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עמוד 29 - The objects of the Association are, by periodical and migratory meetings, to promote intercourse between those who are cultivating science in different parts of America, to give a stronger and more general impulse and more systematic direction to scientific research, and to procure for the labors of scientific men increased facilities and a wider usefulness.
עמוד 536 - ... and as long as similar ones are not established by the United States, or any of them. The subjects of the Most Christian King shall enjoy on their part, in all the dominions of the said States, an entire and perfect reciprocity relative to the stipulations contained in the present article...
עמוד 536 - The subjects and inhabitants of the said United States, or any one of them, shall not be reputed aubains in France, and consequently shall be exempted from the <lrui; «Taubaine, or other similar duty, under what name soever.
עמוד 549 - Resolved, That this Conference recommend to the states the recognition and enforcement of the principles of interstate comity in taxation. These principles require that the same property should not be taxed at the same time by two state jurisdictions, and to this end that if the title deeds or other paper evidences of the ownership of property, or of an interest in property are taxed, they shall bo taxed at the situs of the property, and not elsewhere.
עמוד 573 - Lucifuga and Stygicola. Biol. Bull. VI, 33-54. HH Lane. 5. The history of the eye of Amblyopsis from the beginning of its development to its disintegration in old age. Mark Anniversary Volume, 167-204. 6. Divergence and convergence in fishes. Biol. Bull. Number five is the most important of these and gives a complete account of the eyes of the largest of our blind fishes. Further work on this form should consist in noting the changes of the eyes in individuals reared in the light.
עמוד 34 - Committee shall be the board of supervision of the Association, and no business shall be transacted by the Association that has not first been referred to, or originated with, the Committee.
עמוד 486 - An early account of their egg-laying, by Peter Martyr, is given in these words: "At such time as the heate of Nature moueth them to generation, they come forthe of the Sea, and making a deepe pit in the sand, they lay three or foure hundred Egges therein : when they haue thus emptied their bag of Conception, they put as much of the same againe into the Pit as may satisfie to couer their Egges, and so resorte againe vnto the vSea, nothing carefull of their succession.
עמוד 444 - ... immensity, awe-inspiring in its magnificence, and its rugged slopes inscribed with the history of ages, while its summit is veiled from view in the cloud-land of the unknown. The multiple interpretations that may be given to the word geography demand attention, but in order to learn the scope and aim of geography as a science, we turn to the explorers and investigators who have aided in its development. Answers to the question: What is geography? by several of its learned expounders were summarized...
עמוד 536 - ... or impeded under pretext of any rights or prerogative of provinces, cities, or private persons ; and the said heirs, whether such by particular title, or ab intestat, shall be exempt from all duty called droit de detraction, or other duty of the same kind, saving nevertheless the local rights or duties as much and as long as similar ones are not established by the United States, or any of them. The subjects of the Most Christian King shall enjoy on their part...
עמוד 376 - He then goes on to declare that, ' ' the electromotive force at the junction of two metals, as determined by this method, does not account for Volta's electromotive force. * * * The latter is in general far greater than that of this article, and is sometimes of opposite sign,

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