תמונות בעמוד

Jerusalem, yet containing the expressions of these former prophets, together with those of our Lord, seems to give clear indication of a more full and perfect accomplishment of all these prophecies, 1 Additional light will be cast on this prophecy (which, like the other seals, is to be considered as only a general sketch and outline) by subsequent visions in this book, which cotemporize with it, and were so understood by: Cyprian in the third century; who referred themy, together with this prediction of the sixthysealy i to their grand and final accomplishment at the end of the world*. .

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SECTION IX. The sealing of the Hundred-and-forty-four Thousand, · and the Presentation of the Palm-bearing Mul

titude before the Throne.

CHAPTER VII. i Kat Milas Tauta | 1 And after these things | 1 And after these things, 2 Kai sidor är dos 1 a seal of the Living the seal of the Living

zidor ticoagæs ág I saw four angels I saw four angels gédos, isæras ini standing on the four standing on the four Tàs récougas ya corners of the earth, corners of the earth, vías rñs gns, aga holding the four winds holding the four winds τοντας τις τέσ of the earth, that not of the earth, that the capas aviues tñs a wind should blow on wind should not blow

ที่ง, โya ที่ Guiๆ the earth, nor on the on the earth, nor oa äveu imi rūs sea, nor on any tree. the sea, nor on any gñs, pste éni cñs 2 And I saw another 2 tree. And I saw anθαλάσσης, μήτε angel ascending from other angel ascending ini wão Sérdgov. the sunrising, having from the east, having yaoon, 6' xinvades 8 thousand sealed; of were sealed twelve 7 io parlouévos• 'Ex the tribe of Zabulon, 8 thousand, of the tribe

๕yeAoy eva ผ่องใน God. And he cried God: and he cried củyalo2%s Aie, with a loud voice to with a loud voice to i xorla o@gayida the four angels, to the four angels, to Osz zwyląxai t whom it was commit whom it was given to agata Çors lsykan ted to injure the earth hurt the earth and the τους τέσσαρσιν α and the sea, Saying, 3 sea, Saying, Hurt not gyémos, os időOn 3 “ Injure not the earth, the earth, neither the αυτοίς αδικήσαι την “nor the sea, nor the sea, nor the trees, till año y ano darasa " trees, until we shall we have sealed the ser3 gay, A-ray Mì “ have sealed the ser vants of our God in

ádixhonle thing gõu, " vants of our God 4 their foreheads. And μήτε την θάλασ “ upon their fore I heard the number of o«, kýta tá sér 4 “heads.” And I heard them which were sealaga, özepes s oppaa the number of the ed: and there were μέσωμεν τες δέλες sealed : an hundred sealed an hundred and TË Ocô nuwr épi and-forty - four thou forty and four thou

των μελώπων αυτών. Η sand were sealed out 1 sand, of all the tribes 4 Kai kuepu Tòv of all the tribes of the of the children of Is

ágo@quòr tão soppa- 5 sons of Israel. Of the 5 rael. Of the tribe of γισμένων» έκαίον tribe of Judah, twelve Juda were sealed twelve τεσσαράκονία τέσ thousand sealed; of thousand. Of the tribe cages giriádes is the tribe of Reuben, of Reuben were sealed φραγισμένοι εκ σά twelve thousand seala twelve thousand. Of

σης φυλής υιών | ed; of the tribe of the tribe of Gad were 5 'lagana. 'Ex Quang Gad, twelve thousand sealed twelve thou

'Iéda, «6? Ziarciòos 6 sealed; Of the tribe of 6 sand. Of the tribe of lo@payoouévoro ix Asher, twelve thou Aser were sealed twelve quañas 'Peron, 6' sand sealed; of the thousand. Of the tribe χιλιάδες εσφραγισ tribe of Naphthali, of Nephthalim were μένοι εκ φυλής twelve thousand seal sealed twelve thousand.

Γαδ, β' χιλιάδες ed; of the tribe of Ma Of the tribe of Manas 6 lopeeyouévoi' 'Ex nasseh, twelve thou ses were sealed twelve

Quags 'Aong, 6 7 sand sealed; Of the 7 thousand. Of tbe tribe χιλιάδες εσφραγισ tribe of Simeon, twelve of Simeon were sealed μένοι εκ φυλής thousand sealed; of the twelve thousand.Ofthe Neplaasile, 6' xro tribe of Levi, twelve tribe of Levi were seal

λιάδες εσφαγισμέ thousand sealed; of the ed twelve thousand. · 101° éx Guras Ma-1 tribe of Issachar, twelve Of the tribe of Isachar

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quais Evush'n, 6! | twelve thousand seal- 1 of Zabulon were sealed Zincades is exysa ed; of the tribe of Jo twelve thousand. Of quéros ix, quañas seph, twelve thousand | the tribe of Joseph Λευί, β' χιλιάδες sealed; of the tribe of were sealed twelve copprepicuívoix ! Benjamin, twelve thon thousand. Of the tribe Quiñs Loaxas, os 9 sand sealed. After this of Benjamin were seal

Xincades is gays- 1. I beheld, and lo! a l ed twelve thousand. 8 ouivos 'Ex puañas great multitude, which 9 After this I beheld,

Zabawy, 6' xus no one could number, and lo, a great mulλιάδες εσφραγισμέ from all nations and titude which no man roue ix quans 'Iw tribes and people and could number of all on 66" Xohádes languages, standing nations, and kindreds, 2008xguérosix before the throne and and people, and Quans Benguin, of before the Lamb, clo tongues, stood before

Xinikões sopgeloo thed in white robes, the throne, and be 9 μένου. Μία ταύτα and palm-branches in fore the Lamb, cloth

sidor, rj ido oxha 10their hands ; And they ed with white robes, waris, är expı@pañoxi cry with a loud voice, and, palms in their autor sdeis hdúvalo, saying, “ The Sal. 10 hands; And cried A was oves છે “ vation be ascrib I with a loud voice, sayφυλών και λαών και ed to our God who l ing, Salvation to our yhworár, isūTES “ sitteth upon the 1 God which sitteth upενώπιον το θρόνα και “throne, and to the on the throne, and univýmio TË ágris, | 11" Lamb!” And all 11 to the Lamb.. And σεριβεβλημένες σου | the angels stood round all the angels stood des devrás xj pois | about the throne, and round about the

νικες εν ταϊς χερσον about the elders and throne, and about the 10xúrāvo Kai xgée the four living-crea elders, and the four

3son Pwris kegian, tures, and fell before beasts, and fell before λέγολίες: Η σωτηρία the throne on their the throne, on their ti Osų nuwe rol faces, and worshipped faces, and worshipped xxAnuévang iti r8 12God, Saying, “ Amen! | 12 God, Saying, Amen :

Spóry, rý tu aizviw. “The praise, and the Blessing and glory, and 11 Kaiwávles os árjen “glory, and the wis wisdom, and thanks

λοι εσήκεσαν κύκλο “ dom, and the thanks giving, and honour, zo dęóvo y Tur “giving, and the ho and power, and might ageobvlégwv rý tão “nour, and the power, be unto our God-for Teogágur Luwr, rej “and the might, be ever and ever. Amen. έπεσον ενώπιον το “ unto our God for 13 And one of the elders θρύνε επί τα πρό “ever and ever! A. agswered, saying unto

σωπα αυτών, και 13men!” And one of me, What are these

οροσεκύνησαν τη the elders spake, say which are arrayed in 12 Θεώ, λέγοντες· 'Α ing unto me, “ These, white robes ? and • μήνη ευλογία και “ clothed in white whence came they ?

η δόξα, και η σοφία, “robes, who are they, 14 And I said unto him, και η ευχαρίσια, και « and whence came Sir, thou knowest. And ή τιμή, και η δύναμις, | 14« they P” And I said he said to me, These και η ισχύς το Θεό unto him, « o my are they which came ημών εις τες αιώνας “ Lord, thou know- Ι out of great tribula

των αιώνων, Αμήν. « est.” And he said un tion, and bave washed 13 Και απεκρίθη εις to me, “These are they their robes, and made

εκ των πρεσβυτέρων, " who are come out them while in the λίγων μοι" Ουτοι “ of the great tribula- | blood of the Lamb. ι σεριβεβλημένοι « tion, and have wash- 15 Therefore are they beτας σολάς τας λευ-. "ed their robes, and fore the throne of

ma's, rives toi, sijil « have made them God, and serve him 14σόθεν ήλθον; Και « white [their robes]

day and night in his εύρηκα αυτώ Κύριε Ι « in the blood of the temple: and he that 48, cù aidas, Kai 15“ Lamb: Therefore sitteth on the throne είπέ μοι ούτοι « are they before the 1 shall dwell among εισιν οι ερχόμενοι " throne of God, and 16 them. They shall εκ της θλίψεως της “ serve him day and hunger no more, neiμεγάλης και έπλυναν « night in his temple; ther thirst any more, τάς σολας αυτών, “ and He that sitteth neither shall the sun και ελεύκαναν [σολας « on the throne, shall I light on them, nor any αυτών] έν το αίμα

“ have bis dwelling 17 heat. For the Lamb 15τε αρνία. Δια τέτο | 16« over them ; They | which is in the midst.

which is in είσιν ενώπιον το

« shall hunger no | of the throne, shall θρόνο τέ Θεέ, και

Τ “ more, neither shall feed them, and shall λαιρεύεσιν αυτω η

“ they thirst any more; lead them unto living μέρας και νυκλος έν |

“nor shall the Sun fountains of waters : zij scã aótõ• xġ il “srike on them, nor

and God shall wipe καθήμενς επί το

17“ any burning; Be away all tears froid θρόνε, σκηνώσει επ'

« cause the Lamb, their eyes. 16 αυτές. Ου πεινά

“ which is in the midst σεσιν έτι, έδε δι

“ of the throne, shall ψήσεσιν έτι, έδε

« rule them like a μη μέση επ' αυτές

« shepherd, and shall ο ήλιών, έδε σαν

« lead them unto 17 καύμα" "Οτι το

« fountains of waters αρνίον το ανα μέσον

“of life; and God

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· Ver. 1. After these things, I saw.] There appears, by these words, to be some separation of that which follows, from the main part of the sixth seal, which has preceded. And yet the sixth .seal is certainly continued, for the seventh does not open till the next chapter. So this chapter is probably to be taken as a kind of supplement to the body of the sixth seal; belonging to it, yet separated from it. The sixth seal represents the vengeance of God upon a wicked world. This part of it seems to exhibit the Divine protection and Salvation, which shall support the elect in that “great day;" “ the Jew first, and “ also the Gentile.”

Ib. Four angels.] The number is cardinal, and expressive of universality *. Angels are ministers of the Divine mercy, and of the Divine vengeance.

Ib. On the four corners of the Earth.] The earth is a part of the scenery exhibited in this vision, and is a proper appendage to that which has been already displayed; the glory of the Lord in heaven. For he is described in Scripture as ruling over heaven and earth : the one being his throne;" the other, his "foot-stoolt.” “The four corners of the earth" are, in the language of Isaiah and Ezekiel, the whole

* See note, ch. iv. 6.


4 Is. lxvi. 1..



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