תמונות בעמוד

most distant, and yet hostile to the Church *. On all these prophecies, evidently not yet fulfilled, little can be conjectured with safety. They are to be handed down to the Church of the latter days, even as those prophecies, which we have seen fulfilled, have been delivered to us; and with this consolation, that this "overflowing of iniquity,” whenever it arrives, shall be miraculously and completely terminated t. And this is the last successful effort of satan against the Church. He is then consigned to his eternal prison.

* See Mede's Works, p. 280; Abp. Newcome on Ezekiel xxxviii. 2; also Lowth on the same passage.

+ So Ezek, xxxix. 6. Isaiah xlvii. 13, 14; xxxiii. 14.



The Judgment.

CILAP. XX. VER. 11-to the end.


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11 Και είδον θρόνον

11 And I

a great white throne, and bim who sate thereon, from before whose presence the earth and the heaven fled away, and

11 And I saw a great

λευκόν μέγαν, και τον καθήμενον επ' αυτή, και από προCómo puler nyn y ο έρανός και τόπος

έχ ευρέθη αυτοίς. . 12 Kai sidoy Tes ye •

κρες, μικρές και με γάλες, εσώτας ενώπιον το Θεό, και βιβλία ήνεώχθησαν και βιβλίον άλλο qvodxon, ő iso ons

there was found no
12 place for them. And

I saw the dead, small
and great, standing
before the throne; and
books were opened.
And another book was
opened, which is of

white throne, and him
that sat on it, from
whose face the earth
and the heaven fled
away, and there was

found no place for 12 them. And I saw the

dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened; and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the 1 Cor. xv, 26.

και ο θάνατος

ζωής" και, εκρίθησαν life. And the dead οι νεκροι εκ των were judged from the γεγραμμένων εν τοις things written in the

βιβλίοις, καλα τα books, according to 13 ipya auw. Kai 13 their works. And the Edwzey ý Járatok

sea gave up the dead τες εν αυτη νεκρές,

, which were in it: and

death and hell gave up άδης έδωκαν τες εν

the dead which were αυτοϊς νεκρός και

in them: and they were εκρίθησαν έκασος judged, every one ac

καλα τα έργα αυ- cording to their works. 14 15h. Kai i Je

14 and death and hell καλος και ο αλης

were cast into the lake ελήθησαν εις την of fire. This is the Meroy tô dugós | 15 second death. And

κτός εςιν ο δεύτερος if any one were not 15 Zárulos. Kai ei

found written in the τις εχ ευρέθη εν τη book of Life, he was Ficha tñs Suñs

cast into the lake of χειραμμένος, έβλήθη

fire. εις την λίμνην το τιςός.

dead were judged out of those things which were written in the

books, according to 13 their works. And the

sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them : and they were judged,

every man according 14 to their works. And

death and bell were cast into the lake of

fire. This is the se15 cond death. And who

soever was not found written in the book of life, was cast into the lake of fire.

The Christian Church being now triumphant over its enemies, and the instigator of all mischief being himself eternally banislied, there is no more warfare to relate. Nothing remains but to describe that general judgment, which shall render to every man according to his works ; when, immortality succeeding to mortality, death, that last enemy, shall be destroyed *.” The appearance of the great Judge, before whose “

presence “ the earth and the heaven are seen to flee away;" at whose approach, the former scenery, as described in ch. iv. &c.) vanishes, and the process of the tribunal,

by which the books of crimination and of life are opened, are shortly and sublimely related : and the language, though figurative, being conformable to other passages foretelling this great event, is of easy and obvious interpretation *. We may perhaps except from this description ver. 14, wherein death and hell are said to be cast into the lake of fire, called the second death. But this second death will be found explained in note, ch. ii. 11.

* Compare Mal. iii. 16; iv. 1: Job xxi. 30: Psalm ix. 17: Dan. vii. 9; xii. 2: Isaiah xxviii. 14-19: Matt. xiii. 41, 42: Mark ix. 44: 1 Cor. xv: Phil. iii. 21 :: 1 Thess. iv, 16; 2 Thess. i.7--10: 2 Tim. i. 10: Heb. ii. 14: 1 Pet. iii. 7, 10: Jude 14, 15: also Rev. i. 14. 18; iii. 5; iv, 2, 3; ii, 11; vi. 8; with the notes thereon.



The new Creation.

CHAP. XXI. VER, 1-8.

1 Και είδον έρανόν

καινόν και γην καινης: ο γαρ ερώτος έρανός και η πρώτη γη to zona Oso azi ๆ

θάλασσα έκ έσιν 2 έτι. Και την πόλιν

την αγίαν, Ιερsσαλήμ καινήν είδον, , καλαβαίνεσαν από

1 And I saw a new hea

ven, and a new earth:
for the first heaven and
the first earth are pass-

ed away; and the sea
2 is no more. And the

holy city, the new Je-
rusalem, I
scending from God out
of Heaven, prepared

1 And I saw a new hea

ven, and a new earth: for, the first heaven and the first earth were

passed away; and there 2 was no more sea. And

I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven,

saw de

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τύ Θεξ εκ το έρανε, as a bride adorned for

prepared as a bride ήτοιμασμένην , ως | 3 her husband. And I adorned for her husνύμφην κεκοσμημέ- heard a loud voice 3 band. And I heard a νην τα ανδρί αυτής.

out of heaven, saying; great voice out of hea3 Και ήκgσα φωνής Behold, the taberna

ται, και αυτός ο Θεός

ven, saying; Behold, μεγάλης έκ τα

« cle of God with the tabernacle of God έρανέ, λεγέσης. men: and he will is with men, and he "Ιδε, η σκηνή το “ dwell with them : will dwell with them, Θεέ μεία των ανθρώ- “ and they shall be and they shall be his πων, και σκηνώσει

“ this people, and God people, and God himμετ' αυτών, και αυ- “ himself will be with self shall be with them, τοί λαος αυτά έσον- « them, their God. 4 and be their God. And 4 And he will wipe

God shall wipe away έται μετ' αυτών, away every tear froin

all tears from their 4 Θεός αυτών. Και

“their eyes. Anddeath eyes; and there shall έξαλείψει σαν δά« shall be no more;

be no more death, neiαπό των οφ

nor shall sorrow, nor κξυον

ther sorrow, nor cryθαλμών αυτών, και mourning, nor pain, ing, neither shall there και θαναλος εκ έσαι « be more; for the be any more pain; for έτι" ότι σένθος, « former things are

the former things are έτε κραυγή, ότε 5 “ passed away.” And 5 passed away. And he σόνος έκ έςαι έτι» he who sate upon the

that sat upon

the ότι τα πρώτα απ- throne, said; “ Be- throne, said; Behold, 3 ήλθον. Και είπεν και

• hold, I make all I make all things new. καθήμενος επι τα “ things bew." And

And he said unto me; θρόνε: 'Ιδε, καινα he saith (unto me]

Write: for, these words σάνια ποιώ. Και

“ Write: for these are true and faithful. λέγει [μοι]: Γρά- “ words are true, and 6 And he said unto me; μον' ότι έτοι οι “ worthy of belief." It is done. I am Alpha λόγοι αληθινοί και 6 And he said unto me,

and Omega, the begin6 πιςοί εισι. Και

“ It is done! I am the ning and the end: I είπε μοι· Ιεγόνε: Alpha and the 0. will give unto him that εγώ είμι το Α και mega, the beginning is athirst, of the founτο Ω, η αρχή και το

" and the end. I will tain of the water of τέλος: εγώ τα δι- “ give unto him that 7 life freely. He that μων. δώσω έκ της " thirsteth, of the foun. overcometh, shall in. σηγής τά ύδατος

" tain of the water of herit all things; and I της ζωής δωρεάν 7 « life freely. He who will be his God, and 7 Ο νικών κληρονομή- “ overcometh, shallin

be shall be my son. σει ταύτα και έσο

“ herit these things : 8 But the fearful and μαι αυτά Θεός, και

" and I will be his unbelieving, and the

« be

αυτος έςαι μοι . 8 sios. Tois de drie

λούς και απίσοις, και αμαρίαλούς και έδελυμένοις, και φονεϊ σι, και πόρνοις, και φαρμακούς, και είδωλολάτραις, και σάσι τοις ψεύδεσι, το μέρος αυτών εν τη λίμνη τη καιομένη τους και θείων, ő isov ó Sżyxlos • δεύτερος. .

“ God, and he shall 8

my son. But for “the cowardly, and “ faithless, and sinners, " and defiled persons, 6 and murderers, and “ fornicators, and sor

cerers, and idolaters, " and all the deceivers, “their portion is in " the lake burning with « fire and brimstone, “ wbich is the second " death."

abominable, and murderers, and whore. mongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

Ver. 1. And I saw a new heaven; &c.] The general judgment having taken place, and the heavens and earth passed away, as described in ch. xx. 11, and also by St. Peter*, there follow (as mentioned also by the same Apostle) new heavens and a new earth,” foretold likewise by Isaiah t; to which St. Peter seems to refer, as to a prophecy unfulfilled.

But the Apoca lyptic prophecy does not rest upon the general assurance given by former prophets; it proceeds to a more particular description. It presents to us

It presents to us “the new city, " the New Jerusalem," “ the Bride, the Spouse" of Christ. Under these images, which are perfectly concordant with many other texts of Scripture , is represented that assembly of the Saints, purified from sin; that “ glorious Church, not having spot or wrinkle,” which is here contrasted with the great, the impure,

* 2 Pet. iii.

+ Ch. Ixv. Ixvi. 1 See Epb. ii. 19, &c. Gal. iv. 26. Heb. xii. 22, &c.; viii. 2; ix. 11; xi. 10. i Pet. ii. 5; iii. 13, &c. 1 Cor. iii. 9.


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