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officers having received orders to ten- affectionately grasping the band of the dezvous their respective commands, old man, and his voice nearly faltered outside the Magdalen-bridge Gate at when he added—-" It may be the will eleven o'clock. De Lacy and Webb of heaven that I shall never see you proceeded to make their final arrange-' again if I fall in the service of Love ments when they perceived the advance and Loyalty, to maintain which my life of three armed horsemen, and on their is alone of value--you will find all my nearer approach De Lacy recognised family deeds, and my will in yonder Tobias Smallcraft

, attended by two box-they convey to you the mansion dragoons. " An express from Green-' and lands of my fathers, if land-eh, Smalleraft?" said the Colo-' ever be permitted to return to that nel. “ No, honoured Sir," replied once happy seat of innocent enjoyment Smallcraft, « My young master finding and ancient hospitality, from which a it impossible to hold the place much fierce and bloody bigotry has driven longer, has stolen a march, and luckily us-I know you will uphold the charity got clear away. I am come to provide of our house, and forgive, and try to quarters for the men.” “Where did undeceive and reform my deluded teyou leave Bunckley,and what force has nantry." Here the subduing recolleche?" eagerly asked De Lacy. At tions and feeling which the love of Wallingford," replied Tobias, “ we are home awakens in every human heart, two hundred foot and fifty horse." softened the brave soldier even to « Praised be its mercy! I see the tears. His voice became tremulous hand of Heaven in this,” ejaculated our and scarcely audible, and he bowed his hero. “ You must return with all speed head on the old man's shoulder, who to Sir John." He then took out his strained with energy the object of his tablets, and wrote with his pencil the early cares and latest affection to his following :

own labouring breast. “My son, we

shall not part but in death-whither u Dear Bunckley,

thou goest, I will go ; and where thou “ The Marquess is reduced to the lodgest, I will lodge—be it in the grave last extremity at Basing--Lady Elea- of battle or of peace—where thoa dinor is there. I march to-night with est, I will die, and there will I be scanty means to attempt their relief. buried."-—- What !” said De Lacy, Retrace your steps. There is a large "you my dear old friend, go on such a wood exactly midway between Cholsey perilous expedition—I will not permit and Aston-T'irrold on the right of the it."-_-* You must," replied the priest, lane which connects those villages, and "a higher impulse than even my love four miles from Wallingford. Halt for you leads me to the field of strifethere and wait my coming. I expect most of those who compose the sinall to reach it about four o'clock in the band you command are of my persuamorning.

sion, I cannot say of your's—are they, “ Your's,

in their last moments to want the con“ O. De LACY. solations of religion,-yourself, too, “ From Magdalen Gate,

child of my heart ! may fall, and in Oxford, Sept. 12th,

such a moment should I be absent? 6 P.M., 1643."

might you not have some bequest of

this world suddenly thought of, which, “ This is most fortunate," said Colo. if destined, withered tree that I am, to nel Webb ; • had Bunckley's force survive your manly bloom, I could exonce entered Oxford, Ashley would ecute, and O‘Brien De Lacy, altered not have permitted him to join us."

— though I know your religious opinions “ The prospect brightens !" answered to be, would you refuse at my hands, the soldier and the lover, “ Fortune the office of the Christian priest?--befriend me this once, and I will cry My kind, my parental friend,” said quits with you for life.” On reaching. De Lacy, taking the reverend old his apartments, how great was his sur- man's hand, “ that is not Christian prise to find Father Denis habited in which is not of the gospel—the office travelling order. You are full late of the priest cannot be efficacious, semy son," said the priest, “it is half- parated from the letter and the spirit past ten—” I should nevertheless have of the written word of God." * And taken my leave of you,” said De Lacy, how came you to know," replied Fa


her Denis, with a little of his consti- panion that he must relinquish his utional warmth, that my christianity is mule, upon which he commonly rode, int that of the Bible ? "Is it not," and take the Colonel's large pie-bald Imost whispered De Lacy, as if he Hungarian horse, an animal singularly eared to wound the old man's feelings bred “to meet the bristling front of ind therefore wished not to be heard war." I fear me,” said the old man, -“ Is it not that of the monks of Mul- "I shall not be able to manage him"-ifernam ?"“God forbid !" energeti- "A child may ride him,” said De Lacy, ally exclaimed Father Denis--" It is and bear in mind, that on an emerhat of the early fathers, whom we still gency, if ever horse claimed to his fefer to as authorities--It is that of kind the concession of rationality, he ny church before its earthly, head will do so to save your life.” usurped the power and attributes of At the appointed time the troops God; and before those corruptions were at the place of rendezvous, and at which I lament but cannot remove, midnight, they marched amidst the broke the unity and peace of the prayers and good-wishes of all save Sir christian world; I inwardly reject. Everard Ashley, who condemned the what has revolted you, and perhaps it expedition as the blustering attempt of is my sin, that I do not openly disavow of a love-sick coxcomb, which would what I secretly condemn. Fear not, inevitably end in defeat and shame. It my son, that if the calamitous duty is thus that the base and cowardly are should devolve upon these old hands to ever sceptical to what may be achieved close your eyes, and direct your last by the noble and the brave--prudence thoughts to the throne of divine grace and courage contemplate danger only -fear not that I would offend your to subdue it difficulties vanish before convictions, or rob you of one moment perseverance, and, whether in the case of the time then so precious, by any of an individual or a people, the end idle ceremonies-fear not that I would that is virtuous and just, should never place before your fading eyes any, be considered as, unattainable.-0! image, the work of man, but direct may the protestants of Ireland, in the your flitting contemplations to Him day of proof, too surely advancing. who sitteth at the right hand of the gloriously and loyally, illustrate the Father, even the Mediator Christ Je-. truth of our position. sus." —" My father, now

more than

Avoiding the high road, De Lacy ever," said De Lacy in a subdued and and his small force kept by the lanes to tender tone, " we are not separated in Nuncham Courtnay, and crossing the belief, and shall not in person; we

Thames at a ford two miles above will

, since you wish it, go together, to Wallingford, held on their route to the life or death."

left of that place, and at 5 o'clock, Thus ended a controversial colloquy reached the wood between Cholsey more in the spirit of christian love than and Aston-Tirrold, where De Lacy those which, in general, mark the then had the satisfaction of effecting his ological discussions of the present junction with Bunckley, whose spirit times. The point of the priest accom- was alive to the objects of the expedipanying the expedition being thus set-, tion, and his purpose fixed to aid their tled, De Lacy told his reverend com- accomplishment at every hazard.

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The navy has long been a subject for feeling scenes with runaway actresses, the pens of authors, many of whom or smuggling anecdotes, as others are have in their time been clothed in the adorned with : open where you will, honorable blue ; and strange to say, you find information, amusement, ad we hardly ever met a book written by vice, or devilment of some sort of .. a sailor which was not excellent in its other, on sea or land; and what kind. Now in our opinion, the man the deuce do you want more in this who from the circumscribed sphere of three volume Life?" Now the fact at a ship can draw pleasure and informa. is, that the author of the work before it tion is entitled to more applause than us could no more write a stupid volume he who, with the wide stage of the than he could fly; and if he would se land, its vales and hills, sunshine tints only allow his name to go forth to the and autumnal glows, merely brings public we would stake a quarterly sub forth one of that style of works called scribers' list to a fathom of wet rope fashionable novels. He is more worthy that he would double his sale, at least of praise, in the exact ratio in which in the “bonny North," where his name he overcomes the natural difficulty and is cherished as connected with good to barrenness of his subject. Smollett humour, fun, and frolic. We have a was one of the first who presented his great mind to unfold a tale or two, by hero on the deck of a man-of-war: but way of appendix, of deeds done how widely different from the gentle- darkness, and such things as wonld manly demeanour of our officers appears make a delightful second series. Peru the low life, and noisy vulgarity of the haps the hint may not be thrown away days of Carthagena's siege. The track on the gallant Author ; we hope to see thús marked out has since become a shortly the same announced in our advery high-way to literary fame, or rather vertising sheet. They are queer peo a turnpike, for those who travel that ple in that same North ; they nearty road have many a toll of one pound ruined poor Basil Hall, and Chamier eleven shillings and sixpence to pay: was none the clearer for the bright claret i N'importe, never was money better laid and brighter eyes. Well, well, peate out than in the present case ; and we be with those days, the Arab and her illa little care if three such volumes come Tulips are scattered far away. We are before us to-morrow, and every day, for most happy now to recognise a friend we had great delight in studying the in such garb as we may salute him in, anecdotes here given us, rich, racy, even with many an hundred of miles and genuine.

'twixt us and him. But we bethink Since the days of Smollett we have that we have become sponsors for our had inany a writer on such subjects, in " Sailor's" fame, and we must hasten to the shape of novels, under all sorts of let our darling speak for himself

. - List names, where the heroes are half sea ye landsmen all to me,"-first

, on 3 half land-blue coated, biped amphi- topic all-interesting to shore or belo bious hanimals ; then we have Red going people the use of the cat on Rovers, and Water Witches,and Pilots,' board ship. We own that we are com and all the train of Cooper's sea-dipt vinced of the necessity of its use, and pen; then have we Basil Hall, in six so we think will all who read this exvolumes, and we hope six more in the tract, and read without prejudice ; it press, and men-of-wars-men innumer- contains cool, clear, and well-written able. In fine, as a stop to this row of argument, and is by no means an tauthors comes Captain Chamier, and fair or partial specimen of the sober

, his “Life of a Sailor," for which every argumentative parts of these volumes body ought to judge for themselves. It Having feelingly described the inflichas no long talk, as some have--notion of two dozen lashes, being the

* Life of a Sailor, by a Captain in the Navy. 8 Vols. Beutley, London, 1832.


lenient punishment awarded by the late years. I knew of one Captain Captain to the coxswain, through whose who inade the black list men, when the negligence the life of one of the crew duty was done for the day, carry their was lost, our author proceeds, in the hammocks on their shoulders, with a following just remarks, to uphold the musket lashed thereon, up and down system of punishment now used in the the quarter deck, at every

six feet plac

ing a rope about three feet from the The subject of naval punishment deck, and making these poor devils, has for some years pasty occupied a who followed each other like sheep, considerable portion of the public step over each rope. The exertion press. We have been assailed as cruel required, and consequent fatigue expe. and wanton tyrants, men without feel rienced is beyond all calculation. Other ing and without shame. As one of the more humane men have had the iron complimented mass, I shall here place pins about a ship polished to a brightbefore the public my opinion, and with ness which might excite the envy of a mine the opinions of a great body of whitesmith. Others water the grog our profession, of the positive necessity and, make the poor devils drink it at of corporal punishment in the navy. 1 the tub, and then remain aft on the 24 In the first place, I start by assum, quarter deck, to be stared at by the ing that sailors are, from their habits ship's company, and some never let

and modes of life, different in almost the black-list men rest at all, for they - every respect of feeling and judgment make them work on deck when it may

from their fraternity on shore. They be their watch below. As I said before

are brought up with the artieles of ingenuity has been expended, and yet i war" as their code of law, and an idea the cat is obliged to be used. In any

that there is : no sovereign disposer ships where the black-list is much in of punishments but the Captain.vogue, rely upon it the cat is more Their life is one dull monotony; it frequently required than in that ship never varies except when an action where the smallest breach of orders is interferes to amuse the ship’s company, promptly and severely punished.

and consequently they are the children “ Now for the punishment itself. i of habit-of inveterate habit. From Dr. Granville in his work on Russia;

their earliest entrance in the navy, the unblushingly avers, that the knout is punishment directed to be inflicted is not one jot worse than the cat-o-nines

the same. They have been accustomed tails! Bravo, Dr. Granville! In'the 1

to the sight; nor is it considered, ex. Anecdotes of Russia, published in #cept amongst the aristocracy, by com- 1829, in the New Monthly Magazine,

mon sailors any disgrace to be flogged. I particularly referred to the punish On the contrary, I have known seamen ment of the knout, to contradict the purposely offend, merely, as they said, very objectionable assertion of Dr. to feel the pulse of the new Captain. Granville, for how a surgeon in the If the new Captain begins, as Lord navy could make such a statement is Collingwood began, by very severe beyond imagination : but it is unquespunishment, in all probability he will tionably owing to such misstatements not be called on to perform the very that the public are misled. The Ruswpleasant ceremony again, and then sian executioner will ensure the death his biographers will have to record, of his victim in nine lashes. I have what a very humane man he was, and known a man faint before he was seized how little occasion there is for corporal. up; but although I have seen four punishment in the navy. We have hundred lashes applied, and at each various modes of punishment in the dozen a fresh boatswain's mate, yet I navy; first and foremost is the “ black never knew a man to die of the punishlist." This list is composed of those ment in my life. I speak of this merely who having been guilty of some minor to mention, that naval punishments, offences-some trivial neglect of duty, although unquestionably severe, and by are not placed in “ the report" to be no means pleasant either to order or to flogged, but are placed in the black receive, are not of that dreadful, merlist of the First Lieutenant. The in- ciless, flagitious order so frequently genuity of officers to punish in this asserted. The object of Dr. Granville manner, rather than resort to the cat, must have been popularity, hinting by has been most amply exemplified of his remark, that we are as much bar

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barous as the Russians, and that all the loose, and away goes discipline. Next tyranny of that despotic government follows loss of masts, lives, wrecks, we might find at home without much fires, sickness, for cleanliness and distrouble. I refer my readers to his cipline go hand in hand : then comes book : as I have waded through it once the wonder how all these misfortunes I cannot be rash enough to incur the could have occurred, which we seldom infliction again. I am a strong advo- heard of before ; and then comes the cate for the abolition of flogging in the truth limping in at the end of the traarmy. On shore we have gaols and gedy—that for want of the power of treadmills, and one or two men would punishment, the British Navy had not throw much extra duty on the rest dwindled down to the level of a merof the regiment. On board ship one chant ship, and that all the glory which man confined in irons, or in any other discipline had upheld is for ever floated mode makes the duty fall heavy on his away. Why now, a boy-a little pickwatch-mates ; and a main-top-man in pocket boy cannot be punished without a squally night is rather too valuable all hands attended the flagellation, and an acquisition to remain below. When thus the list is swelled to more than the two or three men are taken from one ordinary number, for formerly the First part of the ship the whole station-list Lieutenant acted the schoolmaster, and must be altered, in order to ensure the whipped the idle and riotous. Now, proper maneuvering of the vessel. forsooth, a little urchin, who at school This is not all ; a skulker on board would have been flagellated without would be glad of the confinement, and mercy, has the honour of a full attendwhile the crew were reefing top-sails ance to witness his disgrace, and has on a squally night, the merciless rain his name inserted in the log and in the drenching them as they cling to the quarterly returns. Surely this is preyard, the confined man would be com- posterously absurd. fortably sleeping through the breeze, or “ I would submit to any reasonable quietly congratulating himself that he man, who has been, and has commandshould not be disturbed. Stop their ed, and who may have paid common grog," says a would-be Captain. Very attention to the character of English true, you may stop a man's grog, but sailors, if the better part of the crew you must pay him for it; a man, too, would not rather have the cat hanging whose grog is stopped always gets in terrorem over the ships company, twice his allowance from others, for and know that the idle, the skulking, Jack is a liberal fellow, and every one the thief, the drunkard, will be certaincontributes to pour some of the stream ly punished, if they neglect their duty; of " a sailor's joy” down the throat of ---unquestionably the good seaman, his ship-mate. Make it so weak,” would prefer the continuance of the cries another, " that he would rather punishment, to witnessing the distresnot drink it." Very good: but nine sing scenes of the black list, or the long times out of ten where is the water to row of culprits, with one leg each in come from? In small vessels the men the bilboes-- The discipline of our nayy are on an allowance of water from the has been the pride of England, and the day they sail to the day they arrive, wonder of the world. The fleets of and when men are on an allowance, the other nations have been swept from extra water would be a favour rather than the ocean, and the flag of Britain has a punishment. But to tell the plain been upheld in the furthest quarter of truth, you must have a severe check the globe. Surely discipline must have hanging in terrorem over a ship's com- been a great auxiliary or this glory pany. Only withdraw the fear of the would not have been attained. Why, cat, and mark the result. The Captain during the war, did an English frigate must lecture for, and hope better con- unhesitatingly attack a French frigate duct in future : sailors care no more of far superior force whenever they for words than a dog does for his grand- met? Because the confidence of the father. The ship will soon become captain was in the discipline of his slow in her movements, and a disgrace crew, and that discipline cannot be upto the squadron. The fear being with- held without some greater punishment, drawn, the First Lieutenant will not be than watering a man's grog, polishing a properly supported ; he may relax his pin, or having the black list men like a complaints ; the men find the bridle pack of Hamingoes, to stand on one log,

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