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sad pleasantry, the definition of lan- natural liveliness is often exalted by guage as an instrument invented to con- certain applications of a certain eyeceal our ideas; and take, indeed, for brightening fluid even at an early period witness of its efficacy in that point of of the day. It is also well known, that view, the piles of protocols touching poor Sherry by no means dissented the Belgian question, built up through from this laudable practice of his different parts of Holland into stacks countrymen, even when sojourning in of rustling parchment, and which a a strange land. Now putting these patriotic king, I boldly avet, would be two facts together, we doubt not the justified in distributing through the poet wrote the lines in question thus : tailors of the land, considering what a lack of measuring-lines must be among

« The vast Atlantic of his face artificers of this order, called on to ap His morning in his eye.". preciate, as they ever are, the vast external surfaces of his Duteh Majesty's We had referred in our note of inloving subjects. I aver, that in the vitation to the concentration of Torygeneral purpose of words, a nobler ism our rooms would contain, and the end should ever be placed in view, and awe which would thus shake the hearts hold that its then nature is most nobly of the unfortunate Whigs to the very brought out, when an exaet impress core. Our calculations were not unof the heart is, through their means, founded, and after spending two pages transmitted to the world, and language more of letter paper on a train of becomes transparent thought." splendidly expressed reasoning, he in

timates his determination of being preMr. C. then proceeds or rather sent, and concludes his answer in the plunges into a curious speculation re- following terms : specting language, as an instrument of philosophie inquiry, but which we pur “ As I therefore am now overborne posely omit. He then returns to the by the weight of this argument, the subject of the invitation to breakfast more that I deem myself to have and becomes evidently more and more placed it in a somewhat more impresinterested, in spite of his previous de- sive point of view than your letter elaration, in the idea of meeting such effected, I have to request that at some noble spirits, particularly Woodsworth respectable hotel, there be pre-engaged of whom he says, with him I would for me a bed, but on that bed no quilt." delight once more to meet, to witness The cause of this, which is connected and gaze once more with an eye-of in- with my determination by a curious tense admiration, on what your coun but regular tissue of thought, I shall tryman Charles Philipps, when speak- probably explain to the waiter as he ing of Richard Brinsley Sheridan cal- precedes me at night with the candle ; led, with a magnificent mistiness of and as I foresee the train of exposition meaning that I could never completely will be long and too close to admit of penetrate (I quote from a distand me- anything but onward motion in the mory)

expounder, let my appointed chamber be

placed in the very attic---as, including « The vast Atlantic of his face

the launding places, which indeed I The morning of his eye."

would rather reserve for recapitulating

the argument propounded during the On this subject it would appear like ascent of each night--justice to my presumption in us to attempt, after the sentiments will require me to reason up failure of Mr. C. to decypher the sense at least five pair of stairs. of this passage in Mr. Philipps's work, supposing, which is not always

Your's, evermore, the case with this eloquent writer's productions, there was any sense to

S. T. COLERIDGE. decypher. But we think that Mr. C. must have misquoted the lines. It is Now, this is most brave! What a well known that Philipps is an Irish- day will that be when they all meet man, and is intimately acquainted with together! How intense' too at the the habits of his compatriots, whose anticipation is our pride our joy of


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heart at this moment. But to express figure in the driving seat endued with a our feelings, bootless indeed were artifi- fine old ruin of a Thatch," still in conscial language ; " so let our speech be derable preservation, one-fourth of its priwordless song."

mæval rim beiny extant, and the deficiency Tidi ridi ti

of its upper lid being, from the elevated Tidi ridi tidi

position of the wearer only visible to en

Aeronaut, assuring Poplar, privately, at
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intervals that he'll off with yer honor

in one minnit's time," which, literally inNow for a plump into the sea at terpreted, means an hour, the rest of his Kingstown, and then for a glorious time being employed in proclaiming to the climb up Killiney hill.

world, that there's room for five and no “ Mike," (Enter our Davus.)

delay.(Exeunt car, &c., after not · Our Boots !" (Vanish, Ditto.)

more than an hour's stoppage, and finally

dies away the distant chaunt of-Tidi Scene changes to Baggot Street-Pop- ridi ti, fc.) lar solus on a Hack-Car-an interesting



Freshmen, on Thursday and Friday, the

27th and 28th June. At the late Quarterly Examinations

STEPHEN C. SANDES, the following honors were adjudged :The Gold Medal for Science was

Sen. Lecturer. adjudged to Mr. Haig ; the Gold Medal for Classics to Mr. Pomeroy.--Mr. Haig,

On Friday, May 17, Dr. Longfield Mr. Pomeroy, Mr. O'Connell (Morgan delivered his opening lecture, as ProfesJohn), and Mr. Hyde, were placed at the sor of Political Economy, in the Law head of the Candidate Bachelor Class. School of our University. This Profes

CERTIFICATES IN SCIENCE were ob. sorship was instituted by his Grace the tained by Armstrong (George), Mr.Ru. Archbishop of Dublin, in the laudable therford, Turner, Orr, Andrews, Young, spirit of assimilating the Irish and EngWillis (James), Baggot, Lee, Tickers, lish Universities so far as to make equal M·Dowell

, Mr. Shaw, Sandes, Conway advantages derivable from the resources (Cornelius), O'Leary (Goodwin), Hals of both. After an examination, for some lowell, Biggs, Kyle (Pallam.)

days, of the several candidates, Dr. LongPREMIUMS IN SCIENCE, by Drought, field was elected by the Board from the Meade, Dennehy, Purdon (George R.), number recommended to their notice by Mr. Montgomery, O'Brien, Webb, Fin. the Archbishop; the condition of his aplay, Perry, Kane, Mr. Leader, M«Intire, pointment to the chair, being, the deliJohns, O'Farrell, Edgeworth, Jacob, very of nine lectures during a specified Mr. Synnott, Smith_(Richard), Digby, term, and their subsequent publication. Walsh (Albert J.), Battersby (William

The object of Dr. Longfield's opening H.), Higgins, Kyle (John T.), and address was to show the great and increaKing.

sing importance of the science of PoliCERTIFICATES IN Classics, by Craw. tical Economy, and to remove the idle ford (Francis), Mr. Goold, Turner, Mr. and frivolous objections which the ignoLeader, Bruen, Lee, Woodward, Lyons, rant and casuistical are too apt to indulge Mr. Verschoyle, Johnston (Benjamin), in, to the prejudice of what they attempt Eccleston, Wrightson, Hickey, Marshall

, to disprove, probably without any, or at Callaghan.

best only upon an indifferent and partiat PREMIUMS IN Classics, by Franks study. The charges of impiety and irre(John), Armstrong (Geo.), Savage, Mr. ligion to which the science has been conMassie, Mac Donnell (Richard G.), Ac- sidered liable, upon the grounds of its ton, Orr, Mackinnon, Wheeler," Mr. supplying both scope and encouragement Blosse, Hopkins (Robert), Fitzgerald to one of the worst passions of human (Gerard), Clement, Caher, Mullins, Mr. nature, Dr. Longfield refuted at once by Welsh, Griffin, Wade, O'Leary (Corne- proving that national wealth and national lius), Ringwood, Ryan, Haines, and prosperity were the grand object of the King.

political economist, and not individual PREMIUMS FOR GENERAL ANSWERING aggrandisement or avarice, which must were obtained by Nash and Tibbs. ever tend to eradicate the principles which

for the benefit of society at large, it is The next Quarterly Examinations will his praiseworthy aim to inculcate and enbe held for Senior Sophisters on Tues- force. day and Wednesday, the 18th and 19th The absurd and fatal error into which of June; for Junior Sophisters, on Fri too often the rude and unthinking artiday and Saturday, the 21st and 22d; for zan has been seduced, that the demoliSenior Freshmen, on Monday and Tues- tion of his employer's capital must lead day, the 24th and 25th ; and for Junior to the alleviation of his own distress, in


unfavourable times, was exposed in the lowed for only three medical courses in course of this lecture in language of great each winter Session., nerve and energy; while the deductions from the arguments of the Lecturer, tending to show that the extension of the science of Political Economy should inevitably lead to the manifestation of truth, were no less forcibly than justly

Saturday, March 2. drawn.

The objections to the study of Poli On Tuesday last, in full Convocation, tical Economy on the score of novelty, the University seal was affixed to Petiwere likewise ably met and answered; Dr. tions to both Houses of Parliament, Longfield having clearly evinced the im- praying that they would be pleased to possibility of the science having existed, take into their early consideration the as such, during any except modern times, laws relating to the observance of the

We would not be understood by the Lord's Day, with a view to their amends foregoing brief sketch, to have attempted ment. to follow the Professor either in the ora, Master of Arts. Rev. C. Childers, der or variety of his topics. We merely. Ch. Ch. wished to give a brief outline of the Bachelors of Arts, W. E. Ellwell, whole, which we shall notice at greater University; G. Garrick, University; length at the conclusion of the course, A. J. Sutherland, Student of Ch. Ch.; Dr. Longfield's style and taste are admi- C. Leslie, Ch. Ch.; W. Hornby, Ch. rably adapted to this most interesting Ch.; A. G. S. Shirley, Ch. Ch.; J. subject, for the discussion and elucidation Barrow, Wadham College. of which he is still further qualified, by On Friday, the 22d ult, W. Burton extensive study, and abilities which have Dynham, M.A. of Magdalen Hall, was deservedly ranked him among the most nominated and admitted to practice as a distinguished members of our University. Proctor in the Court of the Vice-Chan

cellor of the University. A considerable addition has been made Preachers at St. Mary's. Rev. Dr to the College Botanical Garden, which Nolan, Exeter, Bampton Lecturer, Sunnow presents an exceedingly beautiful day morning; Rev. W. Griffiths, Wadfront to the Rock road. The ground ham, Sunday afternoon. enclosed was most judiciously purchased by the Board, as it prevents the possibi.

March 9. lity of the gardens being shut in by the buildings which are extending so rapidly In a Convocation holden on Thursday in that direction, and the injury which last, the nomination of the following should necessarily result to the trees and gentlemen to be Public Examiners was flowers.

approved, viz. :- The Rev. A. Short, The “ nihil tetigit quod non ornavit, M.A., Student of Christ Church, in may, with equal truth, be applied to the Literis Humanioribus; The Rev. Aractive and enterprising spirit of our res thur Neate, M.A., Trinity, in Disciplipected Provost, since whose appointment nis Mathematicis et Physicis. a rapid and progressive improvement has Ina Congregation holden the same day, been strikingly observable in every thing the following degrees were conferred :connected with our University. We Masters of Arts. Rev. T. Brooke, have been led to this remark, by the more Brasennose ; Rev. A. Daniel, Exeter. immediate subject of our notice, but shall Bachelor of Arts.-T, P. Lethbridge, enter upon the matter more at large in

Ch. Ch.; F. W. C. Whalley, Ch. Ch. a future number, when we trust to lay Preachers at St. Mary's.Rev: Dr. before our readers, in detail, the salutary Nolan, Exeter, Bampton Lecturer, Sunchanges which are now in preparation, as day morning ; Rev. Mr. Smart, Univeraffecting Collegiate discipline.

sity, afternoon. Students in Medicine are to take no

March 16. tice, that after the month of November, 1834, all Candidates for Degrees in Me On Thursday last the following Dedicine must produce certificates of atten- grees were conferred:dance on the course of Lectures on Mid Master of Arts. Rev. T. Tolming, wifery, delivered in the College of Phy- Brasennose College. sicians; and also that credit will be al Bachelors of Arts. F. Anson, Pro

bationary Fellow of All Souls' Coll.; mi 19 Huxtable, Trinity, swortlar J. Ralph, St. Edmund Hall.

a to Alford, Visct. Magd. setter Preachers at St. Mary's -- Rev. Dr.

STS 9719 Nolan, Exeter, Bampton Lecturer, Sun

แs DS)

Andras, St. Jo. God seci. day morning; Rev. Mr. Williams, Tri soient Sale, St. John's, & goue. nity, afternoon.

ada ( Couchman, Çi. Hall,

pagina 903 5 March 23.

Oith Langdon, St. John's, stival

Barker, St. John's. ?x7 15:




On Thursday last the following De. A meeting of the Philosophical Sogrees were conferred :

ciety was held on Monday evening, ProMasters of Arts, Rev. E. T. Lewis, fessor Sedgwick, the President, being in University, Rev. C. A. Ş. Morgan, Ch. the chair. Among the members elected Ch,; Rev. F. C. Parsons, Worcester;

were Lord Braybrooke, M.A., of MagW Dod, Magdalen Hall; J. W. Bruce, dalene College, and the Hon. Peter John Exeter.

Locke King, M.A., of Trinity College. The Examiners appointed to elect a

Various presents of books were anMathematical Scholar, have announced nounced, among which was a Memoir, by to the Vice-Chancellor their election of Cacciatore, the astronomer at Palermo, H. A. Jeffreys, B. A., Student of Christ concerning the reduction and comparison Church,

of Meteorological Observations made in.

different places. The Rev. W. Whewell CAMBRIDGE,

read a continuation of his Memoranda on

the Architecture of Normandy. After CLASSICAL TRIPOS. Feb. 23.

the meeting Professor Airy gave an acExaminers.–J. Gibson, M.A., Sidney count, illustrated by models and diagrams, Sussex; W. Martin, M.A., St. John's; of his recent researches concerning the W. A. Soames, M.A., Trinity; F. Field, mass of Jupiter, by means of observaM.A., Trinity.

tions of the fourth satellite. It was observed, that the proportion of the quan

tity of matter of Jupiter to that of the Ds Bunbury, Trinity,

Sun, is the most important datum in our Hildyard, Christ's,

reasonings concerning the Solar System, Francis, St. John's,

after the elements of the planetary or Walford, Trinitys,

bits. But though this is the case, consiWilson, St. John's,

derable uncertainty has recently prevailed Barnes, Trinity,

concerning this quantity. The calculaWhittaker, Qu.

tions of Laplace and Bouvard made JuBury, St. John's,

piter 1-1070th of the Sun, by means of Begbie, Pembroke,

the 'perturbations of Saturn; but the Lydekker, Trinity,

German astronomers, Nicolai and Encke, Kempe, Clare H.

by means of the perturbations of Juno

and Vesta, obtained a mass larger by Ds Tate, Emman.

about 1-80th than that of Laplace. But North, Trinity,

in the meantime the observations which Inman, St. John's,

seemed to promise the most simple and Smith, St. Peter's,

decisive' means of obtaining the value of Nicholson, Christ's,

Jupiter’s mass, those of the periods and Howlett, St. John's,

distances of his satellites, had never been Brown, Trinity,

put in practice since the time of Newton, Taylor, St. John's,

at whose request Pound made such obChambers, St. John's,

servations. The question concerning this Stockdale, Trinity,

mass is not only of consequence in the Raikes, Corpus,

calculations of other perturbations of the Fowler, Trinity,

Solar System, of which Jupiter is “the Jones, Queen's,

tyrant,” (to use Sir John Herschell's exRoots, Jesus.

pression); but was also of sufficient mag

nitude to decide the existence or not, of THIRD CLASS.

a resisting medium as deduced from Ds Evans, Qu. ?

Encke's comet. Professor Airy deterJacob, Emm. S

mined therefore to repeat these observaDusautoy, St. John's, tions, and to endeavour to calculate from Rose, Clare Hall,

them the mass of Jupiter, with greater



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