תמונות בעמוד

for the Christian Church, even here upon earth. For the days will come, and seem at no very great distance, (the present century may perhaps disclose them,) when, the beast and false prophet being removed, and Babylon sunk for ever, the devil, that ancient foe, shall be deprived of his wonted influence; and the prophecies, which in the Old Testament, as well as in the book of Revelation, promise happy times, shall be accomplished *.

* An abstracted view of the sentiments of the Ancients on this difficult, and as yet obscure subject, may be seen in Bishop Newton's Dissertations, vol. iii. 329–343. 8vo; and of the Moderns, in Lowman's Paraphrase and notes on Rev. p. 242—248. Some ingenious and useful bints are suggested in Mr. Kett's last volume on Prophecy. And a comprehensive, learned, and very judicious view of the whole subject may be read in Mr. Gray's Discourse on Rev. xx. 4, 5, 6. It is remarkable that Dr. Whitby, who had declined to comment on the Apocalypse, assigning as his motive, that he felt himself unqualified for such a work, has ventured to explain this particular prediction of the Millennium; which being, as all agree, a prophecy yet únfulfilled, is, of all others, the most difficult. Yet his Treatise on the true Millennium may be perused with advantage. But, as it plainly appears that no one, who lived before the completion of the prophecies of the Seals, the Trumpet, or the Harlot of Babylon, however learned and sagacious, was able to penetrate through the veil of these mysteries; nor was any progress made in assorting these prophecies, until the historical events fulfilling them appeared; so, to the events alone are we to look with confidence for the complete illustration of these predictions. We can at present collect from them with safety, only general notions and assurances. Such however are sufficient to support our faith, if not to gratify oựr cariosity.




Satan loosed, deceiveth the nations, and is cast into

the burning lake.

CHAP. xx. ver. 7–10.

7 Kai őtxy Teleo Oñ 17 And when the thou- 17 And when the thou

Tie xínuze érn, du sand years shall be | sand years are expired, θήσεται ο σατανάς | completed, satan sball | Satan shall be loosed

εκ της φυλακής αυ be loosed from bis 8 out of his prison, And 8 78: Kai i8AEucilat

s prison : And he shall shall go out to deceive πλανήσαι τα έθνη

come forth to deceive the nations which are Tà in exis Técoug

the nations which are in the four quarters of as yoríais tñs vñs,

in the four corners of the earth, Gog and τον Γων και τον the earth, the Gog,

Magog, to gather them Mzcyny, ouvez aiv and the Magog, to ga

together to battle: the atrès sis dóaslov, ther them together to

number of whom is as Nr S zpropos aitw battle, the number of

the sand of the sea. ús si äzpos tos Dewhom is as the sand of

9 And they went up on 9 récons. Kaiávé 9 the sea. And they

the breadth of the βησαν επί το πλάwent up on the extent

earth, and compassed TOS rñs yras, xai of the earth, and sur

the camp of the saints éxúxdwear the JXrounded the camp of

about, and the beloved seu bod norūveryiwy,

city: and fire came the saints, even the nai rin tódy zno

down from God out of hyemmuérnyo xad beloved city. And fire

heaven, and devoured καιέβη τούρ από το came down from God

10 them. And the devil Ost ér të špově, out of heaven, and de

that deceived them, και κατέφαγεν αυτές. 10 voured them. And the

was cast into the lake 10 Kai ó dobonos o devil, who deceiveth

of fire and brimstone, wasîr aúrss, : them, was cast into the

where the beast and the Κλήθη εις την λίμ lake of fire and brim

false prophet are, and νην τα συρός και stone; where were like

shall be tormented day Sit, ve xai và wise the wild-beast and

and night for ever and Ingior ny o teudo the false prophet; and popoợntense ry Baca they shall be torment


[blocks in formation]


After the grand period of the Millennium, so favourable to the Christian cause, shall have come to its end, another apostacy sliall unhappily take place. This is expressed figuratively, by satan being again loosed, to deceive the nations. This new rebellion against the laws of God, and against the easy yoke of the Redeemer, is of formidable extent. The four corners of the earth, (that is, the nations of the whole earth)* are engaged in it. It is an apostacy of a new kind; different at least from the former apostacy, in which the beast and false prophet were satan's instruments of mischief. Beyond this we have little ground of conjecture. The enemies of the Christian Church, numerous as the sands upon the sea-shore, surround the camp of the Saints, which is represented as in a state of siege. But the extinction of these enemies shall be sudden, miraculous, and complete. They shall be destroyed by fire, by fire from heaven, that is, miraculously, and utterly t.

This description is conformable to other ancient prophecies, still remaining to be fulfilled; or which have received only a partial and typical completion. Such are Isaiah lxiii. lxvi. Joel ji. Ezek. xxxviii, and xxxix; which is the last prophecy in the book, and is said expressly to be of the latter days. Gog and Magog will be found to signify the nations; those which were most distant, and yet hostile to the Church*. On all these prophecies, evidently not yet fulfilled, little can be conjectured with safety. They are to be handed down to the Church of the latter days, even as those prophecies, which we have seen fulfilled, have been delivered to us; and with this consolation, that this "overflowing of iniquity,” whenever it arrives, shall be miraculously and completely terminated f. And this is the last successful effort of satan against the Church. He is then consigned to his eternal prison.

* See note, ch. iv. 6. + See note, ch. xvii, 12.

1 Excepting the exhibition of the temple, which, being a subject entire of itself, was reckoned by the Jews as an additional book. See Joseph. Ant. Jud. lib. x. c. 6.

most 11 Kai sidor Ogóvoy | 11 And I saw a great | 11 And I saw a great

* See Mede's Works, p. 280; Abp. Newcome on Ezekiel xxxviii. 2; also Lowth on the same passage.

+ So Ezek, xxxix. 6. Isaiah xlvii. 13, 14; xxxii. 14.



The Judgment.

CHAP. XX. ver. 11-to the end.

Aevxór móryer, Big white throne, and bim white throne, and bin τον καθήμενον επ' who sate thereon, from that sat on it, from avri, ó åtò ago before whose presence whose face the earth ơize ques » 7 x the earth and the hea and the heaven fled • spavis x romos ven fled away, and away, and there was

šx súgion aŭtois. there was found no found no place for 12 Kai xidon tès veu 12 place for them. And 12 thém. And I saw the

xepes, fixgés rý den I saw the dead, small dead, small and great, gánys, ésãtes ivás and great, standing stand before God; and Fiov të Oič, xai before the throne : and the books were openBobría hveyxonomy books were opened. ed: and another book και βιβλίον άλλο And another book was was opened, which is พธม.6, * , รร opened, which is of the book of life: and the

Luñso rey expilnous life. And the dead dead were judged out or renpoi in râu were judged from the of those things which γεγραμμένων εν τοις things written in the were written in the

βιβλίοις, καλά τα books, according to books, according to 13 ipya aŭtāv. Kai | 13 their works. And the | 13 their works. And the

fowxey o Jánaron sea gave up the dead sca gave up the dead TÅS šv avtñ vexpés, which were in it: and which were in it; and rj ó Sávalos aj death and hell gave up death and hell deliάδης έδωκαν τες εν the dead which were vered up the dead avtoīs vergèse xai in them: and they were which were in them: εκρίθησαν έκαςος judged, every one ac and they were judged,

καλά τα έργα αυ cording to their works. every man according 14 Tür. Kai ó Sáo | 14 And death and bell | 14 to their works. And valos xai o qedons were cast into the lake death and bell were Canoncer sis thing of fire. This is the | cast into the lake of diurny tő augós 15 second death. And fire. This is the se

ότός εσιν ο δεύτερος if any one were not 15 cond death. And who15 Súvalos. Kai ei

found written in the soever was not found .5 x uetty ที่ book of Life, he was written in the book of Bilag rãs Fuñas cast into the lake of life, was cast into the yergapapuéros, ebanon fire.

lake of fire. εις την λίμνην το augóso

The Christian Church being now triumphant over its enemies, and the instigator of all mischief being himself eternally banished, there is no more warfare to relate. Nothing remains but to describe that general judgment, which shall render to every man according to his works ; when, immortality succeeding to mortality, death, that “ last enemy, shall be destroyed *.” The appearance of the great Judge, before whose “presence " the earth and the heaven are seen to flee away;" at whose approach, the former scenery, (as described in ch. iv. &c.) vanishes, and the process of the tribunal,

* i Cor. xv. 26.


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