תמונות בעמוד


- Once I was happy;
Clear and serene my life's calm current ran,
While scarce a breezy wish provok'd its tide!
Down the smooth flood the tuneful passions tell
In easy lapse, and slumber'd as they pass d.
Now what a change is wrought!


THE next morning Amelrosa scarcely touched any breakfast, and heedless what she did, from the croud of painful thoughts that occupied her mind, rose from the table, and walked to the window. At that moment, a female in mourning, who bore a strong resemblance to Denham, crossed from the opposite side of the street to th


house; and concluding from making her appearance there, she intended coming to see her, was in continual expectation for some time that she should behold her enter the apartment. But vainly did she expect her, and felt disappointed though she disliked the woman, (from having heard she was her enemy,) yet laving been with Lady Archdale at the closing scene of life, she wished, on that account only; to have seen her and to have made many inquiries relating to her dear benefactress..

Conjecturing she must have been mistaken in Denham's person, from her not waiting on her, she sat down and taking out Lady Archdale's portrait from a little box in which she carefully preserved it, reclined on the table with her head on her arm; and as she contemplated the picture, bathed it with the tears that imperceptibly fell from her eyes.

From this gentle indulgence of grief she

was was abruptly awakened by Miss Stanhope, who suddenly entered, and without the least pity for her, notwithstanding the semblance of woe she wore, that would have softened many hearts, however obdurate, rudely informed her that her mother desired she would tell her, that since the only tie that bound her to protect her, was dissolved, she would thank her as soon as possible to leave the house, because she wanted her apartment for a lady who was coming on a visit to them.

2. Amelrosa, too depressed to shew any resentment, replied in a faultering voice, that she would immediately quit the house after packing up her clothes. “Oh, pray do not put yourself to such inconvenience,

as to be in too great a bustle so suddenly. · My mother would not wish it as you have,

I believe, no friends to receive you.—Tomorrow morning will be time enough for you to depart, and you had better not go before as you seem so ill.--Besides, what

a ridi.

a ridiculous figure you would make to go out with those red, swoln eyes and haggard face:-I never in my life saw any person so shockingly altered! Your face, at present, would not easily attract a lover I fancy.-But I forgot in looking at you the principal part of my business,—my mother requests you will pay what is owing for your board.”

- With the payment of it I have no concern, madam,” rejoined Amelrosa. “My lamented friend agreed with your mother, to discharge every expence for me: had I, however, any money sufficient for the purpose, I would certainly pay it instantly; but as that is not the case it is impossible.”

“ Extremely well, -exactly as I suspected, and told my mother,—that after being troubled with you, it would, I was convinced, be a difficult matter to get paid. Were you of age, and myself in her situation, I would certainly arrest you." ..

“ Such humane sentiments are perfectly consistent with the general conduct of Miss VOL. III.


Stanhope,” replied Amelrosa, collecting a little more spirit; " who may assure her mother she need not make herself uneasy, for I have every reason to hope, Lady Archdale has bequeathed me money to pay the debt; and at all events, should it not be so, the executors, if Mrs. Stanhope represents her just claim, will certainly discharge

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" With respect to the executors," hastily rejoined Catherine, much provoked, “I cannot say any thing,—but with regard to yourself, I am certain you will have but a trifle to spare, if I have been well informed: however, should the sum left you be ever so small, it is as much as a foundling, brought up on charity, can expect!”

And with these words and a scornful look she retired, leaving Amelrosa motionless with astonishment, and unable to imagine how Catherine became acquainted with tke mystery of her early years.

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