תמונות בעמוד

hometism is a borrowed system, made up for the “ most part of Judaism and Christianity ; and, if it “ be considered in the most favourable view, might “possibly be accounted a sort of Christian heresy. “ If the Gospel had never been preached, it may "be questioned whether Mahometism would have “ existed *."

“ The Musselmans are already a sort of beterodox “ Christians; they are Christians, if Locke reasons “justly, because they firmly believe the immaculate

conception, divine character, and miracles of the “ Messiah : but they are heterodox in denying vehe“mently his character of Son, and his equality, as “God, with the Father, of whose unity and attri" butes they entertain and express the inost awful

ideas, while they consider our doctrine as perfect * blasphemy, and insist that our copies of the Scrip“tures have been corrupted both by Jews and Chriso tians t."

These are such testimonies as have occurred to me in a no very extensive course of reading. They are derived from authors, who for the most part enjoyed favourable opportunities of examining the Mahometan tenets; and they exhibit that religion as rising upon the basis of true Religion, corrupted, even like the papal, to serve the purposes of a worldly and diabolical tyranny. In the Mahometan religion are these articles, all evidently derived from the Christian, and constituting in it a great superiority above any thing that paganism or mere philosophy bave been able to produce: the belief of the existence of one all-wise, all-good, all-powerful God; of the immor

• Dr. Jortin's first Charge. + Sir William Jones, in the Asiatic Disertations, vol. i. p. 63.

tality of the soul; of future rewards and punishments to be distributed by Jesus; of the acceptance of prayer, of self-humiliation, of almsgiving; of the obligation to morality in almost all its branches. Take from Mahometism one article, in which it differs from all religions, generally admitted to be Christian, the belief of Mahomet's divine mission; and little will then be found in it, which may not be discovered in the profession of many acknowledged Christians. Nay, perhaps it may appear, that the creeds of two bodies of Christians will supply every thing which is to be found in Mahometism, excepting belief in the pretended prophet of Mecca.

The first article of the Mahometan Creed is the Unity of God." The Christians,” said Mahomet, “ have fallen into error, corrupting this dogma by “ the doctrine of the Trinity; and God, who would “ not leave the essential truths without testimony, sent “his Prophet to re-establish them *.” liar profession of this unity, together with the persuasion that the doctrine of the Trinity is a corrupt doctrine, is also the corner-stone of the Socinian profession. The agreement in this, is so entire between the Mahometans and Socinians, as t, make the passage from either of these religions to the other, far from impracticable or difficult.

Witness, on the one hand, the history of conversions from Socinianism to the religion of Mahomet, of Adam Neuser, &c., in the sixteenth century t; and, on the other, the writings of some modern Socinians, who recommend their religion as removing all obstacles to

But the pecu

* Vide Abulfaragius, apud Pocock, page so. in notis ad Spec. Hist. Arab. Et Aslscharestanrus, ap. eund. p. 52. 274-292. + Reflections on Jalometism, printed with Reland's Abridgement. LL


the conversion of Mahometans * Thus, in this distinguishing article of faith, the Unitarian Christians agree with the Mahometans. And in the remaining articles, which separate them from the pure Church, a yoke is imposed t, nearly similar to that which binds the papal church. They are these; excessive and merely oral prayers, fastings, pilgrimages. Whatsoever in Mahometism is excessive and antichristian in respect to these articles, will be found to correspond very nearly with corruptions which prevail in the papal church. External purification, and hypocritical ostentation, supersede, in both these religions, the religion of the heart. Mahometism, as well as Popery, has its purgatory, and its indulgences to be purchased by money #

On the whole, when we consider the origin of Mahometism, and its near affinity to corrupted Christianity; when we reflect also on the amazing extent of this superstitious domination, which occupies nearly as large a portion of the globe, as that possessed by Christians; comprising vast regions in ancient Greece and Asia Minor, in Syria, in Persia, in the Indies, in Tartary, in Ægypt, and Africa; which once were Christian; we shall readily admit that, if pot a Christian heresy, it is at least a Christian apostacy, and well worthy, from its magnitude, to be accounted one horn or division of empire of the antichristian beast.

After these observations, it may be useful to exbibit together, in one point of view, these two horns, and to shew their mutual agreement with the prophecy,

Dr. Priestley, &c.

+ See note, ch. vi. 5. Sale's Koran, Introduct. Ockley's Hist. of the Saracens, vol. ii. Ricaut's Ottoman Empire, 18s. Nieburgh's Travels.


P. 128.

REV. Ch. xiii.


is a Christian apostacy, is a Christian apostacy:

formed upon the basis which is ably set forth 11 Another wild of true Revelation, and by Joseph Mede, in his beast out of the professed by nations tract on that subject; land,

which were formerly Works, p. 623.

in the pale of the Christian Church.

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The doctrine of Po-> pery, though it affect to be Christian, is in many respects car“nal, worldly, devilish;” and its edicts speaks like a dra. have been enforced by

gon: the sword of the civil power, under the direction of the ecclesiastical.

The doctrine of Mahomet, though it assume an heavenly origin, is not heavenly, but “ carnal, worldly,

devilish," and has been enforced by the sword.

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