Plain Pathway to Plantations

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Associated University Presses, 1975

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To the Right Honorable and very worthy Sir George Cal vert Knight Principal Secretary to the Kings most excellent Majesty peace and prosperity te...
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עמוד ii - These documents will consist of hitherto unprinted manuscripts as well as reprints of rare books in the Folger Library. An effort will be made to choose significant items that will throw light on the social and intellectual background of the period from 1485 to 1715. In response to almost unanimous requests of interested historians, the spelling, punctuation, and capitalization will be modernized in printed texts. In some cases, where the original printing is clear and easily read, texts may be photographically...
עמוד xi - Nevv-Fovnd-Land, with many reasons to prooue how worthy and beneficiall a Plantation may there be made, after a far better manner than now it is. TOGETHER WITH THE LAYING OPEN OF CERTAINE ENORMITIES and abuses committed by some that trade to that Country, and meanes laide downe for reformation thereof.

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