תמונות בעמוד

the worship is founded, being absorbed in Reality, the nearer Presence of the Deity will supersede the use of a Temple, Th superior Light and Knowledge, emanating from his glorious Presence, will remove darkness and error, and the necessity of that stated worship, which is the ordinary means of preventing man from being estranged from his Maker. Here

Here “ we know in "part, and prophesy in part;" that is, imperfectly : " but when that which is perfect is come, that which “is in part shall be done away * '

Chap. xxii. Ver. 1. And he shewed me a river of water of Life; &c.] In a thirsty soil and hot climate, like that of Palestine, where most of the prophecies were delivered, water is a necessary means of fructification; and the practice of irrigation is much used in agriculture. But, as water is to the soil, supplying health and vigour to its languid plants; so is the influence of God's Holy Spirit to the human soul, when sinking in its spiritual progress. Thus refreshed, the soul brings forth “ fruits unto holiness, and the end everlasting “ life t.” Water is therefore used, in Scripture, as the symbol of such supplies of Divine Grace I. The waters of the River of Life proceed from the throne of God, and of the Lamb $; from the Fountain of all mercy: and the salutary streams support the tree of Life, which

i Cor. xiii. 9, 10.- Many passages of the ancient prophets, some of which may have been typically or partially fulfilled, seem to belong to these times, and still to await their final completion. Isaiah iv. 3—6; xxv. 6-9; lx; lxi. 10; lxvi. 20—24. Ezek. xl; xliii. 7; xlvii. 1-5 -12; xlviii. 20. 35. + Rom. vi. 22.

Isaiah viïi. 6; xxx. 25; xxxii. 20; xxxv. 6, 7; xli. 17 ; xlix. 9; xliii. 20; lv. 1; liv. 13; lvii. 11. Jer. ii. 19; xvii. 13. Ezek. xlvii. 2. Joel iii. 18. Zech. xiii. 1; xiv. 8. John iv. 13, 14 ; vii. 3$. 39. § See note, ch. iii. 1.

is to be seen in this Paradise regained, a never-failing source of immortality. The fruit, continually renewing, supports the body to eternal life; whilst the leaves (that no part may be unserviceable) are a balm or healing application for the wounds of sin, to those of the nations who had lived in ignorance of the Divine laws, but now partake the benefits of Redemption.

The remaining expressions describing this blissful state, will be found explained under note, ch. i. 16. ji. 10. iii. 22.

Ver. 2.) Some MSS. says Dr. Jortin, "instead of εντευθεν και εντεύθεν, read εντευθεν και εκειθενsed nil opus.” And he quotes ev@ev nui ev@ev as used by Aristotle, Herodotus, Sophocles, and in Const. Apost.; and observes; Nothing is more common than evda xui xvba: and hinc " et hinc, in the Latin poets.” And he remarks, that the very same expression is used by St. John, in his Gospel, chap. xix. 18*.

• Discourses on the Christian Religion, p. 210. 2d edit,



The Conclusion,

CHAP, xxii, VER. 6-to the end.

6 Και είπί μοι· Ούτοι | 6 And he said unto me,

6 And he said unto me; os nóyou wigoi xai

“ These words are'wor- These sayings are faithαληθινοί και Κυρί. “ thy of belief and true. ful and true. And the Ο Θεος των πνευμά- " And the Lord God

Lord God of the holy των των τροφηλών “ of the prophets hath prophets sent bis angel επέςειλε τον άγε- “ sent his angel to to shew unto his serλον αυτά δείξαι τους

" shew unto his ser- vants the things which δέλοις αυτέ, α δει “ vants things which must shortly be done.

γενέσθαι εν τάχει. . “must come to pass 7 Bebold, I come quicksony Kai idd, lexoure 7“ in a short time. And ly: blessed is he that

ταχύ μακάρι και behold, I come soon. keepeth the sayings of τηρών τες λόγες της

“ Blessed is he who the prophecy of this σροφητείας το βι- “keepeth the words of 8 book. And I John saw 8 Θλία τότε. Και “ the Prophecy of this these things, and heard εγώ Ιωάννης, ο α

8 “ book.” And it was them. And when I had κέων και βλέπων I John who heard and heard and seen, I fell ταύτας ότε ήκεσα

saw these things: and down to worship beκαι έβλεψα, έπεσα when I had heard and fore the feet of the ωροσκυνήσαι έμ. seen, I fell down to

angel which shewed me προσθεν των ποδών

worship before the feet 9 these things. Then το αγέλα το δειχ- of the Angel who shew- saith he unto me; See

νύονθός μοι ταύτα. . ed me these things. thou do it not: for I 9 Käidinys 4408°"Ozc | 9 And he saith unto me, am thy fellow-servant, μή: συνδυλός σε

“ See thou do it not: and of thy brethren the είμι, και των αδελ

“ I am a fellow servant prophets, and of them φών σε των προφη

“ with thee, and with which keep the sayings των, και των της άν“thy brethren the pro

of this book : worship των τες λόγες τα “phets, and with those 10 God. And be saith βιβλία τότε το “ who keep the words unto me; Seal not the Θε.. τεροσκύνησαν:

“ of this book: wor- sayings of the prophe

10 Και λέγει μοι· Μη 10“ ship God." And he cy of this book : for, σφραγίσης του λό

saith unto me,

Thou the time is at hand. yos rūs apopnleias may'st not seal the

11 He that is unjust, let το βιβλίο τότε και “ words of the prophe- him be unjust still:

καιρός έγύς έσιν “cy of this book; the and he which is filthy, 11'o ádixwv, åormona | 11“ time is near. He that, let him be filthy still:

σάτω έτι και ο ρυ- “ is unjust, let him be and he that is righteπαρος βυπαρευθήτω unjust still : and he ous, let him be rightePtie xy • dixa. Qu, " that is defiled, let him ous still: and he that δικαιοσύνην ποιησά- “ be defiled still : and is holy, let him be holy τν έτι και ο άγιο», “ he that is righteous, | 12 still.

12 still. And behold, I 12άγιασθήτω έτι. Ιδε, " let him work righte- come quickly: and my έρχομαι ταχύ, και

ousness still : and he reward is with me, to ο μισθός με με " that is holy, let him give every man accordέμε, αποδέναι εκά- 12“ be holy still. Bebold, ing as his work shall

το ως το έργον αυ- " I come soon: and 13 be. I am Alpha and 13 8 15a. 'Ey die my reward is with

Omega, the beginning το Α και το Ω, αρ- me, to requite every and the end, the first χή και τέλος, ο one according as his 14 and the last. Blessed

πρώτο και ο έσ- 13“ work shall be. I am are they that do his 1 + x27Q. Managioi “ the Alpha and the commandments, that

οι σοιενες τας ον- “ Omega, Beginning they may have right to Tenis aita, va “ and End, the First the tree of life, and 75x1 Ý Espia aún 14" and tlie Last. Blessed may enter in through των επί το ξύλον are they who do his the gates into the ains Zwns, xai rois “commandments, that 15city. For without, are

συλωσιν εισέλθωσιν “ their power may be dogs, and sorcerers, 15 εις την σολιν."Εξω over the tree of Life, and whoremongers, and οι κύνες, και οι φαρ" and that they may

murderers, and idolaMaxoi, xj o wógvos,

“ enter by the gates ters, and whosoever xal oil poetis, at al 15“ into the city. With- loveth and maketh a ειδωλολάτραι, και “out are dogs, and

16 lie. I Jesus bave sent τάς [6] φιλών και " the sorcerers, and

nine angel to testify 16σοιών ψεύδο. Εγώ

" the whoremongers, unto you these things ' 'Ιητές έπεμψα τον

“ and the murderers, in the churches. I am άλγελός με μαργυρή- “ and the idolaters, and the root and the off. σαι υμιν ταύτα έπι

every one who loveth spring of David, and Tuis εκκλησίαις “ and maketh deceit. the bright and mornεγώ είμι η ρίζα και xj

16“ I Jesus have sent my 17 ing star. And the Spiτο γέν Δαβίδ, ο messenger to testify rit and the bride say, ασης λαμπρός και " to you these things Come. And let binn

17 agwiròs. Kai tò

ανεύμα και η νύμφη λέγεσιν "Ερχε και ο ακέων είπάτω: "Ερχε και ο διψών έσχέσθω, και θέλων

λαζέτω ύδωρ ζωής 18 δωρεάν. Μαρίυρώ

εγώ σανλι το ακέονλι τες λόγες της προφηθείας το βιβλίο τότε εάν τις επιθη επ' αύτα, επιθήσει ο Θεός επ' αυτόν τας πληγάς τας

γεγραμμένας εν τη 19βιβλίω τέτα" Και

εάν τις αφέλη από των λόγων τα βιCaís tñs apocnleias ταύτης, αφελεί και Ords rd wips. ara ชะ ชะ ร Swns, nai ix niño σόλεως της αγίας, , και των γεγραμμένων

εν τω βιβλίω τέτω. 20 Λέγει και μαρτυρών

ταύτα και έρχομαι

ταχύ αμήν» έρχε, 21Kigue IngeHx

gos Kogic 'Incê Xise uslá wárley (w).

(6 who

that beareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst, come: and whosoever will, let

him take the water of 18 life freely. For I testi

fy unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man sball add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that

are written in this 19 book : And if any man

shall take away from
the words of the book
of this prophecy, God
shall take
part out of the book
of life and out of the
holy city, and from the

things which are writ20 teo in this book. He

which testifieth these things, saith, Surely, I come quickly. Amen.

Even so, come, Lord 21Jesus. The grace of

our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.

" through the Chur“ches. I am the root “ and the offspring of

“David, the bright, the 17" morning star. And

" the Spirit and the 66 bride

say, « Come: " and let him that “ beareth say, 'Come: 6 and let him that " thirsteth, come; he " that willeth, let him

" take water of life 18“ freely. 1, even I, do testify to every one

heareth the " words of the prophe

cy of this book, if any

one shall add unto " them, God shall add

unto him the plagues “ which are written in 19" this book: And if

any one shall take away

from the words “ of the book of this

prophecy, God shall “ take away his por

out of the “ tree of Life, and out “.of the holy city,

“ which are written in 20" this book. He who

“ testifieth these things " saith, Surely I come

soon :'Amen! come, 21“ Lord Jesus!" The

Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with [you) all!

away his

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