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in its purity.

The Gentiles, from the entrauce of the greater part of them into the Church, had not yet enjoyed the opportunity of knowing and practising a pure Religion. They had trodden the courts, but had never been admitted into the interior, of the Tem

From the period of the Reformation, a view of the Ark of the Covenant was afforded to them.

Ib. And there were lightnings and voices; &c.] Such apparatus accompanied the promulgation of the old Covenant from Mount Sinait; and the same attends the re-production of the New Covenant. The scene is now in heaven $; and the voices, &c. seem to proceed thence. But their effect must be intended for the earth; and the hail would probably fall there. So that gelapos (omitted in some copies) may be translated earthquake. And the whole seems to express commotions, which must be dreadfully felt when the wrath of God, disclosed by this Trumpet, (ver. 18.) shall break forth upon the usurpers of his power. This is only a preparatory scene, and therefore affords only a general view of the wrath of God, which is seen especially poured out in the vision of the Vials, contained also under this Trumpet.

+ Exod. xix. 16, &c.

* Ch. xi. 2.
I See nole, ver, la


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1 Και σημείον μέγα 1 And a great sign was 1 And there appeared a

ώφθη εν τω έρανώ seen in heaven; a wo- great wonder in hea. γυη σεριβεβλημέ- man clothed around

ven, a woman clothed η τον ήλιον, και

with the suri, and the with the sun, and the η σελήνη υποκάτω

moon under her feet, inoon under her feet, των σοδων αυτής, ,

and upon her head a and upon her head a και επι της κεφαλής crown of twelve stars. crown of twelve stars : airns sigaro do

2 And, being with child, 2 And she being with 2 τέρων δώδεκα. Και

she cries out, suffering child, cried, travailέν γασρί έχεσα the


of child. ing in birth, and painκράζει, ωδίνεσα και birth, and painfully la- ed to be delivered,

βασανιζομένη τε- bouring to bring forth. 3 And there appeared 3 xtīv. Kai woon ärao 3 And there was seen another wonder in hea

σημείον εν τω έρανώ, another sign in hea- ven, and behold, a και ιδε δράκων μέγας

ven; and, behold, a great red dragon, havπυρρός, έχων κε

great fire - coloured ing seven heads, and φαλάς έπια και κέ- dragon, having seven ten horns, and seven €27% δέκα και επί beads and ten horns, crowns upon his heads. τας κεφαλάς αυ- and upon his heads 4 And his tail drew the

τα διαδήματα έπλα. 4 seren diadems. And third part of the stars 4 Kai épå aire

his tail draweth along of heaven, and did σύρει το τρίτος των the third part of the cast them to the earth : αγέρων το έρανε, stars of heaven; and and the dragon stood και έβαλεν αυτές he cast them to the before the zis rin año nyo earth. And the dra- which was ready to be δράκων έσηκεν ενώ- gon stood before the delivered, for to devour tñs yurmixos woman, who was about

her child as soon as it της μελλέσης τε- to bring forth, that

5 was born. And she κεϊν, ίνα όταν τέκη, when she should bring brought forth a man

το τέκνον αύτης forth, he might devour child, who was to rule 5 καλαφάγη.

Kai 5 her child. And she all nations with a rod




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έτεκεν υιόν αγγεια, ,

ς μέλλει σοιμαίνει» σάλα τα 29έν ρας δω σιδηρά: και ήρπάσθη το τέκνον αυτής προς

τον Θεόν και προς τον 6 θρόνον αυτε. Και

η γυνή έφυγεν εις την έρημον, όπε έχει εκεί τόπον ήτοιμασμένος από τ8 Θεέ, ένα εκεί τρίφωσιν αυτήν η

μέρας χιλίας διακο7 σίας εξήκοντα. Και

εγένετο πόλεμο εν τω έρανο Μιχαήλ και οι αγελοι αυτό το πολεμήσαι μελα τα δράκοντG." και ο δράκων επολέ

μησε και οι άγγελοι 8 αυτ8, Και εκ

χυσαν, έτε τόπου

ευρέθη αυτών έτι εν 9 τω έρανώ. Και

εβλήθη ο δράκων και μέγας, ο όφις και αρχαίGυ, ο καλάμεν διάβολο και ο σαθανάς, ο ταλαγών την οικεμένην όλη», έβλήθη εις την γην και οι αγελοι

brought forth a male- of iron : and her child child, who is about to was caught up unto rule as a shepherd all God, and to his throne. the nations with an 6 And the woman fled iron rod. And her into the wilderness, child was caught up to where she hath a place

God and to his throne. prepared of God, that 6 And the woman fled they should feed her

into the wilderness, there a thousand two where she has there a hundred and three. place prepared of God,

7 score days. And there that they should there

war in heaven; nourish her a thousand Michael and his angels

two hundred and sixty fought against the dra7 days. And there was gon, and the dragon

war in heaven; Mi- fought and bis angels : chael and his angels 8 And prevailed not, neifor to fight with the ther was their place dragon: and the dra- found any more in

gou fought and his | 9 heaven. And the great 8 angels, And prevailed dragon was cast out,

not; neither was their that old serpent, call

place found any more ed the Devil and Sa9 in heaven. And the 'tan, which deceiveth

great dragon was cast the whole world: he down, that ancient ser- was cast out into the pent, who is called the

earth, and bis angels Devil, and Satan, who

were cast out with deceiveth the whole 10 him. And I heard a world; he cast loud voice saying in down to the earth; and heaven, Now is come

his angels were cast salvation and strength, 10 down with him. And and the kingdom of I beard a loud voice

God, and the in heaven, saying;

αυτά μετ' αυτά 10 εβλήθησαν. Και

ήκεσα φωνήν μεγάλην εν τω έρανώ, λέγεσαν: "Αέλι έγέ

power of his Christ: « Now is come the for the accuser of our “ Salvation, and the brethren is cast down, « Power and the King- which accused them « dom of our God, and before our God day « the Rule of his A. 11 and night. And they



Tin tugno

velonowinçia, ei

« nointed; because the overcame him by the δύναμις, και η βασι- 56 accuser of our bre- blood of the Lamb, λεία τύ Θεξ ημών, , " thren, who accused and by the word of και η εξεσία του “them before our God their testimony; and Xgiső ait ŐTI

day and night, is cast they loved not their xzlebanon ó nzingsup 11“ down. And they

lives unto the death. των αδελφών ημών, " overcame him by the

12 Therefore rejoice, ye ο καθηγoρών αυτών “ blood of the Lamb, heavens, and ye that ενώπιον τ8 Θε8 “ and by the word of dwell in them. Woe

nuir muigas nail “their testimony; and to the inhabiters of 11 νυκός. Και αυτοί

they loved not their the earth, and of the ενίκησαν αυτόν δια “ life even unto death. sea: for the devil is To zluz to apvie, 12" Therefore rejoice, O coine down unto you, και δια τον λόγον “ye heavens, and ye having great wrath, της μαρτυρίας αυ. " that dwell therein. because he knoweth των" και έκ ηγάπη

" Wae to the earth, that he hath but a

“ and to the sea; be- 13 short time. And when αυτών άχρι θα- u- cause the Devil is

the dragon saw that 12 νάτε. Δια τέτο

coine down to you, he was cast unto the ευφραίνεσθε οι ε- * having great wrath, earth, he persecuted εανοί και οι εν αυτοίς knowing that he hath


which ornvēles. O'si tñ 13“ a short season.” And brought forth the manγη και τη θαλάσση, when the dragon saw

14 child. And to the woότι καλέςη ο διά- that he was cast down

were given two βολου προς υμάς,

to the earth, be pur- wings of a great eagle, έχων θυμόν μέγαν, ,

sued the woman who that she might fly into ειδώς, ότι ολίγον brought forth the male- the wilderness, into 132xışov özei Kai | 14 child. And to the wo- her place : where she ότε είδεν ο δράκων, man were given two

is nourished for a time, ότι έβλήθη εις την wings of the great and times, and half a qñv, s Thy you eagle, that she might time, from the face of ναίκα, ήτις έτεκε

flee into the wilder- 15 the serpent. And the 14 τον άρρενα. Και ness, into her place, serpent cast out of his

εδόθησαν τη γυναικα where she is nourished mouth water as a food, Sio cliquyes te dele there, a time and times after the woman; that τα μεγάλα, να and half a time, from he might cause her to witnica sis την the presence of the ser- be carried away of the iç nuor sis tòy TÓTOV | 15 pent. And the serpent 16 flood. And the earth αυτής, όπα τρέφειαι cast out of his mouth, helped the woman, and εκεί καιρόν και καιρός, , after the woman, water the earth opened her κ ήμισυ καιρώ, από like a river, that he mouth, and swallowed



up the flood which the

dragon cast out of his 17 mouth. And the dra,

gon was wroth with tl.e woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ,

προσώπε τα όφεως. might cause her to be 15 Και εβαλεν ο όφις carried away by the

ix tê sóncla avto | 16 river. And the earth οπίσω της γυναικός helped the woman: idip ús wolnuove

and the earth opened its ένα ταύτην σοτα mouth, and swallowed

μοφόρηίον τσοιήση up the river which the 16 Και εβοήθησενη γη

dragon cast out of his tj guzixi, xy noor

17 mouth. And the dra. živ in rà soua

gon was enraged aαυτής, και καλέπιε

gainst the woman, and τον σολαμον όν ίσα

went away, to make λεν ο δράκων έκ το

war with the remnant 17σόμαλο αυτό. Και

of her offspring; those ώργίσθη ο δράκων who keep the comεπί τη γυναικί, και mandments of God, απήλθε σοιήσαι σό

and hold the testimony λεμον μεία των λοι

of Jesus. πών το σπέρμαιο. αυτής, των τηρώνων τας εντολάς το Θεό, , και έχονίων την μαρτυρίαν Ιησά.

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Ver. 1. A great sign-in heaven.] The word omperov is used here to signify a type, a symbol, or figurative representation, and occurs in the same sense in other parts of Scripture *; The verb oxiw, as used in ch. i. 1. includes the same meaning. The scene of this representation continues yet in heaven.

We are prepared to expect under this Trumpet the description of that conflict and victory, by which the Christian Church will be placed in security from her ene, mies. And in order to exhibit this in all its parts, the Holy Spirit begins the representation from the earliest times. To enable us to understand things future,

* Matt. xii. 38. xvi, 1-4. Rom. iv. 11.


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