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cuase ; dæmonized democracy,

the evils of despotism were recent, and We minBut the most fatal step," says Mr. had been experienced, those of demo

Alison, “and that which rendered all cracy remote and hitherto unfelt. No the others irreparable was, the great

such excuse will remain for any subnumber of revolutionary interests which sequent legislature. If the French Re

volution had done nothing else, it y they created. By transferring political power into new and inexperienced hands, has conferred a lasting blessing on who valued the acquisition in proportion of hasty innovation, and writing in

mankind, by exposing the consequences to their unfitness to exercise it, by creat characters of blood the horrors of anarchy ing a host of new proprietors, dependent upon the new system for their existence; that a dreadful lesson has not been taught

on the page of history. Let us hope by placing the armed and civil force entirely at the disposal of the populace, in vain; that a whole generation has not they founded lasting interests upon the perished under the guillotine, or been fleeting favours of the moment, and crushed beneath the car of ambition, only perpetuated the march of revolution, to make way for a repetition

of their errors when the people would willingly have by future ages; and that from the sanreverted to a monarchical government."

guinary annals of its sufferings, the great

truth may be learned, that true wisdom Por the present we shall conclude in consists in repairing, not in destroying, the words of our author, which cannot and that nothing can retard the march of be too deeply pondered either by freedom, but the violence of its supte sovereigns or subjects.

porters." The errors of the Constituent As

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If but to breathe a prayer---to shed a tear,

Thy sainted spirit could restore again
To the unquiet scene of sorrows here,

I would not by thy presence soothe my pain.
Tho' deeply I deplor'd my wayward doom,

When parted first from all I learned to love ;
One lingering hope still pierced my bosom's gloom,

One star shone bright my stormy course above.
Thou fain would'st have dissolv'd the spell—but ne'er

Liv'd there a soul less anxious to be free ;
A willing captive, 'twas content to wear

The chain that bound its every thought to thee.
I trusted still that thou would'st learn to feel

That one devoted heart was all thine own;
But time appear'd thy sympathies to steel

Against the woes of one, who wept alone.
I was not worthy of thee and I woke

Too late, alas! from my delusive dream ;
When truth the sweetest chords of fancy broke,

And her soft numbers lost their favourite theme.
They told me thou wert drooping—and I pray'd

For one I lov'd, howe'er despairingly,
Nor for a moment did I dare upbraid

Thine undeserv'd forgetfulness of me.
They told me thou wert dead—if angels e'er

The secrets of a mortal breast may read,
Then may'st thou trace in one still sorrowing here,
The grief with which its wounded feelings bleed.
But why desire thee to direct thine eyes

Down to this drear abode of the unblest ?
The sad communion of this vale of sighs

Would mar the bliss of thine eternal rest.


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The difficulties which De Lacy ble and faithful partizan Smallcraft ; of had to encounter, were such as, under this conference Father Denis was a any other circumstances, would have silent but attentive anditor. « I have justified Sir Everard Ashley's determi- sent for you, Smallcraft,” said De Laer, nation to have no hand in the under- “to be present at this discussion, not taking. The distance from Oxford to only because I have a high opinion of Basing was forty miles ; on his right your fidelity and intelligence, but also hand were the strong holds of the ene- that Colonel Bunckley informs me that my at Abingdon and Reading, whose you have been heretofore acquainted active patrols were incessantly scouring with much of this country." With the country, and on his left at New- thanks for your good opinion, brave berry, lay a large body of the Parlia- Sir, I know some parts of it indiffe. ment's horse, not less diligent. Thus, rently well," replied Smallcraft

, "tho' should they, at the best prove success- it is a long time since : my old master ful in their main object, their safe re was a vast intimate of the late Squire turn to Oxford was extremely doubtful. Forrester of Aldermaston, and I often With a mind fully capable of appreci- followed the hounds with him in that ating these dangers, and a spirit fitted part of the country'_“ No readier to meet and to subdue them, De Lacy way of acquiring a knowledge of it." during the short march, turned his at- observed De Lacy. It was eventually tention to Winchester, as a point on settled, that Smallcraft, Lester, and which he might not only fall back, in Trevanioŋ, who professed a knowledge case his return to Oxford should be in- of the country, should proceed with tercepted, but from whence, even at the the despatch to Winchester." 1.," present late period, he might receive said De Lacy, “ will add one more to reinforcement and co-operation. With your party, whom, should you unfortu Sir William Ogle, the governor, he nately have occasion for his services, was personally acquainted, and he re- you will find useful." Then turning to solved on sending a despatch thither, a soldier who was at hand, he desired which was to rejoin him at Basing him to send Jan Schontz to them. In On reaching the wood, the men had the way,” continued De Lacy, “the been made to unarm, the horse were country between us and Winchester is picquetted, and every precaution taken occupied, it would be impossible for to refresh both, it being De Lacy's in- you in your present garbs to reach it tention to lie by during the day, to undiscovered, though it was not with a avoid the heat, as well as the danger of view to this particular purpose, 1 prointerception, and prosecute his march vided those which may give you safe in the cool of the evening, by which conduct.” Jan Schontz now made his method he had calculated on reaching appearance

; he was somewhat in the Basing about one or two o'clock on capacity of Sergeant of the Queen's Wednesday morning. In one of seve- Dutchmen-a man not more than of ral leafy bowers, hastily constructed middle size, but no one scarcely could with branches of trees for accommoda- pass him unheeding, his bone and mms. tion of the officers, our hero held con. cular power were so much out of the ference with his friends Webb, Bunck. common. “Where is the bag I charged ley, the three Oxonians, and the hum- you with ?"-Jan disappeared without

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a word. " That is the man,” said De Bunckley. He divided the horse, now Lacy, “whom I mean to accompany amounting to about two hundred and you, gentlemen ; keep him but sober, seventy, into two equal divisions, the and of all men I ever met with, I separate commands of which were given would soonest have him at my back on to Webb and Bunckley, reserving the an emergency.” “ He shall be care- twenty already mentioned, and now fully looked to in that respect,” said officered by Courtnay, as a kind of Lester, and the person spoken of re- guard; his foot, three hundred effective turned with the bag, which contained and well-disciplined men, he comconical crowned hats, short black cloaks manded himself. They broke up from and grey scarfs. “ I command you on the wood at half-past two, and still dean impossibility, convert yourselves clining the direct road by Pangbourn, into traitors—the cavalier must be sunk kept through the lanes to the right of in the roundhead, and true men though Basildown, and skirting the hamlet and you be at heart, you must for a season park of Engilfield, held on to Beenoutwardly play the hypocrite. Schontz, ham, the horse taking up the footmen you will place yourself under the com- behind them, by turns, and thus they unand of this gentleman,” (pointing to moved with the greater celerity. Here Lester) “and obey his orders.” Jan under cover of the thick woods, they was at best a man of few words, and remained while a picquet was sent formoreover spoke little or no English, ward to reconnoitre the high road bebut to one who knew him as well as tween Newberry and Reading, which De Lacy did, he had a method of sig- being reported all clear, they pushed nifying himself, which was by an em on for Aldermaston, and reached that phatic pull up of his unmentionables, beautiful village at half-past five o'clock and which meant almost as much as in the evening. Here half an hour's the answer of a celebrated Prime Mi- delay took place, in order to refresh nister to his royal Mistress_“ If it is the horses, and procure white scarfs for possible, it is done ; and if it is impos- Bunckley's reinforcement, in doing sible it shall be done."_“You will also which De Lacy learned from the cloth carefully recollect," continued De merchant, who was well affected to the Lacy, " that unless you are specially Royal cause, and who told it as “ a sespoken to by this gentleman (meaning cret worth knowing," that a party of Lester) you must not open your lips on four Roundheads, well armed and any occasion, while engaged on this mounted, had passed through at ten particular service.” A violent panto- o'clock in the morning with great speed, mimic pull, as before mentioned, an- and had taken the road towards Winnounced that Jan had taken leave of chester. Cheered with the knowledge the power of speech for the time being. that his despatch had crossed the high"God speed and guide you my friends," road between Reading and Newberry said our provident commander, “spare unmolested, and hoping for the best, he not the spur, for I have particularly re- directed his march towards Basing, quested Sir William Ogle to provide through Baughurst, which though the you with fresh horses”--then apart to longer was the least frequented route. Lester, take care of the Dutchman, Now, good man and true, as he unand, if need befalls, he will take care doubtedly was, Jan Schontz had a failof you—you cannot use too much cau- ing of which De Lacy was not aware, tion in rejoining me at Basing, speed for, no one was fonder than honest Jan your present errand how it may." -of-entwining the myrtle of Venus

Having received the despatch, they with Bacchus's vine," and as in the true rode off at a round rate, and De Lacy spirit of a soldier, he always literally continued anxiously watching them an- obeyed his orders, he went not a whit til they were out of sight. He then beyond. It so befel that as the small returned to his woodland tent, and di- party passed the Hind's-head, in the recting the sentinel to call him at 12 aforesaid little town, there was a comely o'clock, he courted the rest which he so wench twirling her mop at the door, much stood in need of. When the hour and whether it was that Jan thought of noon arrived the men were put under that the gallantry of his profession arms, and their commander proceeded to would have been compromised if he a fresh disposition of his force, rendered had passed without noticing her, he necessary by the fortunate junction with not only gave a courteous wave of his

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hand, but turning himself round upon the flying admiration she had excited. the saddle, grasped the cantle, and as Your soldier is a sad moralist in the speech was the only prohibited organ, way of love, and Jan reminds us of a he expressed to her by

verse of a song we have somewhere or “Nods, and becks, and wreathed smiles." other met with

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In a corner of the bow-window of the works?” said Colonel Jesse Miller, as ncatly-sanded parlour, and hidden by Rabishaw pulled up his foaming steed a Aower-stand crowded with myrtles at the iron gate of a large briek house and geraniums, sat Solas Rabishaw, close by the Church at Old Arlesford, stirring a stone pint jug of cyder with “ thou comest with the wings of the a sprig of hyssop. Attracted by the wind.” “ Even so, esteemed replied staid demeanor of Smallcraft, whose Solas : " verily I say unto thee, thou time-marked countenance had been se- art chosen to a good deed." A servant lected to lead the van, while Schontz having taken charge of the horse, they brought up the rear, he hastily swal- passed into the house. Sir Marmaduke lowed his draught and hurried to the Estcourt had truly characterised him, door, which he reached in time to when he designated Rabishaw an active observe the Dutchman's telegraphic agent. His zeal, which arose to the flirtation. “ The way with you all!" height of fanaticism, knew no bounds, said the girl to Rabishaw, whom she and he was in the confidence of the detested, “ Saint and sinner-give me different leaders of the parliamentary a good jolly Cavalier for my money.” forces, whose services brought them " Peace, vain damsel," replied Solas, into the part of the country where he " bring forth my horse." Then, to resided, and with which, from the nahimself, “ Wolves in sheep's clothing, ture of his occupation, he was widely I must arise and be doing. So saying and well acquainted. Aware of the he, fast as he could, got into the sad dangers incident to the office of a spy, dle, without even waiting for the change there was scarcely a town throughout of a half-crown piece which he had that part of the country in which he tendered for bis reckoning. “These had not confidential and well-paid rooks are after no good," said the girl; agents, among whom was the jailer at " three years has this old hunks been the Devizes, who, in order to avoid coming to this house, and I never saw suspicion, having given the key of the the colour of his money before, and cell in which Rabishaw was placed to now here are eighteen pence!" Rabi- the soldier appointed to guard him, imshaw pricked away at a round pace, mediately liberated his prisoner by and in about half an hour's riding, means of a trap-door, well concealed caught sight of the party, upon whose by one of the Hags, and induced the track he hung with the sagacity and hostler, who acted as guide to Prince perseverance of a slow hound, until he Maurice, by means of a bribe, to forfairly saw them into Winchester, when ward his purpose. The consciousness turning his horse to the left, he made of his safety had induced Rabishaw to with all speed for Arlesford, which he taunt that Prince, who, as nephew to reached not long after Lester had de- the King, was particularly odions to the livered his mission to Sir Wm. Ogle. fierce republican. On the present oe" Whence art thou, approved in good casion he had been to Newberry, with

a letter from Colonel Norton to the keep strict watch on the main roadofficer who commanded the dragoons they must have journied through the stationed there, and was refreshing him- by-ways." * For what purpose are self and horse at Aldermaston, when they in force ?" said Miller.“ – They Jan Schontz's ill-timed gallantry excited are even but four," answered the zeahis hawk-eyed suspicion, and induced lous malignant, “ verily, they seek to him to follow De Lacy's despatch. undo the good work which our Captain “ What bearest thou in hand, trusty and hath perfected; they devise the enbeloved ?" said Colonel Miller, as Solas largement of the mighty Heathen. Rabishaw locked the door of a small Arise, therefore, and gird thyself ; yea, study into which they had entered, their own craftiness hath confounded " What seekest thou?" " The Mideon- them. Obey the words of my mouth, ites are abroad,” replied Rabishaw, and I will deliver them bound unto * But now as I tarried awhile at Als thee.” "I may not," said Colonel dermaston, in the house of the singer, Miller, “ move my small force without I espied them like unto wolves in especial command, therefore, which sheep's clothing, in the habits of our verily I did think thou hadst brought people ; but the leaven of iniquity, unto me ; but seeing they are but few, even the deadly lust of the Aesh de. I will hearken unto thee; eight trusty clared them unto me." « Whence and warriors will I grant unto thy prayer." whither are they?" demanded Miller. This was soon done, and Rabishaw, " } did note them into Winchester," mounted on a fresh horse, set on towards replied Rabishaw, " from Oxford doubt- Basing in furtherance of his dsign. less, or thitherward: our shepherds


« Oh, treachery ! fly-good Fleance, fly!"


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Colonel Sir William Ogle was un- giving a way-worn man single beer, able to spare to De Lacy any re- excepting he be a malignant." After inforcement from his own scanty gar- this soliloquy, which bespoke those rison, but he supplied Lester and his good old times, when private economy companions with fresh horses. Lester, and political economy had prevailed when refreshments were brought up, as, now, in old England, the Chamberwas not unmindful of Jan Schontz, lain proceeded to his office of hospitaand directed that he should not get lity; and instead of the single dranght any liquor stronger than a single of single beer, he sent Jan a black-jack draught of single beer. The pursy containing a gallon of the oldest double old Chamberlain said nothing until he October he could find in a cellar regot outside the door—" A draught of nowned for its excellence, and to single beer, forsooth, this is the way with which Jan Schontz, who had only been those haughty young whipsters. He commanded to abstain from speech, can take a flask of Malmsey or Bor- did entire justice. Smallcraft had exdeaux himself, I warrant me, while the perienced the comforts of the house

poor foreign devil may die of thirst! keeper's room in moderation ; and all it but 1'11 have him to know that such is parties being thus recruited in spirits,

not the custom of Sir William Ogle's if not in number, they assembled to household, Marry! I could not look depart, and after brief conference as to a Christian in the face and be after the route which would least expose

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