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and if ye can find a stream with a fish the fish with as much expedition as possi in it, go and try the following method ble, lest it should twist itself off the spear

“ The method, however, which is usual. when you have it fairly in the skift, you ly preferred is night-fishing, which is ef loose your spear from the fish, by striking is fected thus : two sportsmen take their it against the seat. Should the salmonbow stations in a light skiff

, one at the bow, ever, at which you have struck, escape and with spear in hand, the other at the stern: turn down the stream, keep steadily on, The spear is three pronged, the handle and when he wheels to pass you, wheel twelve feet in length, of the best white also rapidly, by putting out your spear at ash; the thickness, that which is well one side to assist the steersman, then push known, and better handled in every fair up the stream to get above the fish

, which in Ireland, under the title of a shillelagh, will generally rest some time after makiIn the bow also is secured a pole of ing, what is termed, the dart pass

, and stronger dimensions, about four feet in you will be sure to find him in the first length, to the top of which is appended, sudden deepening of the river. The by means of a socket, an iron jack, or slightest wound he may hare received grate, moveable on pivots, so as to ba- will appear quite white in the water, and lance and right itself, when the boat should he be out of distance, you mast moves roughly through the rapids, and to endeavour to strike, by throwing your prevent the fire or light wood, which it is spear, for which purpose, you must grasp to contain, from being thrown out. This it at the middle with your left hand, and jack or grate is circular, about one foot in at the top with your right, and fing itat depth, and fourteen inches in diameter. the remote object with such aim and dex. It is supplied from time to time with terity as you can command-many are pitch pine, cut into lengths of eight expert at this, but he that is not

, boud inchés, about inch and half in thickness better avoid the experinent; as the effort -a large heap of these is piled in the will probably be unsuccessful, and, it will centre of the skiff

, from which magazine require the greatest possible steadiness to the light.jack is replenished, so as to keep keep his feet when the spear has quit bis up a bright and continued Aame, which hand. Shortly after our arrival here

, may blazing upwards from two to three feet, brother and I speared one hundred and exhibits clearly to your view the fish even

twenty salmon of a night; but they are to the depth of ten feet, or fairly across now becoming less numerous, in consom the river where it happens to run shal- quence of the number of sw-mills erectlow. The spear-man takes his stand be ed, the profusion of sawdust on the wa hind the Jack. If in deep water, he, at ter, (always annoying to the fish) and, the stern, plies the paddle, if in shallow, the multitudes of oak staves apuually a light spear ; by means of which he


floated down the river. vents the skiff from bolting too suddenly By the hardy sportsman, night-fishing down the rapids, and often strikes a fish is always preferred, but is a source of the bow-man may have missed. Thus misery to the Dandy, who is afraid of appointed, you go as quietly as possible wetting his feet. For this description down the stream, and on seeing a fish, of animal, I have so little respect or pity, you must not be in too great a hurry to that I have often undergonea wetting by strike, unless in a shallow and rapid part upsetting the canoe, to enjoy the terror of the river. If in deep water, the bla- of the would-be sportsman-one need not zing Jack throws down its light upon a however, often volunteer, these occasion: fish, let your eye not swerve from the ob- al ablutions. They will occur of them. ject, nor your spear deviate from its poise, selves, and, when you least expect them. till you strike; and when you do, observe As my brother Charles is generally my that you throw yourself back to preserve companion in all sports upon land, so

, my your balance, or an upset, and a cool dip brother James, is upon the water-Hot will be the penalty of your incaution. having the same relish for the fatigue of

“ In aiming at the fish, strike nearer Deer shooting as for the saddle of a Prime to you, than he appears, and nearer stih, Buck, to which no mats can pay his rein proportion to the depth of the water. spects in greater style, or better under

* In this respect, the young sportsman stands the due and relative proportions will meet frequent disappointment, as no- of the currant jelly and wine sauce;

and thing but experience will enable him to woe betide the cook, if there be any omis calculate the power of refraction, so as to sion on her part, of preparing, cording

, thing reconcile the real and apparent distance. pasting and basting, when he invades bereit

“ You should always aim at the shoul- premises on a visit of inspection. der, and if you strike successfully, bring in “ For our third or fourth attempt at

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night fishing, we prepared by pulling our final effort, and wading in, to his shoulskiff a couple of miles up the river by day ders, upon touching, with his foot, the light, and when night came on, to use the object of his solicitude, immediately dived sporting phrase, we lighted up, and falling and brought it safe to the skiff?-nom down the stream with excellent amuse- the land ?-no-his mouth? yes; but not ment, had taken about thirty Salmon, till he had removed both that, and the when being driven at a spanking rate by mouth of the bottle into shallower water, a smart current, we discovered, (but and beyond the risk of admixture with alas! too late) that a tree had fallen that deteriorating element. He embraced across the river against which the staff of his regained companion with prolonged the light-jack having struck, the skiff ardor, but had the charity to interrupt wheeled broadside to the stream, and the his draft by leaving me a comfortable gunwale coming in contact with one of potation, to which I paid my respects the branches, the capsize was as sudden as with great complacency. With renewed disastrous_every article on board, our vigor, we plied the axe-prepared the dear selves the numerous Salmon-ma- firewood-re-lighted the jack—and bound gazine of Firewood—axe riile-brandy for home, picked up at every eddy, one or bottle Light jack-all-in a moment more of our lost salmon; bringing back, committed to the deep!!—Most fortu- in triumph, after all, twenty-seven choice nately, however, we were not past our fish, being within three of the orginal

depth, but pretty nearly so. Flounder number taken. jing about in our blanket coats for some time, and having at last gained the bank,

We must now stop, not for want of our first look out was for the skiff; matter, for we have left untouched having hauled her on shore, and, with deer-hunting and bear-shooting, both

much groping, recovered one of the really admirable, but because we have selle spears, our next exertion was to kindle a no more room ; yet we must not leave

fire, the night being too dark from the unnoticed the embellishments from the over hanging trees, to venture forward burin of our very talented countryman without a light. In our dripping state Mr. Lover, to whose pen also our this was a project of very dubious result; readers are so much indebted, for the but having luckily between us, a flint and originality and humour, with which he steel, at the sore expense of our knuckles favours them ; the etchings before us in the dark, we at length succeeded in are first rate ; of the racoon hunt we setting fire to an old tree, and forming a have spoken ; of the “bear at breaktorch with some birch-bark, we resolved fast,” we could speak for ever, and the on walking home, and returning in the " night fishing”--the face of the halfmorning for the recovery of our apparatus. drowned man gulping down the brandy,

“ Here, however, the idea of being is worth any money ; in a word, they laughed at, shook our resolution ; were

are worthy of the designer. Of this we uninjured in our persons, and un- book, we shall sum up our opinion entitled to any serious sympathy, to come very briefly : it is indispensible to the back like drowning Rats, to the family wealthy emigrant, as a book of refireside, divested too, of the produce of ference, and of estimates, or rather our night's labour; how truly ludicrous real bills of costs, not to be found elsewould be the exhibition ? No; it would where. It is useful to the poor man, never do we could not stand the jibes as it contains many valuable hints on and jeers, even of the home party. Resolved, therefore

the conducting of the farm and house

hold affairs. To the general reason, • That, the skiff be forthwith launched

we need say little, after the extracts * That, the fishing light be renewed, and work on the subject, it is the volume

we have given. If there be a better • That the recovered spear be put in immediate requisition to raise and fish up

of Dr. Dunlop ; but that work wants our sundry property, from the place of the air of certainty and reality which in its immersion.'

appears in every page of this book. “Acting upon the spirit and principle We are inclined to place this as the video of the foregoing resolutious; by means of best manual on emigration, as suited

the skiff and spear, we brought up all the to the better classes, that has ever met si solid articles, except the brandy bottle, oureyes. The gentleman, the poor man, ni which, rolling off the prongs at every the lay, or the clergy, the sportsman,

effort to raise it to the skiff; my brother, or the fisherman, will find each his own bu grievously disappointed and suffering from taste. We anticipate a most successevent the cold, determined on a desperate and ful sale. Pol. I.


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once more.




the Governing Members of our said

College, from certain restrictive Statutes, The following is the King's Letter,

or Clauses in the present Statutes

, iu empowering the Board of our University such arrangements as are deemed requisite

order that they may be enabled to make to make certain alterations in the Sta- for the improvement of our said College tutes, relative to the number of terms neces

and University:

Know ye, therefore, that We, of our sary to be kept during the year, the times special Grace, certain knowledge, and of performing divine service, the examina

mere motion, by and with the adrice and

consent of our Right Trusty and entirely tion for fellowship, and the annual visita- beloved Cousin and Counsellor, Henry tion; we understand that it will not come

William Marquess of Anglesey, Knight

of the most noble order of the Garter, into operation until next year.

our Lieutenant General, and Governor of

Ireland, and according to the tenor of our WILLIAM THE FOURTH, by the letter, under our Privy Sigaet and Royal

Grace of God, of the United King- Sign Manual, bearing date at our Court dom of Great Britain and Ireland, King, at St. James's, the 232 day of January, Defender of the Faith, and so forth. 1833, in the third year of our Reign, and To all unto whom these presents shall now inrolled in the Rolls of our High

Court of Chancery in Ireland, hare orGREETING.

dained, constituted, and appointed, and by

these Presents, for Us, our Heirs, and Whereas, We are informed that the Successors, do ordain, constitute, and apGovernment of our College, of the Holy point the following Statute, to be a Sta

. and Undivided Trinity, near Dublin, is

tute of and for our said College of the entrusted to the Provost and seven Senior Holy and Undivided Trinity of Queen Fellows, to be by them conducted accord- Elizabeth, near Dublin. ing to certain Statutes, ordained and given by His Majesty, King Charles I., CONCERNING CERTAIN AMENDMENTS which Statutes have been, in many particulars, enlarged, repealed, or otherwise changed and modified by subsequent Inasmuch as in the 4th Chap. of the Statutes and Letters patent, directed to Statutes, it is ordained as follows:our said College by our Royal Prede “ Quod si contigerit unum vel plures e

Sociis Senioribus a Collegio peregrè abAnd whereas, it appears that several esse, cum res ejusdem Collegii Sociorum of the said Statutes and Royal Letters conventum postulare Præpositus judicaPatent now in force, contain certain Rules verit, numerus septenarius e Sociis Juniand Regulations which have become un oribus, secundum senioritatem assumptis

, suited to the present condition of the pro illâ vice completor.” And, inasmuch College, wherein the number of Students as by the aforesaid clause, no provision is has latterly much increased, and the made for inability occasioned by sickness

, branches of Study are much farther pur- and as the Provost and Senior Fellows sued than formerly. And that to meet are thereby prevented, in case of the abthe exigencies of its present state and sence of a Senior Fellow, from calling to condition, it will be proper to make cer their assistance, at an Examination for tain changes, whereby the Terms allotted Fellowships, the Professors of Natural for the business of Instruction shall be Philosophy and of Mathematics, should better set out and defined, and the Time the same, although Junior Fellows, not of the Students better economized. And be next in Seniority ; We deeming that whereas it will be necessary to release such restriction is exceedingly detrimental



to the Interests of Learning in our said classium discipuli publicè in Aulâ congreCollege and University, and that the same gati, examinentur, quomodò profecerint in would be better served and promoted, by earum artium cognitione quibus studueleaving the Provost and Senior Fellows rint, aut studere debuerint.” And whereat liberty, on the occasion of an Examin- as, by this appointment, the portion of ation and Election for Fellowships, to the year allotted for instruction, is found supply the place of a Senior Fellow, dur to be too short in relation to that usually ing his absence or sickness, by taking to employed in examination; and in partitheir assistance, the Professors of Natu- cular, that the Trinity term is so very ral Philosophy and of Mathematics, the short, as (after deducting the time so same being Junior Fellows, although not employed) to afford no opportunity for the next in order of Seniority, to examine, any effective Course of Lectures; and as each in his own department; We do it seems to be altogether unreasonable, hereby ordain, that the aforesaid clause that at the beginning of the following shall be repealed and revoked; and that or Michaelmas Term, the Students should the same is hereby repealed and revoked, be examined without the benefit of previand that instead thereof, the following ous instruction in the subject of that exawords be inserted, and that the same mination: And whereas, for these and shall henceforward be regarded as part of other reasons, We believe that it would the same Statute, as much as it in the be far more conducive to the improvement place of the clause hereby repealed, they of the Students, if instead of tour Terms had been originally inserted : “ Quod si thus set out, and four intervening Vacacontigerit unum vel plures e Sociis Seni- tions, the year should be divided into oribus a Collegio peregrè abesse, vel minus three Terms, fixed, and of sufficient duvalere, cum res ejusdem Collegii Socio- ration, with three intervening Vacations; rum conventum postulare Præpositus ju- Our will and pleasure is, that the portion dicaverit, numerus septenarius e Sociis of the said Statute recited above shall be Junioribus pro illâ vice completor. Et repealed: And We do hereby ordain hanc assumptionem tieri volumus semper that the same is repealed; and that insecundum senioritatem, nisi ad electionem stead thereof, the following clause shall Socii aut Sociorum et quæstiones examin- be substituted, and that the same shall be ationesque Candidatorum Sociorum; in regarded as part of the aforesaid Statute, quo casù, licebit Præposito et Sociis Seni. as much as if in place of the passage oribus, Professores Philosophiæ Naturalis hereby repealed, the same had been origiet Mathæseos, modo sint Socii, etiam nally inserted. “Termini in quibus pubextra ordinem Senioritatis ad hoc munus licè a Studentibus exercitia præstari voluexaminandi et eligendi assumere, utrumq; mus tres sunto. Terminus Hilarii inciin hâc examinatione, ad partes quæ pro- piat die decimo Januarii, et desinat die fessionis suæ sunt propriæ sustinendas, et Annunciationis Beatæ Virginis. Terminon aliter.”

nus Trinitatis initium sumat die decimo And whereas, in the 17th Chap. “De quinto Aprilis, exitum verò tricesimo Terminis observandis, et de Examinando Junii. Quandocunq; autem contigerit Scbolarium iu Disciplinis progressù,” it is ut Dominica Paschæ intra limites alteruordained as follows: “ Termini in quibus trius ex hisce terminis incidat, volumus ut publice a Studentibus exercitia præstari ille terminus augmentum unius hebdomavolumus, pro quatuor anni partibus, qua dis accipiat. Deniq. Terminus tertius, tuor sunto. Terminus Hilarii sive Pu- qui proximè sequitur festum Sancti Mirificationis Beatæ Mariæ, initium sumat chaelis, incipito die decimo Octobris, et die Lunæ post Epiphaniam, exitum verò finiatur Decembris vicesimo. Volumus die Sabbati Dominicam palmarum præce- insuper ut ter quotannis nempè in cujusq; dente. Terminus Paschæ inchoetur die termini principio sing ularum classium disLunæ post Dominicam in Albis, desioat cipuli publice in Aula congregati, examiverò in Vigilâ Pentecostes. Terminus nentur, quomodo profecerint in earum ar

Trinitatis incipiat die Lunæ post Domini- tium cognitione quibus studuerint aut stucam Trinitatis, et finiatur Julii octavo." dere debuerint."

Deniq. Terminus Sancti Michaelis inci And whereas, in the Statute of the pito Octobris primo, et ficiatur Decembris 60th year of the reign of his Majesty decimo sexto. Quoniam verò frequenti King Geo. 3. “ De quibusdam in StaExaminatione efficitur ut Discentium stu tutis mutandis," which, among other dia et progressiones in bonarum artium things, gives to the Provost and Senior disciplinis majorem in modum promove- Fellows, with the consent of the Visitantur, volumus ut quatèr quotannis nempè ors, the power of changing the times apin cujusq; Termini principio, singularum pointed for the performance of any Col.

lege Duties, there is an exception con- in the following, which we do hereby ortained in the following words : “ exceptis dain and appoint, to be substituted in solummodò horâ precum et prælectionum place thereof. Volumus etiam et sta matutinarum, atq. ; temporibus examina- tuimus ut e Collegii studentibus, singuli tionum et electionum Sociorum et Scho- Artium Magistri, sive Socii sive Socilarium Discipulorum.” And whereas, it orum Commensales, sive etiam cubiculum seems expedient that the Provost and Se- in Collegio possidentes (modo in sacris nior Fellows should be released from this ordinibus sint constituti vel saltem Diaco restriction, as far as it relates to the hours natus ordini initiati) precum matatinarum of morning service and lecture, and that munus per vices diligenter obeant : ad they should have the same power of precum verò vespertinarum munus exechanging those bours, with the consent of quendum, Volumus et statuimus ut Dethe Visitors, as is given to them by the canus junior pro tempore existens semper said Statute, relative to the hours appoint- teneatur." ed for the performance of any other Cola And whereas by a Statute made by our lege Duties: Our will and pleasure is, late Royal Father King Geo. 3. in the that the exception should not extend be- 520 year of his reign, the Visitors of our yond that contained in the words, “ex said College for the time being are emceptis solummodò temporibus examinatio- powered and enjoined instead of the trinum et electionum Sociorum et Schula- ennial Visitations, which they were by rium Discipulorum.

former Statutes required to hold, to visit And whereas in the 9th chap. “De cul. annually our said College as therein mentù divino," it is ordained as follows:-- tioned. And whereas it may tend to pre"preces Deo publicè in sacello offerantur serve the discipline and good government ter singulis diebus profestis, manè ad ho- of our said College, if instead of holding ram sextam; dein ad horam decimam an- annual or other ordinary Visitations, our temeridianam, demum ad horam quartam said Visitors shall be empowered to visit pomeridianam. Diebus vero festis preces our said College, whepsoever and as often solemniores bis tantum offerri volumus, as they, in their discretion, shall deem it nempe ad horam nonam matutinam et ho- expedient, from just and weighty causes ram quartam vespertinam." . And where to hold Visitations of our said College; as, it seems desirable for various reasons, Our will and pleasure therefore is, that that Divine Service should be celebrated the Visitors of our said College for the only twice every day, agreeably to the time being, shall not be bound or obliged usage of most of our Colleges in Oxford to hold annual, triennial, or other ordinary and Cambridge, our will and pleasure is, Visitations of our said College ; and inthat the clause above-cited shall be re stead thereof, we hereby empower the pealed: And we do hereby ordain, that Visitors of our said College for the time the same is repealed, and that instead being, by themselves or others, by them thereof the following shall be substituted, in their place or places respectively de“ Volumus igitur et statuimus ut publicè puted, to such duty (and whom, so long in sacello Collegii preces matutinæ et as they shall continue so deputed, we vespertinæ quoq; die offerantur.” bereby invest with all such powers as our

And whereas in the clause of the same said Visitors might lawfully exercise if Statute, immediately preceding that which personally present,) to visit our said Col. relates to the Grace before meat, the lege at and on all such days, times, and persons loy whom prayers are to be read, occasions, and when and as often as our are specified in the following words : said Visitors for the time being shall, in « Volumus etiam et statuimus, ut e Col- their discretion, deem it expedient, from Jegii studentibus, singuli Artium Magistri, just and weighty causes to appoint and sive Socii sive Sociorum Commensales, hold Visitations of our said College, and sive etiam cubiculum in Collegio possi. on such Visitations respectively, to do deutes (modò in sacris ordinibus sint con- and perform all and every such matters stituti, vel saltem Diaconatus ordini initi- and things, as are by former Statutes ati) solenne illud precum publicarum mu- authorized or required to be done and nus tam borâ sextâ quam aliis per se aut performed by our said Visitors, at ang per alium diligenter obeant.” And Visitation of our said College, thereby whereas it seems fit and proper that the appointed to be holden : and further, we performance of the Evening Service do hereby empower our said Visitors for should belong to the office of the Junior the time being, if they shall think fit, to Dean; Our will and pleasure is, that the continue such Visitations from day to clause above cited shall be repealed, unless day, or adjourn the same from time to so far as any part of the same is retained time, and to hold the same for such and

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