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infested by fugitives from the city, possessed a few, and some were wholly from Kildare, and other places, and unprovided, an emergency that could whose fires, on that night, we had pre- scarcely have happened if we had had "viously observed, were very numerous. but a few minutes notice of the sumHowever, they came not near us; and mons. It was soon arranged that we I never learned whether the alarm was should divide our stock equally, and given by Government to try the steadi- most of the humble companions of my ness of the yeomanry, (to whom these pouch were promoted, for aught that posts were exclusively confided,) or that I know, to the service of the whether the enemy, finding their design embryo judges and expectant chanceldiscovered, had abandoned it.

lors of whom our body was partly But during the hours that we thus composed. stood together, scarcely a word, except But, as if to show us how superfluthe few that are necessary on changing ous it had been for us to take any sentries, was to be heard among us; trouble in providing ammunition for each man seemed mentally to have re ourselves or each other, our Sergeants tired within himself, while to all exter- had hardly completed the distribution nal appearance, he was the mere ma- of our common stock, and we were chine which a soldier ought to be. A again“ standing at ease," though with paramount sense of duty was doubtless anxious and uneasy minds, when, tothe governing principle: the conse wards the break of day, our attention quences that might ensue to others—to was excited by the heavy measured ourselves-could not fail to occupy step of a file of men, who, issuing from some of the passing thoughts of men the Lower Castle Yard, advanced to accustomed to reflection. It was an our front, bearing each a canvas bag interval of solemnity, unmixed with slung before him. « Attention !" dismay. I have compared my own

Shoulder arms." “ Rear rank take state of feeling with that of several of double distance.” “ Order arms.” “ Carmy comrades. As machines, we should touches open.” These words announced have done our duty, though as men we the object of the visitors, which was might have lamented the results. We to serve out ammunition. They prowould have stood our ground to the ceeded to supply a few, when perceivlastman," said my friend F., “but are you ing on their part that none of us were not glad that there was no occasion ?" wholly unprovided, and we soon dis

It was with feelings and reflections covering the sort of provision they were of the same kind, I presuine, that our making for us, they speedily retreated column (which, I left during this di- through the arch, and it was then that gression, standing in the Upper Castle a buz-an irrepressible buz of surprise Yard, in the night of the 23d July, and derision burst forth, and the whisper 1803,) occupied the dreary hours : for spread from rank to rank that they very few words were heard amongst us: were pistol cartridges!—PISTOL CARlittle communication between our offi- TRIDGES!! I do not know whether cers and us, and as little, I believe, you, Mr. Poplar, have ever between their superiors and them. At service, but if you have even so length it occurred, that as we were likely much skill as would serve to shoot a to have ample time, it might be well to crow, you must know what a mockery have an inspection of the state of our this appeared to be. To call it mockammunition by the light of the Castle ery, however, would be unjust. I am lamps; a practice that was certain that nothing was further from omitted during the periods of perma- the intention of the government of that nent service, previous to our being day than to treat the yeomanry with marched off to duty, but which the slight on any occasion: but I refer to suddenness of this nights alarm had the fact as strongly confirmative of the rendered in the first instance impracti- dialogue reported by your narrator:cable.

“ What troops,” said Wilcox, · We were tolerably well supplied in readiness ?” The steady and regular soldier in ge “ I know of none," said the Secreneral had his cartouche-box furnished tary. with his appointed complement of How many stand of arms have twenty rounds of ball cartridge : others you?” VOL. I.

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“ seen



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“ Not one within reach.';

horrible filth by which almost all my How many rounds of ammuni- senses were assailed, in the apartments tion?"

of a house, that, externally, bore a “ Not a single one."

very decent aspect.

At length, we And it fully supports General Shortal's were marched to our parade and disdeclaration, " That no orders had been missed, and I hastened to my delightgiven by Government for any supply of ful home, and found all safe and quiet ; ammunition—that the Government had and may every loyal subject, who sabeen taken completely by surprise." crifices his domestic comforts for a

But, let me repeat, that not an indi- time, to the service of his king and vidual of the corps thought for a mo- country, have such a home and such a ment of imputing this to any motive of wife to welcome his return ; I can wish disrespect to the yeomanry-far from him no richer reward. Although, no it. At that time, the services of the weak womanish fears had been interyeoman army in the rebellion of 1798 posed, to prevent my turning out on were fresh in the public recollection, the call of duty, I was well aware that and a mutual and happy confidence anxiety must have prevailed during my subsisted between the Government and absence which my appearance would them. Every man was convinced, and best remove. I learned, however, that sorry to feel himself convinced, that, the night had not passed without rufor once, the Government had been mours finding their way to -street, taken by surprise. From what nook of of murders and assassinations, exagthe horse barracks the pistol cartridges gerated doubtless, but some of them were thus tardily dragged forth matters too authentic. Amongst these suffernot now to enquire. In half an hour, ers, our friend, Colonel Lyde Browne, the whole occurrence had passed into had been named ; almost the first ena jest amongst us. The few rounds quiry was respecting his fate. I had that were delivered, were exhibited not before heard of the lamentable from file to file, and then treasured up event, and as early the next morning as reliques. I saw one of them not as I could be prepared, I went to his long ago in the possession of a com- lodgings, where I learned all the sad rade: he had clothed it with a label particulars, which I shall relate. explanatory of its history, and said he Colonel Browne commanded the meant to deposit it in his cabinet of 21st fusileers; and as they were quarcuriosities for the benefit and instruc- tered partly in the Royal Barrack and tion of future generations.

partly in a temporary barrack in CorkBy this time it was full day-light, street, he had fixed his residence on and our patience had become almost Usher's Island, as a position nearly exhausted, when we got orders to central to both divisions of his men. “wheel into line," and then, the word He had received some intimation du“ with cartridge, prime and load," ring the day, that mischief was exseemed to intimate, that something pected, and, in consequence had diremained to be done, and that we were rected, that if any disturbance bruke called upon to do it. With universal out, an officer and detachment from pleasure, we quitted our dreary and un- Cork-street, should attend him; and interesting position, and were led he was sitting at his open drawingthrough Častle-street and Skinner row, room windows, waiting for his party, straight to the scene of the horrible and anxiously looking out for intellimurders of Thomas-street, (of which gence, when his attention was attracted no trace was then visible,) and thence by two men, who, as they passed slowly to the Coombe, where some dead along the footway, appeared to be in bodies of the peasantry still lay on earnest conversation-a word or two the spot they had fallen. Passing that they dropt, as if by accident, led through some obscure street in the him to listen with keeper interest, for region of the Liberty, a halt was made their talk was about the twenty-first and some files detached to search regiment, and of something that either houses that were pointed out : I was had befallen it, or would befal it in one of those employed on this duty; Thomas-street. The diabolical plot, I do not recollect what the particular for such I fear it was, prevailed. The object was, but though I met nothing gallant Colonel instantly seized his else offensive, I uever shall forget the sword, and without any other weapon,


and attended only by a faithful ser- division encountered a similar discomvant, who insisted on following him, fiture on the Coombe, from Lieutenant though wholly unarmed, he rushed Hume Douglas, commanding a dealong Usher's Island, and turned up tachment of the same brave regiment; Bridgefoot-street, the nearest approach while Chief-Constable Wilson, with a to Thomas-street. As he proceeded few Peace-Officers, in one quarter, and up the hill, he perceived before him, a small band of yeomanry of the Liwhat, in the dusk, he thought was a berty Rangers and Barrack Divisional column of his own men, with shoul- Corps in another, completed the rout. dered arms, and so telling his servant, But, contemptible as was the result, he hastened forward to meet them. the design was bold and formidable, It was in vain that the servant warned and if Providence had not interposed him, that what appeared to him to be a short delay in a critical moment, it is muskets, were, in truth, new-made awful to consider what might have pikes. He had, in fact, fallen in with been the catastrophe. The eastern a strong party of the rebels, at the end of Thomas-street, where the rebels entrance to the lane where their depot stopped to glut their barbarity with the of arms and ammunition were after- blood of rank, learning, and virtue, is wards discovered and detected. But not more than five hundred yards from it was too late to stop him-almost the Castle-gate. How long would a in the same moment, the brave officer band of infuriated ruffians have been discovered his error and suffered its in rushing, unopposed, through two fatal effect. He received a shot from short streets ? Scarcely longer than I a blunderbuss, and fell dead on the take to write down the question. Two spot. Had Colonel Browne not been sentries whistling at the gate, a few more betrayed into a premature exposure scattered about the court, would have of himself, he would probably have been surprized and filled in an instant; soon been joined by his men, for about the body of the guard, lounging in the same time, Lieut. Felix Brady, of perfect security in its guard-room, the 21st, with 40 or 50 men, had would not have had time for resistance, left Cork-street for the purpose, pur- or the Castle-gates would have been suant to order, and had proceeded as closed against it—for the guard-room far as Thomas-street, on his way, then stood outside the gate. Long when he encountered an advanced before any effectual help could be had post of the rebels, whom they de- from the barracks, the inmates would feated and put to flight—and as this have been overpowered, the gates was the work but of a few minutes, the secured, the green flag would have party would soon have reached its waved on Bedford Tower-VICTORY destination. The servant saved his would have sounded through the city own life by his presence of mind. —the intelligence would have spread When he saw his master fall, he turned throughout the country on the wings and was hastening down Bridgefoot- of the wind. To pursue this subject street, homewards, when an armed further is too painful. ruffian stopt him, and demanded, It is true, and the anti-alarmist of ' where are you going ?” “O do not the present day, may plume himself delay me! the day's our own, and I upon the fact, that the Castle is now am running for my pike,'— make haste in a better state of defence ; it is true, then, replied the other, and suffered that since the insurrection, that lofty

iron barrier was erected, which extends Of the conflict itself (if it deserves from the corner angle of the street to the name) which in half an hour de- the Royal Exchange, the whole

western cided the issue of the insurrection, it is side of the Castle, from La Touche's scarcely necessary to speak. It is bank to Ship-street, has been insulated, matter of history. Counting on, and a lofty wall and broad passage (where prepared with arms for several thou- sentinels are always stationed) now sands, the most that its leader could separating it from Hoey's Court and collect was about 400 men ; of these, various dwellings, which before were one party was met in Thomas-street in immediate contact with its buildings, and defeated, as we have seen, by and afforded innumerable means of Lieutenant Brady, of the 21st: another access and annoyance.

And I re

him to pass.

collect, that for a long time the iron watch-word, and holding out “Expulsion barrier itself was guarded by two long of heretics," with all its effects upon field-pieces that frowned grimly down property, as the rich reward ! Cork-hill, keeping the button-shop in And though the Castle be better their front in constant and wholesome walled and barricaded, where is the check.

moral strength of its occupiers? Where Doubtless, the Castle is not at this is the yeoman army, which contributed day so utterly unprepared against a mainly to the support of British connercoup de main. But what shall we say ion in the Rebellion of 1798, and to whose of the improved dispositions of the care, during many nights of that Rebelpopulace ? Alas! let not our gover- lion (while the regular troops were disnors deceive themselves ; neither patched to distant points) the care and conciliation, nor concession, nor eman- guardship of the metropolis was solely cipation, nor reform, nor the praises and wisely entrusted? Where shall bestowed on Dr. Doyle's Pastoral, nor we look in this day-in what part of the honours heaped upon the agitators, Ireland shall we find large bodies of the nor the exaltation of one class, nor the wealthy—the intelligent—the influendepression of the other-none of these, tial classes standing forth, ready and nor all of them combined, would weigh eager to rally round the British standa straw in favour of a British govern- ard, and to support it with life and forment, against an invitation to arms, tune ? urged by any man of desperate for It is truly "more in sorrow than in tunes, possessing talent and enterprise, anger," that these sad questions are and nothing else; raising "separation asked by from England," as the ever-welcome



Belov'd and beautiful, part
From thee and every earthly joy,
And utter with a breaking heart,
The “Εις αιώνα χάιρι μου.
Thou wert the sweet, the only theme,
That could my voice and lute employ,
But now I end love's transient dream
With “Els drūve zásos real."
For blighted hope hath render'd vain
The feeling it can ne'er destroy,
And anguish wakes the mournful strain
Of “Eus úsmra ráigs Mob."
Unmingled bliss is still thine own,
All pure from grief or care's alloy ;
Mine the sad memories alone
Of “Eus dewra xáigs plas"

Ω αγασώμενη το μου
Κής 5ηθους έκστατασσει σοι,
Κάι πρήσει μεχρι θανατου
Mer' “ Ess siūva xáipe Mod."


The celebrated Author of “ The Geographical knowledge beyond the Spirit of Laws” held that the history of situation of places as taught at the the communications of mankind was form, is most generally a tacit conventhat of commerce ; and the elder tion-an oral, or even a traditional Dupin, in all his statistical labours, pro- science; and a foreigner coming to our ceeds upon the supposition that the great commercial marts would be surproductive capability of a country will prised to find that “ many merchants, be in direct relation to the facilities of men of fame,” whose ships plough the access and the perfection of the modes antipodal seas, relied for their whole of transport. There can be no doubt advantages and prosperity on the stern that the mineral and vegetable produc- sense—so nationally characteristic of tions—all the natural riches of a land, the navigator and traveller, employed and its capability of improvement in under them; the class of persons agriculture or the arts can only be who have time to read, chiefly profesturned to account, multiplied, or even sional, and who seek for information brought into action by means of traf- solely for the pleasure and satisfaction fic and interchange. But this can which it affords, can never amalgamate never affect the first elements of na- well with these practical persons ; their tional prosperity, which are con- habits of thought and their modes of actained in the physical relations of the quiring knowledge are entirely different, country, or its natural capabilities of and their objects so disinterested in the soil and climate, and in the genius of one, so mercenary in the other, are too far the people, or their moral and intellec- opposed to one another ever to generate tual attributes, by which success is en- sympathy in their pursuit. Then come gendered and political power is given; apart from, and standing above all, the and it is curious to contemplate, in the educated man, with his boundless history of one of the most mercantile energy and his heroic devotion. To countries of the universe, the results of this class we are indebted for a very extended commerce on the efforts of great part of what has been done in human intelligence. The mind appears geographical science, and the results of to be immediately enslaved by the pas- their toil and labour are admired by sion for lucre, and Mammon rules with one class, made use of by another, but a blind sway, which renders the acqui- seldom rewarded by any. Except the sition of information subordinate to the triangulation of India and the survey possession of wealth, and frustrates the of the coast, which frequent losses had conscientious desire of communicating rendered actually necessary, almost knowledge. Hence it is that Great all that has been done towards making Britain, which can boast of the most us acquainted with that vast country extensive commerce of present or an- has been accomplished by private indicient times, has made so little use of viduals. And in natural history it her gigantic powers to improve our remained for the French to take adknowledge of the terrestrial surface; vantage of our possessions in these and no attempt has been yet made to unexplored countries

, to hoard up the systematise the scattered materials of treasures so long neglected by our modern times and the collected evidence countrymen. of three centuries of maritime domi If Government turns its tardy eye nation.

towards geographical discovery, it has

A system of Geography, Popular and Scientific, by James Bell, with maps and engravings, 6 vols. 8vo. Glasgow, Fullarton and Co.; Dublin, W. Curry, Jun. and Co. 1833.

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