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with the severe exercise, and were glad mission to leave the house or could steal by a little rest, within the cool walls of therefrom. Yet this was all but mere our domicile, to refresh ourselves from preparation. The general officers-my the heat with which we were suffused. brothers and self, as usual, were still in The process of recruiting our strength consultation, and any anticipation on by repose, will partly account for the the part of the rank and file would peace that prevailed until about twelve have been justly punished as mutiny on o'clock, although it is but right to men, the first opportunity. To be sure the tion that the literary tastes of my two impatience of the more ardent spirits brothers and sell were so strong, and would display itself by stretching out therefore of the whole school, (for our the neck, and endeavouring thereby to sway extended even to such matters,) collect from the direction of our eyes that we applied ourselves to our tasks how far we were advanced in our legiwith the utmost ardour, the restraint en- timate business, as they were aware that hancing, no doubt, the learned leisure until we had completed the thorough which we purposed to enjoy before perusal of the entire page, there was no many hours should elapse. Accord- remedy for their impatienee. Meaningly from ten until twelve o'clock a while our good lord and sovereign halcyon calm characterised the scene, turned over the tasks of reading, for be only animated, not disturbed, by such knew full well the brief and precarious sights and sounds as distinguish every nature of the calm, considerately huswhere a village school in full business; banding his best energies for the comand many a time and oft as, with due ing storm, against which he would soon permission, beneath the fir trees in the be called to battle for three hours or green conning over my lesson, or stretched out on my back, with cap The period of mid-day is announced covered eyes, enjoying the tempered to the inhabitants of Constantinople by and dreamy sunshine, have the sounds a salvo of artillery from the batteries of that crept into my ear brought back in the seraglio. The same point of time full life the sensations of the last Sunday allowing for the difference of longtimorning's ramble, when starting up at tudes—was marked in the session-house six o'clock I was off and away, amid all by a tremendous brattle of simultaneous the luxury of dim and wandering kicks from Tom, John, and myself

, (we thought, over the heath-purpled hill generally sat together,) against a press side, all a-hum as it was with the moun- which stood just opposite to our desk, tain bee, as the delighted little being and which by dint of a little stretching, glinted from flower-bell to flower-bell we could command with our feet. over the sun.flooded surface. But these What's that I hear? What is it? exFanderings are long since over, nor are claimed he of the ferula, with a vehethey to be regretted, if with them be mence of intonation expressive of such departed that frame of mind which per. astonishment as suits a miracle, and mitted them to act I fear with such which I presume was ultimately mecha. unprofitable sweetness. But I am for- nical, the phenomenon to which it getting.–To a practised eye however referred having now settled into a rethere would now and then appear gular law of nature. He forthwith desymptoms of preparation for other and termined, like Bonaparte, to open at less peaceful scenes. While every least the campaign with vigor, leaped urchin's eye was intent upon his book, from his chair and began applying the the hands beneath the desk might be rod to the first of the trio he could observed constructing those conical reach, generally myself, particularly as, paper-shells of dust, to which I have sitting on the outside, my shoulders before alluded as the instruments of presented the fairest mark. It was war at which my brother Tom was so but the work of a moment for skillful; caps would be stealthily seen me to leap up on the desk-perto disappear from their pegs, all in good form a sort of somerset over my time to be likewise employed as mis- castigator's head, so that if in my transiles, while every little whipster, by· sit he was anxious to secure a blow, he the articles of war, was obliged to fur- was obliged to shift his tactics to somenish himself with amunition in the thing of duck-shooting on wing, and shape of small gravel stones, to be forth with on the instant of my descent collected as often as he had per- to earth to rush to the lower room-a

vacant chamber so called—followed by Meanwhile the reader may return to poor P- in full pursuit. But, as Davie the upper room, along with the master, Gillan, the stone mason, observed, who which he and I had simultaneously alhad an opportunity once of witnessing most abandoned, as it will not be conthe scene, whilst engaged in some re venient for me to go back for some pairs. “ He had a geyan auld farrant time, for in that room there has burst chiel to crack a nut wi'—that maister outa sound-no, but an uproar-no, but o'theirs,” for I immediately commenced an absolute hurricane, to which shouts, climbing up to an empty garret by the kicking of presses, overthrow of desks, help of the chimney-piece, and whither breaking of faces, and dancing on the I knew my enemy could not pursue- floor mainly contribted. Up few Mr. nor were Davie's encomiums on my agi. P- in a somewhat excited state as may lity wanting on the occasion, as he well be conceived, and who immedistood with uplifted hammer, slowly re- ately commenced, so far as circumstancovering from the trance of amazement stances would permit, that is so far as into which the bombardment of the old the revolution in their position of tables press had thrown him. “ By my certie and forms would permit

, one indiscrimy man you're no blate. They hae minate system of whacking and beating muckle to answer for the spoilin'o' you, rings round him, on the principle of them that had the breedin', that did not universal hostility expressed by Bomeducate you for a chimley-sweeper.” bastes

“ 'Gainst all I'll vent my rage,
And with a wicked wanton world a woeful war I'll wage."

The scene of combat was by this varied by such an accident as I am time generally enveloped in a cloud of about to detail. dust, partly caused by the concussion One of the conditions on which we of the floor, which was well saturated held from the elders our domicile was, with that article, being swept but once a rigid exclusion of all sorts of cattle, a month, and partly by a continual dis- particularly pigs, from the green to charge kept up from all quarters of the which I have already alluded, and room, each of the combatants on our which was more distinctly insisted on, side having an interest in thus adding as the facilities afforded to their en to the confusion. The Greeks, with trance, by the continual ingress and Ajax at their head, fighting in the dark egress through the gates, were greatly cloud, will immediately suggest itself multiplied. In fulfilment, therefore, of to every classical reader. At times, the covenants of our tenure, as soon as however, the head of Mr. P. would be the cry arose—“a pig in the green, dimly seen emerging from the darkness, then, indeed, the fun did begin! One sithe instrument and symbol of his power multaneous shout-one leap altogether flying round and round his head in all over our seats, (the epoch of the tale possible directions, back stroke and is laid at this selected period, when we front stroke, accompanied all the while, were all seated, which, as indicated on the side of the opposing party, by above, was not always the case,çone shouts and noises of the most terrific concentrated rush towards the door, description. At other times, by a accompanied with shouts, disinteresnarrow observer, he might be detected tedly raised by those in the rearincumbent on a set of his rebellious “ Start fair, start fair”—and out broke subjects, with another portion similarly forth at once both master and man. sprawling over himself, just like the At the moment of our emerging, a young queen bee in the midst of the marked difference in the intellectual atclustering multitude, depending from tainments among the swinish herd-for the door-way of the hive on the swarm the visitation, was generally in droves ing day. After both parties were fairly-appeared. Those who were well up exhausted, an unavoidable truce was in years and experience-your reasontacitly agreed to, to continue for about ing ones—the patriarchs of the styehalf an hour, when another act of the immediately hobbled off at the first drama-to vary the metaphor, would glance, in a manner of progression not be performed, conformable to the one unlike a skiff on a rough sea, dipping just described, unless the scene was up and down over the waves. As for


the junior and unthinking branches of tescence of all human existence the family, they would continue ab- “ Life," said the great English Lexico, sorbed in geological researches, until grapher, as in a light-springed calash roused, like the brutes in St. Patrick's he rolled over the shaven surface of time, to a “sense of their situation,” by Hyde-Park, “ life, amid its minor enfinding one, if not two, human beings joyments, has few equal to this.” As astride on their backs or the parts ad- contrasted with the sources of pleajoining, the appropriate stimulus to sure to which I have referred, this dogmotion being supplied at the same in- ma may at once be put down to a listant, in the shape of kicks and blows, mited experience, and proverbially a: and“ hoc genus omne." Then-shade slave to prejudice as he was, I admire of Mazeppa! Spirit of John Gilpin! his character too sincerely to doubt of thou, that stretched out in agonised his candid retraction of the sentiment fight, didst sweep on the “ desart- he bas left behind him, if it could be born with the fury of the thunder- ascertained ; but Boswell is absolutely ghost, through flood, forest, and field ; silent on the point, whether, up to the and thou, the glory to this day of all latest period of his life, DR. JOHNSON Cockneydom, that on thy friend Tom Callander's barb “stooping down, for It is not to be supposed, however, who could sit upright,” didst bump, that this triumph was allowed to hold bump away, a thousand bumps to a its course without any oppositiou ; on minute, along paved street and wide- the contrary, the owner of the pig, opened turnpike ; ye, as ye sat, your generally a female, would, on missing earthly pilgrimage being past, reposing the animal from its house, as she stole on the cool, fleecy, and most welcome in a quiet pilgrimage of affection after softness of your clouds, how must your “her wandering love to bring it back,". generous hearts have dilated, your sym- meet our procession just as it wheeled jathising eyes brightened up at that round the portals in full swing-the moment, as, bending over the cloud- insult thus offered to herself in this edge, you beheld miles beneath you, the abuse of her property, awoke, as was magnificent piece of pigmanship exhi- to be expected, all her natural sensibibited on such a day on the meeting. lities, which we may suppose were of house green of Clonsill! “ Make way full power, as well at the same time as there-keep clear”—“ Robinson don't her tongue, which was generally as hit in the eye” – Who's that pulling at potent in its kind, as the emotions of the tail ?"—What a host of emotions ? her bosom. “ Ye ill-faured loon-on What a combination of variously. the puir beast's very back-by my sang, tinted feelings? What a congeries of deil hae me if I dinna brain you wi' a sensations, were the lot of the lucky stane. Get aff the pig, I say-oh! being who enacted the Automedon of feth my man, jeest wait till I catch the hour? The physical delight at you. Is that a' the use of your schuling tending the rapidity of the progression, to mak you ride, you hellicat ne'er-dovarying in its direction and character weel, on a puir body's bit pig up and every instant—the proud and heart- down, as if it were for a the wurl a expanding thought that you were at cadger's powney. But I'll be aff to that moment furnishing, in your own your maister, my bonny man, and see person, a decided example of animal if he disna lay the tawse het and hard strength applied to human locomotion, that will he.” With these words, in a manner rarely calculated on be- she would break through the encircling fore, with the glorious vista to be there. band of matrons of the village, who by opened up in the Arts and Sciences had collected to "speer about a' this gleaming by fits upon you, (pig-back stir and clanjaumfrey ;" while the not allowing concatenated processes of object of her reproaches and threats reasoning the ennobling conviction as well as of her distressed love, was of well established power, in spite of far away, in full career towards the pigthe noisy remonstrances poured inces- stye. Wbat her success was with Mr. santly forth by the subject of its exer- P., who was enjoying an unwonted tion against such a display—this, and tranquillity in the school-room, patiently far more than this, it was, that concen- waiting our return, I need not detail, trated in that exquisite hour, in one in- but permit the curtain of history to dividual consciousness, the very quin- close over the scene.

I will not have room to refer at pre- to improve our rhetoric, by studying it sent to any more of the incidents at the fountain-head of nature ; for be which served to diversify, for they could it understood that Nell allowed not a not animate, the day ; and therefore secret sorrow to prey upon her cheek, must defer, until another opportunity, but, on the contrary, poured it forth should circumstances permit, a whole, in one continued volley of reproaches true, and particular account of Nell and scoldings, herself pacing backMaclean's marriage with Billy Jam- wards and forwards before the house, fray; she being a widow of dashing reserving, however, her most energetic fifty-six, with a fortune of eight hun- fire until she came opposite the windred guineas vested in a noggin—such dow, wherein her very unconcerned was the village tradition from time husband was dozing, continually giving, immemorial--and which noggin was as I observed, a salute as she passed. curiously concealed under one of the In all these oscillations she was acbedposts. The groom was a young companied to and fro by our whole genius of about twenty, and whose troop, applauding to the echo every character for temperance among his fresh burst of eloquenc. acquaintainces, had a decided reference Even supposing that I were not to the physical impossibility of com- coming to a close, I am not sure that mitting the opposite vice, resembling it would be appropriate in a paper detherein that of the laird of Balma- voted to mere literary recollections, whapples, who was “unco sober aneuch, should I bring forward on the tapis always provided you kept brandy frae the character of the greatest among the him, and him frae brandy;"_and how, village great men, of which Clonsill when the marriage feast was in cele- had its full share, who, on being apbration, the bridegroom's own hay pointed to the office of weigh-masterstack, before the door, expressed its he having previously presided over a share in the general congratulation, by huxtery-indicated first a sense of his bursting into a blaze of its own accord, own elevation, by intimating his comas Jamie Muckleworth, who is now in mand and expectation that his daughBotany Bay, is ready to assure the ters should not drink tea with any of sceptical reader, should either his own lower grade than the master of the or his country's convenience bring Lancasterian poor-school, and with such in personal contact with this Clone which the Misses Weighmaster very sill hero. Ou the occasion itself, Jamie, properly complied. Were I to enter who was found there along with some into detail, I would be obliged, as an of his respectable compeers, when the impartial historian, to recount some astonished company rushed out, failed rather unpleasant circumstances, the not to protest that “he and twa three fact being that this becoming attachothers were jeest couping owre a sma' ment to his order on the part of this dribble o' drink, in Nansie Duffans, new public functionary was not at when, seein' the bleeze, he daundered all relished or understood by his forup ae minute afore Mrs. Jamfrey, (and mer associates. “ The bit buddy” (this sweetly at that hour on her young ear was an allusion to his height, which fell the sound,) fair fa’ her sonsie face, was not that of Goliah)" wi' his twa' ha! ha! ha!—had hersel com oot wi' legs like twa water stoups turned upa' her bonny top knots”—and how none side-down," (and which, by-the-bye, was enjoyed the bonfire more heartily than a satirical illustration of a curious fact the bridegroom himself, undisturbed by in the weighmaster's development). any selfish ideas of property, which, to Hech, sirs! but we are gran' noo, wi' be sure, were rather new to him; and our bit measures and scales! Gude how, in his fits of inspiration the preserve us ! what a lang tail our cat madness of the bowl”—he used to has got!” These and other expressions eject her “oot o’hoose and ha', most of a like nature, indicating the existence unceremoniously, by the shoulders, of very unworthy feelings in my own which was a signal for a holiday to our native Clonsill, will often, I foresee, selves-although I never could dis- should I resume the pen, force from me cover how this understanding arose as a wish that I too, like the Recording to the circumstance of Nell Jamfrey Angel, could drop a tear upon the being out, as was the phrase, having words, and blot them out for ever! a connection with our relaxations from

L. S. study, unless, indeed, it was intended College, 12th Dec., 1832.

Ever yours,

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" Here," said my reverend guide, “ you It may be also observed, that in many have before you a memorial of the cala- instances, it is upon those whose habits mities which followed in the train of that and dispositions are more than comglorious agitation, to which you hastily monly amiable, the chastening hand is attribute good. Strangers to this un- most heavily laid. The world loves its happy land can seldom judge what evil, own, and will not surely molest them, moral and physical, has been brought while those who are desirous of someamongst us by practices, in which the thing better than the world, are often excitement of the times did not permit brought, through tears and painful trials, even the agents, or the victims, to dise to a thorough understanding of things cern the enormity of the offences in not earthly ; and to a wisdom from which they were engaged. Here in- above, pure and peaceful, and which deed the spirit of evil could triumph. recompenses for all the afllictions Never, in humble life, very rarely in through which its precious lessons were exalted, have I known a group of equal communicated. interest or a home of more felicity, than The Widow Cormac had passed her this desolate place and those broken early years in the patient endurance of and reofless walls bring to my remem- much hardship and allliction. Educatbrance. You shall hear their sorrowful ed in decent, though very frugal habits, story."

and familiar with upright and honorable We seated ourselves on a rising sentiments, when, in her sixteenth year, stound, immediately above what had she became the wife of a rude and riotonce been evidently a larger and more ous mate, she was ill prepared for the commodious dwelling than the farming scenes of discomfort and excess which classes in Ireland usually enjoy, and she was condemned to witness, almost my friend proceeded. “ One might daily. The alternations of want in vehave thought, that the widow Cormac ry squalid forms, and riot with its most and her family were chosen to furnish brutal accompaniments, would in time an example of the felicity which may be have brought down her fragile frame to enjored by the humble, and of the ex the grave--but, youth is strong, and treme misery to which they may be re she hail scarcely attained her twentyduced. Calamity is visited, in some second year, when the consequences of instances, on whole families, under his intemperance became visible in her circumstances calculated to excite our husband's declining health, and after fspecial wonder. Causes seemingly some months of painful and unremitdisproportioned to the effects which ting attention at his sick bed, she was ensued on them; events which appeared left, with the burden of three infant wholly unconnected with each other, children, a daughter and two sons, a follow in rapid succession or occur in poor, and it was thought, a helpless casual concert, and all individuals in a widow. family, shall become each so occupied There are powers within us, of which by a separate and peculiar sorrow or we are never conscious, until some embarrassment, as to have no power emergency requiring their activity, disof succouring the beloved friends who covers their presence. So it was in the are in the same moment smitten down. case of the poor widow Cormac. In ordinary cases, merciful power inter- While stunned and beaten down by feres to arrest the progress of calamity, the boisterous and uncongenial temper so as that griefs too numerous do not of her husband, and the distresses to crush the heart; but, sometimes, in which his misconduct reduced her, she His inscrutable wisdom and benevo- had appeared destitute of spirit and lence, God dries up and withers all understanding, unable to guide herself comforts here, and constrains the mi- aright through any perplexing circumserable to feel that they are in a desert stances, and quite incapable of sustainand to look upwards for consolation. ing the inclemencies to which she might

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