תמונות בעמוד

The payntit powne "paysand with plumys gym,
Kelt up his tale ane proud plesand quhile rym •,
Ischrowdit in his fedderane bricht and schene,
Schapand the prent of Argois hundreth ene;
Amang the bronys P of the olyue twistis,
Sere smale floulis, wirkand crafty nestis,
Endlang the hedgeis thik, and on rank akis *
Ilk bird reiosand with thare mirthful makis :
In corneris and clere fenesteris of glas
Full besely. Arachne weuand was,
To knyt hyr nettis and hyr wobbis sle,
Tharewith to cauch the litil mige' or fle:
Under the bewis bene in lufely valis,
Within fermance and parkis clois of palis,
The bustuous bukkis rakis furth on raw,
Heirdis of hertis throw the thyck wod schaw,
The zoung fownys followand the dun days ',
Kiddis skippand throw ronnys eftir rais',
In lefuris and on leyis litill lammes
Full tait and trig focht bletand to thare dammes.
On falt stremes wolk Dorida and Thetis,
By rynnand strandis, nymphs and naiades,
Sic as we clepe wenschis and damyslellis,
In gersy grauis wanderand by spring wellis,
Of blomed branchis and flouris quhyte and rede
Plettand their lusty chaplettis for thare hede:
Sum sang ring sangis, ledis, and roundis,
With vocis fchil, quhil all the dale resoundis,
Dame naturis menstralis on that uthyr parte,
Thare blissful bay intonyng euery arte,

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To bete thare amouris of thare nychtis bale,
The merle, the mauys, and the nychtingale,
With mirry notis myrthfully furth brist,
Enforsing thaym quha micht do clink it best:
The kowschot " croudis and pykkis on the ryse,
The stirling changis diuers steuynnys nyse“,
The sparrow chirmis in the wallis clyft,
Goldspink and lintquhite fordynnand the lyft',
The gukkow galis ’, and so quhitteris the quale,
Quhil ryveris reirdit', schawis, and euery dale,
And tendir twistis trymblit on the treis,
For birdis fang, and bemyng of the beis,
In werblis dulce of heuinlie armonyis,

The larkis loude releischand in the skyis,
Louis thare lege' with tonys curious ;
Bayth to dame Natur, and the fresche Venus,
Rendring hie laudis in thare obferuance,
Quhais suggourit throttis made glade hartis dance,
And al smal foulis fingis on the spray ;

Welcum the lord of licht, and lampe of day,
Welcum fosterare of tendir herbis grene,
Welcum quhikkynnar of flurist flouris schene,
Welcum support of euery rute and vane,
Welcum confort of al kind frute and grane,
Welcum the birdis beilde apoun the brere,
Welcum maister and reulare of the zere,
Welcum welefare of husbandis at the plewis',
Welcum reparare of woddis, treis, and bewis,

» Dove.
* Fine tunes.
y Firmament.

- Cries. So Chaucer of the nightingale.
Cour. L. v. 1357
But DOMINE LABIA gan he crie and GALE.

So the Friar is said to gale, WIFE OF
B. PROL, v. 832.
a Refounded.

· Praised their Lady NATURE.
d Sugared Throats.
• Who build.




Welcum depaynter of the blomyt medis,
Welcum the lyffe of euery thing that spredis,
Welcum storare 5 of all kynd bestial,
Welcum be thy bricht bemes gladand al.

The poetical beauties of this specimen will be relished by every reader who is fond of lively touches of fancy, and rural imagery. But the verses will have another merit with those critics who love to contemplate the progress of composition, and to mark the original workings of genuine nature; as they are the effusion of a mind not overlaid by the descriptions of other poets, but operating, by its own force and bias, in the delineation of a vernal landscape, on such objects as really occurred. On this account, they deserve to be better understood : and I have therefore translated them into plain modern English prose. In the mean time, this experiment will serve to prove their native excellence. Divested of poetic numbers and expression, they still retain their poetry; and, to use the comparison of an elegant writer on a like occasion, appear like Ulysses, still a king and conqueror, although disguised like a peasant, and lodged in the cottage of the herdsman Eumaeus.

“ Fresh Aurora, the wife of Tithonus, issued from her “ saffron bed, and ivory house. She was cloathed in a robe " of crimson and violet-colour; the cape vermilion, and the “ border purple : she opened the windows of her ample « hall, overspread with roses, and filled with balm, or nard. " At the same time, the crystal gates of heaven were thrown

open, to illumine the world. The glittering streamers of “ the orient diffused purple streaks mingled with gold and

azure.— The steeds of the sun, in red harness of rubies, “ of colour brown as the berry, lifted their heads above the

sea, to glad our hemisphere : the flames burst from their

& Restorer.



“ nostrils;

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“ nostrils:- While shortly, apparelled in his luminous

array, Phebus, bearing the blazing torch of day, issued “ from his royal palace;, with a golden crown, glorious

visage, curled locks bright as the chrysolite or topaz, and “ with a radiance intolerable.-The fiery sparks, bursting “ from his eyes, purged the air, and gilded the new ver“ dure.--The golden vanes of his throne covered the ocean “ with a glittering glance, and the broad.waters were all in

a blaze, at the first glimpse of his appearance. It was

glorious to see the winds appeased, the sea becalmed, the “ soft season, the serene firmament, the still air, and the

beauty of the watery scene. The silver-scaled fishes, on " the gravel, gliding hastily, as it were from the heat or sün, " through clear streams, with fins shining brown as cinna" bar, and chiffel-tails, darted here and there. The new “ lustre, enlightening all the land, beamed on the small “ pebbles on the sides of rivers, and on the strands, which * looked like beryl: while the reflection of the rays played

on the banks in variegated gleams; and Flora threw forth « her blooms under the feet of the sun's brilliant horses. “ The bladed foil was embroidered with various hues. Both « wood and forest were darkened with boughs; which, re- fected from the ground, gave a shadowy lustre to the red “ rocks. Towers, turrets, battlements, and high pinnacles, " of churches, castles, and every fair city, seemed to be

painted; and, together with every bastion and story, ex

pressed their own shape on the plains. The glebe, fearless “ of the northern blasts, spread her broad bosom. -- The “corn-crops, and the new-sprung barley, recloathed the “ earth with a gladsome garment. - The variegated vesture “ of the valley covered the cloven furrow; and the barley" lands were diversified with flowery weeds. The meadow

was besprinkled with rivulets: and the fresh moisture of " the dewy night restored the herbage which the cattle had cropped in the day. The blossoms in the blowing garden

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is trusted their heads to the protection of the young sun. « Rank ivy-leaves overspread the wall of the rampart. The

blooming hawthorn cloathed all his thorns in flowers. The budding clusters of the tender grapes hung end-long, by

their tendrils, from the trellises. The gems of the trees “ unlocking, expanded themselves into the foliage of Na“ ture's tapestry. There was a soft verdure after balmy " showers. The flowers smiled in various colours on the

bending stalks. Some red, &c. Others, watchet, like the “ blue and wavy fea; speckled with red and white; or,

bright as gold. The daisy unbraided her little coronet. « The grass stood embattelled, with banewort, &c. The « feeded down flew from the dandelion. Young weeds ap“ peared among the leaves of the strawberries. Gay gilli

flowers, &c. The rose buds, putting forth, offered their " red vernal lips to be kissed; and diffused fragrance from the

crisp scarlet that surrounded their golden seeds. Lilies, “ with white curling tops, shewed their crests open. The “ odorous vapour moistened the silver webs that hung « from the leaves. The plain was powdered with round

dewy pearls. From every bud, scyon, herb, and flower, « bathed in liquid fragrance, the bee fucked sweet honey.“ The swans clamoured amid the rustling reeds; and search" ed all the lakes and gray rivers where to build their nests. " The red bird of the sun lifted his coral crest, crowing « clear among the plants and rutis gent, picking his food sc. from every path, and attended by his wives Toppa and “ Partlet. The painted peacock with gaudy plumes, un“ folded his tail like a bright wheel, inshrouded in his

shining feathers, resembling the marks of the hundred

eyes of Argus. Among the boughs of the twisted olive, “ the small birds framed their artful nests, or along the " thick hedges, or rejoiced with their merry mates on the " tall oaks. In the secret nook, or in the clear windows of glass, the spider full busily wove her sy net, to ensnare P p 2

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