תמונות בעמוד





Representation of the Divine Glory in Heaven.


META rairasi | 1 After these things, I | 1 After this I looked, dov, xai idè, fú looked ; and behold, and behold, a door was ga newfuém v rů

there was a door open opened in heaven: and ågaru, tj s pwrnn

ed in the heaven; and the first voice which I apáin, iv öxxon

the former voice,which heard, was as it were ás camilya na

I had heard as of a of a trumpet talking déons uil fuč, trumpet speaking with with me; which said, goro ’Arába ūds, me, saying, “ Come Come up hither, and I sai deížw oor å desi “ up hither, and I will will shew thee things γενέσθαι μεία ταύ

" shew thee the things which must be here3 Tz Kaisüléws łys “ which must happen 2 after. And immedi

νόμην εν πνεύματι 2 " after these." And ately I was in the Spie ay ids, Igóvos ixeilo immediately I was in rit ; and behold, a ir tơ éqavý, rj éri the Spirit; and behold, Throne was set in

το θρόνα καθήμενος. a Throne was set in 1 heaven, and one sat on 3 Kai ó uzbrusoa heaven; and upon the 3 the Throne. And He

[mv] @yo.Q ópeous Throne one sitting; | that sat, was to look hiba icotidi, xai 3 And Hethat sate [was] upon like a jasper, and caediwe zjigos xu like in appearance to a sardine stone: and xhóley to Spóve - a jasper, even a sar there was a rainbow

Mos Qogaoui ouces dine stone. And a round about the A geydivą. Kai xvo radiance round about Throne, in sight like

wróbsy të Sgóve aşó the Throne, like in ap 4 unto an emerald. And yos sínsoo Ticom pearance to an eme round about the Throne gase zy ini Tès fpós | 4 rald. And round about were four and twenty 18ς είκοσι τέσσαρας | the Throne werctwenty seats: and upon the

πρεσβυθέρας καθη four thrones, and upon seats I saw four and μένες, περιβεβλη the thrones twenty-four twenty Elders, sitting, μένες εν Ιμαλίοις λευ Elders, sitting, clothed clothed in white raiκούς και επί τας in white raiment; and ment; and they had on

κεφαλάς αυτών σε- I upon their heads their heads crowns of 3 φάνες χρυσές. Και | 5 crowns of gold. And | 3 gold. And out of

έκ το θρόνο εκπο out of the Throne pro the Throne proceeded ρεύονlαι αγgαπαι και ceed lightnings, and lightnings, and thunβρονlαι και φωναί: thunderings,and voices; derings, and voices : και επτά λαμπάδες and seven lamps of fire And there were seven συρος καιόμεναι έ burning before the lamps of fire burning νώπιον το θρόνο, αί Throne, which are the before the Throne, εισι τα επτά πνεύ

seven Spirits of God. which are the seven 6 μαία τε Θεέ. Και 6 And before the Throne,

6 Spirits of God. And ενώπιον το θρόνα ως as it were, a Sea, glassy, before the Throne there θάλασσα υαλίνη, like unto crystal ; and was a sea of glass, like ομοία κρυστάλλων και in the midst of the unto crystal: And in εν μέσω το θρό Throne, and around the midst of the Throne,

και κύκλω το θρό the Throne, four living and round about the να τέσσαρα ζώα γέ creatures, full of eyes, Throne, were four

μονία οφθαλμών έμ- I before and behind. I beasts, full of eyes, be7 προσθεν καλόπισ- 7 And the first living

ñ fore and behind. And θεν. Και το ζώον

creature like a lion; the first beast was like το πρώτον όμοιον and the second living

a lion; and the second λέoντι, και το δεύcreature like a steer;

beast like a calf; and τερον ζώον όμοιον and the third . living

the third beast had a μόσχω, και το τρίτον creature having the

face as a man; and ζώον έχουν το πρόσ

aspect as a man; and the fourth beast was ωπον ως άνθρωπος, the fourth living crea

like a flying eagle. και το τέταρίoν ζώον

ture like a flying eagle. 8 And the four beasts όμοιον αείω τελωμέ

8 And the four living had each of them six 8 νω" Και τέσσαρα creatures, having each

wings about him, and ζώα, εν καθ' εν αυ

of them six wings, are they were full of eyes των, έχουν ανα στε

full of eyes, around within ; and they rest ρυγας έξ, κυκλόθεν

and within ; and they not day and night, sayκαι έσωθεν γέμισιν cease not day and

ing, Holy, boly, holy, οφθαλμών και ανάnight, saying, “ Holy,

Lord God Almighty, παυσιν εκ έχεσιν “ boly, holy, the Lord

which was, and is, and ημέρας και νυκλός, λέ

“ God, the Almighty, 9 is to come. And when γοντες" "Αγιον, ά

“ which was, and which I those beasts give glory. yoQ, To G. Kúpos ó Osos ó wartougééTaip, o nv, xxió ür,

xxi ó sexbuev@u. 9 Kai öra dmoroi

τα ζώα δόξαν και τιμής και ευχαριςίαν τη καθημένων επί το θρόνε, τα ζώλι εις τες

aiūræs tün aiwowy, 10 Πεσύλαι οι είκοσι

τέσσαρες πρεσβύτεροι ενώπιον το καOnuéve ini tö Igó », «zi wgoonum sãos T Swole sis τες αιώνας των αι

wy, xai Bachão . Tès sepéves aütão

ενώπιον το θρόνε, 11 négorks. "AĞsos ei,

Kúęte, 2d6são. Tam δόξαν, και την τι

uhr, nai anu dúva" μιν" ότι συ έκλισας và cá la, xa: già το θέλημά σε ήσαν, xai exlicinoar.

“is, and which is to and honour, and thanks 9 “ come !" And when I to Him that sat on the

the living creatures Throne, who liveth for give glory and honour | 10 ever and ever, The and thanksgiving to four and twenty Elders Him who sitteth on the fall down before Him

Throne, who liveth for that sat on the Throne, 10 ever and ever, The and worship Him that

twenty-four elders fall liveth for ever and down before Him who ever, and cast their sitteth on the Throne, crowns before the and worship Him who 11 Throne, saying, Thou liveth forever and art worthy, O Lord, ever; and cast their to receive glory, and

crowns before the honour, and power : 11Throne, saying, “Wor for thou hast created

“thy art thou, O Lord, all things, and for thy
“ to receive the glory, pleasure they are, and
" and the honour, and were created.
“ the power; for thou
“ hast created all
“ things, and by thy
“ will they were, and
“ were created.”

• Ver. 1. After these things.] In the 19th verse of the first chapter, the Prophet is ordered to write both the things which were then present, i ell, and the events which were to happen afterwards, a deo }

wards, a MEN det γενεσθαι μετα ταυλα. Into these two parts the whole book of the Apocalypse is divided *. The first, containing " See note, ch. i. 19,



the present state of the seven Churches, as discovered by their all-seeing Lord, is now completed; and we enter upon the second, which contains the disclosure of events which were then to come. Accordingly it is a new vision which is now presented; and the words "immediately I was in the spirit,” shew it to be such;

not to have been repeated from chap. i. 10, if it had been otherwise.

Ib. In the heaven.] The same kind of opening in the heaven, is described by other Prophets, who were favoured with such visions *. This opening of the heaven was previous to Saint John's ascent thither, and seems to have been seen by him, before he was carried in the Spirit to become a spectator of the sublime scene which he is going to describe.

Ver. 2. I was in the Spirit.] The celerity with which the Apostle, rapt in the Spirit, is presented before the scenery in heaven, is sublime. It is like that alluded to by Saint Paul, who knew not whether he was bodily or only spiritually present t. It is not like the fabled ascent of Mahomet, on the beast Albo

rak I.

Ib. A throne.] This representation has a near resemblance to what it pleased the Holy Spirit to display, at other times, of the majesty of Jehovah g. The ineffable presence of God, as Bishop Lowth remarksll, can only be represented by sensible and earthly images. Here is displayed the utmost magnificence of eastern state.

Ib. Upon the throne one sitting.] There is great sublimity in this nameless majesty of God; and ipsum

* Ezek. i. 2. x. 1.
+ 2 Cor. xii. 2. & 3.

Prideaux' Life of Mahomet.
Isaiah vi. Ezek. i. 26, &c. xliii. i. 9. · H On Isaiab vi.

verbum sedere, the very word, sitting, says Jerome, shews the power and authority of his rule *.

Ver. 3. Jasper-sardine-stone.] The jasper is represented to be a pellucid, watery gem, its colour various t, the sardine also transparent, but of a fiery tinge. So, to express in some measure, by sensible images, the ineffable brightness of Him who sate upon the throne, the clear jasper first presented itself in the Prophet's mind, but a fiery glow was wanting to coinplete the description ; he therefore adds the sardine. There is a resemblance to this in Exod. xxiv. 10, 17.

Ib. Radiance.) In the vision of Ezekiel I, there is a throne, and one sitting, and around him “as it were “the appearance of fire, and it had brightness round “about, as the appearance of the bow that is in the “clouds on the day of rain.” Such was this circular glory; it was not a rainbow, but like it; and of a green hue and lustre, like an emerald.

Ver. 4. Twenty-four thrones--twenty-four elders.] Comparing this vision, so far as we have proceeded, with those exhibited in the Old Testament to the Prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel, we cannot hesitate to declare, that it represents (to use the words of these Prophets) “ the King, the Lord of Hosts, the Glory “ of the God of Israel!” But who are these, whom we behold on the twenty-four thrones, seated in state, and dignified with crowns? They are admitted to distinguishing honour in the Divine presence; and yet they are certainly servants, for they officiate as such (v. 10, and ch.'xi. 16.) in postures of adoration, as before an eastern monarch, with crowns abased, doing homage to the Supreme King. Yet they are not angels, the

* Hieron. Comm. in Ephes. i. 20. : + Plin. Nat. Hist. lib. xxvii.

X 2

Ch. i. 27, 28.


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