Mathematicians Fleeing from Nazi Germany: Individual Fates and Global Impact

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Princeton University Press, 6 ביולי 2009 - 504 עמודים

The emigration of mathematicians from Europe during the Nazi era signaled an irrevocable and important historical shift for the international mathematics world. Mathematicians Fleeing from Nazi Germany is the first thoroughly documented account of this exodus. In this greatly expanded translation of the 1998 German edition, Reinhard Siegmund-Schultze describes the flight of more than 140 mathematicians, their reasons for leaving, the political and economic issues involved, the reception of these emigrants by various countries, and the emigrants' continuing contributions to mathematics. The influx of these brilliant thinkers to other nations profoundly reconfigured the mathematics world and vaulted the United States into a new leadership role in mathematics research.

Based on archival sources that have never been examined before, the book discusses the preeminent emigrant mathematicians of the period, including Emmy Noether, John von Neumann, Hermann Weyl, and many others. The author explores the mechanisms of the expulsion of mathematicians from Germany, the emigrants' acculturation to their new host countries, and the fates of those mathematicians forced to stay behind. The book reveals the alienation and solidarity of the emigrants, and investigates the global development of mathematics as a consequence of their radical migration.

An in-depth yet accessible look at mathematics both as a scientific enterprise and human endeavor, Mathematicians Fleeing from Nazi Germany provides a vivid picture of a critical chapter in the history of international science.

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Chapter 1 The Terms GermanSpeaking Mathematician Forced and Voluntary Emigration
Chapter 2 The Notion of Mathematician Plus Quantitative Figures on Persecution
Chapter 3 Early Emigration
Chapter 4 Pretexts Forms and the Extent of Emigration and Persecution
Chapter 5 Obstacles to Emigration out of Germany after 1933 Failed Escape and Death
Chapter 6 Alternative NonAmerican Host Countries
Chapter 7 Diminishing Ties with Germany and SelfImage of the Refugees
Help and Xenophobia
Appendix 34 Report by Artur Rosenthal Heidelberg from June 1935 on the Boycott of His and Heinrich Liebmanns Mathematical Courses
Appendix 35 Max PinlLater the Author of Pioneering Reports 196972 on Mathematical Refugeesin a Letter to Hermann Weyl on the Situation in Cz...
Appendix 41 A Letter by Emmy Noether of January 1935 to the Emergency Committee in New York Regarding Her Scientific and Political Interests...
Appendix 42 Richard Courants Resignation from the German Mathematicians Association DMV in 1935
Appendix 43 Von Mises in His Diary about His Second Emigration from Turkey to the USA in 1939
Appendix 44 Hermann Weyl to Harlow Shapley on June 5 1943 Concerning the Problems of the Immigrant from Göttingen Felix Bernstein
Appendix 51 Richard Courant in October 1945 to the American Authorities Who Were Responsible for German Scientific Reparation
Appendix 52 Max Dehns Refusal to Rejoin the German Mathematicians Association DMV in 1948

Chapter 9 Acculturation Political Adaptation and the American Entrance into the War
Chapter 10 The Impact of Immigration on American Mathematics
The Postwar Relationship of German and American Mathematicians
Appendix 1 Lists of Emigrated after 1933 Murdered and Otherwise Persecuted GermanSpeaking Mathematicians as of 2008
Appendix 2 Excerpt from a Letter by George David Birkhoff from Paris 1928 to His ColleagueMathematicians at Harvard Concerning the Possibility...
Appendix 31 Report Compiled by Harald Bohr Together with Different German Friends in May 1933 Concerning the Present Conditions in German ...
Appendix 32 Translation of a Letter from Professor Karl Löwner of the University of Prague to Professor Louis L Silverman Dartmouth College Dat...
Appendix 33 Richard von Misess Position toward the Events of Our Time in November 1933
Appendix 6 Memoirs for My Children 19331988 by Peter Thullen
Archives Unprinted Sources and Their Abbreviations
Photographs Index and Credits
Subject Index
Name Index
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מידע על המחבר (2009)

Reinhard Siegmund-Schultze is professor of the history of mathematics at the University of Agder, Kristiansand, in Norway.

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