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The Vision of the Harvest and of the Vintage.

CHAP. xiv, VER. 14--1o the end.

14 Kai tidov, xai ids 14 And I looked, and lo!

νεφίλη λευκή, και επί a white cloud; and την νεφέλην καθήμε- upon the cloud one νον όμοιον υιό ανθρώ- sitting, like the Son of σε, έχων επί της

Man; having upon his κεφαλής αυτό έφα- head a golden crown, τον χρυσών, και εν τη

and in his hand a sharp χειρί αυτά δρέπανον 15 sickle. And another 15 οξύ. Και άλλος angel came forth from

αίγελος εξήλθεν εκ το the temple, crying with ναέ, κράζων εν με

a loud voice to him γάλη φωνή τω κα- who was sitting on the θημένα επί της - cloud; “ Send forth φέλης Πέμψον το “thy sickle, and reap; δρέπανών σε, και " for the time of (thy] Θέρισον» ότι ήλθε

reaping is come; for [001] ga to “ the harvest of the θερίσει ότι εξη

" earth

is become ράνθη και θερισμός της

ripe." And he who 16 γης. Και έβαλε» was sitting upon the

ο καθήμενος επί την cloud, cast bis sickle εφέλην το δείπανος

upon the earth, and the aütü iTi The gove 17 earth was reaped. And

και 1θορίσθη η γη another angel cane 17 Και άλλος άγγελος forth from the temple εξήλθεν εκ τέ να

vaš in Heaven, he also τι εν τω έρανώ, having a sharp sicklę.

Bjewe rý aitòs Spé | 18 And another angel 18 πανον οξύ. Και came forth from the

άλλος άγγελος εξήλ- altar, having power On ix rü Suorasna over the fire; and be


14 And I looked, and be

hold, a white cloud, and upon the cloud ona sat, like unto the Son of man, having on his head a golden

crown, and in his hand 15 a sharp sickle. And

another angelcame out of the temple, crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud, Thrust in thy sickle, and reap for the time is come for thee to reap; for the

harvest of the earth is 16 ripe. And he that sat

on the cloud, thrust in his sickle on the earth;

and the earth was reafe 17 ed. And another angel

came out of the temple, which is in heaven,

he also having a sharp 18 sickle. And another

angel came out from the altar, which had power over fire; and cried with a loud cry to him that had the


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είε, έχων εξεσίαν επί το πυρός και εφώνησε κραυγη μεγάλη τα έχοντα το δρέπανον

οξύ, λέγων: Πέμψον σε το δρέπανον το οξύ, και τρύγησον τες βότενας της αμπέλα της γης, ,

ότι ήκμασαν αι 19 φυλαι αυτής. Και

Sαλεν ο άγγελος, το δρέπανον αυτ8 εις rin gñue y Ergo γησε την άμπελον rns ans, x) Cader is thu anvor rå

Juus. Tő Oef toy 20μέγαν. Και έπα

τηθη ή ληνός έξωθεν της πόλεως, και εξηλθεν αίμα έκ της ληνα άχρι των χα λινών, των, ίππων Απο σαδίων χιλίων εξακοσίων. .

called out with a loud sharp sickle, saying, voice to him who had Thrust in thy sharp the sharp sickle, say- sickle, and gather the

“ Send forth thy clusters of the vine of “sharp sickle, and ga- the earth; for ber “ ther the clusters of

grapes are fully ripe. “the vine of the earth, 19 And the angel thrust “ for her grapes are

in his sickle into the 19“ fully ripe." And the earth, and gathered

angel cast his sickle to the vine of the earth, the earth, and gathered and cast it into the the grapes of the vine

great wine-press of the of the earth, and cast 20 wrath of God, And them into the great the wine-press was

winc-press of the wrath trodden without the 20 of God. And the city, and blood came

wine-press was trod- out of the wine-press, den on the outside of

even unto the borsethe city; and there bridles, by the space came forth blood from of a thousand and six the wine-press, even

hundred furlongs. unto the bridles of the horses, for the space of a thousand six hundred furlongs.

Times of persecution, such as have been now represented under the antichristian powers, are times when the faith and virtue of Christians are tried by the severest tests. Many are they, “who gladly receive “ the word, but in time of persecution fall away.” Now such methods of God's Providence separate the good seed from the tares. But the time of harvest and vintage, represented also in the Old Testament t, is a

* Which our Lord and his Angels are represented as doing, in Matt. xiii. 41. Mark iv. 29; where the word dpercnon is also used. † Jer. li. 33. Joel iii. 13. Is. lxiii. 1-7.

“ Put

time not only of separation of the good from the wicked, but also of the final punishment or destruction of the latter, expressed by the act of burning the tares and chaff; and also by the bloody and furious appearance of him who, stained with the juice of grapes, treadeth the wine-press *. The imagery of both harvest and vintage are brought together in the prophecy of Jocl; which seems to give, in a short and abstracted form, the same picture as this passage in the Revelation.

ye in the sickle, for the harvest is ripe; come, get you down, for the press is full, the fats overflow:for, their wickedness is great t.” This final vengeance of the Almighty upon his enemies, is evidently not yet accomplished. But such a general view of “ God's righteous judgments” was proper to accompany the warnings and encouragements delivered in this chapter; in which is also generally displayed the successful warfare of the Lamb and his followers. “What particular events are signified by this harvest “and vintage, it appears impossible for any man to “ determine; time alone can with certainty discover: “ for, these things are yet in futurity; only it may be “ observed, that these two signal judgments will cer.

tainly come, as harvest and vintage succeed in their season, and, in the course of Providence the one will

precede the other, as, in the course of nature, the “ harvest is before the vintage; and the latter will greatly surpass the former, and be attended with a more terrible destruction of God's enemies. It is

said, ver. 20, that the · blood came even unto the " " horses' bridles ;' which is a strong hyperbolical way “ of speaking, to express vast slaughter, and effusion of blood; a way of speaking not unknown to the

ληνον έπαθησι,

* Gen, xlix. 11. Psalm lxiii. 1-7. Lam. i. 15. + Joel jii, 13.

DI M 2

ut of

Jews; for, the Jesuralem Talmud, describing the “ woeful slaughter which the Roman Emperor Adrian “made of the Jews at the destruction of the city of Bitter, saith, that the horses waded in blood up to the nostrils. Nor are similar examples wanting even in " the classic authors; for, Silius Italicus, speaking of “ Annibal's descent into Italy, useth the like expres“sion; the bridles flowing with much blood*.

Bp. Newton, Dissert. iii. p. 267.8vo edit,






The Vision preparatory to the seven Viuls.

CHAPTER XV. & CHAP. xvi. VER. 1. 1 ΚΑΙ είδον άλλο 1 And I saw another 1 And I saw another sigh

σημείον εν τω έρανών sign in Heaven, great in heaven great and μέγα και θαυμασών, , and wonderful: seven marvellous, seven anαγέλες έπλα, έχον

angels having the seven gels having the seven τας πληγάς επτα

last plagues: for in last plagues, for in τας εσχάτας, ότι them was completed them is filled up the εν αυταίς ετελέσθη the wrath of God.

2 wrath of God. And I ο θυμός τα Θεά. 2 And I saw, as it

were, saw as it were a sea of 2 Kai sidor is gea sea, glassy, mingled

glass, mingled with λασσαν υαλίνης

with fire, and those tire; and them that μισμένης συρί και τις

who had gotten the vixãrlas ix to Ingin

had gotten the victory victory over the beast, over the beast, and και έκ της εικόνος αυ

and over his image, TË, x ix Te áciouca

over his image, and and over the number τα ονόματος αυτά, ,

over his mark, and over of his name, standing isuras ini rnv dá

the number of his upon the glassy sea, λασσαν την ζαλίνην, ,

name, stand on the sea - έχουλας κιθάρας τα having harps of God.

of glass, having the 3 Org. Kaiğdeos TN 3 And they sing the

harps of Cod. And ωδην Μωσέως δέλα song of Moses, the

they sing the song of το Θεό, και την οδών servant of God, and Moses the servant of Ti ágvis, aéryovles


of the Lamb; God, and the song of Μεγάλα και θαυsaying, “ Great and

the Lamb, saying, μασα τα έργα συ,

o wonderful are thy Great and marvellous “works, O Lord, the

are thy works, Lord τοκράτωρ δίκαιαι

Almighty God; just God Almighty; just και αληθιναι αι οδοί “and true are thy ways, and true are ihy ways, σε, ο βασιλεύς των


thou King of saints. *Owny 4 1 αιώνων. 6. Who shall not fear,

4 Who shall not fear un poenen [os], “ (thee] O Lord, and thee, O Lord, and gloΚύειε, και δοξάση “ glorify thy name, for rify thy name? for το όνομά σε, ότι “ thou alone art holy!

thou only art holy : for

Κύριε ο Θεός και

King of Nation;}

} Tis:

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