תמונות בעמוד

Ep-E-ITS. Critered with trans
E-pant-1-0. IS. preeable handsome.. ang wham Pani

0 TİE Pmilimians.
E-pet-, muntad.. WILTIT DRs
E-phat, very, tired, a z fr in ihan sa bugi.
Epbe-, Ossirable.
E-rai-tes, lovel, o amada
Ex-1, n me: otherwise be sha sanan
Es-rom the dart of jor, or dision of the songs
En-bu-lus, a prudent, a good cdonala.
Es-11-os, good pictory.
E2-0-01-es, sweet scent or that smells well.
Es-phra-tes, that makes fruitfel, or grows.
En-ty-chus, happs, fortunate.

Fe-lis, happy, or prosperous.
Fes-tes, festival, or joyful.
For-to-na-tes, bapps, or prosperous.

Gad'-a-renes, surrounded, walled.
Ga'-i-us, Lord, or an earthy man.
Ga-la'-ti-a, white, of the colour of milk.
Gal-li-o, he that sucks, or lives upon milk.
Ge-nes'-a-reth, the garden of the prince, otherwise protection

of the prince, or of him that governs. Ger-ge-senes', those who come from pilgrimage, or from fight;

a people beyond Galilee. Geth-sem-a-ne, a very'fat valley, or the valley of oil. Gol'-go-tha, an heap of sculls.

H. He'-brews, descended from Heber. He'-li, ascending, or climbing up. Her-mas. Her'-mes. Mercury, or gain, or refuge. Her-mog'-e-nes, begotten of Mercury, or generation of lucro. Her'-od, the glory of the skin, or son of the hero. He-ro'-di-ans. He-ro'-di-as, the wife of Herod. He-ro'-di-on, song of Juno, or the conqueror of heroon. Hi-er-ap'-o-lis, holy city. Hy-men-e'-us, nuptial, or marriage.

J. Ja'-i-rus, Jd-e-rus, my light, or who diffuses "light, or is en

lightened. Jam'-bres, the sea with poverty. James, the same as Jacob. Jan'-na, who speaks, or who answers; otherwise affliction,

misery, or impoverished. Jan'-nes, the same as Janna. Ja'-son, he that cures, or that gives medicines. I-co-ni-um, a city. Je-ru'-sa-lem, the vision, or possession of peace. Je-sus, Saviour. Il-lyr-i-cum, joy, rejoicing. Im-man'-u-el, a name given to our Lord Jesus Christ; it sig

nifies God with us. John, the grace, gift, or mercy of the Lord. Jo-rim, he that exalts the Lord, or the exaltation of the Lord. Jo'-se, raised, or who exists, or who pardons, or saviour. Joʻ-ses. See Jose. Is-car'-i-ot, a man of murder; others maintain that the sur

name given to Judas signifies that he was of the tribe of Issachar, a word signifying recompense, restitution. This traitor verified his nativity, by receiving the price of the

blood of his Master, Jesus Christ. It-al-ian, belonging to Italy. It'-a-ly, a Latin word that has its original from vitulus, or

vitula, because this country abounded in calves and beifers.

According to others, it is taken from a king called Italus.
It-u-re-a, which is guarded, or a country of mountains.
Ju'-das, the praise of the Lord.
Ju'-li-a, downy, soft, and tender hair.
Ju'-li-us. See Julia.
Ju'-ni-a, from Juno, or from juventus, youth.
Ju'-pit-er, as if it were Juvans pater, the father that helpetb.
Jus'-tus, just, upright.

La-o-di-ce'-a, just people.
La-o-di-ce-ans, inhabitants of Laodicea.
Laz-a-rus, the help of God.
Leb-be-us, a man of heart.
Li'-nus, nets.
Lo'-is, better.
Lu'-cas, luminous.
Lu-ci-us. See Lucas.
Luke. See Lucas.
Lyc-a-o'-ni-a, she-wolf.

Ly-sa'-ni-as, that destroys, or drives away sorrow.
Lys'-tra, that dissolves, or disperses.

Ma-ce-do'-ni-a, adoration, prostration, according to the He-

brew; but elevated, eminent, according to the Greek. Mag'-da-la, tower, or greatness. Mag-da-le'ne, tower, otherwise grand, elevated, magnificent. Mal-chus, king, or kingdom. Mam'-mon, riches. Man'-a-en, a comforter, or he that conducts them, or prepara

tion of heat. Mar'-cus, polite, shining. Mark, the same as Marcus. Mars-hill, the place where the celebrated judges of Athens

held their supreme council. Mar-tha, who becomes bitter. Ma'-ry, exalted, or bitterness of the sea, or myrrh of the sea,

or lady, or mistress of the sea. Mat-ta-thi-as, the gift of the Lord. Mat-that, gift, or he that gives. Mat'-thew, given, or a reward. Mat-thi'-as. See Mattathias. Melchi, my king, or my counsel. Mel'-i-ta, affording honey, from whence honey distils, from

honey. Mer-cu’-ri-us, a false god, from the Latin word Mercari, to

buy or sell, because this god presided over merchandise.

In Greek Hermes, which signifies orator, or interpreter. Mi-le'-tum, red, or scarlet. Mi-le-tus. Mna'-son, Na' son, a diligent seeker, or betrothing, remem

bering, or an exhorter.
My'-ra, flow, pour out, weep.
My-si'-a, criminal, or abominable.

Nagʻ-ge, brightness.
Na'in, beauty, pleasantness.
Nar-cis'-sus, astonishment, stupidity, surprise.
Na-than'-a-el, the gift of God.
Na'-um, Na'-hum.
Na-za-rene', kept, or flower, a native of Nazareth.
Naz-a-reth, separated, sanctified.
Ne-ap-o-lis, new city.
Ne-re-us, lamp, brightness, or land new tilled.
Ne-ri, my light.

Ni-ca'-nor, a conqueror, or victorious.
Nic-o-de'-mus, innocent blood; or, according to the Greek,

the victory of the people.
Nic-o-las, the same.
Ni-cop'-o-lis, the city of victory, or victorious city.
Ni-ger, black.
Nin'-e-vites, the people of Nineveh.
Nym'-phas, spouse, or bridegroom.

O-lym'-pas, heavenly.
O-me'-ga, the last letter of the Greek alphabet.
O-nes'-i-mus, profitable, useful.
On-e-siph'-o-rus, who brings profit.
O-zi'-as, strength from the Lord.

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Pam-phi'-li-a, a nation made up of every tribe. .
Pa'-phos, which boils, or which is very hot. .
Par-me-nas, that abides and is permanent.
Par'-thi-ans, horsemen.
Pat'-a-ra, which is trod underfoot.
Pat-mas, mortal.
Pat'-ro-bas, paternal, or that pursues the steps of his father.
Paul, a worker. His former name was Saul, a sepulchre, a

Per'-ga, very earthy.
Per'-ga-mos, height, elevation.
Per'-sis, that cuts or divides.
Pe'-ter, a rock, or stone.
Phe'-be, shining, pure.
Phe-ni'ce, red, or purple.
Phi-la-del'-phi-a, the love of a brother, or of fraternity.
Phi-le'-mon, that kisses, or is affectionate.
Phi-le'-tus, amiable, or who is beloved.
Phi'-lip, warlike, or a lover of horses.
Phi-lip-pi, the same as Philip.
Phi-lol'-o-gus, a lover of learning, or of the word.
Phin'-e-es, a bold countenance, or face, trust, or protection,
Phle-gon, zealous, burning.
Phrygʻ-i-a, dry, barren.
Phy-gel'-lus, fugitive.
Phy-lac'-te-ries. This word comes from the Greek, and sig-

nifies things to be especially observed. These phylacteries were, certain little boxes, or certain rolls of parchment, wherein were written certain words of the law. These the

Jews wore upon their foreheads, upon their wrists, and the hem of their garments, which custom is founded upon what is read in Exod. xiii. 9, 16; and in NUMB. xv. 38, 39. The Pharisees affected to have their phylacteries broader than the other Jews wore, as a badge of distinction, and through ostentation, which is that our Saviour reprehends

them for.
Pi-late, who is armed with a dart.
Pi-sid-i-a, pitch, or pitchy.
Pon'-ti-us, marine, or belonging to the sea.
Pon'-tus, the sea.
Pris'-ca, a Latin word, signifying ancient.
Pris-cil'-la, from the same.
Proch'-o-rus, he that presides over the choirs.
Pub'-li-us, common.
Pu'-dens, shamefaced.
Pu-te-o-li, a city in Campania.

Quar'-tus, the fourth.

Ra'-gau, a friend, a neighbour.
Rem'-phan, the name of an idol, which some think to be

Rhe'-gi-um, Re'-je-um, rupture, or fracture.
Rhe'-sa, will, or course.
Rhodes, arose.
Roʻ-man, strong, powerful.
Rome, strength, power.
Ru'-fus, red.

Sa'-doc, just, or justified.
Sal-a-mis, shaken, tossed, beaten. .
Sa'-lim. See Shalim.
Sal-mo'-ne, a city.
Sa-lo'-me, Salmon.
Sa'-mos, full of gravel.
Sam-o-thra'-ci-a, an island so called because it was peopled

by Samians and Thracians. Sap-phi’-ra, that relates or tells; or that writes or composes

books; or handsome. Sar'-dis, prince of joy, or song of joy, or that which remains.


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