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The Judgement of Babylon continued.


. 1 Kai Metå tæūTA | 1 And after these things, 11 And after these things

είδον άλλον άγγελος I saw another angel I saw another angel καλαβαίνονία έκ το coming down from come down from beašperš, éxola izso heaven, having great ven, having great cias meyer.mui rj si power; and the earth power : and the earth

qñ i uliolin ix tñs was enlightened by his was lightened with his 2 dóźns aúrs. Kai 2 glory. And he cried 2 glory. And he cried έκραξεν εν ισχυρά with a mighty voice, mightily with a strong own, déywr•*ETE saying; " She is fal voice, saying, Babylon civ, inege Baburan “ len ! the great Ba the great is fallen, is η μεγάλη, και εγένείο “ bylon is fallen ! and fallen, and is become καιοικητήριον δαιμό “ is become an habi the habitation of dewwv, rj qurax) war “ tation of demons, vils, and the hold of τος ανεύματος ακα “ and a station of every foul spirit, and begle, rj gumama “ every unclean spirit, a cage of every uns oxylès ógvir dxc “and a station of clean and hateful bird,

Cáclo rij Minion “ every unclean and 3 For all nations have 3 déve Oto és te “ abominated bird ; drunk of the wine of onu rë duur rñs “ Because all the na the wrath of her forniDogveias aútís “ tions have drunken cation, and the kings πωκε πάνlα τα of the wine of the of the earth have coml'Orne xj o Basiles “ rage of her fornica mitted fornication with ราง วิร บะทิง “ tions; and the kings her, and the merchants επόρνευσαν, και οι έμ " of the earth have of the earth are waxTropos tñs oyñs ix täs “ committed fornica ed rich through the Quyau aus Tử khác “tion with her; and abundance of her de

artñs intérngay. “the merchants of the 4 licacies. And I heard 4 Kei mxeoa ärane “ earth have become another voice from

φωνήν έκ το έρανε, “ rich from the abun heaven, saying, Come λέγεσαν: 'Εξέλθετε “ dance of her inso out of her, my people, iş ayrñs, ó dæós 4 “ lent luxury.” And that ye be not par.

ux, ivce meni ovyxos I heard another voice | takers of her sins, yuvionte tæīsájemps from heaven, saying; and that ye receive riacis airns, xai “Come out of her, my not of her plagues : εκ των πληγών “ people, that ye be not 5 For her sins have

แย่ที่ร, โva แท้ Ad “partakers of her sins, reached unto heaven, 5 Ontto "Oro éxodrý " and that ye receive and God hath remem

inoxv aötñs ai do “not of her plagues : bered her iniquities. Hungrías é xepe të 5 “ For, her sins have 6 Reward her even as épavš, rij lumuó “ reached up unto she rewarded you, and VEVOEY • @sos te “ heaven, and God double unto her dou.

adoxiyata avrñs. " hath remembered ble, according to her 6 'ATÓSOTE aúrn, ws 6 “ her iniquities. Ren works : in the cup

xj auth amidaxes, “ der unto her even as which she hath filled, sy Sophthcart ayrī “ she herself has ren fill to her double. διπλά καλά τα έργα “ dered, and repay her 7 How much she hath aurño dy zu wolno

"two-fold, according 1 glorified herself, and sigu, inégaos, x “ to her works; in lived deliciously, so

páoate avrh do “ the cup in which she much torment and sor. 7 gaõna "Ocu idúkx “ hath mingled, mingle row give her : for she

tev iauno y Esen unto her two-fold. saith in her heart, I sit vixon, Tocătov dáre 7 « So much as she bath a queen, and am no růta Baranouôn " glorified herself, and widow, and shall see aj civfa. Őrs in

“ wantoned in luxury, 8 no sorrow. Therefore rõ xxşdiç airns “ so much give unto shall her plagues come Réyao Kåbnincs Beco “ her torment and sor in one day, death, and σίλισσα, 35 χήρα “ row; because in her mourning, and fa

ex zini, rj aivdQ “ heart she saith, I am mine; and she shall 8 8 unidu. Dia “ seated as a queen, be utterly burnt with

τέτο εν μια ημέρα “ and am not a widow, fire: for strong is the neon at wanyasi " and sorrow I shall | Lord God who jud. surns, dánara ÿ 8“ never see. There- 9 geth her. And the wirba wej Asjuose “ fore in one day shall kings of the earth, Rj in oupi xata

“her plagues come, who have committed καυθήσεται» ότι

“ death and sorrow fornication, and lived io xugos Kigr@, ó

“ and famine; and deliciously with her, Θεός ο κρίνας αυτήν.

“ with fire shall she shall bewail her, and 9 Kai xravoolai xey

“be utterly burned; lament for her, when xósfortzi in' auri

“for mighty is the they shall see the oi Besideīs tñs gräs, “ Lord God who hath smoke of her burning, σαντες, όταν βλέ- , “ shall be wail and la-1 ment, saying, Alas, πωσι τον καπνόν “ment over her, (they alas, that great city

pi fit' aurns wogo 1 9 “ judged her. And the 10 Standing afar off for · yuvsærles y senná. | $ kings of the earth the fear of her tor

tñs augšotas avo “ who have commit Babylon, that mighty 10 răs, 'Anò putençó “ ted fornication, and city ! for in one hour is

Bevisnxótas, dia “ wantoned in luxury thy judgement come. τον φόβον τ8 βα “ with her,) when they 11 And the merchants of oanouš airns, dé “shall behold the the earth shall weep goules• Oini, žai, I “smoke of her burn and mourn over her, ý góA-s AryaAn | 10ing, Standing afar | for no man buyeth Βαβυλών, η πόλις “ off for fear of her merchandize any s jogupa, öts pasąž “ her torment; saying, 12 more: The merchan

ώρα ήλθεν η κρίσις “ Alas! alas! that dize of gold, and sil11 σε. Και οι έμπο “great city, Babylon ! ver, and precious

eel s ที่ thai “ that mighty city! stones, and of pearls, coor dev@en in

“ for in one hour is and of fine linen, ajtī, öti Tòv yÓLULOY “thy judgement come. and purple, and silk,

aŭ tür odeis álogales 11" And the merchants and scarlet, and all 12 éx éto róworxgu

w of the earth weep thayine wood, and rõ, rj angguçē, rij

" and lament over her, all manner vessels of 2.108 tipuís, rj Março

" because no one buy 1ivory, and all manker gagito, sj foto “eth their merchan vessels of most pre08, rij woefugas,

“ dize any more ; Mer cious wood, and of wij ongius, rj xox

| 12“ chandize of gold, and brass; and iron, and rivso why wão žízor “ silver, and precious 13 marble; And ciodaSύινον, και των σκεύ “stone, and pearl, and mon, and odours, and os inepártivov, rej

“ fine linen, and pur ointments, and franktãy oxxūQU &x žúr. “ple, and silk, and inceuse, and wine, and Tipwléte, rj xza “ scarlet,and all kind of oil, and fine flour, and xs, rj gionge, ry

“sweet-scented wood, wheat, and beasts, and 13 y.spuépe. Kaixo

“ and all furniture of sheep, and horses, and κάμωνον, και άμωμον

“ ivory, and all furni chariots, and slaves; Bej Guusduzika, rej

“ ture of the most and souls of men. húgov, rj 16Cavov,

“.precious wood, and 14 And the fruits that rej divor, vej traser, “ of brass, and of thy soul lusted after, xxi catidardo, xai " steel, and of marble; are departed from citoy, xj xtim, rý 13“ Aud cinnamon, and ther, and all thin's apób zla ve FETWO, "amomum, and O- which were dainty and xġ sedão, vj colection “dours of incense, goodly, are departed

two sj yuxa's ara " and aromatics, and from thee, and thou 14 @patiwe. Kain “ frankincense and shalt find them 'DO

önige tñs éto Oujia '" wine, and oil, and I 15 more at all. The there

as rñs fugens ao “ fine flour, and corn, 1 chants of these things årinaber únò os, og " and cattle, and which were made rich σανία τα λιπαρά “sheep; and of horses by her, shail stand afar και τα λαμπρα " and chariots, and off, for the fear of her størslo centod 08, “ bodies and souls of torment, weeping, and

vý óxótt point sis | 14" men. And the har- | 16 wailing, And saying, 15 gắons auté. Oil “ vest of the fruits of Alas, alas, that great

fua tropos Tótwy o “ the desire of thy city, that was cloathWisthtavles du “ soul is departed ed in find linen, and dirns, ano kacangó “ from thee; and all purple, and scarlet, Bio รต่สวนโct, อเd 10 “the dainty and splen and decked with gold, pólov tå Bacano. “ did things are pe and precious stones, ME airns, nasio “ rished from thee, 17 and pearls: For in

erles nai Weybzyles, • and never, never one hour $0' great 16 (Kai] dégortas “ more shalt thou find riches is come to

Oiai, bai, i wódos 15“ them. The dealers nought. And every i petrean, s megse. “ in these things, who ship-master, and all GCλημένη βύσσινον “ have been enriched the company in ships, my wogpução si xoxo " by her, shall stand and sailors, and as

xây, xexuat “afar off for fear of many as trade by sea, pim ir xevog, ring “ her torment, weep 18 stood afar off, And

site aspeiw, og mange i “ing and wailing, cried when they saw 17 yapítuis. "Ori 16“ [and] saying, Alas! the smoke of her

us ige im “ alas ! that great city, burning, saying, What pesto Torsta “ which was arrayed city is like unto this

GAZTQ xa ngãi "in fine linen and | 19 great city? And they aubegrians, ky was

cast dust on their o tri tómov théwy, " and richly adorned heads, and cried, weepnai rauran xai “ with gold and pre ing and wailing, sayόσοι την θάλασσαν “ cious stone and ing, Alas, alas, that igyllortai, ato “ pearls! for in one great city, wherein

paxçóds isngar, “ hour 30 great wealth were made rich all 18 Kæi fxçalov, Bas " is made desolate. that had ships in

πόνlες τον καπνόν | 17" And every pilot, the sea, by reason of της κυρώσεως αυ “ and every one who her costliness : for in tñs, déyorlese Tís “ saileth by the place, one hour is she made

ομοία τη πόλει τη | “and sailors, and 20 desolate. Rejoice over 19 uerykan; Kai 16x

“ whosoever occu-' her, thou heaven, and aos sen áni tas “ py the sea, stood | ye holy apostles and xsparas àýtūr, xj | 1866 afar off, And cried prophets, for God hath expasar xhaion Tes “ out, beholding the l avenged you on her. rej atv@õrtes, déyov- l “smoke of her burn- | 21 And a mighty angel TIS° Oval, sai, 19“ing, saying, What took up a stone like a πόλις και μεγάλη, “ city like to that great millstone, and ở 5 iRA/19gay “great city! And they cast it into the sea, σάντες οι έχοντες " cast dust on their saying, Thus with vioqë shoix šv rñ " heads, and they cried lence shall that great Serdecon, ix rñs “out, weeping and city Babylon be thrown τιμιότητώ αυτής, “wailing, saying, Alas! down, and shall be

őto fiğe ügge sign “ alas ! that great city, found no more at all, 20 radn. Eipgaise in " by which all who 22 And the voice of har

auth, špærè, xj os “ possess ships in the pers, and musicians, άγιοι και οι απότολοι “ sea were enriched, and of pipers, and reģoi apocaravu, " by reason of her trumpeters, shall be ixpsver Geòs có "costliness; for in one heard no more at all

segiya ivær ai's “ hour she is made in thee; and no crafts21 rñs. Kainger els 20“ desolate. Rejoice man, of whatsoever

αγελο ισχυρός “ over her, 0 heaven, craft he be, sball. be λίθον, ώς μύλον " and ye saints, and found any more in péyar, rj Cadov zis " apostles and pro thee; and the sound tàu SảAcuroay, xe “phets, because God of a millstone shall be your OÜrws opraisa “ hath avenged your I heard no more at all ματι βληθήσεται “ cause upon her." 23 in thee; And the light Babynwy s jeroan 21 And one mighty an of a candle sball shine

wólos, xois mois gel took a stone, like no more at all in thee; 22 sige ting ito. Kai a large millstone and and the voice of the Qurn aslagudang

cast into the sea, say bridegroom and of the μεσικών και αθλητών ing, “ Thus violently bride shall be heard aj Bad Tisão ó reini “shall Babylon, the no more at all in thee; execbñ iv doi its. “ great city, be hurl for thy merchants were ve wis requires “ed, and shall never the great men of the osons régeons - š 22“ be found more: And earth; for by thy sorpeni sigeon av coil | "the voice of harpers ceries were all nakro w porn móds " and musicians, and 24 tions deceived : And

un áneobnév goi " of pipers and trum in her was found the 23 fti. Kai pãs dúxco "peters, shall never be blood of prophets, and

rod un garñ iv “ heard in thee more; of saivts, and of all ooi ro y porn “ and never shall that were slain upan νυμφίε και νύμφης και “ craftsman, of what the earth, μη αμισθη εν σοι " soever craft,be found HTC őri o tumogor , “in thee more ; nor

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