תמונות בעמוד

Acts iv, 27, 28. For of a truth ing, Get thee behind me, Satan: , might be a merciful and faithful against thy holy child Jesus, for thou savourest not the things bigh priest in things pertaining whom thou hast anointed, both that be of God, but the things that to God, to make reconciliation for Herod, and Pontius Pilate, with be of men.

the sins of the people. For in that the Gentiles, and the people of Mark x, 32-34. And they were

he himself bath suffered, being Israel, were gathered together, in the way going up to Jerusalem; tempted, he is able to succour For to do whatsoever thy hand and Jesus went before them; and

them that are tempted. and thy counsel determined before they were amazed: and as they Heb. iii, 1, 2. Wherefore, holy to be done.

followed, they were afraid. And brethren, partakers of the hea. 1 Peter 1, 20. Who verlly was he took again the twelve, and be-venly calling, consider the Apostle foreordained before the founda- gan to tell them what things and High Priest of our profession, tion of the world, but was mani- should happen unto him, Saying, Christ Jesus; Who was faithful to fest in these last times for you. Behold, we go up to Jerusalem; him that appointed him, as also

and the Son of man shall be deli. Moses was faithful in all bis

vered unto the chief priests, and house. AND PREDICTED.

unto the scribes; and they shall Heb. IV, 14, 15. Seeing then that

condemn him to death, and shall we have have a great high priest, Gen. ill, 15. And I will put deliver him to the Gentiles: And that is passed into the heavens, enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed they shall mock him, and shall Jesus the Son of God, let

us hold and her seed; it shall bruise thy scourge bim, and shall spit upon fast our profession. For we have head, and thou shalt bruise bis him, and sliall kill him; and the not an high priest which cannot

third day be shall rise again. be touched with the feeling of our heel.

Ps. xxil, 1, 16. My God, my God, Luke ix, 43, 44. And they were all infirmities; but was in all points • Why hast thou forsaken 'me? why amazed at the mighty power of tempted like as we are, yet withart thou so far from helping me, God. But while they wondered out sin. and from the words of my roar- every one at all things which Heb. v, 6, 7, 10. As he saith also ing? For dogs have compassed Jesus did, he said unto his dis in another place, Thou art a priest me; the assembly of the wicked ciples, Let these sayings sink for ever, after the order of Mel. have enclosed me: they pierced down into your ears: for the Son chisedec: Who in the days of his my hands and my feet.

of man shall be delivered into the flesh, when he had offered up hands of men.

prayers and supplications, with Dan. ix, 26. And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be

strong crying and tears, unto him

Luke xill, 32, 33. And he said unto that was able to save him from cut off, but not for himself: and them, Go ye, and tell that fox, Be- death, and was heard in that he the people of the prince that shall bold, I cast out devils, and í do

feared. Called of God an high come shall destroy the city, and cures to day and to morrow, and priest, after the order of Melchisthe sanctuary; and the end there the third day I shall be perfected. I edec. of shall be with a flood, and unto Nerertheless I must walk to day,

Heb. vi, 20. Whither the forethe end of the war desolations are and to morrow, and the day foldetermined.

runner is for us entered, eren lowing: for it cannot be that a pro- | Jesas, made an high priest. for Zech. xiii, 7. Awako, o sword phet perish out of Jerusalem.

ever, after the order of Melchisagainst my Shepherd, and against Trike xvil, 25. But first must be edec. the man that is my follow, saith suffer many things, and be rejected the LORD of hosts: smito the of this generation.

Heb. vil, 7, 8, 11, 13--17, 19--22,

24--28. Aud without all contraShepherd, and the sheep shall be

Luke xviil, 31-33. Then he took diction, the less is blessed of the scattered; and I will turn mine unto him the twelve, and said unto better. And here men that die rehand upon the little ones.

them, Behold, we go up to Jerusa- ceive tithes; but there he receirch Matth. xvi, 21. From that time lem,and all tbings that are written them, of whom it is witnessed that forth began Jesus to shew unto by the prophets concerning the he liveth. If therefore perfection his disciples, how that he must go Son of man shall be accomplished. were by the Levitical priesthood, unto Jerusalem, and suffer many For he shall be delivered unto the (for under it the people received things of the elders and chief Gentiles, and shall be mocked, the law.) what further need was priests and scribes, and be killed, and spitefully entreated, and spit- there that another priest should and be raised again tho third day. ted on: And they shall scourge rise after the order of Melchisedec,

and not be called after the order Matth. xvii, 22, 23. And while him, and put him to death. they abode in Galilee, Jesus said

John xil, 32--31. And I, if I be of Aaron? For be of whom these unto them, Tbe Son of man shall

iifted up from the earth, will things are spoken pertaineth to

This he another tribe, of which no man bo betrayed into the hands of draw all men unto me. men: And they shall kill him, and said, signifying what death he gave attendance at the altar. For the third day he shall be raised should die. The people answer- it is evident that our Lord sprang

ed him, We have heard out of the out of Judah; of which tribe Moses again. And they were exceeding law that Christ abidetli for ever: spake nothing concerning priest Borry.

and how sayes! thou, The Son of hood. And it is yet far more evi. Mark viii, 30-33. And he charged man must be lifted up? who is dent: for that after the similitude them that they should tell no man this Son of man?

of Melchisedec there arlseth anof him. And he began to teach

other priest, Who is made, not them, that the Son of man must NARRATIVE OF CHRIST'S after the law of a carnal comsuffer many things, and be reject


mandiment, but after the power of ed of the elders, and of the chief

an endless' life. For be testifieth, priests, and scribes, and be killed,


Thou art a priest for ever, after and after three days rise again.

the order of Melchisedec. For the And he spake that saying openly.


law made uotbing perfect, but the And Peter took him and began to


bringing in of a better hope did;. rebuke him. But when he had Heb. 11, 17, 18. Wherefore in all by the which we draw nigh unto turned about and looked on his things it beloved him to be made God. Aud inasmuch as nut with disciples, be rebuked Peter say. liko unto his retbren, that he out an oath he was made priest:

For those priests were made) nifying, that the way into the holl- CHRIST'S DEATII SACRIFIwithout an oath; but this with an est of all was not yet made mani.

CIAL. oath by him that said unto him, fest, while as the first tabernaclo Tho Lord sware, and will not re-was yet standing: Which was a

Ps. x1, 6-8. Sacrifice and offering pent, Thou art á priest for ever, figure for the time then present, thou didst not desire; mine ears after the order of Melchisedec:) in which were offered both gifts hast thou opened: burnt-offering By so much was Jesus made á and sacrifices, that could not make and sin-offering last thou not re surety of a better testament. But him that did the service perfect, quired. Then said I, LO, I come : this man, because he continueth as pertaining to the conscience; in the volume of the book it is ever, hath an unchangeable priests which stood only in meats and written of me, I delight to do thy hood. For such an high priest drinks, and divers washings, and will, O my God; yea, thy law is became us, who is holy, harmless, carnal' ordinances, imposed on within my heart. undefiled, separate from sinners, them until the time of reforma

Dan. ix, 27. And be shall conand made higher than the hea- tion.

form the covenant with many for Vens; Who needeth not daily, as Heb. x, 1--5, 10, 11, 17--19, 21, 22. one week: and in the midst of the those high priests, to offer up sa. For the law having a shadow of week he shall cause the sacrifice crifice, first for his own sins, and good things to come, and not the and the oblation to cease, and for then for the people's: for this be very image of the things, can the over-spreading of abominadid once, when he offered up never with those sacrifices, wbich tions he shall make it desolate, himself. For the law maketh men they offered year by year conti. even until the consummation, and high priests which have infirmity; nually, make the comers there that determined shall be poured but the word of the oath, which unto perfect: For then would they upon the desolate. was since the law, maketh the not have ceased to be offered? beSon, who is consecrated for ever-cause that the worshippers once should offer' himself often, as the

Heb. ix, 25, 26. Nor yet that he more.

Heb. viii, 1-5. Now of the things conscience of sins. But in those bigh priest entereth into the holy which we have spoken this is the sacrifices there is a remembrance place every year with blood or sum: We have such an high priest, agalu made of sins every yeat, others; (For then must be often

have suffered since the foundawho is set on the right band of For it is not possible that the the throne of the Majesty in the blood of bulls and of goats should tion of the world:) but now once heavens; A minister of tho sanc

take away sins. By the which in the end of the world hath ho tuary, and of the true tabernacle, will we are sanctined, through the appeared, to put away sin by the which the Lord pitched, and not offering of the body of Jesus sacrifice of himself.

Heb. X, 5-9, 14. man. For every high priest is or- Christ once for all. And every

Wherefore, dained to offer gifts and sacrifices: priest standeth daily ministering, when he cometh into the world, wherefore it is of necessity that and offering oftentimes the same he saith, Sacrifice and offering this man have somewhat also to sacrifices, which can never take thou wouldest not

, but a bouy offer. For if he were on earth, he away sins., And their sins and in- hast thou prepared me: In burnishould not be a priest, seeing that quities will I remember no more. offerings and sacrifices for sin there are priests that offer gitts Now, where remission of these is, thou hast had no pleasure: Then according to the law; Who serve there is no more offering for sin said I, LO, I come in the volume unto the example and shadow of Having therefore, brethren, bold- of the book it is written of me) to heavenly things, as Moses was ad- / Hess to enter into the holiest by do thy will

, o God. Above, when monished of God when he was

the blood of Jesus, And having an he said, Sacrifice, and offering, about to make the tabernacle: for, high priest over the house of God; and burnt-offerings, and offering See (saith he) that thou make all

Let us draw near with a true for sin, thou wouldest not, neither things according to the pattern heart, in full assurance of faith, hadst pleasure therein;' (which shewed to thee in the mount.

having our hearts sprinkled from are offered by the law:) Then

an evil conscience, and our bodies said he, Lo, I come to do thy will, Heb. 1x, 1-10. Then verily the washed with pure water.

O God. He taketh away the first, first covenant had also ordinances of divine service, and a worbly altar, whereof they have no right for by one offering he hath per:

Heb. xiil, 10-12. We have an

that he may establish the second, 8anctuary. For there was a tabern'icle made; the first, wherein was

to eat which serve the tabernacle. lected for ever them that are the candlestick, and the table and For the bodies of those beasts,

sanctified. thio shew-bread; which is called whose blool is brought into the the Sanctuary. And after the sanctuary by the high priest for

SUBSTITUTIONARY. second vall, the tabernacle which sin, are burned without ihe camp.

Isa. HII, 4-6. Surely he hath is called thó Holiest of all; Which Wherefore Jesus, also, that lie borne our griefs, and carried our had the golden censer, and the might sanctify the people with ark of the covenant overlaid round his own blood, suffered without stricken, smitten of God, and

sorrow's: yet we did esteern bim about with gold, wherein was the the gate.

afflicted. But he was wounded golden pot that had manna, and Eph. V, 2, 25-27. And walk in for our transgressions, he was Aaron's rod that buddled, and the love, as Christ also hath loved us,

bruised for our iniquities: the tables of the covenant; And over and hath given himself for us an chastisement of our peace was it ihe cherubims of glory shadow- offering and a sacrifice to God for upon him; and with his stripes we ing the mercy-seat; of which we a sweet-smelling savour. Hus- are healed. All we, like sheep, cannot now speak particularly. bands, love your wives, even as have gone astray; we have turned Now when these things were thus Christ also loved the church, and every one to his own way; und ordained, the priests went always gaye hiinself for it; That he the LORD bath laid on liim the into the first tabernacle, accom- might sanctify and cleanse it with iniquity of us all. plisbing the serviceof God: But into the washing of water by the word; ihe second went the high priest That he might present it to him.

Marl x, 45. For even the Son of alone once every year, not without self a glorious church, not hav

man came not to be ministried blood, which he offered for him-ing spot, or wrinkle, or any such

unto. but to minister, and to give Alf, and for the erors of the thing; but that it should be lioly

his life a rallsvin lor many. 1e ple; The Holy Ghost this sig-land without blemish.

Rom. v, 6--8 For wet we were 595

yet without strength, in due time hath committed unto us the word, the justifer of him which belley. Christ died for the ungodly. For of reconciliation.

oth in Jesus. scarcely for a righteous man will

2 Cor. viii, 9. For ye know the Rom. iv. 23-25. Now it was one die; yet peradventure for & grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, not written for his sake alone, good man some would even dare that, thongh he was rich, yet for that it was imputed to him; Bot to die. But God commendeth his your sakes he became poor, that for us also, to whom it shall be love toward us, in that, while we ye through his poverty might be imputed, if we believe on him were yet sinners, Christ died for rich.

that raised up Jesnis our Lord Us.

Eph. ii, 13-16. But now in Christ from the dead; Who was deliver1 Cor. xv, 3. For I delivered Jesus ye who sometimes were far ed

for our 'offences, and was unto you first of all that which I off are made nigh by the blood of raised again for our justification. also received, how that Christ Christ. For he is our peace, who Rom. v, 9. Much more then, died for our sins according to the hath made both one, and hath being now justified by his blood, scriptures.

broken down the middle wall of we shall be saved from wrath 2 Cor. v, 21. For he hath made partition between us; Having through bim. him to be sin for us, who knew no abolished in his flesh the enmity, sin; that we might be made the even the law of commandmenis Rom. viii, 1--3. There is thererighteousness of God in him. contained in ordinances; for to fore now no condemnation to

them which are in Christ Jesus, 1 Peter 11, 24. Who his own self make in himself of twain one new bare our sins in his own body on man, so making peace; And that who walk not after the flesh, but the tree, that we, being dead to be might reconcilo both unto after the Spirit. For the law of sins, should live 'unto righteousGod in one body by the cross, the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus

hath made me free from the law ness: by whose stripes yo were having slain tho enmity thereby. healed.

Col. i, 20. And, having made of sin and death. For what the

law could not do, in that it was 1 Peter ill, 18. For Christ also peace through the blood of his ust for the unjust, that he might things unto himself;

by him, I say, ness of sinfal flesh, and

for sin, hath once suffered for sins, the cross, by him to reconcile all weak through the flesh, God bring us to God, being put to whether they be things in earth, condemned sin in the flesh. death in the flesh, but quickened or things in heaven. by the Spirit.

IIeb. ix, 12. Neither by the Gal. ii, 16, 17, 21. Knowing that blood of goats and calves, but by a man is not justified by the

his own blood he entered 'in once works of the law, but by the faith AND PROPITIATORY.

into the holy place, have obtained of Jesus Christ, even we have Isa. xlli, 21. The LORD is well eternal redemption for us.

believed in Jesus Christ, that we pleased for his righteousness'

might be justified by the faith of sake; he will magnify the law, standeth daily ministering and the law; for by the works of the

Heb. x, 11, 12. And every priest Christ, and not by the works of and mako it honourable.

offering oftentimes the

same law shall no flesh be justified. But Isa. liii, 10. Yet it pleased the sacrifices, which can never take if, while we seek to be justified by LORD to bruise him; lie hath put away sins: But this man, after he Christ, we ourselves also are him to grief: when thou shut had offered one sacrifice for sing found sinners, is therefore Christ make his soul an offering for sin, for ever, sat down on the right the minister of sin? God forbid. he shall see his seed, he sball pro- hand of God.

I do not frustrate the grace of God: long his days, and the pleasure of 1 John il, 2. And he is the pro- for if righteousness come by the the LORD shall prosper in lils pitiation for our sins: and not for law, then Christ is dead in vain. hand.

ours only, but also for the sins of Dan. 1«, 24 Seventy weeks are the whole world.

PARDON. determined opon thy people, and

1 John iv, 10. Herein is love,

Num. xiv, 20. And the LORD transgrescion, and make an end not that we loved God, but that said, I have pardoned, according of sins, and to make

reconciliation he loved us, and sent his Sun to be to thy word. for iniquity, and to bring in everthe propiation for our sins.

Ps. xxxii, 1, 2. Blessed is he lasting righteousness, and to seal


whose transgression is forgiven, up the vision and prophecy, and


whose sin is covered, Blessed is to anoint the most Holy.

Jer. xxxii, 16. In those days the man unto whom the LORD Rom. v, 9--11. Much more then, salem shall dwell safely:

and this wliose spirit there is no guile.

shall Judah be saved, and Jeru- impateth not iniquity, and in being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath is the name wherewith she shall

Ps. lxv, 3. Iniquities prevail through him. For if, when we

be called, The LORD our Right against me: as for our transgreswere enemies, we were reconciled

sions, thou shalt purge them to God by the death of bis Son; Acts xiil, 39. And by him all away. much more, being reconciled, we that believe are justified from all Ps. Ixxxv, 2, 3. Thou hast for. shall be saved by his life. And things, from which ye could not given the iniquity of thy people; not only so, but we also joy in be justified by the law of Moses. thou hast covered all their sin. God through our Lord Jesus Christ , by whom we have now re- freely by his grace, through the tby wrath: thon bast turned

thyRom. ill, 24-26. Being justined Selah. Thou hast taken away all the

redemption that is in Christ self from the fierceness of thine 2 Cor. V, 18, 19. And a!I things Jesus: Whom God hath set forth to

anger. are of God, who hath reconciled be a propitiation through faith in

Ps. xcix, 8. Thou answeredist us to himself by Jest Christ, his blood, to declare his rigut them, O LORD our God: thou wast and hath given to us the ministry cousness for the remission of sins a God that forgavest them, though of reconciliation; To wit, that that are past, through the forthou tookest vengeance or their God was in Christ, reconciling the bearance of God; To declare, I inventions. world unto himself, not imputing say, at this time his righteous- Ps. clil, 12. As far as the east is their trespasses unto thein; andness; that he might be just, and from the west, so far hath be re


moved our transgressions from ed unto you the forgiveness o Eph. II, 4-6. But God, who is us. sins,

rich in mercy, for his great Ps.cxxx, 8. And he shall redeem Rom. iv, 7, 8. saying, Blessed love wherewith he loved us. Israel from all his iniquities. are they whose iniquities are for- Eren when we were dead in sins, Isaiah I, 18. Come now, and let ed. Blessed is the man to whom Christ; (by grace ye are saved:) given, and whose sins are cover

hath quickened us together with as reason together, saith the LORD: the Lord will not imputo sin.

And bath raised us up together, Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow;

Eph. 1, 7. In whom we have and made us sit together in hea. though they be red like crimson, redemption through his blood, venly places in Christ Jesus. they shall be as wool. the forgiveness of sins, according

1 Thess. v, 9-11. For God hath

not appointed us to wrath, but Isalah xxxiii, 24. And the inha-to the riches of his grace.

to obtain salvation by our Lord bitant shall not say, I am sick: Col. I, 14. In whom we have Jesus Christ, Who died for us, the people that dwell therein redemption through his blood, that, whether we wake or sleep, shall be forgiven their iniquity. even the forgiveness of sins. we should live together with him.

Isaiah xxxviii, 17. Behold, for 1 Tim. I, 14. And the grace of Wherefore comfort yourselves peace I had great bitterness; but our Lord was exceeding abundant together, and edify one another, thou hast in love to my soul de- with faith and love which is in even as also ye do. livered it from the pit of corrup-Christ Jesus.

Titus ii, 14. Who gave himself tion: for thou hast cast all my sins Heb. viii, 12. For I will be for us, that he might redeem ns behind thy back.

merciful to their unrighteousness, from all iniquity, and purify unto Isa. XI, 1, 2. Comfort ye, comfort and their sins and their iniquities himself a peculiar people, zealous yo my people, saith your God. will I remember no more.

of good works. Speak ye comfortably to Jeru

Heb. x, 17, 18. And their sins Heb. ix, 13, 14. For if the blood salem, and cry unto her, that her and iniquities will I remember of bulls and of goats, and the warfare is accomplished, that her no more. Now where remission ashes of an heifer sprinkling the iniquity is pardoned: for she hath of these is, there is no more offer- unclean, sanctifieth to the purifyreceived of the LORD's hand ing for sin.

ing of the fesh: How much moro double for all her sins.

1 John i, 7. But if we walk in shall the blood of Christ, who Isa. xliii, 25. I, eren I, am he the light, as he is in the light, we through the eternal Spirit offered that blotteth out thy transgres- have fellowship one with another, himself without spot to God, sions for mine own sake, and will and the blood of Jesus Christ his purge your conscience from dead not remember thy sins. Son cleanseth us from all sin.

works to serve the living God. 13a. xliv, 22. I have blotted out, 1 John il, 12. I write unto you,

Heb. x, 10. By the which will wo as a thick cloud, thy transgres- little children, because your sins are sanctified through the offer. sions, and, as a cloud, thy sins: are forgiven you for bis name's ing of the body of Jesus Christ return unto me; for I have re- sake.

Once for all. deemed thee.

Rev. vii, 13, 14. And one of the Jer. xxxiii, 8 And I will cleanse 1 Sam. Iil, 14. And therefore I elders answered, saying unto me, them from all their iniquity, have sworn unto the house of Eli, What are these which are arraywhereby they liave sinned against that the iniquity of Eli's house ed in white robes? and whenco me; and I will pardon all their shall not be purged with sacrifice

came they? And I said unto him, iniquities, whereby they have nor offering for ever.

Sir, thou knowest. And he said sinned, and whereby they have Job x, 14. If I sin, then thou out of great tribulation, and have

to me, These are they which came transgressed against me.

markest me; and thou wilt not washed their robes, and made Jer. 1, 20. In those days, and in acquit me from mine iniquity. them wbite in the blood of the that time, saith the LORD, the ini. Isa. xxil, 14. And it was re- Lamb. quity of Israel shall be sought for, vealed in mine ears by the LORD and there shall be none; and the of bosts, Surely this iniquity shall

4th. sins of Judah, and they shall not not be purged from you till ye die,

REDEMPTION IN ITS be found: for I will pardon them saith the Lord God of hosts. APPLICATION AND FRUITS. whom I reserve. Jer. il, 22. For though thou

THE HOLY GHOST. Micah vii, 19. IIe will turn' wash thee with nitre, and take

John xlv, 26. But the Comforagain, he will have compassion thee much soap, yet thine iniquity ter, which is the Holy Ghost, upon 'us; he will subdue our ini-is marked before me, saith the whom the Father shall send in quities; and thou wilt cast all Lord God.

my name, be shall teach you all their sins into the depths of the

Mark xi, 26. But if ye do not things, and bring all things to sea.

forgivo, neither will your Father your remembrance, whatsoever I Luke xxiv. 47. And that re

which is in heaven forgive your have said unto you. pentance and remission of sins trespasses.

John xvi, 7--14. Nevertheless I should be preached in his name 1 John v, 16. If any man see tell you the truth; It is expedient among all nations, beginning at his brother sin a sin which is not for you that I go away: for if I go Jerusalem.

unto death, he shall ask, and he not away, the Comforter will not Acts v, 31, 32. Him hath God shall give him life for them that come unto you; but if i depart, I exalted with his right hand to be sin not unto death. There is a sin will send him unto you.

And a Prince and a Saviour, for to give unto death: I do not say that he when he is come, he will reprove repentance to Israel, and forgiveshall pray for it.

the world of sin, and of righteousness of sins. Aud we are his wit

ness, and of judgment: Of sin, nesses of these things; and so is


because they believe not on me; also the Holy Ghost.

Zech. xiii, 1. In that day there of righteousness, because I go to

shall be a fountain opened to the my Father, and ye see ino no Acts xill, 38. Be it known unto house of David, and to the inhabi- more; of judgment, because the you therefore, men and brethren, tants of Jerusalem, for sin and prince of this world is judged. I that through this man is preach for uncleanness.

have yet many things to say unto 697


you, but ya cannot bear them hand hath formed the crooked proceedleth from the Father, he Howbeit when he, the serpent.

shall testity of me. Spirit of truth, is come, he will

Ps.cir,30. Thou sendest forth thy Acts xvi, 6. Now when they had guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but spirit, they are created; and thou gone throughout Phrygia and the

region of Galatia, and were for whatsoever he shall hear, that renewest the face of the earth. Bhall he speak: and he will shew Matth. xii, 28. But if I cast out bidden of the Holy Ghost to you things to come. He shall devils by the Spirit of God, then preach the word in Asia. glorify me: for he shall receive of the kingdom of God is come unto

Acts xxl, 11. And when he was mine, and shall shew it unto you. you.

come unto us, he took Pani's 1 Cor. xii, 7-11. But the mani girdle, and bound bis own hands HIS DIVINITY. festation of the Spirit is given to and feet, and said. Thus saith PROVED FROM HIS NAME. every man to profit withal. For the Holy Ghost, So shall the Jews

to one is given by the Spirit the at Jerusalem bind the man that 18a. VI, 8, 9. also I heard the word of wisdom; to another the owneth this girdle, and shall dosoice of the Lord, saying: Whom word of knowledge by the same liver him into the hands of the shall I send, and who will go for Spirit; To another faith by the

Gentilos. 028? Then said I, Here am I; send same 'spirit; to another the gifts Eph. iv, 30. And grieve not the me. And he said, go, and tell this of healing by the same Spirit; To Holy Spirit of God, whereby yo people, Hear ye indeed, but un another the working of miracles; are sealed unto the day of rederstand not; and see ye indeed, to another prophecy; to another demption. but perceive not.

discerning of spirits; to another Acts 7, 8, 4. But Peter said, divers kinds of tongues; to another SPIRITUAL INFLUENCE. Anantas, why hath Satan filled the interpretation of tongues: But

PROMISES AND STATEMENTS OF IT. thine heart to lie to the Holy all these worketh that one and the

Exod. iv, 12. Now therefore go, Ghost, and to keep back part of self-same Spirit, dividing to every and I will be with thy mouth, and the price of the land? Whiles it man severally as he will.

teach thee what thou shalt say. remained, was it not thine own?

Ps. xxxii, &. I will instruct thee, and after it was sold, was it not in WORSHIP PRESENTED TO III. thine own power? why hast thou

and teach thee in the way which

Matth. xxviii, 19. Go ye there thou shalt go: I will guide thee con celved this thing in thine fore, and teach all nations, baptiz- with mine eye. be art? thou hast not lied unto ing them in the name of the Faen, but unto God. ther, and of the Son, and of the ordain peace for us: for thou also

Isa. xxvi, 12. LORD, thon wilt Acts xxviii, 25 26. And when they Holy Ghost.

bast wrought all our works iu us. agreed not amous themselves, 2 Cor. xiii, 14. The grace of the they departed after that Paul bad Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of

Isa. xxix, 24. They also that spoken one word, Well spake the God, and the communion of the erred in spirit shall come to me Holy Ghost by Esaias the propliet Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen. derstanding, and they that murunto our fathers, saying, Go uuto

mured shall learn doctrine. this people, and say, Hearing ye Rev. 1, 4.5. John to the seven

Isa. XXX, 21. And thine ears shull hear, 'and shall not under-churches which are in Asia: Grace shall bear'a word behind thee, stand; and seeing ye shall see, and which is, and which was, and saying, This is the way, walk ye not perceive.

which is to come; and from the in it, when ye turn to the right 1 Cor. iil, 16. Know ye not that seven Spirits which are before his hand, and when ye turn to the ye are the temple of God, and that throne; And from Jesus Christ,

left. the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? who is the faithful witness, and Isa. xliv, 3-5. For I will pour

the first begotten of the dead, and water upon him that is thirsty,

the prince of the kings of the and floods upon the dry ground; I His PERFECTIONS.

earth. Uuto him that loved us, will pour my Spirit upon thy seed, Ps. cxxxix, 7. Whither shall I and washed us from our sins in and my blessing upon thine offgo from thy Spirit? or whither his own blood.

spring: And they shall spring up shall I fleo from thy presence?

as among the grass, as willows by 1 Çor. ii, 10, 11, 16. But God

the water-courses. One shall say,

IIIS PERSONALITY. nath revealed them unto us by his

I am the LORD's; and another shali Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all Matth, xii, 31. Wherefore I say call himself by the name of Jacob; things, yea, the deep things of unto you, All manner of sin and and another shall subscribe with God. For what nan knoweth the blasphemy shall be forgiven unto his hand unto the LORD, and surthings of a man, save the spirit of men; but the blasphemy against name himself by the namo of man which is in him? even so the the Holy Ghost shall not be for- Israel. things of God knoweth no man, given unto men.

Isa. liv, 13. And all thy children but the Spirit of God. For who hath koown the mind of the Lord, pray the Father, and he shall givo great shall be the peace of thg

John xiv, 16, 17. And I will shall be taught of the Lord; and that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ.

you another Comforter, that he children.
may abide with you for erer; Jer. xxiv, 7. And I will give

Even the Spirit of truth; whom them an heart to know me, that I

the world cannot receive, because am the Lord: and they shall be Gen. 1, 2. And the earth was it seeth him not, neither knoweth my people, and I will be their without form, and void; and dark. him: but ye know him; for he God: for they shall return unto ness was upon the face of the dwelleth with you, and shall be in me with their whole heart. deep. And the Spirit of God you.

Jer. xxxii, 38, 39. And they moved upon the face of the

John Xv, 26. But when the shall be my people, and I will be

Comforter is come, whom I will their God. And I will give them Job xxvi, 13. By his Spirit he send unto you from the Father, one heart, and one way, that they hutli gurnished the heavens; his even the Spirit of truth, wbich I may fear me for ever, for the good



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