תמונות בעמוד

with strict propriety, and according to the just analogy of Scriptural language: and that the name of adulteress would not be more proper. And this, as I conceive, it is not difficult to shew : for, we can produce other churches, which had undoubtedly as fair a claim, as the church of Rome can pretend, to be called the betrothed, the espoused of God; which yet upon their apostacy, or idolatrous defection, have, in the language of Scripture, been denominated harlots. Such were the churches of Judah, and of the ten tribes in Samaria, whose legitimate claim to the title of the betrothed, or espoused, will not be disputed. These churches were undeniably in that very situation, in which the Bishop of Meaux represents the Church of Rome to be, when he asserts that on account of that situation, the name of harlot, and of Babylon cannot with propriety be applied to her. And yet in Scripture, these churches are denominated harlots, when idolatry is laid to their charge. Their crime is called whoredom and fornication, very seldom adultery *. And thus, that term which, in the mouth of Divine Wisdom, was properly applied to the espoused Churches of Judah and of Israel, when rebellious and apostate, is certainly applied with equal propriety to the Church Christian, when she appears in the same character; when she is convicted of the same crime. And a reason may be assigned, why such apostate Churches are described in Scriptural language under the name of harlots, rather than of adul

When they forsake God, he disowns them; they are no longer esteemed as married; they are considered as put away,” by that great Being who


* See Isaiah i. 21; Ixiv. 5–8; lxii. 4. 5. Jer, ü. throughout; xxi. 32, xvi. throughout; Ezek. xvii, Hos. ii.


had conferred upon them the title of Spouse. In the language of Scripture, he has “given them a bill of “divorce *.” Such appears to be the precise case of the idolatrous church of Rome; she forsook her Lord, when she attached herself to the beast and his image; she rebelled and apostatized; and in such a state, if the Holy Spirit were to call her abominations adultery, it would be to oun and to honour her more than she deserves. She is no longer the adulterous wife; she is the divorced castaway, and consequently the harlot. The prophecy therefore in this passage, as in all other parts of it, is strictly applicable to Papal Rome; to Papal Rome in her high zenith of insolence and dominion, when she had the command of worldly power in the ten European king. doms; for it is then more especially that she could be said to ride the beast, and intoxicate the kings. In our days, that proud period of her exaltation is well nigh passed. She now appears in a state of weakness and decline. The kings, the powers of Europe, have begun to hute her," to strip ber of her ornaments, and to expose her nakedness and shame t.

* See Jer. iii. 8. Isa. 1. 1.-This also appears to be the case with TTV yurzix2 ve 'IsZz64a, in this very book of Revelation, ch. ii. 20--23: the term implies, that she is a wife, yet she is said woprevari, to act the harlot; whilst those who are corrupted by her, are represented as 140%tvovies uel avens, as comunitting adultery with her.

+ In my remarks on this chapter, I have not found it necessary to enter into a detail of those numerous particulars, in which this prophecy has been found to quadrate with the apostacy and corruptions of the papal church. The reader will find this abundantly supplied by almost all the Protestant commentators. Joseph Mede very ably led the way, by proving the apostacy of this church, (Mede's Works, p. 023.) and he has been followed by many learned writers, even to our own times; who have with great felicity demonstrated the corruptions of this hierarchy, concording with the symbols of the prophecy.



The Judgement of Babylon continued.


16 and


1 Και μετά ταύτα 1 And after these things, 1 And after these things

είδον άλλον άγγελος I saw another angel I saw another angel χαλαβαίνουλα εκ το coming down from come down from heaέρανε, έχονία εξα- heaven, having great ven, having great σίαν μεγάλην και η

power; and the earth power: and the earth γη εφωτίσθη εκ της was enlightened by his was lightened with his 2 86&ns aùti. Kai ? glory. And he cried 2 glory. And he cried

έκραξεν εν ισχυρά with a mighty voice, mightily with a strong φωνή, λέγων: "Επε- saying; "She is fal- voice, saying, Babylon σεν, έπεσε Βαβυλών

“ len! the great Ba- the great is fallen, is η μεγάλ», και εγένετο

bylon is fallen ! and fallen, and is become καιοικητήριον δαιμό- 16 is become an babi- the habitation of deνων, και φυλακή σαν- “ tation of demons, vils, and the hold of της ανεύματος ακα

station of every foul spirit, and θάρθε, και φυλακή every unclean spirit, a cage of every une werlès ögris áxz

station of clean and hateful bird, θάρια και μεμιση

16 apd


every unclean and 3 For all nations have 3 μένε: “Οτι εκ το o abominated

drunk of the wine of oro tu dulus riño 3“ Because all the na- the wrath of her forni. σορνείας αυτής σε “ tions have drunken cation, and the kings πωκε σάλα τα " of the wine of the

of the earth have come έθνη και οι βασιλείς “rage of her fornica- mitted fornication with της γης μετ' αυτής " tions; and the kings her, and the merchants επόρνευσαν, και, οι έμ- « of the earth have of the earth are wax. ποροι της γης έκ της «« committed fornica- ed rich through the δυνάμεως το εξήνας “ tion with her; and abundance of her de. αυτής έπλέτησαν. .

“ the merchants of the 4 licacies. And I heard 4 Και ήκεσα άλλης " earth have become another voice from

Çwriv ex tô ozzos, « rich from the abun- heaven, saying, Como λέγεσαν: 'Εξέλθετε “ dance of her inso- out of her, my people, εξ αυτής, ο λαός

4 “lent luxury." And that ye be not par:

bird ;


ivce un ovyno

I heard another voice takers of her sins, νωνήσητε ταϊς άμαρ- from heaven, saying; and that ye receive τίαις αυτής, και “ Come out of her, my not of ber plagues : ix Tan wangår “ people, that ye be not 5 For hersins have

αυτής, ίνα μη λά- “ partakers of her sins, reached unto heaven, 5 Θητε· “Οτι εκολλή- " and that ye receive and God hath rememθησαν αυτης αι α- is o not of her plagues :

bered her iniquities. Megría a xepe të 5" For, her sins have 6 Reward her even as spzvõ, xij fumuo

up unto
she rewarded you,

and νευσεν ο Θεός τα

“ heaven, and God double unto her dou. αδικήματα αυτής. .

" hath

remembered ble, according to her 6 'Anado Te aúrn, as 6 “ her iniquities. Ren- works : in the cup

και αυτή απέδωκεν, , “ der unto her even as which she hath filled, και διπλώσατε αυτή " she herself has ren- fill to

her double. διπλά καλά τα έργα “ dered, and repay her 7 How much she hath avräse in the women

“ two-fold, according glorified herself, and είω, και εκέρασε, κε- “ to her works; in lived deliciously, so ράσατε αυτη δι

" the cup in which she much torment and sor7 πλέν. "Οσα έδόξα- “ hath mingled, mingle

row give her : for she tev iaulno in ispn

her two-fold. saith in her heart, I sit ίασε, τοσύτον δότε 7 « So much as she hath a queen, and am no αυτή βασανισμών “ glorified herself, and widow, and shall see και σένθο: ότι εν

“ wantoned in luxury, 8 no sorrow. Therefore τη καρδία αυτής

so much give unto shall her plagues come λέγει Κάθημαι βα

“ her torment and sor- in one day, death, and σίλισσα, και χήρα

row; because in her mourning, and faέκ ειμι, και πένθο

“ heart she saith, I am mine; and she shall 8 : แท้ 100% Δια " seated as a queen,

be utterly burnt with τύτο εν μια ημέρα “ and am not a widow, fire: for strong is the ήξεσιν αι πληγαι

16 and sorrow I shall Lord God who judaurñs, JáyąTQ j 8 " never see. There-9 geth her. And the πένθο και λιμός: “ fore in one day shall kings of the earth, και εν συρί κατα- “ber plagues come, who have committed καυθήσεται OTI

66 death and sorrow fornication, and lived ισχυρός Κύριο και


and deliciously with her, Θεός και κρίνας αυτήν. " with fire shall she shall bewail her, and 9 Και κλαύσονlαι και “ be utterly burned; lament for her, when κόψονται επ' αυτή “ for mighty is the

they shall the οι βασιλείς της γης, " Lord God who hath smoke of ber burning, oi wet' avrñs wogo 9 “ judged her. And the 10 Standing afar off for suaziles y senná

• kings of the earth the fear of ber tor

" and


for 10

46 off

σαντες, όταν βλέ

“ shall bewail and la- ment, saying, Alas, πωσι τον καπνός

ment over her, (they alas, that great city της συρώσεως αυ- 6 who have commit- Babylon, that mighty 10 της, 'Από μακρό

“ted fornication, and city ! for in one hour is θεν έσηκότες, δια

“ wantoned in luxury thy judgement come. τον φόβον το βα- “ with her,) when they | 11 And the merchants of σαισμα αυτής, λέ- u shall behold the

the earth shall weep gooles• Oüzi, ori,

« smoke of her burn- and mourn over her, swóris ń peryacan 10“ ing, Standing afar

man buyeth Βαβυλών, η πόλις

for fear of her merchandize any η ισχυρα, ότι μια “ her torment; saying, 12 more: The merchanώρα ήλθεν η κρίσις

" Alas! alas ! that dize of gold, and sil. 11 σε. Και οι έμπο“great city, Babylon ! ver,

and precious goi rñs yñs xhai-

" that mighty city! stones, and of pearls,

“ for in one hour is and of fine linen, εσι και σενθασιν επ' αυτή, ότι τον γόμον “thy judgement come. and purple, and silk,

autū tosis atopáz 11" And the merchants and scarlet, and all 12 εκ έτι Γόμον χρυ66 of the earth weep

thyine wood, and சம், x; asyugs, y

" and lament over her, all manner vessels of λίθε τιμίε, και μας

“ because no one buy- ivory, and all manner γαρίτα, και βύσ" eth their merchan

vessels of most preσε, και σορφύρας, “ dize any more ; Mer- cious wood, and of και σηρικά, και κοκ

12" chandize of gold, and brass, and iron, and κίνε» και τών ξύλον silver, and precious 13 marble; And cinnaθύμνου, και εάν σκεύ

“stone, and pearl, and mon, and odours, and ος ελεφάντινον, και “ fine linen, and pur

ointments, and frankσαν σκεύGν έκ ξύλα “ple, and silk, and incense, and wine, and τιμιωλάτε, και χαλ- scarlet,and all kind of oil, and fine flour, and

κά, και σιδήρα, και sweet-scented wood, whert, and beasts, and 13 μαρμάρε. Και κι

" and all furniture of sheep, and horses, and νάμανoν, και άμωμον “ ivory, and all furni- chariots, and slaves; και θυμιάμαλα, και

" ture of the most and souls of men. μύρον, και λίβανον, precious wood, and 14 And the fruits that και οίνον, και έλαιον, “ of brass, and of thy soul lusted after, και σεμίύαλιν, και “ steel, and of marble;

departed from σίτον, και κτήνη, και

13“ And cinnamon, and thee, and all things τρός κλα" και ίππων, , " amomum, and

which were dainty and και εδών, και σωμά- “ dours of incense, goodly, are departed των και ψυχας αν

" and aromatics, and from thee, and thou 14 θρώπων. . Kain frankincense, and shalt find them

οπώρα της επιθυμί- “ wine, and oil, and 15 more at all. The mer.

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