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his address, as he had begun it, (in chapter i. 8. 18.) with such a representation of his eternal power and glory, as must induce lis followers to trust in him. He then renews his promises of inestimable rewards *, to those who shall diligently seek them, and his denunciations of eternal punishments, to those who pursue the wages of sin. The sins specified in the 8th verse, are such as have been noted and explained in the progress of this work. But it may be asked, why are the cowardly enumerated in the catalogue of sinners ? Can a man help the fearfulness and timidity of his nature? Is not courage, in a great degree, a constitutional virtue? To this it may be answered, that every Christian, in the language of the Scriptures, and especially in that of this book, is accounted a soldier of Christ. As such, he is engaged to fight (and he undertakes this warfare solemnly at his baptism) against the world, the flesh, and the devil. These are the agents of iniquity who oppose the Messiah, in these prophetical visions; the dragon, and the beasts. And the courage required to resist these, is far from being corporeal and constitutional. For in this cause, the weak and timid sex have produced as many champions and conquerors, as the sex accounted most valiant and robust. Resolution to resist temptation, and to follow faithfully the great Captain of Salvation, through difficulties and trials, is, more or less, in the power of every one; and what is deficient in human infirmity, will be made strong, and equal to that which is expected from it, by the grace of God. Therefore “the cowardly and faithless” are properly classed together in this passage, and with the sinners, who are of that kind and description which was seen to apostatise from the Christian Religion, in times

• As in chapters ii, and iii.


of temptation and persecution; especially during the prevalency of the Gnostic doctrines, which encouraged all these enormities, and had begun to exhibit its evil tendency when this prophecy was published".

* Mosheim, de Reb. Christ. ante Const. Mag. Sæc. ii. sect. xli.

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CHIAP. xxi. ver. 9-to the end. CHAP. xxii. ver.1-3.

g Kal nadev sis ex 9 And there came one of 9 And there came unto των επτά αγγέλων

the seveu angels, (of me one of the seven των εχόν7ων τας

those who had the angels, which had the έπια φιάλας τας seven vials, which were seven vials full of the

full of the seven last γεμίσας των επτα

seven last plagues, and σληγών των εσχά- plagues,) and spake talked with me, saying; τωη, κα

και ελάλησε with me,saying, “Come Come hither; I will μεσ' εμέ, λέγων" * hither; I will shew shew thee the bride, Δεύρο, δείξω σοι " thee the brid., the 10 the Lamb's wife. And την νύμφην το αρνία " wife of the Lamb."

he carried me away in 10 την γυναίκα. Και

10 And be carried me the Spirit to a great απήεκέ με ένα πνεύ- away, in the Spirit, to

and high mountain, μαλι επ' όρος μέγα a great and high moun- and shewed me that και υψηλόν, και έδειξε

tain: and he shewed great city, the holy μοι την πόλιν την

me the holy city, Jeru- Jerusalem, descending αγίαν Ιερεσαλήμ, salenı, descending out out of heaven from καλαβαίνεσαν εκ το

of heaven froin God, 11 God, Having the glory épzyâ ane të Oit, 11 I Having the glory of of God: and ber light 11*Εχασαν την δόξαν God, (and) hér splen- was like unto a stone iš Osö (uzi] ó

dour like a most pre- most precious, even Çwship ajñs öreglos

cious stone, as it were, like a jasper-stone, 2.1. Tipulátw, MS 12 a crystal-jasper, Hav- 12 clear as crystal; And λίθω ασπιδι κει- ing a wall great and had a wall great and 12 sanilorl"Exxon lofty, having twelve high, and had twelve τείχος μέγα και

gates, and at the gates gates, and at the gates burnos, Exooa twelve angels; and twelve angels, and ουλώνας δώδεκα, , names inscribed there- names written thereon, και επί τούς συλώσιν on, which are of the which are the names of αγέλες δώδεκα, και

twelve tribes of the the twelve tribes of ονόματα επιγείραμ- 13 Sons of Israel, On the children of Israel : peira, å iso tur the east three gates,and 13 On the east, three

δώδεκα φυλών των on the north three gates, gates; on the north, 13 we'logana. 'Ar' and on the south three three gates; on the duzlar, wules

gales, and on the west south, three gates; and τρείς και από βορρά, , 14 three gates. And the on the west, threa συλώνες τρείς και wall of the city hav- 14 gates. And the wall από νότο, συλώνες ing twelve foundation- of the city had twelve τρείς και από δυσ

stones; and upon them foundations, and in μών, πυλώνες τρείς. twelve names of the them the names of the 14Και το τείχος της twelve Apostles of the twelve' apostles of the

πόλεως έχον θεμε- 15 Lamb. And he who 15 Lamb. And be that λίες δώδεκα, και επ' spake with me, bad a talked with me, had a αυτών δώδεκα ονό- measure, a golden reed, golden reed to nieaμαλα των δώδεκα to measure the city sure the city, and the

αποςόλων το αρνίε. . and the gates thereof, gates thereof, and the 15 Και ο λαλών με and the wall thereof. 16 wall thereof. And the

épe, size Métpor 16 And the city lieth city lieth four-square,
κάλαμον χρυσών, ,
quadrangular; and the

and the length is as iree fuelphen The length thereof as much large as the breadth : σόλιν, και τις συ- as the breadih.

And and he measured the λώνας αυτής, και το he measured the city city with the reed, 16 τείχος αυτής. Και with the reed, twelve twelve thousand furή σόλις τετράγωνος

thousand furlongs. The longs: the length, and κείται, και το μήκος length and the breadth the breadth, and the αυτής όσον [] το

and the height of it height of it are equal. πλάτος και εμέ- 17 are equal. And he 17 And he measured the τρησε την πόλιν τω measured the wall wall thereof, an hunχαλάμω επί Σαδίας thercof, an hundred dred and forty and δώδεκα χιλιάδων and forty-four cubits, four cubits, according το μήκος, και το the measure of a man, to the measure of a αλάτος, και το that is, of an angel.

man, that is, of the itos autos ioa isi. 18 And the building of 18 angel. And the build17 Και εμέτρησε το the wall thereof was ing of the wall of it τείχος αυτής έκα- jasper; and the city was of jasper; and the

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τον τεσσαρόλα was gold, pure, like city was pure gold, like Teccáfwy torx ür, 19 unto clear glass. And

19 unto clear glass. And | 19 unto clear glass. And μέτρον άνθρωπο, και the foundation-stones the foundations of the 18 isiy loying. Kai of tlie wall of the city wall of the city were ήν η ενδόμησις το were adorned with all

garnished with all manτείχος αυτής, ίασ

of precious ner of precious stones. στις" και η πόλις stones. The first foun- The first foundation χεισίν καθαρό», ό- dation-stone, Jasper; wasjasper; the second, μοία άλω καθαρά.

. the second, Sapphire ; sapphire; the third, a 19 Και οι θεμέλιοι το the third, Chalcedony; chalcedony; the fourth,

τείχος της πόλεως the fourth, Emerald; 20 an emerald ; The fifth, Tayli .260w topów 20 The fifth, Sardonyx; sardonyx; the sixtu, κεκοσμημένοι και 95

the sixth, Sardine; the sardius; the seventh, μέλος και πρώτος, seventh, Chrysolite; cbrysolite; the eighth, "ασπις" ο δεύτερος, the eighth, Beryl; the beryl; the ninth, a toσάπφειρος" ο τρί

ninth, "Topaz;

the paz; the tenth, a chry. του, χαλκηδών» και

tentlı, Chrysoprasus; soprasus; the eletétagios, quézzego the eleventh, Jacyntb; venth, a jacinct; the 2000s 'o wirlos,

the twelfth Amethyst. twelfth, un amethyst. cagnoti ixtos, 21 And the twelve gates, 21 And the twelve gates σαρδιος ο οδομος,

twelve pearls; every were twelve pearls ; χρυσό..θος: ο όγ- several gate was of one every several gate was dcas, Espurlos

, » και pearl: and the broad of one pearl: and the ένναίος, τοπάζων και

place of the city gold, street of the city was δεκαλος, χρυσόπρα- pure, as transparent pure gold, as it were coso ó svdíxolos, ca. 22 glass. And I saw 110 | 22 transparent glass. And

xor los ó ou dixalos, temple therein: for, the I saw no temple there. 21 αμέθυσος. Και οι

Lord God Almighty in: for the Lord God δώδεκα συλώνες, ,

is the temple thereof, Almighty, and the 10xz papagítaig 23 and the Lamb. And the Lamb, are the temple arasis ix2505 TON city has no need of the 23 of it. And the city gun.i$ เห sun, nor of the moon, had no need of the μαργαρίτα και η to shine in it: for, the sun, neilber of the waachia is wi- glory of God did give moon to shine in it: λεις, χρυσίον κα- light to it; and its for the glory of God Θαρόν, ώς ύαλος

lamp is the Lamb. did lighten it, and the 22davyas. Kzi vzor 2+ And the nations shall Lamb is the light

ex dois aora walk by the light of it: 24 thereof. And the naγος Κύριος ο Θεός και

and 'the kings of the tions of them which παντοκράτως ναός earth shall bring their are saved, shall walk kiri ish, xai to glory [and bonour into in the lightof i:aad

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