תמונות בעמוד


-Sir Valentine,
Thou art a gentleman, and well-derivd;
Take thou thy Sylvia, for thou hast deserv'd her.”

Two Gentleman of Verone. i

About two hours previous to the for- to interfere with my public duty," retunate consummation of De Lacy's plied the governor, as to a nearet or enterprise, the King had unexpectedly dearer influence, which I bumbly prereturned from Gloucester, and having sume your majesty alludes to, that has remained about half an hour in the long since ceased to exist." "God Queen's apartments, returned to his send, Sir," said the King, in a manner closet, from whence he sent to require peculiar to him when much displeased, the attendance of Sir Everard Ashley, is that although you are deaf to the call who on entering the presence, found of friendship, you have not suffered one the King, a storm lowering on his brow, of my best friends, and the important walking up and down the chamber.- post he occupied to be sacrificed to " This is a strange business, Ashley," the caprice of private pique." . Sir said the King, as the governor made Everard now perceived that the King his obeisance, “ that the Queen has was irrecoverably displeased, and as he communicated to me--what could in- knew that all voices would be raised duce you to withhold your support against him, he determined to anticifrom this small, and I dread useless pate and mitigate the violence of the force which has ventured to the relief fall which he saw awaited him, and he of Basing ? « Your orders to me, so replied, “ I had hoped your majesty's please your majesty," replied Sir Eve- intimate knowledge and good opinion rard, “although doubtless they were in a of me would have prevented such a great degree discretionary, neverthe- painful surmise, and if former recollesless pointed mainly to the especial tions give me any claim to your Macare of the Queen's person, and the jesty's indulgence, I have a trifting resafety of this place, both of which, in quest to prefer." "What is it?" demy humble opinion, were endangered, manded the King in the most ungraeven by the force that has been sent- cious tone and manner possible.to have added more would, as I hold “That your majesty will, in your goodit, have subjected me to the imputation ness, permit me to resign this unfortuof indiscretion, which my enemies nate command, which has proved irrewould not have failed to urge to my concileable with your gracious pleasure disadvantage." “ Under such impres- and my mistaken sense of duty to fulsions why did you not communicate fil," replied Sir Everard. "I perceive, with me at the first ; you know the said the King, “ that one of the qualigreat personal friendship I entertain ties I gave you credit for, still apperfor Winchester, and the importance of tains to you; your penetration has his command—but setting all this aside done well to anticipate that, which as I should have imagined that you would you have placed me, (andend this despe have been irresistibly impelled per- rate business how it may) it would have sonally to endeavour the release of been impossible to have refused. The your friends, and you must know me family you have so strangely offended well enough to be assured you could are too powerful for me to turn a deaf not have undertaken a service more to ear to." "I have fearlessly done my my heart.” “I never yet, Sire, per- duty, Sire," observed Ashley, the mitted the claims of private friendship case was too desperate for any relief

in my power to have afforded ; and as ing point, and he hastily withdrew, not for the adventure in hand, it is nothing only from the presence of the King, but the romantic errantry of a love- but from the court altogether. sick man." The King was about to Our lady readers, whom we are most reply, when the door opened, and soiled solicitous to please, are doubtless anxiwith blood and dust, for he wore the ously looking forward to that usual consame clothes as in the action, and pale summation of novel, tale, romance, and and haggard with fatigue and pain, comedy—a wedding; and we shall the Marquess of Winchester almost keep them no longer on the high-toned staggered into the room. The King pitch of curiosity and expectation, so caught him immediately in his a wedding they shall have. The Mararms, saying : "" Thank Heaven! quess of Winchester, although he however the tide of fortune runs could not deny the merits of the galagainst our cause, I see you at least, lant De Lacy, or that to his courage although thus, in safety and your and his love, he owed the rescue of

daughter ?" My daughter! heaven himself and the Lady Eleanor from I

prosper your Majesty," replied the that bondage or death to which Ashley

Marquess, * is, like me, fatigued and had coolly consigned them, was still I harrassed, but yet safe, and amply re- affected by the disappointment of his e paid for any suffering we have under- early and cherished plans in the union i gone by this condescending--this gene- of his daughter with his ward, and, at u rous-solicitude ; and, blessed be Prov- the pressing instances of the King and

dence, I can cheer your Majesty's noble Queen, in which the Marchioness My heart-Basing-house not only main- joined, gave reluctant consent to his

tains its imposing situation, but Norton's daughter's hand being bestowed on him a force is soundly beaten and dispersed.” who had, indeed, truly and bravely won my for God's grace!" said the King, "but it. His pride pleaded objection to the N how ?" * Your Majesty must be Irish adventurer, although, if circume aware that over-partiality to Colonel stances had permitted, it would not

De Lacy will not gild my short but have been revolted by the English . pleasing tale," answered the Marquess, scoundrel. The wound inflicted on

but in justice to that officer I must pride and family aggrandizement was 1 say, that the unhoped-for result of this yet too sorely sensitive to permit him

Sextraordinary enterprize, is owing to to be present at the marriage ceremony,

the comprehensive abilities, and cool so he placed his daughter at the dispoU courage which have marked his con- sal of the King, and, his strength con#sduct in every stage of the undertaking.” siderably restored, he returned to

" It is a brilliant action,” replied the Basing-house.

King," he has performed the most Here, for the first time, we editorially

acceptable service a subject conld quarrel with the narrator of this, all is render to his prince, and I swear that throughout most interesting tale. He # I will reward him to the utmost of my has most unaccountably omitted to de

i power." Then turning to the ex- tail all the particulars of the wedding, El governor, who was fixed to the spot such as in the good old times made it

he stood on, as if incapable of speech or a matter nearly of as great importance motion, the fury passions labouring as a coronation, although with better like volcanic fire in his bad heart, the observance of oaths and vows.

He #King added, with marked point and gives us none of the pride, pomp, and i expression of countenance, " you see, circumstance of glorious matrimony,"

Sir, an issue of love-sick errantry, when-
alike shaming and disappointing the
cold calculations of your stern duty. “ All in preparation
may I ever find Love and LOYALTY For the muptial celebration,
united in my service.” Recovering,

Every heart beat high!” however, from his embarrassment, Sir Everard who, like men to be found in No account of dressing the dinner or all times, could, * smile, and smile, and dressing the bride the cavalcade to be a villain," approached the Marquess church and from it-the tremors and of Winchester, and affected no ordi- delicate distresses of the fair one, renary joy at his safety, but he found signing for the first time the arms of a the temperature here also at the freez- parent for those of a husband: no oxen Vol. I.

4 a

are roasted whole, no conduits flow with Charles because he occasionally and wine, but the whole business is passed fearlessly uttered home truths from the over as silently as if the blessing of the pulpit without respect of persons, and Priest on honorable and faithful love indulged in hard flings at Popery notwas a thing to be ashamed of. The withstanding the presence of the Queen. narrator, indeed, states that the King But Jeremy was no fanatic; to avoid gave away the hand of Lady Eleanor, the abomination of contact with the and that the Queen and the Mar. Harlot of the Seven Hills, he would chioness supported her through the not fly to the extreme of independence, pleasing agitation of the ceremony. and, to use the words of Shakspeare, He tells us that Lester officiated as “ it would puzzle the will” to find out bridegroom to De Lacy, but not one which he hated most, the Papist or the word does he mention of the “ lovely Roundhead, but still he was actuated dears” who performed that office of by the Christian Charity of the modern delightful anticipation for Lady Elea- Orangeman, whose creed, spiritual and nor: whether the bride rustled in political, is combined of the word of stately silk or brocade-swam dignified God and the law of the land. At the in rich folds of velvet, or, as we more conclusion of the marriage ceremony, commonly have it now adays, “looked the eccentric and talented Jeremy lovely in a veil and robe of matchless thought fit to give to the wedded pair, lace,” is for ever lost, sunk in the abyss and all those in attendance, a lecture of the past. Should, therefore, any of or exhortation suited to the occasion, the brilliant orbs of “ heavenly hue" and which he afterwards enlarged into which we trust will skim over these the sermon now known in his published pages to relieve the langour of having works under the title of “ The Wednothing to do, seek an elucidation of ding Ring.” Of its effect upon the good this mystery of omissiveness, we must Divine’s auditory, the tale furnishes no refer them to their mirrors in that evidence, but that his frequent quotapleasing moment when, equipped to tions from the Greek and Latin classics their mind, and not a grace left unim- were, by the young Cavaliers present, proved, they are armed for conquest. considered a pedantic bore, (the feeling,

With regard to any gentleman, young but not the terın, was known then as it or not young, or among that numerous is now) and the Ladies blushed and class who forget and would have others tittered behind their fans, being under forget that they are old, who may have the impression that he was giving ada similar curiosity, he may probably vice or reproof which could not be congratify it by an examination of Sir Peter veyed in plain downright English “ to Lely's portraits of the distinguished ears polite.” Beauties of those days, and, perhaps, Shall we leave the imagination of stumble on that of the fair cause of this our readers to dwell at this pleasant digression. There was a feature of the place of rest? Shall we part from marriage ceremony which was not for them at this “ Leaf of the Old Almagotten to be recorded, and which was nack," margined with the glow of blushtoo valuable not to be remembered. ing happiness; or, mingling the cypress The officiating Priest on the occasion wreath with the marriage garland, carry was-not Father Denis, for the Win- them on to that ensanguined page chesters were as good and staunch which tells of the consummated crimes Protestants as they were Royalists, but of democracy-false statesmen, a rebel -the celebrated Jeremy Taylor, who, people, and a martyr King? No, we at that time, was in attendance at the set the curtain fall-our tale of Love Court, and not the less esteemed by and Loyalty" ends here.

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Faunus ! who lov'st the flying nymphs to chace

Oh! let thy steps with genial influence tread
My sunny fields, and be thy fostering grace

Left on my nursling groves, and borders shed :
If at the mellow closing of the year,

A tender kid in sacrifice be thine ;
Nor fail the liberal bowls to Venus dear ;

Nor clouds of incense to thine antique shrine.

Joyous each flock in meadow herbage plays,

When the December feast returns to thee ;
Calmly the ox along the pasture strays,

With festal villagers from toil set free.


Then from the wolf no more the lambs retreat,

Then shower the woods to thee their foliage round,
And the glad labourer triumphs, that his feet

In triple dance have struck the hated ground.

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Omnes eodem cogimur: omnium
Versatur urna ; seriùs ociùs
Sors exitura, et nos in æternum
Exilium impositura cymbæ.


Bring wine, bring odours to th' embowering shade,

Where the tall pine and poplar blend on high ;
Bring roses exquisite, but soon to fade,

Snatch every brief delight, for thou must die Must bid thy groves farewell, thy stately dome,

Thy fair retreat on yellow Tyber's shore,
Whilst other inmates revel in thy home,

And claim the piles of wealth, thine own no more ;
He who relents not, dooms thee soon to tread
The shore whence none return the country of the dead.

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