תמונות בעמוד

they are poor instead of rich *; naked instead of clothed t; and blind, that is, ignorant, and wilfully so. For our Lord told the Pharisees, “ If ye were blind, (that is, necessarily ignorant,) ye would have no sin; “ but now ye say we see, (now ye presume upon your fancied knowledge, and refuse divine instruction,) “therefore your sin remaineth.”

Ver. 18. Buy.] That is, attain in preference to worldly riches. See Is. lv. I, 4. Prov. xxiii. 13. Matt. xiii. 44-47.

Ib. Gold purified.] NerugwLevny, such virtue as will stand the fiery trial, or such as men possess after severe trials, assisted by the Divine Grace; for, see the following verse.

Ver. 19. As many as I love, &c.] See Heb. xii. 5-12, which is exactly to the same purpose.

Ver. 20. Sup.] The kingdom of Christ is described as a feast for all people . He is the bread of life; none who come to bim shall hunger or thirst G. But it may be said, if Christ prepares the supper, why is he represented as standing at the door, and knocking for entrance? But this action is agreeable to the office he bears in the allegory or parable. He is the Bridegrooml, and his servants sit in his house to a late hour, waiting his arrival; when returning from the wedding, according to eastern custom, “ he cometh and knocketh, and they open to him, and he maketh them to sit down to meat. Luke xii. 36-38. See also John xiv. 23, which tends likewise to illustrate this passage.

Ver. 21. On my throne.] This is the last reward promised to those who overcome ; and it is the richest :

* See note, ch. ii. 9.

+ See note, ch. iii. 4. Isaiah xxv. 6. Matt. viii. 11. Luke xiv. 16. xxii. 19, 30. John vi. 35. Rev. vii. 16. Matt. xxv. 1, 14. John iji. 29.


and most glorious. Yet it is in perfect concordance with similar promises in Scripture. Our Lord's seat is upon the throne of God, at the right hand of the Father *; and he has prepared a place for his true followers, “ that where he is, there may they be also f.” They are “ heirs of God, joint-heirs with Christ; and with him they are to reign I." These splendid rewards are to be obtained only through Christ, by those who follow him faithfully in his career of spiritual warfare, and of victory,

as he also hath overcome.”

* Heb. viii. 1. xii. 2. Matt. xxvi. 64. xxii. 4. Mark xvi. 19. + John xiv. 2. | Heb. i. Rom. viii. 17. Eph. ii. 6. Coloss. iii. 1-4. 2 Tim. ü. 12.



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Η ΜΕΤΑ ταύτα εί- 1 After these things, I 1 After this I looked, dor, xaj idé, fú

looked; and behold, and behold, a door was σα ήνεμένη εν τω there was a door open

opened in heaven; and Βρανώ, και η φωνή και

ed in the heaven; and the first voice which I πρώτη, ήν ήκεσα

the former voice, which heard, was as it were ως σαλπιγγGλα

I had heard as of a of a trumpet talking λύσης μετ' εμέ, λέ

trumpet speaking with with me; which said, γων 'Ανάσα ώδε, me, saying, “ Come

Come up hither, and I και δείξω σοι α δεί up hither, and I will

will shew thee things γενέσθαι μία ταύ

" shew thee the things which must be hereτα" Και ευθέως έγε- “ which must happen 2 after. And immediνόμην εν πνεύματι 2 " after these." And ately I was in the Spiκαι ιδε, θρόνος έκείο • immediately I was in rit; and behold, a iy égavq, ay the Spirit; and behold, Throne was set in το θρόνο καθήμενος.

a Throne was set in heaven, and one sat on 5 Και ο καθήμενο.

heaven; and


the 3 the Throne. And He [ήν] όμοις δράσει

Throne one sitting; that sat, was to look λίθω άσπιδι, και

3 And Hethat sate (was] upon like a jasper, and rugdiwa xj igis xu

like in appearance to a sardine stone: and κλόθεν το θρόνα ό- ő- a jasper, even a sar- there was a rainbow μοις ορασει σμαdine stone. And a

round about the και ραγδίνω. Και κυ- radiance round about · Throne, in sight like

κλόθεν τεθρόνε θρό- the Throne, like in ap- 4 unto an emerald. And νοι είκοσι τέσσα

pearance to an eme- round about the Throne Seser fri Tès Ipó- 4 rald. And round about were four and twenty

yes είκοσι τέσσαρας

the Throne were twentyπρεσβυθέρως καθη

four thrones, and upon μένες, σερις εβλη- the thrones twenty-four μένες έν ιμαλίοις λευ- Elders, sitting, clothed κούς και επί τας in white raiment; and κεφαλάς αυτών σε- upon

their heads 5 φάνες χρυσές. Και 5 crowns of gold. And

έκ τ8 θρόνο εκπο- out of the Throne proρεύονlαι ατραπαί και ceed lightnings, and βρονλαι και φωναί thunderings, and voices; και επτά λαμπάδες and seven lamps of fire συρός καιόμεναι έ

burning before the νώπιον το θρόνο, αι Throne, which are the εισι τα έπλα σνεύ

seven Spirits of God. και μαλα τε Θεέ. Και 6 And before the Throne,

ενώπιον το θρόνα ως as it were, a Sea, glassy, Θάλασσα υαλίνη, like unto crystal; and ομοία κρυφάλλω" και in the midst of the εν μέσω τα θρό- Throne, and around 98 και κύκλω το θρό- the Throne, four living 18 τέσσαρα ζώα γέ

creatures, full of

eyes, μονία οφθαλμών έμ- before and behind. 7 προσθεν καιόπισ.

7 And the first living Θε». Και το ζώον

creature like a lion ; το πρώτον όμοιον and the second living λέoντι, και το δεύ

creature like a steer ; τερον ζώον όμοιον

and the third living μόσχω, και το τρίτον

creature having the ζώον έχον το πρόσ

aspect as a man; and ωπον ως άνθρωπος,

the fourth living creaκαι το τέταρτον ζώον

ture like a flying eagle. όμοιον αείω τσείωμέ

8 And the four living 8 νω" Και τέσσαρα

creatures, having each ζώα, έν καθ' έν αυ

of them six wings, are τών, έχον ανά πλέ

full of eyes, around

and within ; and they και έσωθεν γέμεσιν

not day and οφθαλμών και ανά

night, saying, “ Holy, παυσιν εκ έχεσιν

"holy, holy, the Lord ημέρας και νυκτός, λέ

“ God, the Almighty, γοντες" "Αγιο, ά

“ which was, and which

seats: and upon the seats I saw four and twenty Elders, sitting, clothed in white raiment; and they had on

their heads crowns of 3 gold. And out of

the Throne proceeded lightnings, and thunderings, and voices : And there were seven lamps of fire burning before the Throne,

which are the seven 6 Spirits of God. And

before the Throne there was a sea of glass, like unto crystal : And in the midst of the Throne, and round about the Throne,

four beasts, full of eyes, be7 fore and behind. And

the first beast was like a lion; and the second beast like a calf; and the third beast had a face as a man; and the fourth beast was

like a flying eagle. 8 And the four beasts

had each of them six wings about him, and they were full of eyes within ; and they rest not day and night, saying, Holy, holy, boly, Lord God Almighty,

which was, and is, and 9 is to come. And when

those beasts give glory,


ρυγας εξ, κυκλόθεν


για, αν Κύριος « is, and which is to ο Θεός και παντοκρά- 9 « come !” And when τωρ, ο ήν, και ο ον,

the living creatures και ο ερχόμενών.

give glory and honour 9 Και όταν δώσεσι and thanksgiving to

τα ζώα δόξαν και Him who sitteth on the
τιμής και ευχαριςίαν Throne, who liveth for
το καθημένω επί τα
10 ever and ever,

The θρόνε, τω ζώνlι εις τες

twenty-four elders fall αιώνας των αιώνων, down before Him who 10 ΓΙεσενίαι οι είκοσι sitteth on the Throne,

τέσσαρες ωρεσβύ- and worship Him who τεροι ενώπιον το κα- liveth for ever and θημένα επί τε θεό

ever; and cast their νε, και προσκυνη

before tlie σεσι τω ζώνε εις | 1Throne, saying, “Worτες αιώνας των αι

thy art thou, O Lord, ώνων, και βαλίσι to receive the glory, τες σεφάνες αυτών

" and the honour, and ενώπιον το θρόνο,

“ the power; for thou 11 λέγονlες: "Αξιος εί,

created Κύριε, λαβείν την

« things, and by thy δόξαν, και την τι

“ will they were, and μήν, και την δύνα

were created.” μιν" ότι συ έκλισας

1 τα σάνια, και δια το θέλημά σε ήσαν, και έκλίσθησαν.

and honour, and thanks to Him that sat on the

Throne, who liveth for 10 ever and ever, The

four and twenty Elders fall down before Him that sat on the Throne, and worship Him that liveth for ever and ever, and cast their

before the 11 Throne, saying, Thou

art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory, and honour, and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are, and were created,



« hast


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Ver. 1. After these things.] In the 19th verse of the first chapter, the Prophet is ordered to write both the things which were then present, é εισι,

and the

δει events which were to happen afterwards, γενεσθαι μετα ταυλα. Into these two parts the whole book of the Apocalypse is divided *. The first, containing

5 μελλει

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