The Tempus History of Wales: 25,000 BC - AD 2000

כריכה קדמית
Prys Morgan
History Press, 24 בפבר׳ 2008 - 192 עמודים
A small country with a great history, a highly distinguished team of historians deliver a concise and comprehensive illustrated account of the land and its people. We are taken from the story of the formation of the land and its earliest archaeological record to the development of modern Wales as a vibrant, twenty-first century country. Emerging from the mists of prehistory, the dramatic impact of the conquest and settlement of the Romans is assessed. Distinct kingdoms and dynasties grew from the debris of Roman Britain, and the story of their attempts to build a nation against the backdrop of civil disunity and outside aggression is traced. Anglo-Saxons, Irish, Vikings and Normans fought with, and lived alongside, the Welsh. The Norman Conquest created further divisions in Wales between the new marcher lords and the surviving native princes, divisions not ended even by the Edwardian Conquest (1282- 1284). For centuries resistance and revolt against English rule continued under leaders such as Owain Glyn Dwr during the fifteenth-century. Gradual assimilation with England paved the way for the Acts of Union, but the history of Wales retained its own distinctive patterns. The country and its people played key roles in the great events of English and European history, whilst the impact of the Reformation, printing and wider education ensured the development and growth of a unique culture characterised by Puritanism, Romanticism, radicalism and revolt. Wales was at the heart of the Industrial Revolution, towns like Merthyr Tydfil driving the engine of the British Empire. The cultural and social divide between modern, industrialised Wales and the traditional agricultural areas was intensified, and the pressures led to a great Diaspora to areas as far afield as the USA, Australia and Patagonia. Modern Wales with its National Assembly and place in Europe continues its historical role; a small, proud nation able to impress on a wider stage.

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