Bonyhád Egy elpusztított zsidó közösség: A magyarországi Bonyhád zsidóságának története

Leslie Blau, 2008 - 212

This is a Hungarian translation of the bookBonyhad: A Destroyed Communityby Leslie Blau. This book relates the history of its people, their scholarlyRabonim, it pictures their pious lifestyle, how they lived and how they perished in the Nazi Holocaust. The story follows the survivors, how they tried to rebuild their shattered lives and their community, and continues through their exodus in 1956, to where they are now and how they remember.




Leslie Blau(known inHungarian languageas Blau Laszlo) is a noted author, historian, and survivor of theHolocaust.

Blau was born inBudapest,Hungaryin 1921. He studied in the Jewish High School of Budapest. As a youngster, he spent his summer months in the town ofBonyhád. He survived the horrors committed to theJewsduringWorld War IIby a stroke of luck, and after the war, he settled in the town on Bonyhad, where he married a local girl, Sara Kuttner. In 1956, during theHungarian Revolution of 1956, he and his family fled communist Hungary for a safer haven:USA. He arrived inBoro Park,Brooklyn,New Yorkwhere he has lived for over fifty years.

After five years of extensive investigation and research, Mr. Blau finally published his work, "Bonyhad: A Destroyed Community" in 1994. . In 2008, a Hungarian translation of the book was published with the amended title, "Bonyhad: A Destroyed Jewish Community", in Hungarian, "Bonyhad: Egy Elpusztitot Zsido Kozosseg". The author visited Bonyhad with his wife, daughter and nephew for a presentation of the book at Bonyhad's City Hall, where he was presented a Distinguished Citizen of Bonyhad award by Mayor Potapi Arpad. Just prior to his trip to Hungary he was the subject of a profile, "A Brooklyn Gentleman", by Reuters correspondent, Mirjam Donath.

Mr. Blau's research has been cited by such prestigious scholars as SirMartin Gilbert.

As an active member of the Jewish community in Boro Park, Mr. Blau sits on the executive committee of B'nai Israel of Linden Heights. He also hosts there a yearly event to recount tales of the Holocaust for the benefit of the next generation.