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that the most energetic and ardent language could express but in a very inferior degree, the sentiments of gratitude that pervaded her bosom, at this instance of his friendship and humanity ; and after some further conversation they parted, -Mr. Melville having first desired she would send for him as soon as she heard from Lucy.

A week had nearly elapsed since her residence at the Taylors, and each revolving day discovered increasing proofs of their meanness and eagerness to get rid of her, which heightened her impatience to hear from Lucy; when one morning she was agreeably surprised by her appearance. The affectionate girl's eyes sparkled with delight at the sight of Amelrosa, and she placed an open letter in her hand, which on the perusal she found was from Lucy's father, whò demanded no more than five pounds every quarter, to lodge, board and wash for the lady.


These moderate terms were lower than she could have expected, and she told Lucy she should be most happy to accede to them, were she not afraid it would be a disadvantage to her parents to take her at such a low price; but Lucy quickly silenced her scruples by assuring her, that provisions were reasonable in that part of the country, and her father by keeping a little farm procured every article necessary for the table at a still more cheap rate, within his own small domain. In conse, quence of hearing this, Amelrosa immediately sat down and wrote to Mr. Heartwell, informing him she should be at Stoke Morton, the name of the village where he resided, in four or five days; and giving the letter to Lucy, desired she would put it into the post for her; and call likewise at Mr. Melville's before she went home, with her compliments, and request he would be so good as to come to her the first moment he was at leisure.


Amelrosa counted the hours till he arrived, which was not, however, till late in the evening ; being engaged with several patients. He was glad to hear she could be so soon indulged in her most earnest wishes, and presented her with twenty pounds, which would be more than enough, she said, for all her expences of travelling and living in the country. Mr. Melville observed, if she wanted more, she had only to send for it; and with his usual good-nature, offered to take her a place in the stage for the day after to-morrow, at which time she wished to go ; and it was extremely considerate of him to save her so much trouble.

The following day Amelrosa sent to Lucy, to beg she would, if possible, accompany her to the coach; Mr. Melville having promised to attend her, as she was to set off in it the next morning; and Lucy sending word she would, if possible, she began to busy herself the remainder of the




day in packing up; and afterwards informed Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, she was go. ing to leave them.

So rejoiced were they at the prospect of her not eating and drinking at their expence much longer, that they became again properly civil, and pretended to be much chagrined at losing her company so soon, hoping she would endeavor to make it convenient to stay another week.

Amelrosa did not let them perceive she was convinced of their insincerity, not being willing to mortify them, from feeling obliged at having had an asylum at their house, however reluctantly given, and short the period of her continuance at their abode.

They looked

very foolish as she thanked them the following morning, for the attention she had received, conscious they did not deserve any acknowledgments;


and parting from them with cool politeness, she was escorted by Mr. Melville to the hackney coach, where Lucy, who had seen her trunk placed in it, was waiting - for her.

As they drove to the stage, Amelrosa addressing Mr. Melville, said" Will you add to the numberless favors conferred on me, by endeavoring to procure Lucy a more desirable situation than her present one, which is indeed undeserving her merit, and it is her intention to quit it as soon as possible?”

Mr. Melville assured her it would give him pleasure to serve Lucy, from her recommendation, as well as her own apparent worth ; and that from his attending continually various families, it would not be a difficult task for him to procure something eligible for Lucy, who modestly thanked him.

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