;
Pavidumque leforem, et advemam laqueo gruem,
} ucunda captat praemia :
Quis non malarum, quas amor curas habet,
A/aec inter off/iviscitur?
Quèd si pudica mulier in partem juvet
Domum, atque dulces liberos,
(Saôina qualis, aut perusta solibus
Permicis uror Appuli
Sacrum vestusti extruat lignis focum
Lassi sub adventum viri)
Claudensque textis cratibus lactum pecus
Distenta siccet učera ;
Bt horna dulci vina promens dolio
Dapes inemptas apparet;
AVon me Lucrina juverint conchylia,
Magisve rhombus, aut scari

Or the prest honey in pure pots doth keep
. Of earth, and shears the tender sheep:
Or when that autumn through the fields lifts round
His head, with mellow apples crown'd,
How plucking pears, his own hand grafted had,
And purple-matching grapes, he's glad
With which, Priapus, he may thank thy hands,
And, Sylvan, thine, that kept'st his lands!
Then now beneath some ancient oak he may
Now in the rooted grass him lay,
Whilst from the higher banks do slide the floods;
The soft birds quarrel in the woods,
The fountains murmur as the streams do creep,
And all invite to easy sleep.
Then when the thund'ring Jove, his snow and
Are gathering by the wintry hours:
Or hence, or thence, he drives with many a hound
Wild boars into his toils pitch'd round :
Or strains on his small fork his subtle nets
For th' eating thrush, or pit-falls sets :
And snares the fearful hare, and new-come crane,
And 'counts them sweet rewards so ta'en.
Who amongst these delights, would not forget
Love's cares so evil and so great 2
But if, to boot with these, a chaste wife meet
For household aid, and children sweet;
Such as the Sabines, or a sun-burnt blowse,
Some lusty quick Apulian's spouse,
To deck the hallow'd hearth with old wood fired
Against the husband comes home tired;
That penning the glad flock in hurdles by,
Their swelling udders doth draw dry :
And from the sweet tub wine of this year takes,
And unbought viands ready makes.
Not Lucrine oysters I could then more prize,
Nor turbot, nor bright golden-eyes:

Si quos Eois intonata suctibus
Hyems ad hoc vertat mare:
Mon Afra avis descendat in ventrem meum :
Mon attagen Ionicus
jucundior, quam lecta depinguissimis
Oliva ramis arðorum :
Aut heróa lapathi prata amantis, et gravi
Malvae salubres corpori;
Vel agna festis casa terminalibus:
Vel haedus ereptus lupo.
Asas inter epulas, ut juvat pastas oves
Videre properanteis domum /
Videre fessos vomerem inversum Čoves
Collo trahentes languido'
Positosque vermas, ditis examen domus,
Circum remiaentes lares /
Asacc uði locutus fænerator Alphius,
} am jam futurus rusticus,
Omnem relegit idióus pecuniam ;
Quaerit calendis pomere.

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If with bright floods, the winter troubled much,
Into our seas send any such :
The Ionian godwit, nor the ginny-hen
Could not go down my belly then
More sweet than olives, that new-gather'd be
From fattest branches of the tree :
Or the herb sorrel, that loves meadows still,
Or mallows loosing bodies ill:
Or at the feast of bounds, the lamb then slain,
Or kid forc'd from the wolf again,
Among these cates how glad the sight doth come
Of the fed flocks approaching home :
To view the weary oxen draw, with bare
And fainting necks, the turned share
The wealthy household swarm of bondmen met,
And 'bout the steaming chimney set!
These thoughts when usurer Alphius, now about
To turn mere farmer, had spoke out;
'Gainst the ides, his moneys he gets in with pain,
At the calends puts all out again.


'ENUS, again thou mov'st a war Long intermitted, pray thee, pray thee r spare: I am not such, as in the reign Of the good Cynara I was : refrain Sour mother of sweet Loves, forbear To bend a man now at his fiftieth year Too stubborn for commands so slack : Go where youth's soft entreaties call thee back. More timely hie thee to the house, With thy bright swans, of Paulus Maximus :


Comissačere Maximi, -
Si torrere secur quaeris idoneum.
AWamyue et mobilis, et decens,
Bt pro solicitis non tacitus reis.
Bt centum puer artium,
Late sigma seret militia tude. -
Bt guanalogue potenţior
Largă mumeriöus riserit acmuli,
A//anos prope te lacus
Ponet marmoream suð traffe cyprea.
Illic plurima marióus
Duces tura, lyracque, et Berecynthià
De/ec/affere tibia.
Mistis carminióus mon sine fistula.
Illic bis pueri die, -
Mumen cum teneris virginibus tuum
Laudantes, pede candido
In morem Salium ter quatient humum.
Me mec farmina mec puer
}am, mec spes animi credula mutul,
AVec certare juvat mero:
Mec vincire movis tempora floribus.
Sed cur, heu! Ligurine, cur
Manat rara meas lachryma per genas'
Cur facunda parum decoro
Inter veróa cadit lingua silentio 2
AVocturnis te ego somniis

7am captum teneo, jam volucrem seguor;

Te per gramina Martii -
Campi, te per aguas, dure, voluðiles.

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