Brothers at War: Israel and the Tragedy of the Altalena

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Quid Pro Books, 2 במאי 2011 - 174 עמודים
At the dawn of the Israeli state, the tragic sinking of the Israeli ship Altalena -- by Israeli commandos no less -- threatened to tear the new country apart, and has lessons still for Israeli politics and peace. The first book in English on this fascinating event, and the first by a historian, this book tells the story, and the present implications, of a moment in the birth of modern Israel that has angles and repercussions relevant to many issues today, in Israel and beyond.

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Epilogue 135
Bibliographical Note 143
Acknowledgments 153
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מידע על המחבר (2011)

Professor Emeritus of History at Wellesley College, and author of several books including UNEQUAL JUSTICE and AGAINST THE GRAIN.

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