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know that you are accounted a black mark me !-your own servants—your sheep and that fills up the measure of most favoured dependents—even he your English blood—but think as you whose life you so recently saved along may the church must not be arraigned with mine, at the imminent hazard of Listen, the fiat was fixed and has gone your own—yes, even he, and all, are forth ; English and Irish Protestants, sworn to your death, and will redeem without distinction of age or their oath if you do not immediately the tottering helpless old, to whom the fly. I know, Mr. De Lacy, the state grave would soon give guiltless refuge of your finances. I am a Franciscan, -playful and joyous youth, looking to sworn to voluntary poverty, but the pluck the flowers of life through long ample and extensive power of indul. returns of happy spring—vigorous gences, which my Order confers upon manhood rejoicing in its strength—the me, is a source of riches of which I blooming bride at the heretic altar, and avail myself to pious purposes. Here the minister dispensing its false rites— the friar drew forth a large leathern the matron instructing her children, purse—“ Take this, it will supply pretheir common fate the surer, if the book sent wants, and here is a letter to the be the Bible—and even the smiling superior of our establishment in Brusinfant reposing on the maternal bosom sels. Should you need further pecu-all, all must perish.” An uncon- niary assistance, present it ; and here," troulable humanity made the priest elo- pulling a volume from his pocket, quent beyond his intention, and he who “ here is a book of emblems, which I rebuked the feelings of his auditors, got at Padua some twenty years ago. could not suppress his own. The slave It has been my companion sinceof bigotry indulged for a moment in the under the symbol of gratitude, write liberty of nature-his bosom heaved my name, and remember me.* Fareconvulsively-he covered his face with well, my son! If you will accept a his hands; when he removed them, blessing at these hands, I invoke it on tears were visible-he resumed. “You, your head. Farewell, brother DenisDe Lacy, must fly ; brother Denis, fly, fly De Lacy, you have not a moyou may stay ; your office will protect ment to lose. Even now, mayhap, the you.” “Give me leave! God's my assassin approaches, and his knife is life !" passionately exclaimed the good uplifted against the bosom of his bene

* What! stay to witness factor.” A hasty and strong embrace crimes and horrors which I could not terminated this awful and soul-harrowprevent! no, never ! I'll shake the ing conference. The friar departed, dust from my feet against you, and and they never saw him more. would leave my curse behind, but that For a brief space, De Lacy and his you sufficiently curse yourselves.” venerable friend were confounded by « The church, brother, the church ! the imminent peril of their situation. you forget yourself,” uttered the friar The knowledge that their own house, in an under voice. “ Man! man !” servants and dependents were pledged replied Denis, “how came you to to the league of blood, scarcely left to forget the church, in yielding thus to them the power to act or know what the clairns of gratitude and humanity ?" to resolve on. In this state of para“ Therein,” replied the Friar, “ I have lyzed indecision, Father Denis, adan account to settle with my con- dressing De Lacy, said, in a tremulous, science ; the conflict has been severe but solemn, voice—“My son, let us between opposing obligations before I pray!" Both sunk on their knees, and took this step. It is that conflict that this short supplication proceeded from delayed the communication even to the good old man :the eleventh hour-you must make “O! God of power and mercy, look good and rapid use of the twelfth. In down, in this hour of peril, upon thy it, even now, perhaps, the work of creatures, helpless in all but thy proextirpation has commenced. Mark tection. Let thy strong arm lead us in me-with all your powers of attention safety, and prolong our lives to thy ser

old man.

The book is “ the Iconologia of Cæsar Ripa," printed at Padua in the year 1610, under the sanction of the licenser of the Inquisition. The narrator knows where the book (probably an unique), now is.

rice ; or, if it be thy blessed will that mother, seemed to look upon him as if we shall perish, strengthen us in resig- intelligent of a pitying and last farenation to thy decrees, and in humble well, beaming a melancholy sympathy and confiding faith in the atoning with his forlorn and exigent condition ; merits of that holy Saviour who has but, when he entered his stable, to set to us the example of suffering, and saddle two of his strongest and fleetest the forgiveness of our enemies." hunters, blame him not, child of feel

The prayer was heard, and they rose ing, if the greater pang of the heart from their knees, with somewhat of was awakened by the low and affectioninspiration to energy and action. Fa- ate whine of his sporting dogs, gathered ther Denis had some small savings in around and jumping on him. To leave money, his benevolence would not let these fond and faithful animals (the them be much. His wardrobe, (ex- companions of many a happy day's cepting linen), was not cumbersome, field sports), a prey to wanton cruelty and his books were few—a breviary, or starvation, gave birth to a feeling St. Augustine, and a Bible. His loved so keenly painful as only to be conangle-rod, made by himself, and flies, ceived by the guiltless and good heart, were abandoned. De Lacy gathered and sensitive mind. There was also in up his family papers, portable articles the same stable, and in the next stall of value, and his mother's jewels, among to him, a strong poney mare of the old which were a diamond necklace, ear Irish dun breed, which he was accusrings, bracelets, and stomacher rose or tomed to ride short distances, and brooch, which, if obliged to dispose of, when paying visits. Mousey was quite would bring to him a very considerable a pet, took bread from her master's supply. His heart had not yet fixed upon hand, followed him like a dog, and reher to whom they should have been an cognised his voice or step. She, poor heir-loom. All that could be carried animal, rose from a recumbent posture away, was quickly packed in two largeon De Lacy's entering the stable, portmanteaus of the fashion of the time, whinnowed gently, and stretched her and with which gentlemen were then neck and head across the division of wont to travel on horse-back, post the stall as if to salute him—to leave coaches being not then known. With her to be ridden, probably, to death, in strong arm, De Laey placed a package promotion of deeds of cruelty and on either shoulder, and proceeded cau- blood, inflicted an additional and severe tiously through the house, followed by pang upon his heart ; but, leave her his aged friend. The domestics were to the mercy of the savages, he mustall in bed, and, notwithstanding the no other choice was left him. He dreadful purpose that was to cloud the patted her head, while the tears sprung rising sun of the 23rd of October with to his eyes. He hastened to saddle horrors, unexampled in the darkest the hunters, and seek relief in action pages of history, they all slept-yes, and in danger. The portmanteaus O! heavenly power, who hast made strapped on behind the saddles, the

creature of such conflicting horses were softly led out. Stealthily, wonders—they all slept !—their snor- and with the wish that the steeds were ings were heard in passing their dor “ shod with felt,” they gained the outer mitory.

gate, and both well armed ; for even We leave to the imagination of the Father Denis made up his mind to reader, or to the experience of him the use of a pair of horse-pistols, if who has quitted a paternal home for necessary. They mounted, and De ever, to picture the emotions of De Lacy departed from the home of his Lacy, as he glanced at the memorials fathers. Oh ! what depravation of the of his childhood. The elaborately human heart, through the influence of carved oak arm-chairs, nearly black fanaticism and bigotry, when the kind with age, and which were wont to be master, and benevolent, indulgent, and occupied by his deceased parents— protecting landlord was thus forced to their portraits, together with others of avail himself of the sleeping hour of his ancestors, which he was forced to his servants, to effect his escape from leave behind, in their places against the murderer who claimed the service the walls, the prey of infuriated bar- of God to sanctify worse than the barians. Those of his dear and honored crimes of demons. father, and, if possible, still dearer




“ Some natural tears they dropt but wip'd them soon;
The world was all before them, where to choose
Their place of rest, and providence their guide.”


The emigration of the Irish protest. forth rebellion, and the intention of the ants in 1833, is not without the impulse conspirators in the metropolis to posof the savage and unpitying spirit of sess themselves of the castle, its maga1641 ; popery, although not arisen, en zines, and the persons of the Lords masse, to simultaneous and indiscrimi- Justices, Sir William Parsons, and Sir nate massacre, is selecting its victims in John Borlace. These functionaries, detail, and the blood of our pious and men of small parts, were incredulous to exemplary ministers of the gospel, the mighty and impending danger, as cries to heaven for that vengeance was the Irish government in 1803, unwhich, sooner or later, will fall heavily til De Lacy presented himself before on the evil-doers, and their instigators. them, and furnished corroboration, There is another impulse to protestant which commanded their attention and expatriation in our day, the wicked exertions. avarice, and stultified blindness of Indeed, the justices were not greatly landlords—these, too, will meet with to blame in not yielding ready credence correction.

to O'Connolly : his character was such De Lacy's residence was situated on as to preclude the confidence of any the borders of the counties of Long but the most ignorant, credulous, and ford and Westmeath. As he and his unreflecting ; he was a liar even to a preceptor rode onward with all the proverb ; intriguing, scheming, and terpower and speed of their horses, they giversating : what he said one day, or could perceive, as the daylight broke, the opinion he maintained, he would, groupes of peasantry collecting on the on the next, unsay, or contradict, with Hills, and met smaller parties on the an audacity that bore down common road, all preparing for the great com sense before it,-he would do anything mission of demonism to be opened on to obtain money but rob on the highthe following day: Father Denis's way, and for that he had not physical clerical garb and his answers to the in- courage. What he did let out respectterrogatories put to them, was the pass- ing the conspiracy to seize the castle, port of both, and they reached Dublin (which, indeed, was all that he knew) in safety. Not a moment was lost in escaped him in a fit of drunkenness. communicating with the government, Borlace considered it due to De Lacy against which duty of loyalty, De Lacy to make him the bearer of despatches received no injunction from the friar, to the Lord Deputy, then in London, and which, if he had, he would have communicating to him those events. justly disregarded. His purpose was The demoniacal spirit of the Irish to have proceeded to the continent, insurrection, as briefly described by and entered the military service, there Friar Mac Carthy, was by this time in flatteringly open to Irish gentlemen, full practical confirmation. Its chawhile at home it was partially or alto- racter needs no exaggeration from the gether closed : circumstances changed powers of fiction, and from the novelist his destination in a way which would we refer our readers to the historian, appear romance, but that every day Hume. life furnishes instances of the fortunes “A universal massacre commenced of individuals being shaped and deter- of the English, now defenceless, and mined by combinations and contingen- passively resigned to their inhuman cies equally strange and unlooked for. foes. No age, no sex, no condition History ascribes to a man named Con was spared. The wife weeping for her nolly or O'Connolly, as Clarendon calls butchered husband, and embracing her him, the first discovery of the bursting. helpless children, was pierced with

them, and perished by the same stroke. improbable but that tumultuary assemThe old, the young, the vigorous, the blages of the people were made use of infirm, underwent a like fate, and were as instruments towards ultimate objects, confounded in one common ruin. In by the republican party in both houses vain did flight save from the first as- of parliament--such wicked agency to sault : destruction was every where let power and change has not grown obJoose, and met the hunted victims at solete. every turn. In vain was recourse had While De Lacy was making arrangeto relations, to companions, to friends : ments to his future adventurous course all connexions were dissolved, and in life, it behoved him and Father death was dealt by that hand from Denis to observe caution and privacy which protection was implored and ex as much as possible. The English pected. Without provocation, without suspected of Popery were objects of opposition, the astonished English, liv- distrust and hate, but the Irish, under ing in profound peace and full security, the circumstances of the moment, were were massacred by their nearest neigh- peculiarly so. They lodged in the bours, with whom they had long upheld neighbourhood of the Temple, within a continual intercourse of kindness and the Bar, and, except on lenten days, good offices." The pike was in active when they literally fasted, were accusand exterminating service, and there tomed to dine at an adjacent tavern. It were, no doubt, in that terrible day, fe- was a great resource to Father Denis's rocious and sanguinary ruffians, with quiet and retired disposition, to saunter steeled hearts, who made merit of fure in the Temple gardens, and occasionnishing the handles from their own ally, in a yet lingering sunny hour, to sit plantations !

on one of the seats, reading his favouWe turn from this horribly revolting rite St. Augustine or the Bible ; thus picture of debased nature, and human doubly armed against political observadepravity and pursue our narrative.- tion, according as the character of the De Lacy and his friend proceeded to observer chanced to be. He was thus London, and the former lost no time in occupied one day, when a respectable presenting himself to the Earl of looking personage, having in his hand Leicester, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, a newspaper, the mean and scanty prethen in London, and delivering his des- decessor of the public press of our patches. What followed thereon, in times, seated himself on the same bench. respect to Ireland, is matter of history. As he read to himself, the exclamations There was, at that moment, in the Bri “ horrible! devilish !” frequently estish capital and popular temper, much caped him ; then turning full upon to grieve our emigrants as to political Father Denis, he said, prospects, and alarm them for their not cause, Sir, to thank God that we personal safety. Puritanism and re are not Irish?" “ Give me leave, Sir," publicanism were progressing together, answered the Father, “ it is fitting that and combining their influence on the we thank God for all things, but I am public mind, both were opposed to the an Irishman.” The good old man was kindred authorities of episcopacy and thrown off his guard, his nationality monarchy; and the popular hatred of overcame his prudent reserve. The popery did not prevent the mobs from exclamations and observation of the insulting with opprobrious terms, or stranger appeared to bave been proeven assailing churchmen in the streets. voked by details of the atrocities and The spirit of the republican and level- cruelties of which Ireland was then the ler, gaining ascendancy in the House the scene. of Commons, was caught up by the “ Is it not unaccountably strange, populace. The Lords, because of Sir," added the stranger, " that a relitheir exclusive position in society, and gion which its divine founder gave to supposed or imputed attachment to the his creatures, as the bond of peace and throne and existing sovereign, were ac- universal love, should be converted into customed to be designated by the con- the instrument of discord, hatred, and temptuous epithets, “ Rotten Lords, persecution ?” “ It would be strange,” &c. That some, as in our own day, replied the Father, “ if the corruption were false and rotten to their political of our nature did not reconcile the duty, may not be doubted, and it is not anomaly; the grace of God must pre


** Have we

2 L

pare the heart for the reception of after, he occasionally frequented the truth, and the comprehension and prac- tavern resorted to by our emigrants

, and tice of Christian charity, or the seeds contrived to get into such easy and unof the gospel fall upon barren ground.” reserved conversation, as to satisfy him

“ Then what a difference there is self fully of their characters, and polibetween the physical and moral soil of tical principles ; while on them, his your country. Your priesthood are manners and accordant sentiments made esteemed among the most learned in a favourable impression. One evening Europe ; why is it that their mental cul- just as the stranger was departing, he tivation produces to their country no- slipped into De Lacy's hand a note, and thing but bitter fruits--the apples of hastily disappeared. Its contents were Asphaltites?"

Sir, if you will meet me at Durham « Because that it is not their country, Stairs, by eight of the clock to-morrow but is governed by strangers.”

morning, and commit yourself to my “ When was it better governed ? guidance, I will afford you an opporAnd why call your brethren of five tunity of approving the loyal devotion centuries strangers ?"

which appears to form so strong a fea“ What made them our brethren?- ture in your character. You must be the sword.”

silent to your aged friend, and ask no “ It is the common introduction of questions before the waterman. I nations to each other—it is in the wise claim your confidence and will not abuse dispensations of providence, and like it." the rod of the preceptor, hated by the The perusal of this note gave birth to pupil whose intellect it cultivates and various and deeply interesting conjeeinterest it advances."

tures in De Lacy's mind. No man pos“ We wanted no master."

sessed more personal courage, but the True ; you had them before Henry's extraordinary circumstances of the invasion even to a curse. Your to- times, and the excited and rancorous parchs, your priests, your prejudices, spirit of party, reasonably dictated and your brutal passions."

caution. He could not tell but that “ God help us,” groaned the Father, the stranger might be a parliamentary " the last curse is upon us still." agent, and himself and companion sus

“ Civilization is neither simultaneous pected of being dangerous emissaries nor voluntary. The sun does not shine of the tottering court. Half the night with equal heat upon all parts of our was passed in anxious indetermination ; globe at the same time. Civilization is he was restricted, too, from communia boon from the conqueror ; an inflic- cating with his aged friend on the subtion only when resisted.”

ject; however, besides his natural dis“ Leave us our country and our reli- position to adventure, the appeal in gion, and let us civilize ourselves.” the stranger's note to “ his devoted

“Yes ; had the Romans so left us here loyalty," prevailed, and, ere he closed in Britain, we might still have our druids, his eyes, his mind was made up to our human sacrifices, and our painted meet the stranger and the events of bodies; where would be the arts and the morrow. He was at Durham their noble monuments which surround stairs, a slip or access to the Thames, us? What has your religion done for at the appointed hour, and found the your country? Blood and massacre are stranger waiting for him : few words bad evidence to civilization and Chris- were exchanged ; they entered a barge, tianity. IRELAND MUST BE CONQUERED or sculler, and the expert and merry AGAIN.”

waterman, pulled lustily at his oars, “ God in his mercy avert from my and sped his way up the Thames, like unhappy country the punishment which an arrow from a bow. Late as it was her crimes so loudly call for; no Chris- in the season, this noble river, although tian can excuse her now.”

less magnificent than his native ShanThis was the only reply of Father non, engaged on either side of its Denis, and after some further collo- banks, the admiring attention of De quy of no interest, they separated. In Lacy. The ancient and venerable the course of the conversation the piles—the yet enduring monuments of stranger learned about the simple priest England's glory, and connected with her and De Lacy all that was initiatory to religion, her laws, and her kings ; the further information. For some days palaces of her nobles, the villas of her

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