תמונות בעמוד

baid unto him, Enviest thou for be refrested: I will open my lips Job vi, 21--28. For now ye aro my sake? Would God that all the and answer..

nothing; ye see my casting down, Lori's people were prophets, and Job xxxlil, 1-3.5, 31--33. Where and are afraid. Did I say, Bring that the LORD would

put leis fore, Jub, I pray thee, hear my unto me? or, Give a reward for Spirit upon them!

speeches, and bear to all my me of your substance? Or. De1 Sam. xvii, 28. And Elíab his words. Behold, now I have open

liver me from the enemy's hand? eldest brother heard when he ed my mouth, my tongue hath or, Redeem me from the band of

Teach me, and I spake unto the men: and Eliali's spoken in my mouth. My words the mighty? anger was kindled against David, shall ved the uprightness of my will hold my tongur; and cance and he sail, Why camest thou heart; and my lips shall utter me to understand wherein I have duwn hither? and with wliom bast knowledge clearly. If thou canst

erred. How forcible are right thou left those few sheep in the answer nie, set thy words in order words but what dotlı your arguwilderness? I know thy pride, and before me, stand up. Mark well, ing reprove? Do yo imagine to the naughtiness of thine heart: 0 Job; hearken nuto me: huld thy reprove words, and the speiches for thou art come down that thou peace, and I will speak. If thou of one that is desperate, uhich mightest see the battle. Hast any thing to say, answer me:

are as wind? 10b iv, 2. If we assay to com

speak; for I desire to justify thee. Job viii, 2. How long wilt thou mune with thee, wilt thou be li not, bearkeu unto me: hold thy speak these things and hero long griovel? but who can withdolu peace, and I shall teach thee shall the words of thy mouth is himself from speaking? wiscum,

like a strong wind? Job xiil, 2, 3, 6, 13, 17. What ye Job xxxiv, 2, 16, 31, 35. Hear

Job ix, 2, 3. I know it is so of & know, the same do i know also: 1 my words, o ye wise men; and truth: but how should man be am not interior unto you. Surely I give ear unto me, ye that have just with God? If lie will contend would speak to the Almighty, and knowledge. If now thou hast with him, he cannot answer hinn I desire to reason witliciod. Hear understanding, hear this; learken one of a thousand. now my reasoning, and hearken to the voice of my words: Let Job xi, 2, 3. Should not the to the pleadings of my lips. Hold men of understanding tell me, multitude of words be answercu? your peace, let me alone, that I let a wise man hearken unto me. and should a man full of talk be may speak, and let come on me Jub hath spoken without know- justified? Should tliy lles make what will Ilear diligently my ledge, and his words were with- men hold their peace? and wlien speech, and my declaration without wisdom.

thou mockest, shall no man nako your ears.

Job xxxv, 3, 4. For thou saidst, thee ashunned?

What advantage will it be unto Job xii, 14. Wherefore do I Job xv, 5. For thy mouth utter- thet? and, What prost shall I take my flesh in my teeth, and eth thine iniquity, and thou have, if I be cleansed from my put my life in mine band? clioosest the tongue of the crafty. sin? I will answer thee, and thiy cumpauions with thee.

Job xv, 2, 3. Should a wise man Job xvi, 4-6. I also could speak

mtter ve kuowledge, and all his

Jub xxxvi, 2. Suffer me a little, belly with the east wind? Should as yo do: if your soul were in my Boul's stead, I could heap up

and I will shiew thee that I have he reason with uoprufitable talk? words against you, and shake yet to speak on Gou's behalf.

or with sperches wherewith be mine head at you. But I would Acts xiii, 16. Then Paul stood can do no good? strengthen you with my mouth, up, and beckoning with his hand, Job xví, 2, 3. I have heard many and the moving of my lips should said, Men of Israel, and ye that such things: miserable comforters a-swage your grief. Though I fear God, give audience.

are ye all. Shall vain wors have speak my grief is not asswaged;

2 Cor. xii, 19. Again, think ye an end? or what eniboldeneth and though I forbear, what am I that we excusu ourselves unto thee that thou answeresi? ease 12 yvt? we peak before God in

Job xviii, 4. He teareth himself Jub xvii. 2. Are there not mock Christ: butive do all things, dearly in his anger: shall the earth be ers with me? and doh not mine beloved, for your edifying. forsaken for thee? and shall tho eye continue in their provocation?

rock be removed out of his place? Job xvill, 2. How long will it AND OF REPLIES, ETC.

Job xix, 2-4. How long will yo ve ere ye make an end of words? Gen. xxi, 26. And Abimelech vex my soul, and break me in mark, and afterwards we will said, I wot hot who hath done pieces with Words? These ten speak.

this thing; neither didst thon tell times have yo reproached me: Job xxi, 2--5. Hear diligently me, neither yet heard I of it, but ye are not ashamed that ye make my speech, and let this be your to-day.

yourselves strange to me. And Consulationis. Sufrir me thout I

be it indeed that I have erred, may speak; and after that I have said to Rebekah his mother, Be

Gen. xxvii, 11, 15. And Jacob

mine error reinainetl with myspoken, m .ck on. As for me, is

self. my complaint to man? and it it hold, Estu my brother is a hairy man, and I am a smooth man.

Job xx, 2, 3. Therefore do my were so. illy should not my spirit Aud'Rebekal toukgodly raim-ni thoughts cause me to answer, and be troubled? Mark ine, and be

I have astonished, and lay your hand of bier eldest son Esau, which for this I nake haste.

were with her in the house, and heard the check of my reproach, upon your mouth.

put them upon Jacob her younger and the spirit of my understandJob xxxii, 10, 17--20. Therefore son.

ing causetu ine to answer. Isid, lleurken to me; I also will

Gen, xi, 15. For indeed I was Job xxi, 34. How then comfort shew mine opinion. I said, I will answer isoʻmy part; I also will stolen away out of the land of the ye me iu vain, seeing in your

Hebrews; and here also have I answers there remnalueth false shew mine opinion.

For I ain full of matter; the spirit within

done nothing that they should hood. me constraineih me. Behold, my poi me into the dungeon.

Job xxvi, 4. To whom hast thou belly is as wine which hath no 1 Sam. xvii, 29. And David said, uttered words and whose spirit Vent; it is really to burst like new What have I now done? Is there came from thee? bottles. lwill speak, that I may nou a cause.

Job xxvii, 11. I will teach you


by the hand of God; that which Prov. x, 17. IIe is in the way of Lord: this shall not be unto thce. is with the Almighty will I not lite that keepetli instruction: but But he turned, and said unto conceal.

le thitt relliseth reproof errethi. Peter, Get thive behind me, Suan;

Prov. xii, 1. Whoso Joy-th thou art an ollence unto me; for 2 Sam. xix. 29--30. For all of ingriction loveth knowledre: but thou Navoulest not the things my lati ei's ho'ise were but deal he that latetu reproof is brutish.

that be of God, but those that be

of inen. men before my lord the king; yet

Prov. xill, 18. Poverty and didst thou set thy servant imons shame shall be to him that refus.

Gal. ii, 11-13. But when Peter them that did eat at thine own eth lustruction, but he that re

was came to Antioch, withstood table: wbut right therefore have 1 yet to cry any more unto the gur leili veprvol shall be honoured. im to the luc, because he was

to be blamed. For britore that king? And the king said unto) Prov. XV,10,12,31,32 Correction is certain came from James, le id bilm, Why speakest thou any grievuus untu lam that forsaketh cat with the Gentilex but when more of thy matters? I have the winy: and lie that little they were come, lie withirw, Sni, Thou und Ziba divido the reproof shall die. A scorner lov. and separated himself, feaning land. Anil Joplibosheth said oth not one that repruveth lim; them which were of the circumuntu the king. Yea, let him tako reither will he go unto the wise. Ci 1011. And the other Jezus viisall, forasmuch as iny lord the The ear that heret the reproof sembled likewise with him; insoking is come again in peace unto of life, abideth among the wiso much that Burnanis also his own house.

lle that refusella instruction carried away with their dissimul Job vi, 28. Now therefore be despiseth his own soul: but lie atlon. con ent; louk upon me: tur it is that hearrtli reprooi gelteth unde evident unto you if I lie. derstanding

THE EXPRESSION OF GOOD Job xv. 6. Tusine oun mouth. Prov. xvil, 10. A reproof enter

RESOLUTIOXS. contemneth thee, and not l; yea, et more into it wise man than an

XATIONAL. thinu own lips iestity aguinst hundred stripes iuto a foul.

Exod. xix, 8. And all the people thee.

Prov. xxiv, 23. But to them that answered together, and said, All Job xvii, 10. But as for you all, rebike him shall be delight, and that the Luni bratt spelen we will do ye return, and corne now: for a good blessing shall come upou do. And Moses returned the I cannot fluu one wise mun them.

words of the people unto tho among you.

Prov. XXV, 12. As an earring of Lond. Job xix, 28. But ye should say, gold, and un ornament of fino

Ecod. xxiv. 3. An Moses camo Why persreute we wim, seeing Bli, so is a wise repruver upou un

an i toll the peopl: all the words the root of the inalter is found in obedient ear.

of the LOLD, and all the juilsmo?

Prov. xxvii, 5. Open rebuko is ments: and all the people inJob xxiv, 23. And if it be not 80 better than secret love.

swered with one voice, and sail, now, who will inatku mu a liar,

All the words which the LORD

Pror'. xxviii. 4. They that forand make my speech nothing make the law praiso the wicked: bath said will we do. worth,

but such as keep the law contend Deut. v, 27. 28. Go thou near, Job xxxiv, 36. My desire is, that with them.

and bear all that the LORD vur Job may be tried unto the end, because of his answers for wicked

Eccics, vil, 5. It is better to God sull siy; and speak thou

heartbe rebuke of the wise, than unto us all that the LORD sur God met).

tur a man to hear the son of shall speak unto thee, and we Job xxxv, 16. Therefore doth fuuls.

will hear it and do it. And the Job opel bis inouth in vain; he multipliell words withont know.

Amos v, 10. They hate him that Low beard the voice of your rebuketh in the galo, and they and the Lonó said unto me, i

words, when yo spake unto me; ledgu.

abhor tim REPROOF.

that speaketh up- dave heard the voice of the

l'izlily. Lev. xix. 17. Thou shalt not

wurils of this people, which they

1 Tim. v, 1, 2, 20. Rehuke not have spoken unto thee: they have hne tlıy brother is thine leart:

an elder, lut entreat him as a thou shalt in anywise robuk, tly

Well said at that they have Drighibur, and not suffer sin upon her; and the younger men as spoken.

Urethren, Thu Quer women him. mothers; the younger as sisters,

Josh xxiv, 15 16, 18, 21. 22-21. And P'8. cxli, 5, 6. Let the rigoliteons willi all purity. Thein that sin if it seem evil unto you to serve smite in; it shall be a kimons rebuku beture all, thul ollors also the Lor, choose you this day and let bi reprove me; it shall be inay lear,

wirom ye will serve; whether the an excellent oil, which shall not

gods which your fathers served, break my heal: for yet my

that were on the other side outlio

Gcn. xxi. 25. And Abraham priser also shall be in their

110011, or the gous of the Amories, calainities. When their junges reproved ablmelech because of a

in whose land ye dwell; but is for ars uwirthrown in stuny plac-s, well of water, watch Abiinelech's

me and my house, we will serve they shall bear my words: sur servants had violently taken

tho LORD. And the perple an they are sweet. away.

swered and said, God forbid that I'ror. ix, 7-9. lie that reproveth

Gen. xxvi, 26. 27. Then Abime

we should worsako the LORD, to a Corner geltelli to himself lecl went to him from Gerar, and serve other gouls: And the LORD shame; ind lie that rebukein u

Abuzz ith one of his friends, and drave out from beforo us all the wickedi man gel'eth di m«elf a blot. l'hichol the chief captain of bis people, even tho Amorites which Repruvo noi it sourner, lest be army. And sac said unto them, dwelt in the landl; therefore will hate thee: reliuke a wise man,

Wherefore che yo to me, seeing wo also serve the LORI), but he is and he will love thes. Give ye luto me, and bave sent me

our God. And tue peoplo said instruction to a wise man, ani le uway from you!

unto Joshua, Nay; but we will will bu yet wiser, io cha jusi Jalth, xvi, 22 23. Then Peter serve the LORD. And Joshua main, and he will increase in took him, and began to rebuke said unto the people, Yu are witlearning

him, saying, Be is far from thee, inesses against yourselves that yo


have chosen you the LORD, to round about him bring presents and then took his leave of the serve him And they said, we unto him that ought to be feared. brethren, and sailed thence into are witnesses.

Prov. xx, 25. It is a snare to the Syria, and with him Priscilla and Josh. xxiv, 23, 24. Now there- man who devoureth that which is Aquila; having shorn his head in put away (said he) the strange holy, and after vuws to make en- Cenchrea: tor he had a vow. gods which are among you, and quiry. incline your heart unto the LORD God of Israel. And the people

Gen. xxvili, 20--22. And Jacob OBLIGATION OF KEEPING Vowe. said unto Joshui, The LORD our vowed a vow, saying, If God will

Num. Xxx, 2. If a man yow a God will we serve, and his voice be with me, and will keep me in

vow unto the LORD, or swear an will we obey.

this way that I go, and will give Jer. xlii, 6. Whether it be good, Ine bread to eat, and raiment to path to bind his sunt with a baad;

he shall not break nis wurd, i or whether it be evil. we will obey put on, So that I come again to the voice of the LURD our God, to shall the Lord be my God.

he shall do according to all that my father's house in peace, then

Aud proceedeth out of his month. whom we send thee; that it may this stone, which I have set for a

Deut. xxiii, 21, 23. When thou be well with us, when we obey the voico of the LORD our God. pillar, shall be God's house. ....

shalt vow a vow unto the LORD Gen. xxxi, 13. I am the God of thy God, thou shalt not slack to INDIVIDUAL

Beth-el, where thou anointedst pay it: for the Lord thy God will

the pillar, and where thou vowedst surely require it of thee; and it Ps. xvil, 3. Thou hast proved a vow uuto me: now.arise, get would be sin in thee. That which mine heart; thou bast visited me thee out from this land, and re

is gone out of thou in the night; thou hast tried me, turn unto the land of thy'kiudred. keep and perform; even a tres mil and shalt find nothing: I am purposed that my mouth shall not

Num. xx1, 2, 3. And Israel vowed vowed unto the LORD thy God,

offering, according as thua hast transgress.

a vow unto the Lord, and said, If which thou has promised with thy

thou wilt indeed deliver this Ps. xxvi, 11. Put as for me, I people into my hand, then I will

mouth. will walk in mine integrity: re- utterly destroy their cities. And

Job xxil, 27. Thou shalt make deem me, and be merciful unto

the LORD hearkened to the voice thy prayer unto him, and he shall me.

of Israel, and delivered up the hear thee, and thou shalt pay tuy PI. crol, 9. I will walk before Canaanites; and they utterly de- POWS. the LORD in the land of the living stroyed them and tueir cities, and P3. Xxl], 25. My praise shall be

P3. cxix, 67. Trou art my por- he called the name of the place of thee in the great congregtion: tion, O LORD: I have said that I Horinah.

I will pay my vows before them would keep thy words,

2 sam, xv, 7. And it came to that fear him. Matth. xxvi, 33. 35. Peter an- pasg atter forty years, that AD- P3. 1, 14, Offer unto God thanks. sw-redand said unto him, Though sulom said uuto the king. I pray giving, and pay thy vows unto all men shall be off.nded because thee, let me go and pay my vow,

the most Higu. of thee, yet will I never be of wbich I have vowed unto the Ps. Ixi, 8. So will I sing praise fended. Peter said unto hin, LORD, in IIebron.

unto thy name for ever, that I Though I should die with thee, P3. Ivi, 12. Thy vows are opon may daily perform my vows. yet will I not dony thee. Liko-me, o God: I will render praises P3. Lxv. 1. Praise waiteth for wise also said all the disciples. unto thee.

thee, O God, in Zonand unto Mark xiv, 29-31. But Peter said Ps. Ixi, 5. For thou, O God, hast thee shall the vow be performed. unto him, Although all shall be heard my vows; thou hast given

P3. Ixvi, 13. I will go into thy offended, yet acill not I.

And me the heritage of those that fear house with burnt-olierings; I will Jesus saith unto him, Verily lthy name.

pay thee my vows. 61y unto the, That this day, even Ps. cxxxi1, 1--5. LORD, remember

P3. cxvi, 14, 16-19. I will in this night, before the cock crow David, and all his afflictions: Ilow twica, thou shalt deny me thrice. he sware unto the LORDandvowed now in the preseuce of all his

pay my vows unto the LORD But le spake the more vehement- unto the mighty Godof Jacob; Sure people. o LORD, truly I am ly, It should die with thee, I will ly I will not come into the taber: thy servant; I am thy servant, not dony thee in any wise. Like- nacle of my house, nor go up into

and the wise also said they all.

son of thine hand. my bed; I will not give sleep to

muid: thou hast loosed my Luke xxii. 33. And he said unto míue eyes, or slumber tu mine

bonds. I will offer to thee the bim, Lord, I am ready to go with eyelids, Until I find out a placo sacrifice of thanksgiving, and will thee both into prison, and to for the Lord, an habitation for the call upon the name of the Lord. death. mighty God of Jacob,

I will pay my vows unto the LOED VOWS.

Prov. xxxí, 2. What, my 8011? now in the presence of all his Lev. xxil, 19. Speak onto Aaron, and what, the son of my womb? people, in the courts of the an 1 to his sons, and unto all the and what, the son of my vows? Lobu's house, in the midst of thee, children of Israel, and say unto Isa. xix, 21. And the LORD shallo Jerusalem. Praise yo tho them, Whatsoever he be of the be known to Egypt, and the LORD. house of Isral, or of the strangers Egyptiang shall know the LORD Prov. vii, 14. I hare peace-offer. in Israel, that will offer his obla- iu that day, and shall do sacrifice ings with me; this day have I paid tion for all bis vows, and for all and oblation; yea, they shall vow

my vows. his free-will offerings, which they a vow unto the LORD, and perform

Eccles. v, 4-6. When thou vor. will offer unto the LORD for a i. burnt-offering.

est a vow unto God, defer not to

Jonah 1, 16. Then the men pay it; for he hath no pleasure in Deut. xxiii. 22. But if thou shalt feared the LORD exceedingly, and tools: pay that which thou hast forbear to vow, it shall be no sin offered a sacrifice unto the LORD, vowed. Better is it that thou in thee, and made vows.

shouldest not vow, than that thou P3. Ixxvi, 11. Vow, and pay unto Acts xviil, 18. And Paul after shouldest vow and bot рау. the LORD your God: let ali that be this tarrled there y-t a good while, I suffer not thy mouth to cause

thy flesh to sin; neither say thoa bound her soul, of nope effect; for the precious things of tho before the angel, that it was an and the LORD shall forgive her. earth, and tulness thereut.nl for error....

But every vow of a widow, and of the good will of him that welt Jonah 11, 9. But I will sacrifice her that is divorced, where with in the busb: let the blessing come anto thee with the voice of thanks- they have bound their souls, shall upon the head of Joseph, and giving, I will pay that that I have vowed in her husband's house, or that

stand against her. And if she upon the top of the head of him vowed. Salvation is of the LORD. bound her soul by a bond with an brethren.

was separated from bis oath; And her husband beard it, RASH VOWS. and held his peace at her, and dis

Josh. xiv, 13. Ånd Joshua blesg. Judges xi, 30, 31. And Jephthah allowed her not; then all her ed him, and gave unto Caleb ilie vowed a vow unto the LORD, and vows shall stand, and every bond / son of Jeptiunueh Hebron for an said, if thou shalt without fail shall stand. But if her busband wherewith she bound her soul

inheritance. deliver the children of Ammon

1 Sam. xxvi, 25. Thep Saul said into mine han 18, Then it shall hath utterly made them vold on to David, Blessed be thou, my son be, that whatsoever cometh forth the day be beard them; then David: thou shalt both do great of the doors of my house to meet lips concerning her vows, or con;

whatsoever proceeded out of her things, and also shalt still prevail. me, when I return in peace from

So David went on his way, and the children of Ammon, shall cerning the bond of her soul, stall Saul returned to his place.

not stand: her husband hath nade surely le tue Lord's, and I will them void; and the Lord shall for

2 Sam. vi, 18. And as soon as offer it up for a burnt-offering, give her. Every vow, and every

Davidl bad inade an end of off-r. Acts xxiii, 12-15. And when it binding oath to adict the soul, ingburnt-offeringsand peace-offerwas day, ceriain of the Jews her büsband may establish it, or ings, le blessed the people in the banded together, and bound them- her husband may make it yold. name of the LORD of hosts. selves under a curse, saying that But if her husband altogether hold 1 Chron. XVI, 2, 43. And when they would neither eat nor drink his peace at hier from day to day; David hand made an end ofotlertill they had killed Paul. And then he establisbeth all her vows, ing the burnt-off rings and thə they were more than forty which or all her bonds, which are upon peace - offrings, he blessed the had made this conspiracy. And hier: he confirmeth them, because people in the name of the Lord. they came to the chief priests and he held his peace at her in the And all the people departed, every elders, and said, We have bound day that he heard them. But if man to his house: And David reourselves under a great curse, he shall any wise make them vold, turned to bless his house. that we will eat nothing until we after that he hath heard them; then have slain Prul. Now therefore be shall bear her iniquity. These

P3. cxviil.20... Wehave blessed ye with the council signify to the are ihe statutes which ihe LORD you out of the house of the LORD. chief captain, that he bring hlin commanded Moses between Jer. xxxi. 23. Thus saith the down unto you to-morrow, as man and his wife, between the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel, though would enquire some- father and his daughter, bcing yct As yet they shall use this speech thing more perfectly concerning in her youth in her father's in the land of Judah, and in the him; and we, or ever he come house,

cities thereof, when I shall bring Dear, are ready to kil him.

again their captivity; the LORD

bless thee, O habitation of justice,


and mountain of holiness.
Gen. xxxii, 26. And he said, Let
me go, for the day breaketh. And

Deut. x1, 26-28. Behold, I set
Num. XXX, 3--16. If a woman Le said, I will not let thee go, ex-

before you this day a bles-ing and also vow a vow unto the LORD, cept thou bless me. and bind herself by a bond, being

a curse; A blessing, if ye obey the lu her father's liou e in her youth; ed Pharaoh, and went out from God, which I cominand you this

Gen. xlvii, 10. And Jacob bless commandments of the Lord your Aud her father hear her vow, and

day; And a curse, if ye will not her bond wlierewith she bath before Pharaoh.

obey the commandments of the bound her soul, and her father Gen. xlviii, 4,8,9. And said unto LORD your God, but turn aside out shall hold his peace at ber: then me, Behold, i will make thee of the way which I command you all her vows shall stand, and fruitful, and multiply thee, and this day, to go after other göds, every bond where with the bathi will make of thee a multitude of which ye have not known. bou d her soul shall stand. But people; and will give this land to if her father disallow lier in the iby seed after thee, for an everday that he beareth; not any of lasting possession. And Israel

ENTREATY. her vows, or of her bonds, where- beheli Joseph's sons, and said, Judges xvi, 16. And it came to with she hath bound her soul, Who are these? And Joseph said paus, when she pressed bin daily shall stand; and the Lord shall unto his father, They are my sons, with her words, and urged him, so forgive her, because her father wliom God bath given me in this that his soul wus vexed unio disallowed her. And if she had place. And he said, Bring them, death. at all an hu band when she vowed, I pray thee, unto me, and I will or uttered aught out of her lips, biess ihem.

Ruth 1, 16-18. And Ruth said, where with she bound her soul. Lev. ix, 22. And Aaron lifted up to reiurn from following alier

Entreat me not to leave thee, or And her husbind hear it, and held his hand toward the people, and his peace at hor in the day that blessed them; and came down will go; and whero thou lolgest, I

(hee: for whither thou goes, I he heard it; then her vows shall from offering of the sin-ofiering, will lodge: thy people shall be my stand, and her bonds wherewith and the burnt-offering, and peace- people, and thy God my God: Bhe bound her soul wall stand.

offerings. But in her husband di allowed her

Where thou diest, will I die, and on the day thai be heard it; then Deut. xxxii, 1, 16. And this is there will I be buried: the LORD he shall make her vow which she the blessing wherewith Moses the do so to me, and more also, v vowed, and that which she uttera man of Gol blessed the children ought but death part thee and me. ed with her lips, whore with she of Israel before tils death. And wuou sho saw that she was sted.


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fist'y minded to go with per, then Jer. xll. 18. And it shall come Josh. ix, 18. And the children of Bue left speaking unto her. to pass, if they will diligently learn Teramism to them n's, bec:u=0

Neh. vi, 4 Yet they sent unto the ways of my people, to swear the prince of ile Culigregation me lour times after this sort; and by my name, The LORD livetli; (as bad sworu unto thein by the LORD

they taught my prople to swear God of Israel. 1 answered thein after the saine

And all the conmanner. by Baal:) then shall they be built reguion murmured agaiust the

princes. Batt. xv, 23. But he answered in the midst of my people. her wor a word. And his disciples

Rom, i, 9. For God is my wit. Jud. xxi, 18. Howb-it, we may came und besonzut him, sayiug, ness, whom I serve with my spirit not give them wives of vur Send her way; for she crielu af in the g spel of his Son, that with daugliters: for the children of is. ter us.

out ceising I make mention of rael have given, saying Cursed Dark x, 47. And when he heard you always in my pruyers.

be he that giveth a wife tu Benthat it is Jesus of Nazıretli, he Rom. 1x, 1. I say the truth in jamin. began to c'y ont, and say, Jesus, Christ, I lie not, my consciencu 1 Sam. xv, 42. And Jonathan thuit son of David, have mercy ou tiso bearing mo witness iu the said to David, Go in peace. Trasine. Holy Ghost.

much as we have sworu both of

Phil, i, 8. For God is my record, us in the name of the LORD, 815TIIE OATII, OR APPEAL TO

how greatly I long after you all ing, The LORD be butween ine and GOD.

in the bowels of Jesus Curist. thee, and between my boed and Deut. vi, 13. Thou shalt fear the

1 Triess. 11,5. For neither at any and departed: and Jonathan weat

thy seed for ever. And he arose LORD thy God, and serve him, otimy used we flattering worus, as

into the city. and shall swear by his name. ye know, nor a cloak of cuvetuusDeut. x. 20. Thou shalt fear the ness; God is witness.

2 Sam. xix, 23. Therefore tho LoD thy God; him shalt thou Hed. vi, 16. For men verily king said unto Shimei Thou shalt berve,an to him shalt thou cleave, sisear by the greater: anılan oathi not die; and the bios swaru uuto and swear by his name.

for contirmation is to them an end him. Joshua xxii, 21--23. Then the of all strise.

2 Sam. XX1, 2, 7. And the king children of keuben, and the chil.

called the Gibeonites, and sild dren of Gal, and the hall-tribe of

OBLIGATION OF AN OATII. unto thein: (now the Gironites Manasseh, als ered and said unto Gen. xxiv, 41. Then shalt thou were not of the children of Israel, the leadis of the thousands of Is be clear from this my oath, when

but of the remnant of the Amorael, The Lord God of gous, the thou com si to my kinded; and rites, anıl the children of Israel the Lond God of gods, le knowell, if they give thee not one, thou

had sworn into them; and Saal aur braei die skuld know; if it be shalt be clear from my oath.

songht to slay them in bis zeil to in rebellion, or it in transgression Lev. V, 4. Or if a conl sirear, but the king sparel Jephibc

the children of Israel and J1111:111:) against the LOR), (save us not this

pronouncing witli hits lips to dy sheth, the son of Jopatian, thie city) that we have built u; an al- evil, or to do good, whatsoever it tar to turn trom fullowing the be that a man shall pronounce onth that was littween them be

son of Sul, because of the Lord's LOID, or it to ar thereun burnt

with an oath, and it be bid from off ring, or meal-offering, or if to himn; when he knowetli of it then

tween Divid and Junailun the orier fo.cc-offering thereon, let he shall be guilty in vno of these.

son of Saul. the Lond aimselt require it.

Joh ii, 14-20. And the men

1 Kings ii, 8, 9. And, beliala, 1 Sam. 1x, 12, 23. And Jonathan ansieret her. Our lite for yours, thou hast with thee Shimei thio afid unto David. And as touching if ye utter put this ocr busi

son of Gera, a Benjasite of Lathe matter of which thou and i 11088, And it shall be, when burim, which cursed me with a 1: Vesproken ol, bentoll, the LURD the LORD hath given 08

grievous cur.e in the day when I ve.between thee and ine for ever. land, that we will deid kindly and went to Manaim: but lie came

1 Sum, xxir. 13. The Lord there. truly with tl.ee. And she said down to meet me at Jurlan, and foru , liige, abil juge between onto the n, Get you to the moun.

I sware to bim by the Lord surme and white, and see, and pleat tait, lest the pursuiers ineet you; Ing. I will not put thee to deain

with the sword. Now thierrftro may cause, and deliver' me out of anid liide yourrelvi-8 there three thie hand, clays, until the purders be re

holit hiin not guiltless: for thou turue and afterwarıl may ye go

art a wise man, and knows what 1 kings vili, 31, 32. If any man

your way. And the men said thou ou, htest to do unto him; but tres piles neighbour into lier, we will be blameless of luis hivar head bring thou down lo and an oatli be laid upon him to Cause him to swear, and the made 118 swear. Biholil, when we this thine oath which thou hast the grave with blood,

Ps. cxix. 106. I have sworn and oath come before tline altar in

come into the land, thou shall bind I will perform it, that I will keep this lone: The bear thou in

This line vi scarlet liread in the thy righteous julgincuts. Leuven), ....

window which thou dilst let 118 jo! xvi, 19. Also now, belold down by: and thoti silt bring

Ezele xvii, 16--19.

As I live, my Winess is in heaven, and my Wy father, and 'thy moilor, ani saith the Lord Gud, analy in the record is on bizh.

thy brethren, and all thy father's place where the king duclleth liat bli esilla liim elt in the earth, shall if thou utter this our busites, brike, crcn witlilin in the midst Isaiah Ixv. 16. That he who housebold, lion, unto thee. Andmuste liim king, WU8O 0.111 he

despised, ani whose cuvenan: be Die s hlselt in the God of truth, then we will be quit of thine of Babylou die still alle. Neatlier and he that sweareth ju the earth, oath whicla thou hast made us to shull swer by the God of truth; «War.

shall Pharol, with his miglily betluse the former troubles are

army and great company. wake

Josh. vi, 22. But Joslin had for him in the war. Dy el ting op furgolion, and because they are said unto the two when that had mounts, and buildne toris, io cut híu from muiue eyes.

spied ou le country, Go into the off many persons Sering be deJcr. iv, 2 and thou shalt stear, barlot's honse, und brins ont spised the valle by breaking the The LRD livelli, in truth, in juus- thence the woman, and all that covenant, when, jo, lie hand gives ment, unu iu righteousness. shie hath, as ye sware unto her. Lis band, and bath duue all these

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