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The Editor to the Public.........
The Introduction.......
Chap. I.—Explication of the first chapter of the Apocalypse....
Chap II.—The History of the first Age of the Christian Church

Prelude to the opening of the seven Seals........
The opening of the first Seal.....

Prelude to the sounding of the seven Trumpets ...............
The sounding of the first Trumpet..............
Prelude to the pouring out of the seven Vials of the Wrath of



The pouring out of the first Vial..............
Chap. III.—A further Account of the first Age of the Christian

Chap. IV.—The History of the second Age of the Christian

The opening of the second Seal.................. ............
The sounding fo the second Trumpet.......................
The pouring out of the second Vial..........................
The Explication of the second Seal, second Trumpet, and se-

cond Vial, illustrated by history.........
Chap. V.- The History of the third Age of the Christian Church

The opening of the third Seal..........
The sounding of the third Trumpet.

........ 86
The pouring out of the third Vial.........
The Explication of the third Seal, third Trumpet, and the third
Vial, illustrated by history .........

Chap. VI.-A further Account of the third Age of the Christian

Chap. VII.—The History of the fourth Age of the Christian

The opening of the fourth Seal.........

.............. 116
The Explication of the fourth Seal illustrated by history...... 118
The sounding of the fourth Trumpet....
The Explication of the fourth Trumpet illustrated by history 126
The pouring out of the fourth Vial....








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The Holy Bible, translated from the Latin Vulgate; diligently com

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