The Voyages of the English Nation to America, כרך 4

כריכה קדמית
E. & G. Goldsmid, 1890

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עמוד 44 - Nova Albion, and that for two causes ; the one in respect of the white banks and cliffs, which lie towards the sea, and the other, because it might have some affinity with our country in name, which sometime was so called.
עמוד 111 - I know some is as rich as the earth yieldeth any, of which I know there is sufficient, if nothing else were to be hoped for. But besides that we were not able to...
עמוד 256 - ... the next thursday being the 23 of September at dinner time to set upon us on all sides. The same Thursday in the morning the treason being at hand, some appearance shewed, as shifting of weapon from ship to ship, planting and bending of...
עמוד 119 - Those that are desirous to discover and to see many nations, may be satisfied within this river, which bringeth...
עמוד 211 - ... espying certaine made to them, but they fled in such order into the woods, that it booted them not to follow : so going on their way forward till they came to a river, which they could not passe over, they espied on the otherside two men, who with their bowes and arrowes shot terribly at them.
עמוד 93 - Tortugas eggs, which are very wholesome meat and greatly restoring, so as our men were now well filled and highly contented both with the fare, and nearness of the land of Guiana which appeared in sight. In the morning there came down according to promise the lord of that border called Toparimaca, with some thirty or forty followers and brought us divers sorts of fruits, and of his wine, bread, fish, and flesh, whom we also feasted as we could, at least...
עמוד 244 - The Floridians when they travel have a kind of herb dried, who with a cane and an earthen cup in the end, with fire and the dried herbs put together, do suck through the cane the smoke thereof, which smoke satisfieth their hunger, and therewith they live four or five days without meat or drink. And this all the Frenchmen used for this purpose; yet do they hold opinion withal that it causeth water and phlegm to void from their stomachs.
עמוד 245 - Frenchmens first comming thither they had the same offered them for little or nothing, for they received for a hatchet two pound weight of golde, because they knew not the estimation thereof : but the...
עמוד 45 - Before we went from thence, our Generall caused to be set vp a monument of our being there, as also of her maiesties and successors right and title to that kingdome; namely a plate of brasse, fast nailed to a great and firme...
עמוד 256 - Viceroy to enquire what was ment by it, which sent immediately straight commandement to unplant all things suspicious, and also sent word that he in the faith of a Viceroy would be our defence from all villanies.

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